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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Abandon ReasonEldritch MoonInstant Uncommon
Abolisher of BloodlinesEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Abundant MawEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Advanced StitchwingEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Alchemist's GreetingEldritch MoonSorcery Common
Assembled AlphasEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Aurora of EmrakulEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Backwoods SurvivalistsEldritch MoonCreature Common
Bedlam RevelerEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Blessed AllianceEldritch MoonInstant Uncommon
Blood MistEldritch MoonEnchantment Uncommon
BloodbriarEldritch MoonCreature Common
Bloodhall PriestEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Bold ImpalerEldritch MoonCreature Common
Boon of EmrakulEldritch MoonEnchantment Common
Borrowed GraceEldritch MoonInstant Common
Borrowed HostilityEldritch MoonInstant Common
Borrowed MalevolenceEldritch MoonInstant Common
Brazen WolvesEldritch MoonCreature Common
Brisela, Voice of NightmaresEldritch MoonLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Bruna, the Fading LightEldritch MoonLegendary Creature Rare
Campaign of VengeanceEldritch MoonEnchantment Uncommon
Cathar's ShieldEldritch MoonArtifact Common
Cemetery RecruitmentEldritch MoonSorcery Common
Certain DeathEldritch MoonSorcery Common
Chilling GraspEldritch MoonInstant Uncommon
Chittering HostEldritch MoonCreature Common
Choking RestraintsEldritch MoonEnchantment Common
Clear ShotEldritch MoonInstant Uncommon
Coax from the Blind EternitiesEldritch MoonSorcery Rare
Collective BrutalityEldritch MoonSorcery Rare
Collective DefianceEldritch MoonSorcery Rare
Collective EffortEldritch MoonSorcery Rare
Conduit of EmrakulEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Conduit of StormsEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Contingency PlanEldritch MoonSorcery Common
ConvoluteEldritch MoonInstant Common
Courageous OutriderEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Crop SigilEldritch MoonEnchantment Uncommon
Crossroads ConsecratorEldritch MoonCreature Common
CryptbreakerEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Cryptolith FragmentEldritch MoonArtifact Uncommon
Cultist's StaffEldritch MoonArtifact Common
Curious HomunculusEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Dark SalvationEldritch MoonSorcery Rare
Dawn GryffEldritch MoonCreature Common
Decimator of the ProvincesEldritch MoonCreature Mythic Rare
Deploy the GatewatchEldritch MoonSorcery Mythic Rare
Deranged WhelpEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Desperate SentryEldritch MoonCreature Common
DisplaceEldritch MoonInstant Common
Distemper of the BloodEldritch MoonSorcery Common
Distended MindbenderEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Docent of PerfectionEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Drag UnderEldritch MoonSorcery Common
Drogskol ShieldmateEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Dronepack KindredEldritch MoonCreature Common
Drownyard BehemothEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Dusk FeasterEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Elder Deep-FiendEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Eldritch EvolutionEldritch MoonSorcery Rare
Emrakul's EvangelEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Emrakul's InfluenceEldritch MoonEnchantment Uncommon
Emrakul, the Promised EndEldritch MoonLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Enlightened ManiacEldritch MoonCreature Common
Erupting DreadwolfEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Eternal ScourgeEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Extricator of FleshEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Extricator of SinEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Exultant CultistEldritch MoonCreature Common
Faith UnbrokenEldritch MoonEnchantment Uncommon
Faithbearer PaladinEldritch MoonCreature Common
Falkenrath ReaverEldritch MoonCreature Common
Fibrous EntanglerEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Field CreeperEldritch MoonArtifact Creature Common
Fiend BinderEldritch MoonCreature Common
Final IterationEldritch MoonCreature Rare
FogwalkerEldritch MoonCreature Common
Fortune's FavorEldritch MoonInstant Uncommon
Foul EmissaryEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Furyblade VampireEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Galvanic BombardmentEldritch MoonInstant Common
Gavony UnhallowedEldritch MoonCreature Common
Geier Reach SanitariumEldritch MoonLegendary Land Rare
Geist of the ArchivesEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Geist of the Lonely VigilEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Geist-Fueled ScarecrowEldritch MoonArtifact Creature Uncommon
Gisa and GeralfEldritch MoonLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Gisela, the Broken BladeEldritch MoonLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Give No GroundEldritch MoonInstant Uncommon
Gnarlwood DryadEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Graf HarvestEldritch MoonEnchantment Uncommon
Graf RatsEldritch MoonCreature Common
Grapple with the PastEldritch MoonInstant Common
Grim FlayerEldritch MoonCreature Mythic Rare
Grisly AnglerfishEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Grizzled AnglerEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Guardian of PilgrimsEldritch MoonCreature Common
Hamlet CaptainEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Hanweir BattlementsEldritch MoonLand Rare
Hanweir GarrisonEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Hanweir, the Writhing TownshipEldritch MoonLegendary Creature Rare
Harmless OfferingEldritch MoonSorcery Rare
Haunted DeadEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Heron's Grace ChampionEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Howling ChorusEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Identity ThiefEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Impetuous DevilsEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Imprisoned in the MoonEldritch MoonEnchantment Rare
Incendiary FlowEldritch MoonSorcery Uncommon
Ingenious SkaabEldritch MoonCreature Common
Insatiable GorgersEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Ironclad SlayerEldritch MoonCreature Common
Ironwright's CleansingEldritch MoonSorcery Common
Ishkanah, GrafwidowEldritch MoonLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
It of the Horrid SwarmEldritch MoonCreature Common
It That Rides as OneEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Kessig ProwlerEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Laboratory BruteEldritch MoonCreature Common
Lashweed LurkerEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Liliana's EliteEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Liliana, the Last HopeEldritch MoonPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Lone RiderEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Long Road HomeEldritch MoonInstant Uncommon
Lunar ForceEldritch MoonEnchantment Uncommon
Lunarch MantleEldritch MoonEnchantment Common
Lupine PrototypeEldritch MoonArtifact Creature Rare
Make MischiefEldritch MoonSorcery Common
Markov CrusaderEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Mausoleum WandererEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Mercurial GeistsEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Midnight ScavengersEldritch MoonCreature Common
Mind's DilationEldritch MoonEnchantment Mythic Rare
Mirrorwing DragonEldritch MoonCreature Mythic Rare
Mockery of NatureEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
MournwillowEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
MurderEldritch MoonInstant Uncommon
Nahiri's WrathEldritch MoonSorcery Mythic Rare
Nebelgast HeraldEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Nephalia AcademyEldritch MoonLand Uncommon
Niblis of FrostEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Noose ConstrictorEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Noosegraf MobEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Oath of LilianaEldritch MoonLegendary Enchantment Rare
Olivia's DragoonEldritch MoonCreature Common
Otherworldly OutburstEldritch MoonInstant Common
Peace of MindEldritch MoonEnchantment Uncommon
Permeating MassEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Prey UponEldritch MoonSorcery Common
Primal DruidEldritch MoonCreature Common
Prophetic RavingsEldritch MoonEnchantment Common
ProvidenceEldritch MoonSorcery Rare
Prying QuestionsEldritch MoonSorcery Uncommon
Repel the AbominableEldritch MoonInstant Uncommon
Ride DownEldritch MoonInstant Uncommon
Rise from the GraveEldritch MoonSorcery Uncommon
Ruthless DisposalEldritch MoonSorcery Uncommon
Sanctifier of SoulsEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Savage AllianceEldritch MoonInstant Uncommon
Scour the LaboratoryEldritch MoonInstant Uncommon
Selfless SpiritEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Shreds of SanityEldritch MoonSorcery Uncommon
Shrill HowlerEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Sigarda's AidEldritch MoonEnchantment Rare
Sigardian PriestEldritch MoonCreature Common
Sinuous PredatorEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Skirsdag SupplicantEldritch MoonCreature Common
Slayer's CleaverEldritch MoonArtifact Uncommon
Smoldering WerewolfEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Somberwald StagEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Soul SeparatorEldritch MoonArtifact Rare
Spectral ReservesEldritch MoonSorcery Common
Spell QuellerEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Spirit of the HuntEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Splendid ReclamationEldritch MoonSorcery Rare
Spontaneous MutationEldritch MoonEnchantment Common
Spreading FlamesEldritch MoonInstant Uncommon
Springsage RitualEldritch MoonInstant Common
Steadfast CatharEldritch MoonCreature Common
Stensia BanquetEldritch MoonSorcery Common
Stensia InnkeeperEldritch MoonCreature Common
Stitcher's GraftEldritch MoonArtifact Rare
Strange AugmentationEldritch MoonEnchantment Common
Stromkirk CondemnedEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Stromkirk OccultistEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Subjugator AngelEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Succumb to TemptationEldritch MoonInstant Common
Summary DismissalEldritch MoonInstant Rare
Swift SpinnerEldritch MoonCreature Common
Take InventoryEldritch MoonSorcery Common
Tamiyo, Field ResearcherEldritch MoonPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Tangleclaw WerewolfEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Tattered HaunterEldritch MoonCreature Common
TerrarionEldritch MoonArtifact Common
Thalia's LancersEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Thalia, Heretic CatharEldritch MoonLegendary Creature Rare
Thermo-AlchemistEldritch MoonCreature Common
Thirsting AxeEldritch MoonArtifact Uncommon
Thraben FoulbloodsEldritch MoonCreature Common
Thraben Standard BearerEldritch MoonCreature Common
Tree of PerditionEldritch MoonCreature Mythic Rare
Turn AsideEldritch MoonInstant Common
Ulrich of the KrallenhordeEldritch MoonLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Ulrich, Uncontested AlphaEldritch MoonLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Ulvenwald AbominationEldritch MoonCreature Common
Ulvenwald CaptiveEldritch MoonCreature Common
Ulvenwald ObserverEldritch MoonCreature Rare
UnsubstantiateEldritch MoonInstant Uncommon
Vampire CutthroatEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Vexing ScuttlerEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Vildin-Pack OutcastEldritch MoonCreature Common
Voldaren PariahEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Voracious ReaderEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Wailing GhoulEldritch MoonCreature Common
Waxing MoonEldritch MoonInstant Common
Weaver of LightningEldritch MoonCreature Uncommon
Weirded VampireEldritch MoonCreature Common
Wharf InfiltratorEldritch MoonCreature Rare
Whispers of EmrakulEldritch MoonSorcery Uncommon
Wolfkin BondEldritch MoonEnchantment Common
Woodcutter's GritEldritch MoonInstant Common
Woodland PatrolEldritch MoonCreature Common
Wretched GryffEldritch MoonCreature Common