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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
BalanceFrom the Vault ExiledSorcery Rare
BerserkFrom the Vault ExiledInstant Uncommon
ChannelFrom the Vault ExiledSorcery Uncommon
Gifts UngivenFrom the Vault ExiledInstant Rare
Goblin LackeyFrom the Vault ExiledCreature Uncommon
Kird ApeFrom the Vault ExiledCreature Uncommon
Lotus PetalFrom the Vault ExiledArtifact Common
Mystical TutorFrom the Vault ExiledInstant Uncommon
NecropotenceFrom the Vault ExiledEnchantment Rare
Sensei's Divining TopFrom the Vault ExiledArtifact Uncommon
Serendib EfreetFrom the Vault ExiledCreature Rare
SkullclampFrom the Vault ExiledArtifact Uncommon
Strip MineFrom the Vault ExiledLand Uncommon
TinkerFrom the Vault ExiledSorcery Uncommon
TrinisphereFrom the Vault ExiledArtifact Rare