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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Adaptive AutomatonExplorers of IxalanArtifact Creature Rare
Aether GaleExplorers of IxalanSorcery Rare
Aggravated AssaultExplorers of IxalanEnchantment Rare
Beacon of ImmortalityExplorers of IxalanInstant Rare
Blatant ThieveryExplorers of IxalanSorcery Rare
Bloodbond VampireExplorers of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Borderland RangerExplorers of IxalanCreature Common
Child of NightExplorers of IxalanCreature Common
Coat with VenomExplorers of IxalanInstant Common
ConcentrateExplorers of IxalanSorcery Uncommon
Crumbling NecropolisExplorers of IxalanLand Uncommon
Day of JudgmentExplorers of IxalanSorcery Rare
Disaster RadiusExplorers of IxalanSorcery Rare
Doom BladeExplorers of IxalanInstant Uncommon
Giant GrowthExplorers of IxalanInstant Common
Hunter's ProwessExplorers of IxalanSorcery Rare
Innocent BloodExplorers of IxalanSorcery Common
Jungle BarrierExplorers of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Jungle ShrineExplorers of IxalanLand Uncommon
Lightning HelixExplorers of IxalanInstant Uncommon
Mass MutinyExplorers of IxalanSorcery Rare
Merfolk SovereignExplorers of IxalanCreature Rare
MortifyExplorers of IxalanInstant Uncommon
Necropolis RegentExplorers of IxalanCreature Mythic Rare
Path to ExileExplorers of IxalanInstant Uncommon
Prey UponExplorers of IxalanSorcery Common
Prismatic LensExplorers of IxalanArtifact Uncommon
Quicksilver AmuletExplorers of IxalanArtifact Rare
RancorExplorers of IxalanEnchantment Uncommon
Rush of AdrenalineExplorers of IxalanInstant Common
Shared AnimosityExplorers of IxalanEnchantment Rare
Shielded by FaithExplorers of IxalanEnchantment Rare
Soul of the HarvestExplorers of IxalanCreature Rare
Tainted FieldExplorers of IxalanLand Uncommon
Threads of DisloyaltyExplorers of IxalanEnchantment Rare
Time WarpExplorers of IxalanSorcery Mythic Rare
UnsummonExplorers of IxalanInstant Common
Urge to FeedExplorers of IxalanInstant Uncommon
Vampire InterloperExplorers of IxalanCreature Common
Vampire NighthawkExplorers of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Vampire NobleExplorers of IxalanCreature Common
Veteran's ReflexesExplorers of IxalanInstant Common
Vow of DutyExplorers of IxalanEnchantment Uncommon
Vow of FlightExplorers of IxalanEnchantment Uncommon
Vow of LightningExplorers of IxalanEnchantment Uncommon
Vow of WildnessExplorers of IxalanEnchantment Uncommon
Zealous PersecutionExplorers of IxalanInstant Uncommon