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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Angel of DespairGuild Kit OrzhovCreature Rare
Belfry SpiritGuild Kit OrzhovCreature Uncommon
Deathpact AngelGuild Kit OrzhovCreature Mythic Rare
Debtors' KnellGuild Kit OrzhovEnchantment Rare
Ghost Council of OrzhovaGuild Kit OrzhovLegendary Creature Rare
Keening BansheeGuild Kit OrzhovCreature Uncommon
Martyred RusalkaGuild Kit OrzhovCreature Uncommon
One Thousand LashesGuild Kit OrzhovEnchantment Uncommon
Orzhov BasilicaGuild Kit OrzhovLand Common
Orzhov CharmGuild Kit OrzhovInstant Uncommon
Orzhov PontiffGuild Kit OrzhovCreature Rare
Orzhov SignetGuild Kit OrzhovArtifact Common
Pillory of the SleeplessGuild Kit OrzhovEnchantment Uncommon
Plagued RusalkaGuild Kit OrzhovCreature Uncommon
PlainsGuild Kit OrzhovBasic Land Basic Land
Pontiff of BlightGuild Kit OrzhovCreature Rare
Sin CollectorGuild Kit OrzhovCreature Uncommon
Skeletal VampireGuild Kit OrzhovCreature Rare
Stab WoundGuild Kit OrzhovEnchantment Uncommon
SwampGuild Kit OrzhovBasic Land Basic Land
Teysa, Orzhov ScionGuild Kit OrzhovLegendary Creature Rare
Treasury ThrullGuild Kit OrzhovCreature Rare
Ultimate PriceGuild Kit OrzhovInstant Uncommon
Vizkopa GuildmageGuild Kit OrzhovCreature Uncommon