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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Abyssal SpecterEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Air ElementalEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Aladdin's RingEighth EditionArtifact Rare
Ambition's CostEighth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Anaba ShamanEighth EditionCreature Common
Angel of MercyEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Angelic PageEighth EditionCreature Common
ArchivistEighth EditionCreature Rare
Ardent MilitiaEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Avatar of HopeEighth EditionCreature Rare
Aven CloudchaserEighth EditionCreature Common
Aven FisherEighth EditionCreature Common
Aven FlockEighth EditionCreature Common
Balance of PowerEighth EditionSorcery Rare
Balduvian BarbariansEighth EditionCreature Common
Beast of BurdenEighth EditionArtifact Creature Rare
Birds of ParadiseEighth EditionCreature Rare
Blanchwood ArmorEighth EditionEnchant Creature Uncommon
BlazeEighth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Blessed ReversalEighth EditionInstant Rare
Blinding AngelEighth EditionCreature Rare
Blood MoonEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
Bloodshot CyclopsEighth EditionCreature Rare
Bog ImpEighth EditionCreature Common
Bog WraithEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
BoilEighth EditionInstant Uncommon
BoomerangEighth EditionInstant Common
Brass HeraldEighth EditionArtifact Creature Rare
BriberyEighth EditionSorcery Rare
Call of the WildEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
Canopy SpiderEighth EditionCreature Common
Canyon WildcatEighth EditionCreature Common
Carrion WallEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
CatalogEighth EditionInstant Common
ChastiseEighth EditionInstant Uncommon
ChokeEighth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Cinder WallEighth EditionCreature Common
Circle of Protection BlackEighth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Circle of Protection BlueEighth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Circle of Protection GreenEighth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Circle of Protection RedEighth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Circle of Protection WhiteEighth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
City of BrassEighth EditionLand Rare
Coastal HornclawEighth EditionCreature Common
Coastal PiracyEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
Coastal TowerEighth EditionLand Uncommon
Coat of ArmsEighth EditionArtifact Rare
CoercionEighth EditionSorcery Common
Collective UnconsciousEighth EditionSorcery Rare
ConcentrateEighth EditionSorcery Uncommon
ConfiscateEighth EditionEnchant Permanent Uncommon
Coral EelEighth EditionCreature Common
CowardiceEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
Craw WurmEighth EditionCreature Common
Creeping MoldEighth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Crossbow InfantryEighth EditionCreature Common
Crystal RodEighth EditionArtifact Uncommon
CuriosityEighth EditionEnchant Creature Uncommon
Daring ApprenticeEighth EditionCreature Rare
Dark BanishingEighth EditionInstant Common
Death Pit OfferingEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
Death Pits of RathEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
DeathgazerEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Deepwood GhoulEighth EditionCreature Common
Defense GridEighth EditionArtifact Rare
DeflectionEighth EditionInstant Rare
DehydrationEighth EditionEnchant Creature Common
DemolishEighth EditionSorcery Uncommon
DemystifyEighth EditionInstant Common
Diabolic TutorEighth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Dingus EggEighth EditionArtifact Rare
Disrupting ScepterEighth EditionArtifact Rare
Distorting LensEighth EditionArtifact Rare
Diving GriffinEighth EditionCreature Common
Drudge SkeletonsEighth EditionCreature Common
Dusk ImpEighth EditionCreature Common
Dwarven Demolition TeamEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Eastern PaladinEighth EditionCreature Rare
Elfhame PalaceEighth EditionLand Uncommon
Elite ArchersEighth EditionCreature Rare
Elite JavelineerEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Elvish ChampionEighth EditionCreature Rare
Elvish LyristEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Elvish PioneerEighth EditionCreature Common
Elvish PiperEighth EditionCreature Rare
Elvish ScrapperEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Emperor CrocodileEighth EditionCreature Rare
EnrageEighth EditionInstant Uncommon
Ensnaring BridgeEighth EditionArtifact Rare
EvacuationEighth EditionInstant Rare
ExecuteEighth EditionInstant Uncommon
Fallen AngelEighth EditionCreature Rare
FearEighth EditionEnchant Creature Common
FecundityEighth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Fertile GroundEighth EditionEnchant Land Common
Fighting DrakeEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Flash CounterEighth EditionInstant Common
FlashfiresEighth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Fleeting ImageEighth EditionCreature Rare
FlightEighth EditionEnchant Creature Common
Flying CarpetEighth EditionArtifact Rare
Fodder CannonEighth EditionArtifact Uncommon
ForatogEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Forest (Version 1)Eighth EditionBasic Land - Forest Common
Forest (Version 2)Eighth EditionBasic Land - Forest Common
Forest (Version 3)Eighth EditionBasic Land - Forest Common
Forest (Version 4)Eighth EditionBasic Land - Forest Common
Fugitive WizardEighth EditionCreature Common
FungusaurEighth EditionCreature Rare
Furnace of RathEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
Fyndhorn ElderEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Gaea's HeraldEighth EditionCreature Rare
Giant BadgerEighth EditionCreature Common
Giant CockroachEighth EditionCreature Common
Giant GrowthEighth EditionInstant Common
Giant SpiderEighth EditionCreature Common
Glorious AnthemEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
Glory SeekerEighth EditionCreature Common
Gluttonous ZombieEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Goblin ChariotEighth EditionCreature Common
Goblin GliderEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Goblin KingEighth EditionCreature Rare
Goblin RaiderEighth EditionCreature Common
Grave PactEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
GravediggerEighth EditionCreature Common
Grizzly BearsEighth EditionCreature Common
Guerrilla TacticsEighth EditionInstant Uncommon
Hammer of BogardanEighth EditionSorcery Rare
Healing SalveEighth EditionInstant Common
HibernationEighth EditionInstant Uncommon
Hill GiantEighth EditionCreature Common
Holy DayEighth EditionInstant Common
Holy StrengthEighth EditionEnchant Creature Common
Honor GuardEighth EditionCreature Common
Horned TrollEighth EditionCreature Common
Horned TurtleEighth EditionCreature Common
Howling MineEighth EditionArtifact Rare
Hulking CyclopsEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Hunted WumpusEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
IndexEighth EditionSorcery Common
InfernoEighth EditionInstant Rare
InspirationEighth EditionInstant Common
Intrepid HeroEighth EditionCreature Rare
Intruder AlarmEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
InvisibilityEighth EditionEnchant Creature Uncommon
Iron StarEighth EditionArtifact Uncommon
Island (Version 1)Eighth EditionBasic Land - Island Common
Island (Version 2)Eighth EditionBasic Land - Island Common
Island (Version 3)Eighth EditionBasic Land - Island Common
Island (Version 4)Eighth EditionBasic Land - Island Common
Ivory CupEighth EditionArtifact Uncommon
Ivory MaskEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
Jayemdae TomeEighth EditionArtifact Rare
KarmaEighth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
LarcenyEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
Lava AxeEighth EditionSorcery Common
Lava HoundsEighth EditionCreature Rare
Lesser GargadonEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
LhurgoyfEighth EditionCreature Rare
Lightning BlastEighth EditionInstant Uncommon
Lightning ElementalEighth EditionCreature Common
Living TerrainEighth EditionEnchant Land Uncommon
Llanowar BehemothEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Lone WolfEighth EditionCreature Common
Looming ShadeEighth EditionCreature Common
Lord of the UndeadEighth EditionCreature Rare
LureEighth EditionEnchant Creature Uncommon
Maggot CarrierEighth EditionCreature Common
Mahamoti DjinnEighth EditionCreature Rare
Mana ClashEighth EditionSorcery Rare
Mana LeakEighth EditionInstant Common
MaroEighth EditionCreature Rare
Master DecoyEighth EditionCreature Common
Master HealerEighth EditionCreature Rare
MegrimEighth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Merchant of SecretsEighth EditionCreature Common
Merchant ScrollEighth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Might of OaksEighth EditionInstant Rare
MillstoneEighth EditionArtifact Rare
Mind BendEighth EditionInstant Rare
Mind RotEighth EditionSorcery Common
Mind SlashEighth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Mind SludgeEighth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Mogg SentryEighth EditionCreature Rare
Monstrous GrowthEighth EditionSorcery Common
Moss MonsterEighth EditionCreature Common
Mountain (Version 1)Eighth EditionBasic Land - Mountain Common
Mountain (Version 2)Eighth EditionBasic Land - Mountain Common
Mountain (Version 3)Eighth EditionBasic Land - Mountain Common
Mountain (Version 4)Eighth EditionBasic Land - Mountain Common
Murderous BetrayalEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
Nantuko DiscipleEighth EditionCreature Common
Natural AffinityEighth EditionInstant Rare
NaturalizeEighth EditionInstant Common
NauseaEighth EditionSorcery Common
NekrataalEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
NightmareEighth EditionCreature Rare
Noble PurposeEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
Norwood RangerEighth EditionCreature Common
ObliterateEighth EditionSorcery Rare
Ogre TaskmasterEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
OkkEighth EditionCreature Rare
Oracle's AttendantsEighth EditionCreature Rare
Orcish ArtilleryEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Orcish SpyEighth EditionCreature Common
PacifismEighth EditionEnchant Creature Common
Panic AttackEighth EditionSorcery Common
Patagia GolemEighth EditionArtifact Creature Uncommon
Peach Garden OathEighth EditionSorcery Uncommon
PersecuteEighth EditionSorcery Rare
Phantom WarriorEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Phyrexian ArenaEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
Phyrexian ColossusEighth EditionArtifact Creature Rare
Phyrexian HulkEighth EditionArtifact Creature Uncommon
Phyrexian PlaguelordEighth EditionCreature Rare
Plague BeetleEighth EditionCreature Common
Plague WindEighth EditionSorcery Rare
Plains (Version 1)Eighth EditionBasic Land - Plains Common
Plains (Version 2)Eighth EditionBasic Land - Plains Common
Plains (Version 3)Eighth EditionBasic Land - Plains Common
Plains (Version 4)Eighth EditionBasic Land - Plains Common
Planar PortalEighth EditionArtifact Rare
Plow UnderEighth EditionSorcery Rare
Primeval ForceEighth EditionCreature Rare
Primeval ShamblerEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
PuppeteerEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
PyroclasmEighth EditionSorcery Uncommon
PyrotechnicsEighth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Raging GoblinEighth EditionCreature Common
Rain of BladesEighth EditionInstant Uncommon
Raise DeadEighth EditionSorcery Common
Rampant GrowthEighth EditionSorcery Common
Ravenous RatsEighth EditionCreature Common
Razorfoot GriffinEighth EditionCreature Common
RedeemEighth EditionInstant Common
ReflexesEighth EditionEnchant Creature Common
RegenerationEighth EditionEnchant Creature Common
Relentless AssaultEighth EditionSorcery Rare
Remove SoulEighth EditionInstant Common
ReviveEighth EditionSorcery Uncommon
RewindEighth EditionInstant Uncommon
RhoxEighth EditionCreature Rare
Ridgeline RagerEighth EditionCreature Common
Rod of RuinEighth EditionArtifact Uncommon
Rolling StonesEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
Royal AssassinEighth EditionCreature Rare
Rukh EggEighth EditionCreature Rare
Rushwood DryadEighth EditionCreature Common
Sabretooth TigerEighth EditionCreature Common
Sacred GroundEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
Sacred NectarEighth EditionSorcery Common
Sage of Lat NamEighth EditionCreature Rare
Sage OwlEighth EditionCreature Common
Salt MarshEighth EditionLand Uncommon
Samite HealerEighth EditionCreature Common
SanctimonyEighth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Savannah LionsEighth EditionCreature Rare
Scathe ZombiesEighth EditionCreature Common
Sea MonsterEighth EditionCreature Common
Searing WindEighth EditionInstant Rare
Seasoned MarshalEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Seismic AssaultEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
Serpent WarriorEighth EditionCreature Common
Serra AngelEighth EditionCreature Rare
Sever SoulEighth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Severed LegionEighth EditionCreature Common
ShatterEighth EditionInstant Common
Shifting SkyEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
Shivan DragonEighth EditionCreature Rare
Shivan OasisEighth EditionLand Uncommon
ShockEighth EditionInstant Common
Shock TroopsEighth EditionCreature Common
SizzleEighth EditionSorcery Common
Skull of OrmEighth EditionArtifact Rare
SlayEighth EditionInstant Uncommon
Sneaky HomunculusEighth EditionCreature Common
SolidarityEighth EditionInstant Common
Soul FeastEighth EditionSorcery Uncommon
SpellbookEighth EditionArtifact Uncommon
Spiketail HatchlingEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Spined WurmEighth EditionCreature Common
Spineless ThugEighth EditionCreature Common
Spirit LinkEighth EditionEnchant Creature Uncommon
Spitting SpiderEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Spreading AlgaeEighth EditionEnchant Land Uncommon
Standing TroopsEighth EditionCreature Common
Star CompassEighth EditionArtifact Uncommon
Staunch DefendersEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Steal ArtifactEighth EditionEnchant Artifact Uncommon
Stone RainEighth EditionSorcery Common
Storm CrowEighth EditionCreature Common
Story CircleEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
Stream of LifeEighth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Sudden ImpactEighth EditionInstant Uncommon
Suntail HawkEighth EditionCreature Common
SunwebEighth EditionCreature Rare
Swamp (Version 1)Eighth EditionBasic Land - Swamp Common
Swamp (Version 2)Eighth EditionBasic Land - Swamp Common
Swamp (Version 3)Eighth EditionBasic Land - Swamp Common
Swamp (Version 4)Eighth EditionBasic Land - Swamp Common
Swarm of RatsEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Sword DancerEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Teferi's Puzzle BoxEighth EditionArtifact Rare
TelepathyEighth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Temporal AdeptEighth EditionCreature Rare
Thieves' AuctionEighth EditionSorcery Rare
Thieving MagpieEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Thorn ElementalEighth EditionCreature Rare
Throne of BoneEighth EditionArtifact Uncommon
Tidal KrakenEighth EditionCreature Rare
Trade RoutesEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
Trained ArmodonEighth EditionCreature Common
Treasure TroveEighth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
TremorEighth EditionSorcery Common
Tundra WolvesEighth EditionCreature Common
TwiddleEighth EditionInstant Common
Two Headed DragonEighth EditionCreature Rare
Underworld DreamsEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
Unholy StrengthEighth EditionEnchant Creature Common
UnsummonEighth EditionInstant Common
Urborg VolcanoEighth EditionLand Uncommon
Urza's ArmorEighth EditionArtifact Rare
Urza's MineEighth EditionLand-Urza’s Mine Uncommon
Urza's Power PlantEighth EditionLand-Urza’s Power-Plant Uncommon
Urza's TowerEighth EditionLand-Urza’s Tower Uncommon
Vampiric SpiritEighth EditionCreature Rare
Venerable MonkEighth EditionCreature Common
Verduran EnchantressEighth EditionCreature Rare
Vernal BloomEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
Vexing ArcanixEighth EditionArtifact Rare
Viashino SandstalkerEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Vicious HungerEighth EditionSorcery Common
Vine TrellisEighth EditionCreature Common
Volcanic HammerEighth EditionSorcery Common
Wall of AirEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Wall of SpearsEighth EditionArtifact Creature Uncommon
Wall of StoneEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Wall of SwordsEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
Warped DevotionEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
Western PaladinEighth EditionCreature Rare
Wind DrakeEighth EditionCreature Common
Wing SnareEighth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Wood ElvesEighth EditionCreature Common
Wooden SphereEighth EditionArtifact Uncommon
WorshipEighth EditionEnchantment Rare
Wrath of GodEighth EditionSorcery Rare
Wrath of Marit LageEighth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Yavimaya EnchantressEighth EditionCreature Uncommon
ZombifyEighth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Zur's WeirdingEighth EditionEnchantment Rare