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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Advent of the WurmGuild Kit SelesnyaInstant Rare
Armada WurmGuild Kit SelesnyaCreature Mythic Rare
Call of the ConclaveGuild Kit SelesnyaSorcery Uncommon
Centaur HealerGuild Kit SelesnyaCreature Common
Devouring LightGuild Kit SelesnyaInstant Uncommon
Dryad MilitantGuild Kit SelesnyaCreature Uncommon
ForestGuild Kit SelesnyaBasic Land Basic Land
Gather CourageGuild Kit SelesnyaInstant Common
Glare of SubdualGuild Kit SelesnyaEnchantment Rare
Grove of the GuardianGuild Kit SelesnyaLand Rare
Growing RanksGuild Kit SelesnyaEnchantment Rare
Hour of ReckoningGuild Kit SelesnyaSorcery Rare
Loxodon HierarchGuild Kit SelesnyaCreature Rare
PlainsGuild Kit SelesnyaBasic Land Basic Land
Pollenbright WingsGuild Kit SelesnyaEnchantment Uncommon
Privileged PositionGuild Kit SelesnyaEnchantment Rare
Scatter the SeedsGuild Kit SelesnyaInstant Common
Selesnya CharmGuild Kit SelesnyaInstant Uncommon
Selesnya EvangelGuild Kit SelesnyaCreature Common
Selesnya GuildmageGuild Kit SelesnyaCreature Uncommon
Selesnya SanctuaryGuild Kit SelesnyaLand Common
Selesnya SignetGuild Kit SelesnyaArtifact Common
Sundering GrowthGuild Kit SelesnyaInstant Common
Tolsimir WolfbloodGuild Kit SelesnyaLegendary Creature Rare
Trostani, Selesnya's VoiceGuild Kit SelesnyaLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
WatchwolfGuild Kit SelesnyaCreature Uncommon