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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Abzan AdvantageFate ReforgedInstant Common
Abzan BeastmasterFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Abzan Kin-GuardFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Abzan RunemarkFate ReforgedEnchantment Common
Abzan SkycaptainFate ReforgedCreature Common
Ainok GuideFate ReforgedCreature Common
Alesha's VanguardFate ReforgedCreature Common
Alesha, Who Smiles at DeathFate ReforgedLegendary Creature Rare
Ambush KrotiqFate ReforgedCreature Common
Ancestral VengeanceFate ReforgedEnchantment Common
Arashin ClericFate ReforgedCreature Common
Arashin War BeastFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
ArcbondFate ReforgedInstant Rare
Archers of QarsiFate ReforgedCreature Common
Archfiend of DepravityFate ReforgedCreature Rare
Atarka, World RenderFate ReforgedLegendary Creature Rare
Aven SkirmisherFate ReforgedCreature Common
Aven SurveyorFate ReforgedCreature Common
Bathe in DragonfireFate ReforgedSorcery Common
Battle BrawlerFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Battlefront KrushokFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Bloodfell CavesFate ReforgedLand Common
Bloodfire EnforcersFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Blossoming SandsFate ReforgedLand Common
Break Through the LineFate ReforgedEnchantment Uncommon
Brutal HordechiefFate ReforgedCreature Mythic Rare
Cached DefensesFate ReforgedSorcery Uncommon
Channel HarmFate ReforgedInstant Uncommon
Citadel SiegeFate ReforgedEnchantment Rare
CloudformFate ReforgedEnchantment Uncommon
Collateral DamageFate ReforgedInstant Common
Crucible of the Spirit DragonFate ReforgedLand Rare
Crux of FateFate ReforgedSorcery Rare
Cunning StrikeFate ReforgedInstant Common
Daghatar the AdamantFate ReforgedLegendary Creature Rare
Dark DealFate ReforgedSorcery Uncommon
Defiant OgreFate ReforgedCreature Common
Destructor DragonFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Diplomacy of the WastesFate ReforgedSorcery Uncommon
Dismal BackwaterFate ReforgedLand Common
Douse in GloomFate ReforgedInstant Common
Dragon Bell MonkFate ReforgedCreature Common
DragonrageFate ReforgedInstant Uncommon
Dragonscale GeneralFate ReforgedCreature Rare
Dromoka, the EternalFate ReforgedLegendary Creature Rare
Elite ScaleguardFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Enhanced AwarenessFate ReforgedInstant Common
Ethereal AmbushFate ReforgedInstant Common
FascinationFate ReforgedSorcery Uncommon
Fearsome AwakeningFate ReforgedSorcery Uncommon
Feral KrushokFate ReforgedCreature Common
Fierce InvocationFate ReforgedSorcery Common
Flamerush RiderFate ReforgedCreature Rare
Flamewake PhoenixFate ReforgedCreature Rare
ForestFate ReforgedBasic Land Basic Land
ForestFate ReforgedBasic Land Basic Land
Formless NurturingFate ReforgedSorcery Common
Friendly FireFate ReforgedInstant Uncommon
Frontier MastodonFate ReforgedCreature Common
Frontier SiegeFate ReforgedEnchantment Rare
Frost WalkerFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Fruit of the First TreeFate ReforgedEnchantment Uncommon
Ghastly ConscriptionFate ReforgedSorcery Mythic Rare
Goblin Boom KegFate ReforgedArtifact Uncommon
Goblin HeelcutterFate ReforgedCreature Common
Gore SwineFate ReforgedCreature Common
Grave StrengthFate ReforgedSorcery Uncommon
Great-Horn KrushokFate ReforgedCreature Common
Grim ContestFate ReforgedInstant Common
Gurmag AnglerFate ReforgedCreature Common
Harsh SustenanceFate ReforgedInstant Common
Hero's BladeFate ReforgedArtifact Uncommon
Hewed Stone RetainersFate ReforgedArtifact Creature Uncommon
Honor's RewardFate ReforgedInstant Uncommon
Hooded AssassinFate ReforgedCreature Common
Humble DefectorFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Hungering YetiFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Hunt the WeakFate ReforgedSorcery Common
IslandFate ReforgedBasic Land Basic Land
IslandFate ReforgedBasic Land Basic Land
Jeskai BarricadeFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Jeskai InfiltratorFate ReforgedCreature Rare
Jeskai RunemarkFate ReforgedEnchantment Common
Jeskai SageFate ReforgedCreature Common
Jungle HollowFate ReforgedLand Common
Kolaghan, the Storm's FuryFate ReforgedLegendary Creature Rare
LightformFate ReforgedEnchantment Uncommon
Lightning ShriekerFate ReforgedCreature Common
Lotus Path DjinnFate ReforgedCreature Common
Lotus-Eye MysticsFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Map the WastesFate ReforgedSorcery Common
Marang River ProwlerFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Mardu RunemarkFate ReforgedEnchantment Common
Mardu ScoutFate ReforgedCreature Common
Mardu ShadowspearFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Mardu Strike LeaderFate ReforgedCreature Rare
Mardu Woe-ReaperFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Mastery of the UnseenFate ReforgedEnchantment Rare
Merciless ExecutionerFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Mindscour DragonFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Mistfire AdeptFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Mob RuleFate ReforgedSorcery Rare
Monastery MentorFate ReforgedCreature Mythic Rare
Monastery SiegeFate ReforgedEnchantment Rare
MountainFate ReforgedBasic Land Basic Land
MountainFate ReforgedBasic Land Basic Land
Neutralizing BlastFate ReforgedInstant Uncommon
Noxious DragonFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Ojutai, Soul of WinterFate ReforgedLegendary Creature Rare
Orc SureshotFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Outpost SiegeFate ReforgedEnchantment Rare
Palace SiegeFate ReforgedEnchantment Rare
Pilgrim of the FiresFate ReforgedArtifact Creature Uncommon
PlainsFate ReforgedBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsFate ReforgedBasic Land Basic Land
Pressure PointFate ReforgedInstant Common
PyrotechnicsFate ReforgedSorcery Uncommon
Qarsi High PriestFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
RageformFate ReforgedEnchantment Uncommon
Rakshasa's DisdainFate ReforgedInstant Common
Rally the AncestorsFate ReforgedInstant Rare
Reach of ShadowsFate ReforgedInstant Common
Reality ShiftFate ReforgedInstant Uncommon
RefocusFate ReforgedInstant Common
Renowned WeaponsmithFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Return to the EarthFate ReforgedInstant Common
Rite of UndoingFate ReforgedInstant Uncommon
Rugged HighlandsFate ReforgedLand Common
Ruthless InstinctsFate ReforgedInstant Uncommon
Sage's ReverieFate ReforgedEnchantment Uncommon
Sage-Eye AvengersFate ReforgedCreature Rare
SandblastFate ReforgedInstant Common
Sandsteppe MastodonFate ReforgedCreature Rare
Sandsteppe OutcastFate ReforgedCreature Common
Scoured BarrensFate ReforgedLand Common
Scroll of the MastersFate ReforgedArtifact Rare
Shaman of the Great HuntFate ReforgedCreature Mythic Rare
Shamanic RevelationFate ReforgedSorcery Rare
Shifting LoyaltiesFate ReforgedSorcery Uncommon
Shockmaw DragonFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Shu Yun, the Silent TempestFate ReforgedLegendary Creature Rare
Sibsig HostFate ReforgedCreature Common
Sibsig MuckdraggersFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Silumgar, the Drifting DeathFate ReforgedLegendary Creature Rare
Smoldering EfreetFate ReforgedCreature Common
Soul SummonsFate ReforgedSorcery Common
Soulfire Grand MasterFate ReforgedCreature Mythic Rare
SoulflayerFate ReforgedCreature Rare
Sudden ReclamationFate ReforgedInstant Uncommon
Sultai EmissaryFate ReforgedCreature Common
Sultai RunemarkFate ReforgedEnchantment Common
Sultai SkullkeeperFate ReforgedCreature Common
Supplant FormFate ReforgedInstant Rare
SwampFate ReforgedBasic Land Basic Land
SwampFate ReforgedBasic Land Basic Land
Swiftwater CliffsFate ReforgedLand Common
Tasigur's CrueltyFate ReforgedSorcery Common
Tasigur, the Golden FangFate ReforgedLegendary Creature Rare
Temporal TrespassFate ReforgedSorcery Mythic Rare
Temur Battle RageFate ReforgedInstant Common
Temur RunemarkFate ReforgedEnchantment Common
Temur SabertoothFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Temur War ShamanFate ReforgedCreature Rare
Thornwood FallsFate ReforgedLand Common
Torrent ElementalFate ReforgedCreature Mythic Rare
Tranquil CoveFate ReforgedLand Common
Typhoid RatsFate ReforgedCreature Common
Ugin's ConstructFate ReforgedArtifact Creature Uncommon
Ugin, the Spirit DragonFate ReforgedPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Valorous StanceFate ReforgedInstant Uncommon
VaultbreakerFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Wandering ChampionFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
War FlareFate ReforgedInstant Common
Warden of the First TreeFate ReforgedCreature Mythic Rare
Wardscale DragonFate ReforgedCreature Uncommon
Whisk AwayFate ReforgedInstant Common
Whisperer of the WildsFate ReforgedCreature Common
Whisperwood ElementalFate ReforgedCreature Mythic Rare
Wild SlashFate ReforgedInstant Uncommon
WildcallFate ReforgedSorcery Rare
Will of the NagaFate ReforgedInstant Common
Wind-Scarred CragFate ReforgedLand Common
Winds of Qal SismaFate ReforgedInstant Uncommon
Write into BeingFate ReforgedSorcery Common
Yasova DragonclawFate ReforgedLegendary Creature Rare