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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Advanced StitchwingGame NightCreature Uncommon
Aerial ResponderGame NightCreature Uncommon
Air ElementalGame NightCreature Uncommon
Always WatchingGame NightEnchantment Rare
Avatar of GrowthGame NightCreature Mythic Rare
Benalish MarshalGame NightCreature Rare
BombardGame NightInstant Common
Bone SplintersGame NightSorcery Common
Bright ReprisalGame NightInstant Uncommon
Call the CavalryGame NightSorcery Common
Captivating CrewGame NightCreature Rare
ClaustrophobiaGame NightEnchantment Common
Cruel RevivalGame NightInstant Uncommon
Dragon FodderGame NightSorcery Common
Eager ConstructGame NightArtifact Creature Common
Everdawn ChampionGame NightCreature Uncommon
Fan BearerGame NightCreature Common
Favorable WindsGame NightEnchantment Uncommon
Filigree FamiliarGame NightArtifact Creature Uncommon
Fleshbag MarauderGame NightCreature Uncommon
ForestGame NightBasic Land Basic Land
ForestGame NightBasic Land Basic Land
Ghalta, Primal HungerGame NightLegendary Creature Rare
Goblin GoliathGame NightCreature Mythic Rare
Gruesome FateGame NightSorcery Common
Howling GolemGame NightArtifact Creature Uncommon
HydrolashGame NightInstant Uncommon
Inspired ChargeGame NightInstant Common
Inspired SphinxGame NightCreature Mythic Rare
Inspiring CaptainGame NightCreature Common
IslandGame NightBasic Land Basic Land
IslandGame NightBasic Land Basic Land
Jungle DelverGame NightCreature Common
LanguishGame NightSorcery Rare
Liliana's MasteryGame NightEnchantment Rare
Llanowar ElvesGame NightCreature Common
Lord of the AccursedGame NightCreature Uncommon
ManalithGame NightArtifact Common
Mesa UnicornGame NightCreature Common
Militant AngelGame NightCreature Mythic Rare
MountainGame NightBasic Land Basic Land
MountainGame NightBasic Land Basic Land
Nissa's RevelationGame NightSorcery Rare
OvercomeGame NightSorcery Uncommon
Pilgrim's EyeGame NightArtifact Creature Uncommon
PlainsGame NightBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsGame NightBasic Land Basic Land
Reckless ScholarGame NightCreature Uncommon
Rhonas's MonumentGame NightLegendary Artifact Uncommon
Rolling ThunderGame NightSorcery Uncommon
Rot HulkGame NightCreature Mythic Rare
Seek the WildsGame NightSorcery Common
Seismic ElementalGame NightCreature Uncommon
Serra AngelGame NightCreature Uncommon
Siege-Gang CommanderGame NightCreature Rare
Snare ThopterGame NightArtifact Creature Uncommon
Soulblade DjinnGame NightCreature Rare
Subjugator AngelGame NightCreature Uncommon
SwampGame NightBasic Land Basic Land
SwampGame NightBasic Land Basic Land
Tattered MummyGame NightCreature Common
Thallid SoothsayerGame NightCreature Uncommon
Thrashing BrontodonGame NightCreature Uncommon
Tormenting VoiceGame NightSorcery Common
Welder AutomatonGame NightArtifact Creature Common
Whirler RogueGame NightCreature Uncommon
Zahid, Djinn of the LampGame NightLegendary Creature Rare
Zulaport CutthroatGame NightCreature Uncommon