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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Acid-Spewer DragonDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Aerie BowmastersDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Ainok ArtilleristDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Ainok SurvivalistDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Ambuscade ShamanDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Anafenza, Kin-Tree SpiritDragons of TarkirLegendary Creature Rare
Ancestral StatueDragons of TarkirArtifact Creature Common
Ancient CarpDragons of TarkirCreature Common
AnticipateDragons of TarkirInstant Common
Arashin ForemostDragons of TarkirCreature Rare
Arashin SovereignDragons of TarkirCreature Rare
Artful ManeuverDragons of TarkirInstant Common
Assault FormationDragons of TarkirEnchantment Rare
Atarka BeastbreakerDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Atarka EfreetDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Atarka MonumentDragons of TarkirArtifact Uncommon
Atarka PummelerDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Atarka's CommandDragons of TarkirInstant Rare
Avatar of the ResoluteDragons of TarkirCreature Rare
Aven SunstrikerDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Aven TacticianDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Battle MasteryDragons of TarkirEnchantment Uncommon
Belltoll DragonDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Berserkers' OnslaughtDragons of TarkirEnchantment Rare
Blessed ReincarnationDragons of TarkirInstant Rare
Blood-Chin FanaticDragons of TarkirCreature Rare
Blood-Chin RagerDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Boltwing MarauderDragons of TarkirCreature Rare
Butcher's GleeDragons of TarkirInstant Common
Center SoulDragons of TarkirInstant Common
Champion of ArashinDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Circle of EldersDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Clone LegionDragons of TarkirSorcery Mythic Rare
Coat with VenomDragons of TarkirInstant Common
Collected CompanyDragons of TarkirInstant Rare
Colossodon YearlingDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Commune with LavaDragons of TarkirInstant Rare
Conifer StriderDragons of TarkirCreature Common
ContradictDragons of TarkirInstant Common
CorpseweftDragons of TarkirEnchantment Rare
Crater ElementalDragons of TarkirCreature Rare
Cunning BreezedancerDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Custodian of the TroveDragons of TarkirArtifact Creature Common
Damnable PactDragons of TarkirSorcery Rare
Dance of the SkywiseDragons of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Deadly WanderingsDragons of TarkirEnchantment Uncommon
Death WindDragons of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Deathbringer RegentDragons of TarkirCreature Rare
Deathmist RaptorDragons of TarkirCreature Mythic Rare
DefeatDragons of TarkirSorcery Common
Den ProtectorDragons of TarkirCreature Rare
Descent of the DragonsDragons of TarkirSorcery Mythic Rare
Dirgur NemesisDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Display of DominanceDragons of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Draconic RoarDragons of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Dragon FodderDragons of TarkirSorcery Common
Dragon HunterDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Dragon TempestDragons of TarkirEnchantment Rare
Dragon WhispererDragons of TarkirCreature Mythic Rare
Dragon's Eye SentryDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Dragon-Scarred BearDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Dragonloft IdolDragons of TarkirArtifact Creature Uncommon
Dragonlord AtarkaDragons of TarkirLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Dragonlord DromokaDragons of TarkirLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Dragonlord KolaghanDragons of TarkirLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Dragonlord OjutaiDragons of TarkirLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Dragonlord SilumgarDragons of TarkirLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Dragonlord's PrerogativeDragons of TarkirInstant Rare
Dragonlord's ServantDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Dromoka CaptainDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Dromoka DunecasterDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Dromoka MonumentDragons of TarkirArtifact Uncommon
Dromoka WarriorDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Dromoka's CommandDragons of TarkirInstant Rare
Dromoka's GiftDragons of TarkirInstant Uncommon
DuressDragons of TarkirSorcery Common
Dutiful AttendantDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Echoes of the Kin TreeDragons of TarkirEnchantment Uncommon
Elusive SpellfistDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Encase in IceDragons of TarkirEnchantment Uncommon
Enduring ScalelordDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Enduring VictoryDragons of TarkirInstant Common
Epic ConfrontationDragons of TarkirSorcery Common
Evolving WildsDragons of TarkirLand Common
Explosive VegetationDragons of TarkirSorcery Uncommon
Fate ForgottenDragons of TarkirInstant Common
FlattenDragons of TarkirInstant Common
Foe-Razer RegentDragons of TarkirCreature Rare
ForestDragons of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
ForestDragons of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
ForestDragons of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
Foul RenewalDragons of TarkirInstant Rare
Foul-Tongue InvocationDragons of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Foul-Tongue ShriekDragons of TarkirInstant Common
Gate SmasherDragons of TarkirArtifact Uncommon
Glade WatcherDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Glaring AegisDragons of TarkirEnchantment Common
Gleam of AuthorityDragons of TarkirEnchantment Rare
GlintDragons of TarkirInstant Common
Graceblade ArtisanDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
GravepurgeDragons of TarkirInstant Common
Great Teacher's DecreeDragons of TarkirSorcery Uncommon
Guardian Shield-BearerDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Gudul LurkerDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Gurmag DrownerDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Hand of SilumgarDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Harbinger of the HuntDragons of TarkirCreature Rare
Hardened BerserkerDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Haven of the Spirit DragonDragons of TarkirLand Rare
Hedonist's TroveDragons of TarkirEnchantment Rare
Herald of DromokaDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Herdchaser DragonDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Hidden DragonslayerDragons of TarkirCreature Rare
Icefall RegentDragons of TarkirCreature Rare
Illusory GainsDragons of TarkirEnchantment Rare
Impact TremorsDragons of TarkirEnchantment Common
Inspiring CallDragons of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Ire ShamanDragons of TarkirCreature Rare
IslandDragons of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
IslandDragons of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
IslandDragons of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
Keeper of the LensDragons of TarkirArtifact Creature Common
Kindled FuryDragons of TarkirInstant Common
Kolaghan AspirantDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Kolaghan ForerunnersDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Kolaghan MonumentDragons of TarkirArtifact Uncommon
Kolaghan SkirmisherDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Kolaghan StormsingerDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Kolaghan's CommandDragons of TarkirInstant Rare
Learn from the PastDragons of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Lightning BerserkerDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
LightwalkerDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Living LoreDragons of TarkirCreature Rare
Lose CalmDragons of TarkirSorcery Common
Lurking ArynxDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Magmatic ChasmDragons of TarkirSorcery Common
Marang River SkeletonDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Marsh HulkDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Mind RotDragons of TarkirSorcery Common
Minister of PainDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Mirror MockeryDragons of TarkirEnchantment Rare
Misthoof KirinDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Monastery LoremasterDragons of TarkirCreature Common
MountainDragons of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
MountainDragons of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
MountainDragons of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
Mystic MeditationDragons of TarkirSorcery Common
Myth RealizedDragons of TarkirEnchantment Rare
Narset TranscendentDragons of TarkirPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
NaturalizeDragons of TarkirInstant Common
Necromaster DragonDragons of TarkirCreature Rare
NegateDragons of TarkirInstant Common
Obscuring ÆtherDragons of TarkirEnchantment Rare
Ojutai ExemplarsDragons of TarkirCreature Mythic Rare
Ojutai InterceptorDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Ojutai MonumentDragons of TarkirArtifact Uncommon
Ojutai's BreathDragons of TarkirInstant Common
Ojutai's CommandDragons of TarkirInstant Rare
Ojutai's SummonsDragons of TarkirSorcery Common
Orator of OjutaiDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
PacifismDragons of TarkirEnchantment Common
Palace FamiliarDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Pinion FeastDragons of TarkirInstant Common
Pitiless HordeDragons of TarkirCreature Rare
PlainsDragons of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsDragons of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsDragons of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
Press the AdvantageDragons of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Pristine SkywiseDragons of TarkirCreature Rare
Profaner of the DeadDragons of TarkirCreature Rare
Profound JourneyDragons of TarkirSorcery Rare
Qal Sisma BehemothDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Qarsi DeceiverDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Qarsi SadistDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Radiant PurgeDragons of TarkirInstant Rare
Rakshasa GravecallerDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Reckless ImpDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Reduce in StatureDragons of TarkirEnchantment Common
Rending VolleyDragons of TarkirInstant Uncommon
ResupplyDragons of TarkirInstant Common
Revealing WindDragons of TarkirInstant Common
Risen ExecutionerDragons of TarkirCreature Mythic Rare
RoastDragons of TarkirSorcery Uncommon
Ruthless DeathfangDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Sabertooth OutriderDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Salt Road AmbushersDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Salt Road QuartermastersDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Sandcrafter MageDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Sandsteppe ScavengerDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Sandstorm ChargerDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Sarkhan UnbrokenDragons of TarkirPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Sarkhan's RageDragons of TarkirInstant Common
Sarkhan's TriumphDragons of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Savage VentmawDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Scale BlessingDragons of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Scaleguard SentinelsDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Scion of UginDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Screamreach BrawlerDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Secure the WastesDragons of TarkirInstant Rare
Segmented KrotiqDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Seismic RuptureDragons of TarkirSorcery Uncommon
Self-Inflicted WoundDragons of TarkirSorcery Uncommon
Servant of the ScaleDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Shaman of Forgotten WaysDragons of TarkirCreature Mythic Rare
Shambling GoblinDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Shape the SandsDragons of TarkirInstant Common
Sheltered AerieDragons of TarkirEnchantment Common
Shieldhide DragonDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Shorecrasher ElementalDragons of TarkirCreature Mythic Rare
Sibsig IcebreakersDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Sidisi's FaithfulDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Sidisi, Undead VizierDragons of TarkirLegendary Creature Rare
Sight Beyond SightDragons of TarkirSorcery Uncommon
Sight of the ScalelordsDragons of TarkirEnchantment Uncommon
SilkwrapDragons of TarkirEnchantment Uncommon
Silumgar AssassinDragons of TarkirCreature Rare
Silumgar ButcherDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Silumgar MonumentDragons of TarkirArtifact Uncommon
Silumgar SorcererDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Silumgar Spell-EaterDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Silumgar's CommandDragons of TarkirInstant Rare
Silumgar's ScornDragons of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Skywise TeachingsDragons of TarkirEnchantment Uncommon
Spidersilk NetDragons of TarkirArtifact Common
Sprinting WarbruteDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Stampeding Elk HerdDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Stormcrag ElementalDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Stormrider RigDragons of TarkirArtifact Uncommon
Stormwing DragonDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Stratus DancerDragons of TarkirCreature Rare
Strongarm MonkDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Student of OjutaiDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Summit ProwlerDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Sunbringer's TouchDragons of TarkirSorcery Rare
Sunscorch RegentDragons of TarkirCreature Rare
Surge of RighteousnessDragons of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Surrak, the Hunt CallerDragons of TarkirLegendary Creature Rare
SwampDragons of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
SwampDragons of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
SwampDragons of TarkirBasic Land Basic Land
Swift WarkiteDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Taigam's StrikeDragons of TarkirSorcery Common
Tail SlashDragons of TarkirInstant Common
Tapestry of the AgesDragons of TarkirArtifact Uncommon
Territorial RocDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Thunderbreak RegentDragons of TarkirCreature Rare
Tormenting VoiceDragons of TarkirSorcery Common
Tread UponDragons of TarkirInstant Common
Twin BoltDragons of TarkirInstant Common
Ukud CobraDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Ultimate PriceDragons of TarkirInstant Uncommon
Updraft ElementalDragons of TarkirCreature Common
VandalizeDragons of TarkirSorcery Common
Vial of DragonfireDragons of TarkirArtifact Common
Virulent PlagueDragons of TarkirEnchantment Uncommon
Void SquallDragons of TarkirSorcery Uncommon
Volcanic RushDragons of TarkirInstant Common
Volcanic VisionDragons of TarkirSorcery Rare
Vulturous AvenDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Wandering TombshellDragons of TarkirCreature Common
WarbringerDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Youthful ScholarDragons of TarkirCreature Uncommon
Zephyr ScribeDragons of TarkirCreature Common
Zurgo BellstrikerDragons of TarkirLegendary Creature Rare