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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
AbsorbDominaria RemasteredInstant Rare
Absorb (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Rare
Absorb (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Rare
AquamoebaDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
ArboriaDominaria RemasteredWorld Enchantment Rare
Arboria (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredWorld Enchantment Rare
Arboria (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredWorld Enchantment Rare
Arcades SabbothDominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Rare
Arcades Sabboth (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Rare
Arcanis the OmnipotentDominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Rare
Arcanis the Omnipotent (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Rare
AssaultDominaria Remastered  Uncommon
AuramancerDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
AvaraxDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Aven FateshaperDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Aven FisherDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
BatteryDominaria Remastered  Uncommon
Battle ScreechDominaria RemasteredSorcery Uncommon
Battlefield ScroungerDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Birds of ParadiseDominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Birds of Paradise (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Birds of Paradise (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Body SnatcherDominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Body Snatcher (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Break AsunderDominaria RemasteredSorcery Common
Cackling FiendDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Call of the HerdDominaria RemasteredSorcery Uncommon
Chain LightningDominaria RemasteredSorcery Common
Chain Lightning (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredSorcery Common
Chainer's EdictDominaria RemasteredSorcery Uncommon
Chainer's Edict (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredSorcery Uncommon
Chainer's Edict (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredSorcery Uncommon
Chainer, Dementia MasterDominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Rare
Chainer, Dementia Master (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Rare
Chainer, Dementia Master (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Rare
ChaosDominaria Remastered  Uncommon
Circular LogicDominaria RemasteredInstant Uncommon
Cleric of the Forward OrderDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Clifftop RetreatDominaria RemasteredLand Rare
Clifftop Retreat (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLand Rare
Cloud of FaeriesDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Coal StokerDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
ConfiscateDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Uncommon
CongregateDominaria RemasteredInstant Uncommon
CounterspellDominaria RemasteredInstant Common
Counterspell (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Common
Counterspell (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Rare
CrawlspaceDominaria RemasteredArtifact Rare
Crawlspace (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredArtifact Rare
Crop RotationDominaria RemasteredInstant Uncommon
Crosis's CatacombsDominaria RemasteredLand Uncommon
Cryptic GatewayDominaria RemasteredArtifact Rare
Cryptic Gateway (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredArtifact Rare
Damping SphereDominaria RemasteredArtifact Uncommon
Damping Sphere (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredArtifact Uncommon
Darigaaz's CalderaDominaria RemasteredLand Uncommon
Dark DepthsDominaria RemasteredLegendary Snow Land Mythic Rare
Dark Depths (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Snow Land Mythic Rare
Dark Depths (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Snow Land Mythic Rare
Dark WitheringDominaria RemasteredInstant Uncommon
Dark Withering (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Uncommon
DayDominaria Remastered  Uncommon
DeadapultDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Uncommon
Deadwood TreefolkDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Deadwood Treefolk (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
DeathDominaria Remastered  Uncommon
DecimateDominaria RemasteredSorcery Rare
Decimate (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredSorcery Rare
Decimate (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredSorcery Rare
Deep AnalysisDominaria RemasteredSorcery Common
DeliverDominaria Remastered  Uncommon
Denizen of the DeepDominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Denizen of the Deep (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Denizen of the Deep (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Divine SacramentDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Rare
Divine Sacrament (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredEnchantment Rare
DodecapodDominaria RemasteredArtifact Creature Uncommon
Dragon BloodDominaria RemasteredArtifact Uncommon
Dragon EngineDominaria RemasteredArtifact Creature Common
Dragon WhelpDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Dragon Whelp (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Dralnu's CrusadeDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Uncommon
Dralnu's Crusade (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredEnchantment Uncommon
Dread ReturnDominaria RemasteredSorcery Uncommon
Dread Return (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredSorcery Uncommon
Drifting MeadowDominaria RemasteredLand Common
Dromar's CavernDominaria RemasteredLand Uncommon
DuressDominaria RemasteredSorcery Common
Duress (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredSorcery Common
Elvish AberrationDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Elvish Spirit GuideDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Elvish Spirit Guide (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Ember BeastDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Emerald CharmDominaria RemasteredInstant Common
Empty the WarrensDominaria RemasteredSorcery Common
Empty the Warrens (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredSorcery Common
Enlightened TutorDominaria RemasteredInstant Rare
Enlightened Tutor (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Rare
Enlightened Tutor (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Rare
EntombDominaria RemasteredInstant Rare
Entomb (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Rare
Entomb (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Rare
Evil Eye of Orms-by-GoreDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
ExplorationDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Rare
Exploration (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredEnchantment Rare
Fa'adiyah SeerDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Fa'adiyah Seer (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Faceless ButcherDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Fact or FictionDominaria RemasteredInstant Uncommon
Fact or Fiction (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Uncommon
Festering GoblinDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
FireDominaria Remastered  Uncommon
FireblastDominaria RemasteredInstant Uncommon
Fireblast (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Uncommon
Flametongue KavuDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Flametongue Kavu (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Flametongue Kavu (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Flesh ReaverDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
FloodgateDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Force of WillDominaria RemasteredInstant Mythic Rare
Force of Will (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Mythic Rare
Force of Will (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Mythic Rare
ForestDominaria RemasteredBasic Land Basic Land
Forest (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredBasic Land Basic Land
Forgotten AncientDominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Forgotten Ancient (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Frantic SearchDominaria RemasteredInstant Common
Frantic Search (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Common
GambleDominaria RemasteredSorcery Rare
Gamble (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredSorcery Rare
Gamble (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredSorcery Rare
GamekeeperDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Gauntlet of PowerDominaria RemasteredArtifact Mythic Rare
Gauntlet of Power (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredArtifact Mythic Rare
Gauntlet of Power (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredArtifact Mythic Rare
Gempalm IncineratorDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Gempalm Incinerator (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Gemstone MineDominaria RemasteredLand Rare
Gemstone Mine (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLand Rare
Gemstone Mine (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredLand Rare
Gerrard's VerdictDominaria RemasteredSorcery Uncommon
Gerrard's Verdict (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredSorcery Uncommon
Giant SpiderDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Glintwing InvokerDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
GloryDominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Glory (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Goblin MatronDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Goblin Matron (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Goblin MedicsDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Goblin TurncoatDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
GrapeshotDominaria RemasteredSorcery Common
Griffin GuideDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Uncommon
Grim LavamancerDominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Grim Lavamancer (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Grim Lavamancer (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Helm of AwakeningDominaria RemasteredArtifact Rare
Helm of Awakening (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredArtifact Rare
Helm of Awakening (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredArtifact Rare
Hermetic StudyDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Common
High TideDominaria RemasteredInstant Uncommon
High Tide (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Uncommon
High Tide (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Uncommon
Hinterland HarborDominaria RemasteredLand Rare
Hinterland Harbor (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLand Rare
Horseshoe CrabDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Howl from BeyondDominaria RemasteredInstant Common
Hunting GroundsDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Mythic Rare
Hunting Grounds (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredEnchantment Mythic Rare
Hunting Grounds (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredEnchantment Mythic Rare
Hyalopterous LemureDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Icatian JavelineersDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
IceDominaria Remastered  Uncommon
Ichor SlickDominaria RemasteredSorcery Common
Icy ManipulatorDominaria RemasteredArtifact Uncommon
Icy Manipulator (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredArtifact Uncommon
IllusionDominaria Remastered  Uncommon
Improvised ArmorDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Uncommon
ImpulseDominaria RemasteredInstant Common
Impulse (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Common
Invigorating BoonDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Uncommon
Invigorating Boon (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredEnchantment Uncommon
IslandDominaria RemasteredBasic Land Basic Land
Island (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredBasic Land Basic Land
Isolated ChapelDominaria RemasteredLand Rare
Isolated Chapel (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLand Rare
Jalum TomeDominaria RemasteredArtifact Common
Jester's CapDominaria RemasteredArtifact Rare
Jester's Cap (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredArtifact Rare
Jester's Cap (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredArtifact Rare
Jolrael, Mwonvuli RecluseDominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Rare
Jolrael, Mwonvuli Recluse (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Rare
JuggernautDominaria RemasteredArtifact Creature Common
Juggernaut (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredArtifact Creature Common
Kamahl, Fist of KrosaDominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Kamahl, Fist of Krosa (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Kavu PrimarchDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Kjeldoran GargoyleDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Krosan RestorerDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Last ChanceDominaria RemasteredSorcery Mythic Rare
Last Chance (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredSorcery Mythic Rare
Last Chance (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredSorcery Mythic Rare
Leaden FistsDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Common
Legacy WeaponDominaria RemasteredLegendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Legacy Weapon (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Legacy Weapon (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Lieutenant KirtarDominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Rare
Lieutenant Kirtar (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Rare
LifeDominaria Remastered  Uncommon
Lightning ReflexesDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Common
Lightning RiftDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Uncommon
Lotus BlossomDominaria RemasteredArtifact Rare
Lotus Blossom (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredArtifact Rare
Lotus Blossom (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredArtifact Rare
LullDominaria RemasteredInstant Common
Lull (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Common
Lyra DawnbringerDominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Lyra Dawnbringer (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Lyra Dawnbringer (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Macetail HystrodonDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
MaliceDominaria Remastered  Uncommon
Man-o'-WarDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Maze of IthDominaria RemasteredLand Rare
Maze of Ith (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLand Rare
Maze of Ith (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredLand Rare
Mesa EnchantressDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Mesa Enchantress (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
MillikinDominaria RemasteredArtifact Creature Uncommon
Mind StoneDominaria RemasteredArtifact Common
Mind Stone (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredArtifact Common
MindslicerDominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Mindslicer (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Mishra's FactoryDominaria RemasteredLand Uncommon
Mishra's Factory (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLand Uncommon
Mogg War MarshalDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Mogg War Marshal (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Momentary BlinkDominaria RemasteredInstant Common
Momentary Blink (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Common
MountainDominaria RemasteredBasic Land Basic Land
Mountain (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredBasic Land Basic Land
Mystic EnforcerDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Mystic Enforcer (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Mystic RemoraDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Rare
Mystic Remora (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredEnchantment Rare
Mystic Remora (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredEnchantment Rare
Mystic ZealotDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Mystical TutorDominaria RemasteredInstant Rare
Mystical Tutor (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Rare
Mystical Tutor (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Rare
Nantuko MonasteryDominaria RemasteredLand Uncommon
Nantuko ShadeDominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Nantuko Shade (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Nature's LoreDominaria RemasteredSorcery Uncommon
Nature's Lore (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredSorcery Uncommon
NecrosavantDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Necrosavant (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
NightDominaria Remastered  Uncommon
Nightscape FamiliarDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
No MercyDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Mythic Rare
No Mercy (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredEnchantment Mythic Rare
No Mercy (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredEnchantment Mythic Rare
Nomad DecoyDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Nut CollectorDominaria RemasteredCreature Mythic Rare
Nut Collector (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Mythic Rare
Nut Collector (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Mythic Rare
Obsessive SearchDominaria RemasteredInstant Common
OppositionDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Rare
Opposition (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredEnchantment Rare
OrderDominaria Remastered  Uncommon
Orim's ThunderDominaria RemasteredInstant Common
OrnithopterDominaria RemasteredArtifact Creature Common
Ornithopter (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredArtifact Creature Common
OvermasterDominaria RemasteredSorcery Rare
Overmaster (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredSorcery Rare
Oversold CemeteryDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Rare
Oversold Cemetery (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredEnchantment Rare
Oversold Cemetery (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredEnchantment Rare
OvinizeDominaria RemasteredInstant Common
Ovinize (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Common
OvinomancerDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
PacifismDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Common
PainDominaria Remastered  Uncommon
Pashalik MonsDominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Rare
Pashalik Mons (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Rare
Penumbra BobcatDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Peregrine DrakeDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Peregrine Drake (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Phantom FlockDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Phantom NishobaDominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Phantom Nishoba (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Phyrexian DebaserDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Phyrexian GhoulDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Phyrexian RagerDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Phyrexian ScutaDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
PlainsDominaria RemasteredBasic Land Basic Land
Plains (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredBasic Land Basic Land
Polluted MireDominaria RemasteredLand Common
Primal BoostDominaria RemasteredInstant Common
Pyre ZombieDominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Pyre Zombie (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Quicksilver DaggerDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Uncommon
Quicksilver Dagger (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredEnchantment Uncommon
Radha, Heir to KeldDominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Uncommon
Radha, Heir to Keld (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Uncommon
Radha, Heir to Keld (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Uncommon
Radiant's JudgmentDominaria RemasteredInstant Common
RealityDominaria Remastered  Uncommon
RecoilDominaria RemasteredInstant Uncommon
Recoil (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Uncommon
RemedyDominaria RemasteredInstant Common
Remote IsleDominaria RemasteredLand Common
Renewed FaithDominaria RemasteredInstant Common
Renewed Faith (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Common
Ridgetop RaptorDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Rith's GroveDominaria RemasteredLand Uncommon
Rith, the AwakenerDominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Rare
Rith, the Awakener (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Rare
Royal AssassinDominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Royal Assassin (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
SandstormDominaria RemasteredInstant Common
Saproling SymbiosisDominaria RemasteredSorcery Rare
Saproling Symbiosis (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredSorcery Rare
Savannah LionsDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Savannah Lions (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Sawtooth LoonDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Sawtooth Loon (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Serra AngelDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Serra Angel (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Serra AvatarDominaria RemasteredCreature Mythic Rare
Serra Avatar (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Mythic Rare
Seton's DesireDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Common
Sevinne's ReclamationDominaria RemasteredSorcery Rare
Sevinne's Reclamation (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredSorcery Rare
Shivan DragonDominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Shivan Dragon (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Siege-Gang CommanderDominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Siege-Gang Commander (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Siege-Gang Commander (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Skirk ProspectorDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Slice and DiceDominaria RemasteredSorcery Uncommon
Slippery KarstDominaria RemasteredLand Common
Smoldering CraterDominaria RemasteredLand Common
SnapDominaria RemasteredInstant Common
Sneak AttackDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Mythic Rare
Sneak Attack (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredEnchantment Mythic Rare
Sol'kanar the Swamp KingDominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Rare
Sol'kanar the Swamp King (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Rare
Solar BlastDominaria RemasteredInstant Common
Spark SprayDominaria RemasteredInstant Common
Spectral LynxDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Spinal EmbraceDominaria RemasteredInstant Rare
Spinal Embrace (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Rare
Spirit LinkDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Common
Spirit Link (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredEnchantment Common
SpiritmongerDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Spiritmonger (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
SpiteDominaria Remastered  Uncommon
Squirrel NestDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Uncommon
Squirrel Nest (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredEnchantment Uncommon
StandDominaria Remastered  Uncommon
Stonewood InvokerDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Storm EntityDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Street WraithDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Street Wraith (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Street Wraith (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Stroke of GeniusDominaria RemasteredInstant Rare
Stroke of Genius (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Rare
Subterranean ScoutDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
SufferingDominaria Remastered  Uncommon
Sulfur FallsDominaria RemasteredLand Rare
Sulfur Falls (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLand Rare
Sulfuric VortexDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Rare
Sulfuric Vortex (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredEnchantment Rare
Sun ClaspDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Common
Suq'Ata LancerDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
SwampDominaria RemasteredBasic Land Basic Land
Swamp (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredBasic Land Basic Land
Swords to PlowsharesDominaria RemasteredInstant Uncommon
Swords to Plowshares (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Uncommon
Sylvan LibraryDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Mythic Rare
Sylvan Library (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredEnchantment Mythic Rare
Sylvan Library (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredEnchantment Mythic Rare
Symbiotic BeastDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Tatyova, Benthic DruidDominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Uncommon
Tatyova, Benthic Druid (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Uncommon
Terminal MoraineDominaria RemasteredLand Common
TerravoreDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
TerrorDominaria RemasteredInstant Common
Terror (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Common
Test of EnduranceDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Mythic Rare
Test of Endurance (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredEnchantment Mythic Rare
Test of Endurance (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredEnchantment Mythic Rare
Thieving MagpieDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Thran GolemDominaria RemasteredArtifact Creature Uncommon
Thran Golem (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredArtifact Creature Uncommon
Tiana, Ship's CaretakerDominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Uncommon
Tiana, Ship's Caretaker (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Uncommon
Time StretchDominaria RemasteredSorcery Mythic Rare
Time Stretch (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredSorcery Mythic Rare
Time Stretch (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredSorcery Mythic Rare
Tormod's CryptDominaria RemasteredArtifact Uncommon
Tormod's Crypt (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredArtifact Uncommon
Treva's RuinsDominaria RemasteredLand Uncommon
TriskelionDominaria RemasteredArtifact Creature Rare
Triskelion (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredArtifact Creature Rare
Triskelion (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredArtifact Creature Rare
TurnaboutDominaria RemasteredInstant Uncommon
Turnabout (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Uncommon
Twisted ExperimentDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Common
UmbilicusDominaria RemasteredArtifact Rare
Umbilicus (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredArtifact Rare
Undead GladiatorDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Undead Gladiator (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Undying RageDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Common
Urborg Syphon-MageDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Urborg UprisingDominaria RemasteredSorcery Common
Urza's BlueprintsDominaria RemasteredArtifact Rare
Urza's Blueprints (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredArtifact Rare
Urza's IncubatorDominaria RemasteredArtifact Mythic Rare
Urza's Incubator (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredArtifact Mythic Rare
Urza's Incubator (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredArtifact Mythic Rare
Urza, Lord High ArtificerDominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Urza, Lord High Artificer (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Urza, Lord High Artificer (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Valduk, Keeper of the FlameDominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Uncommon
Valduk, Keeper of the Flame (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Uncommon
Vampiric TutorDominaria RemasteredInstant Mythic Rare
Vampiric Tutor (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Mythic Rare
Vampiric Tutor (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Mythic Rare
Veiled SerpentDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Common
Vexing SphinxDominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Vexing Sphinx (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Vigilant SentryDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Voice of AllDominaria RemasteredCreature Uncommon
Wall of JunkDominaria RemasteredArtifact Creature Uncommon
WaneDominaria Remastered  Uncommon
WaxDominaria Remastered  Uncommon
WerebearDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Whitemane LionDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Whitemane Lion (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Wild DogsDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Wild Dogs (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Wild GrowthDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Common
Wild Growth (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredEnchantment Common
Windborn MuseDominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Windborn Muse (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Windborn Muse (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Rare
Woodland CemeteryDominaria RemasteredLand Rare
Woodland Cemetery (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLand Rare
Worldgorger DragonDominaria RemasteredCreature Mythic Rare
Worldgorger Dragon (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Mythic Rare
Worldgorger Dragon (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredCreature Mythic Rare
Worldly TutorDominaria RemasteredInstant Rare
Worldly Tutor (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Rare
Worldly Tutor (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredInstant Rare
Wormfang DrakeDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Wrath of GodDominaria RemasteredSorcery Rare
Wrath of God (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredSorcery Rare
Wrath of God (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredSorcery Rare
Wretched AnuridDominaria RemasteredCreature Common
Xira ArienDominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Rare
Xira Arien (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Rare
Yawgmoth, Thran PhysicianDominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Yawgmoth, Thran Physician (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Yawgmoth, Thran Physician (variant 2)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Zombie InfestationDominaria RemasteredEnchantment Uncommon
Zur the EnchanterDominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Rare
Zur the Enchanter (variant 1)Dominaria RemasteredLegendary Creature Rare