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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Accursed HordeGame Night 2019Creature Uncommon
Akoum HellkiteGame Night 2019Creature Rare
Aven Wind MageGame Night 2019Creature Common
Brute StrengthGame Night 2019Instant Common
Calculating LichGame Night 2019Creature Mythic Rare
Carrion ScreecherGame Night 2019Creature Common
ClaustrophobiaGame Night 2019Enchantment Common
Consul's LieutenantGame Night 2019Creature Uncommon
Crested HerdcallerGame Night 2019Creature Uncommon
Crow of Dark TidingsGame Night 2019Creature Common
Cryptic SerpentGame Night 2019Creature Uncommon
Decision ParalysisGame Night 2019Instant Common
Destructive TamperingGame Night 2019Sorcery Common
Dragon EggGame Night 2019Creature Uncommon
Dramatic ReversalGame Night 2019Instant Common
Earthshaker GiantGame Night 2019Creature Mythic Rare
Engulf the ShoreGame Night 2019Instant Rare
Fiend BinderGame Night 2019Creature Common
Fiendish DuoGame Night 2019Creature Mythic Rare
ForestGame Night 2019Basic Land Basic Land
ForestGame Night 2019Basic Land Basic Land
GalestrikeGame Night 2019Instant Uncommon
Gavony UnhallowedGame Night 2019Creature Common
Ghalta, Primal HungerGame Night 2019Legendary Creature Rare
Grasp of DarknessGame Night 2019Instant Uncommon
Grazing WhiptailGame Night 2019Creature Common
Highcliff FelidarGame Night 2019Creature Mythic Rare
Howling GolemGame Night 2019Artifact Creature Uncommon
IslandGame Night 2019Basic Land Basic Land
IslandGame Night 2019Basic Land Basic Land
Kargan DragonriderGame Night 2019Creature Common
Kytheon's IrregularsGame Night 2019Creature Rare
Lathliss, Dragon QueenGame Night 2019Legendary Creature Rare
Lightning StrikeGame Night 2019Instant Common
Liliana's MasteryGame Night 2019Enchantment Rare
Lord of the AccursedGame Night 2019Creature Uncommon
Mighty LeapGame Night 2019Instant Common
MountainGame Night 2019Basic Land Basic Land
MountainGame Night 2019Basic Land Basic Land
Patron of the ValiantGame Night 2019Creature Uncommon
PlainsGame Night 2019Basic Land Basic Land
PlainsGame Night 2019Basic Land Basic Land
Ranging RaptorsGame Night 2019Creature Uncommon
Relief CaptainGame Night 2019Creature Uncommon
Ripjaw RaptorGame Night 2019Creature Rare
Rise from the GraveGame Night 2019Sorcery Uncommon
Rise from the TidesGame Night 2019Sorcery Uncommon
River's RebukeGame Night 2019Sorcery Rare
Salvager of SecretsGame Night 2019Creature Common
Sparktongue DragonGame Night 2019Creature Common
Sphinx of EnlightenmentGame Night 2019Creature Mythic Rare
Spidery GraspGame Night 2019Instant Common
Steppe GliderGame Night 2019Creature Uncommon
SwampGame Night 2019Basic Land Basic Land
SwampGame Night 2019Basic Land Basic Land
Take VengeanceGame Night 2019Sorcery Common
Tattered MummyGame Night 2019Creature Common
Thunderherd MigrationGame Night 2019Sorcery Uncommon
Thundering SpinebackGame Night 2019Creature Uncommon
Topan FreebladeGame Night 2019Creature Common
Torgaar, Famine IncarnateGame Night 2019Legendary Creature Rare
Voldaren DuelistGame Night 2019Creature Common
Zealot of the God-PharaohGame Night 2019Creature Common
Zetalpa, Primal DawnGame Night 2019Legendary Creature Rare