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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Affectionate IndrikGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Arboretum ElementalGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Arclight PhoenixGuilds of RavnicaCreature Mythic Rare
Artful TakedownGuilds of RavnicaInstant Common
Assassin's TrophyGuilds of RavnicaInstant Rare
AssembleGuilds of Ravnica  Rare
AssureGuilds of Ravnica  Rare
Attendant of VraskaGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Aurelia, Exemplar of JusticeGuilds of RavnicaLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Barging SergeantGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Barrier of BonesGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Bartizan BatsGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Beacon BoltGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Uncommon
Beamsplitter MageGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Beast WhispererGuilds of RavnicaCreature Rare
Blade InstructorGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Blood OperativeGuilds of RavnicaCreature Rare
Book DevourerGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Boros ChallengerGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Boros Guildgate (a)Guilds of Ravnica  Common
Boros Guildgate (b)Guilds of Ravnica  Common
Boros LocketGuilds of RavnicaArtifact Common
Bounty AgentGuilds of RavnicaCreature Rare
Bounty of MightGuilds of RavnicaInstant Rare
Burglar RatGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
CamaraderieGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Rare
Candlelight VigilGuilds of RavnicaEnchantment Common
Capture SphereGuilds of RavnicaEnchantment Common
Centaur PeacemakerGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Chamber SentryGuilds of RavnicaArtifact Creature Rare
Chance for GloryGuilds of RavnicaInstant Mythic Rare
Charnel TrollGuilds of RavnicaCreature Rare
Chemister's InsightGuilds of RavnicaInstant Uncommon
Child of NightGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Chromatic LanternGuilds of RavnicaArtifact Rare
Circuitous RouteGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Uncommon
Citywatch SphinxGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Citywide BustGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Rare
Collar the CulpritGuilds of RavnicaInstant Common
Command the StormGuilds of RavnicaInstant Common
Conclave CavalierGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Conclave GuildmageGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Conclave TribunalGuilds of RavnicaEnchantment Uncommon
ConcoctGuilds of Ravnica  Rare
ConniveGuilds of Ravnica  Rare
Cosmotronic WaveGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Common
Crackling DrakeGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Creeping ChillGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Uncommon
Crush ContrabandGuilds of RavnicaInstant Uncommon
Crushing CanopyGuilds of RavnicaInstant Common
Darkblade AgentGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Dawn of HopeGuilds of RavnicaEnchantment Rare
Dazzling LightsGuilds of RavnicaInstant Common
Dead WeightGuilds of RavnicaEnchantment Common
Deadly VisitGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Common
Deafening ClarionGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Rare
DemotionGuilds of RavnicaEnchantment Uncommon
Devious Cover-UpGuilds of RavnicaInstant Common
Devkarin DissidentGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Dimir Guildgate (a)Guilds of Ravnica  Common
Dimir Guildgate (b)Guilds of Ravnica  Common
Dimir InformantGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Dimir LocketGuilds of RavnicaArtifact Common
Dimir SpybugGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Direct CurrentGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Common
Discovery DispersalGuilds of Ravnica  Uncommon
Disdainful StrokeGuilds of RavnicaInstant Common
Disinformation CampaignGuilds of RavnicaEnchantment Uncommon
District GuideGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Divine VisitationGuilds of RavnicaEnchantment Mythic Rare
Doom WhispererGuilds of RavnicaCreature Mythic Rare
Douser of LightsGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Dream EaterGuilds of RavnicaCreature Mythic Rare
Drowned SecretsGuilds of RavnicaEnchantment Rare
Electrostatic FieldGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Emmara, Soul of the AccordGuilds of RavnicaLegendary Creature Rare
Enhanced SurveillanceGuilds of RavnicaEnchantment Uncommon
Erratic CyclopsGuilds of RavnicaCreature Rare
Erstwhile TrooperGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Etrata, the SilencerGuilds of RavnicaLegendary Creature Rare
ExpansionGuilds of Ravnica  Rare
Experimental FrenzyGuilds of RavnicaEnchantment Rare
ExplosionGuilds of Ravnica  Rare
Fearless HalberdierGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
FinalityGuilds of Ravnica  Rare
FindGuilds of Ravnica  Rare
Fire UrchinGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Firemind's ResearchGuilds of RavnicaEnchantment Rare
Flight of EquenautsGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Flower FlourishGuilds of Ravnica  Uncommon
ForestGuilds of RavnicaBasic Land Basic Land
Fresh-Faced RecruitGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Garrison SergeantGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Gatekeeper GargoyleGuilds of RavnicaArtifact Creature Uncommon
Gateway PlazaGuilds of RavnicaLand Common
Generous StrayGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Gird for BattleGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Uncommon
Glaive of the GuildpactGuilds of RavnicaArtifact Uncommon
Glowspore ShamanGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Goblin BanneretGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Goblin CratermakerGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Goblin ElectromancerGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Goblin LocksmithGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Golgari FindbrokerGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Golgari Guildgate (a)Guilds of Ravnica  Common
Golgari Guildgate (b)Guilds of Ravnica  Common
Golgari LocketGuilds of RavnicaArtifact Common
Golgari RaidersGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Grappling SundewGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Gravitic PunchGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Common
Gruesome MenagerieGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Rare
Guild SummitGuilds of RavnicaEnchantment Uncommon
Guildmages' ForumGuilds of RavnicaLand Rare
Haazda MarshalGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Hammer DropperGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Hatchery SpiderGuilds of RavnicaCreature Rare
Healer's HawkGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Hellkite WhelpGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Hired PoisonerGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Hitchclaw RecluseGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
House GuildmageGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Hunted WitnessGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
HypothesizzleGuilds of RavnicaInstant Common
Impervious GreatwurmGuilds of RavnicaCreature Mythic Rare
Inescapable BlazeGuilds of RavnicaInstant Uncommon
Inspiring UnicornGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Integrity InterventionGuilds of Ravnica  Uncommon
Intrusive PackbeastGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Invert InventGuilds of Ravnica  Uncommon
IonizeGuilds of RavnicaInstant Rare
Ironshell BeetleGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
IslandGuilds of RavnicaBasic Land Basic Land
Izoni, Thousand-EyedGuilds of RavnicaLegendary Creature Rare
Izzet Guildgate (a)Guilds of Ravnica  Common
Izzet Guildgate (b)Guilds of Ravnica  Common
Izzet LocketGuilds of RavnicaArtifact Common
Join ShieldsGuilds of RavnicaInstant Uncommon
Justice StrikeGuilds of RavnicaInstant Uncommon
Knight of AutumnGuilds of RavnicaCreature Rare
Kraul ForagersGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Kraul HarpoonerGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Kraul RaiderGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Kraul SwarmGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Lava CoilGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Uncommon
Lazav, the MultifariousGuilds of RavnicaLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
League GuildmageGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
LeapfrogGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Ledev ChampionGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Ledev GuardianGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Legion GuildmageGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Legion WarbossGuilds of RavnicaCreature Rare
Light of the LegionGuilds of RavnicaCreature Rare
Lotleth GiantGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Loxodon RestorerGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Luminous BondsGuilds of RavnicaEnchantment Common
Maniacal RageGuilds of RavnicaEnchantment Common
March of the MultitudesGuilds of RavnicaInstant Mythic Rare
Mausoleum SecretsGuilds of RavnicaInstant Rare
Maximize AltitudeGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Common
Maximize VelocityGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Common
Mephitic VaporsGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Common
Midnight ReaperGuilds of RavnicaCreature Rare
Might of the MassesGuilds of RavnicaInstant Uncommon
Mission BriefingGuilds of RavnicaInstant Rare
Mnemonic BetrayalGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Mythic Rare
MolderhulkGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Moodmark PainterGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
MountainGuilds of RavnicaBasic Land Basic Land
Murmuring MysticGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Muse DrakeGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
NarcomoebaGuilds of RavnicaCreature Rare
Necrotic WoundGuilds of RavnicaInstant Uncommon
Never HappenedGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Common
Nightveil PredatorGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Nightveil SpriteGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Niv-Mizzet, ParunGuilds of RavnicaLegendary Creature Rare
Notion RainGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Common
Nullhide FeroxGuilds of RavnicaCreature Mythic Rare
Ochran AssassinGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Omnispell AdeptGuilds of RavnicaCreature Rare
Ornery GoblinGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Overgrown TombGuilds of RavnicaLand Rare
Pack's FavorGuilds of RavnicaInstant Common
Parhelion PatrolGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Passwall AdeptGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Pause for ReflectionGuilds of RavnicaInstant Common
Pelt CollectorGuilds of RavnicaCreature Rare
Pilfering ImpGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Piston-Fist CyclopsGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Pitiless GorgonGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
PlaguecrafterGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
PlainsGuilds of RavnicaBasic Land Basic Land
Portcullis VineGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Precision BoltGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Common
Prey UponGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Common
Price of FameGuilds of RavnicaInstant Uncommon
QuasiduplicateGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Rare
Radical IdeaGuilds of RavnicaInstant Common
Ral's DispersalGuilds of RavnicaInstant Rare
Ral's StaticasterGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Ral, Caller of StormsGuilds of RavnicaLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Ral, Izzet ViceroyGuilds of RavnicaLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Rampaging MonumentGuilds of RavnicaArtifact Creature Uncommon
ResponseGuilds of Ravnica  Rare
ResurgenceGuilds of Ravnica  Rare
Rhizome LurcherGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Righteous BlowGuilds of RavnicaInstant Common
Risk FactorGuilds of RavnicaInstant Rare
Ritual of SootGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Rare
Roc ChargerGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Rosemane CentaurGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Rubblebelt BoarGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Runaway Steam-KinGuilds of RavnicaCreature Rare
Sacred FoundryGuilds of RavnicaLand Rare
Selective SnareGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Uncommon
Selesnya Guildgate (a)Guilds of Ravnica  Common
Selesnya Guildgate (b)Guilds of Ravnica  Common
Selesnya LocketGuilds of RavnicaArtifact Common
Severed StrandsGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Common
Siege WurmGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Silent DartGuilds of RavnicaArtifact Uncommon
Sinister SabotageGuilds of RavnicaInstant Uncommon
Skyknight LegionnaireGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Skyline ScoutGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Smelt-Ward MinotaurGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Sonic AssaultGuilds of RavnicaInstant Common
Spinal CentipedeGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Sprouting RenewalGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Uncommon
StatueGuilds of Ravnica  Uncommon
StatusGuilds of Ravnica  Uncommon
Steam VentsGuilds of RavnicaLand Rare
Street RiotGuilds of RavnicaEnchantment Uncommon
Sumala WoodshaperGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Sunhome StalwartGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Sure StrikeGuilds of RavnicaInstant Common
SwampGuilds of RavnicaBasic Land Basic Land
Swarm GuildmageGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Swathcutter GiantGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Swiftblade VindicatorGuilds of RavnicaCreature Rare
Sworn CompanionsGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Common
Tajic, Legion's EdgeGuilds of RavnicaLegendary Creature Rare
Take HeartGuilds of RavnicaInstant Common
Temple GardenGuilds of RavnicaLand Rare
Tenth District GuardGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Thief of SanityGuilds of RavnicaCreature Rare
Thought ErasureGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Uncommon
Thoughtbound PhantasmGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Thousand-Year StormGuilds of RavnicaEnchantment Mythic Rare
Torch CourierGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Trostani DiscordantGuilds of RavnicaLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Truefire CaptainGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Undercity NecroliskGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Undercity UprisingGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Common
Underrealm LichGuilds of RavnicaCreature Mythic Rare
Unexplained DisappearanceGuilds of RavnicaInstant Common
Unmoored EgoGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Rare
Urban UtopiaGuilds of RavnicaEnchantment Common
Vedalken MesmeristGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Veiled ShadeGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Venerated LoxodonGuilds of RavnicaCreature Rare
Vernadi ShieldmateGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Vicious RumorsGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Common
Vigorspore WurmGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Vivid RevivalGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Rare
Vraska's StoneglareGuilds of RavnicaSorcery Rare
Vraska, Golgari QueenGuilds of RavnicaLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Vraska, Regal GorgonGuilds of RavnicaLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Wall of MistGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Wand of VertebraeGuilds of RavnicaArtifact Uncommon
Wary OkapiGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Watcher in the MistGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Watery GraveGuilds of RavnicaLand Rare
Wee DragonautsGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Whisper AgentGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Whispering SnitchGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon
Wild CeratokGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Wishcoin CrabGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Wojek BodyguardGuilds of RavnicaCreature Common
Worldsoul ColossusGuilds of RavnicaCreature Uncommon