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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Auger SpreeGuild Kit RakdosInstant Common
Avatar of DiscordGuild Kit RakdosCreature Rare
Cackling FlamesGuild Kit RakdosInstant Common
Carnival HellsteedGuild Kit RakdosCreature Rare
Crypt ChampionGuild Kit RakdosCreature Uncommon
DemonfireGuild Kit RakdosSorcery Rare
DreadboreGuild Kit RakdosSorcery Rare
Jagged PoppetGuild Kit RakdosCreature Uncommon
Lyzolda, the Blood WitchGuild Kit RakdosLegendary Creature Rare
Master of CrueltiesGuild Kit RakdosCreature Mythic Rare
MountainGuild Kit RakdosBasic Land Basic Land
Rakdos CacklerGuild Kit RakdosCreature Uncommon
Rakdos CarnariumGuild Kit RakdosLand Common
Rakdos CharmGuild Kit RakdosInstant Uncommon
Rakdos GuildmageGuild Kit RakdosCreature Uncommon
Rakdos KeyruneGuild Kit RakdosArtifact Uncommon
Rakdos Pit DragonGuild Kit RakdosCreature Rare
Rakdos Shred-FreakGuild Kit RakdosCreature Common
Rakdos SignetGuild Kit RakdosArtifact Uncommon
Rakdos the DefilerGuild Kit RakdosLegendary Creature Rare
Rakdos's ReturnGuild Kit RakdosSorcery Mythic Rare
Rakdos, Lord of RiotsGuild Kit RakdosLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Riot SpikesGuild Kit RakdosEnchantment Common
Splatter ThugGuild Kit RakdosCreature Common
SwampGuild Kit RakdosBasic Land Basic Land
Thrill-Kill AssassinGuild Kit RakdosCreature Uncommon
Utvara HellkiteGuild Kit RakdosCreature Mythic Rare
Wrecking BallGuild Kit RakdosInstant Common