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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Aegis of the GodsJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Rare
Aerial FormationJourney into NyxInstant Common
Agent of ErebosJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Uncommon
Ajani's PresenceJourney into NyxInstant Common
Ajani, Mentor of HeroesJourney into NyxPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Akroan Line BreakerJourney into NyxCreature Uncommon
Akroan MastiffJourney into NyxCreature Common
Armament of NyxJourney into NyxEnchantment Common
Armory of IroasJourney into NyxArtifact Uncommon
Aspect of GorgonJourney into NyxEnchantment Common
Athreos, God of PassageJourney into NyxLegendary Enchantment Creature Mythic Rare
Banishing LightJourney into NyxEnchantment Uncommon
Bassara Tower ArcherJourney into NyxCreature Uncommon
Battlefield ThaumaturgeJourney into NyxCreature Rare
Bearer of the HeavensJourney into NyxCreature Rare
Bladetusk BoarJourney into NyxCreature Common
Blinding FlareJourney into NyxSorcery Uncommon
Bloodcrazed HopliteJourney into NyxCreature Common
Brain MaggotJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Uncommon
Cast into DarknessJourney into NyxEnchantment Common
Chariot of VictoryJourney into NyxArtifact Uncommon
Cloaked SirenJourney into NyxCreature Common
Colossal HeroicsJourney into NyxInstant Uncommon
Consign to DustJourney into NyxInstant Uncommon
CountermandJourney into NyxInstant Common
Cruel FeedingJourney into NyxInstant Common
Crystalline NautilusJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Uncommon
Cyclops of Eternal FuryJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Uncommon
Dakra MysticJourney into NyxCreature Uncommon
Daring ThiefJourney into NyxCreature Rare
Dawnbringer CharioteersJourney into NyxCreature Rare
DeicideJourney into NyxInstant Rare
Desecration PlagueJourney into NyxSorcery Common
Deserter's QuartersJourney into NyxArtifact Uncommon
Desperate StandJourney into NyxSorcery Uncommon
Dictate of ErebosJourney into NyxEnchantment Rare
Dictate of HeliodJourney into NyxEnchantment Rare
Dictate of KarametraJourney into NyxEnchantment Rare
Dictate of KruphixJourney into NyxEnchantment Rare
Dictate of the Twin GodsJourney into NyxEnchantment Rare
Disciple of DeceitJourney into NyxCreature Uncommon
Doomwake GiantJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Rare
Dreadbringer LampadsJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Common
Eagle of the WatchJourney into NyxCreature Common
Eidolon of BlossomsJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Rare
Eidolon of RhetoricJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Uncommon
Eidolon of the Great RevelJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Rare
Extinguish All HopeJourney into NyxSorcery Rare
Feast of DreamsJourney into NyxInstant Common
Felhide PetrifierJourney into NyxCreature Uncommon
Flamespeaker's WillJourney into NyxEnchantment Common
Fleetfeather CockatriceJourney into NyxCreature Uncommon
Flurry of HornsJourney into NyxSorcery Common
Font of FertilityJourney into NyxEnchantment Common
Font of FortunesJourney into NyxEnchantment Common
Font of IreJourney into NyxEnchantment Common
Font of ReturnJourney into NyxEnchantment Common
Font of VigorJourney into NyxEnchantment Common
Forgeborn OreadsJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Uncommon
Gluttonous CyclopsJourney into NyxCreature Common
Gnarled ScarhideJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Uncommon
Godhunter OctopusJourney into NyxCreature Common
GodsendJourney into NyxLegendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Gold-Forged SentinelJourney into NyxArtifact Creature Uncommon
Golden HindJourney into NyxCreature Common
Goldenhide OxJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Uncommon
Grim GuardianJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Common
Hall of TriumphJourney into NyxLegendary Artifact Rare
Harness by ForceJourney into NyxSorcery Rare
Harvestguard AlseidsJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Common
Heroes' BaneJourney into NyxCreature Rare
Hour of NeedJourney into NyxInstant Uncommon
HubrisJourney into NyxInstant Common
Humbler of MortalsJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Common
Hydra BroodmasterJourney into NyxCreature Rare
Hypnotic SirenJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Rare
Interpret the SignsJourney into NyxSorcery Uncommon
Iroas, God of VictoryJourney into NyxLegendary Enchantment Creature Mythic Rare
Keranos, God of StormsJourney into NyxLegendary Enchantment Creature Mythic Rare
King Macar, the Gold-CursedJourney into NyxLegendary Creature Rare
Kiora's DismissalJourney into NyxInstant Uncommon
Knowledge and PowerJourney into NyxEnchantment Uncommon
Kruphix's InsightJourney into NyxSorcery Common
Kruphix, God of HorizonsJourney into NyxLegendary Enchantment Creature Mythic Rare
Lagonna-Band TrailblazerJourney into NyxCreature Common
Launch the FleetJourney into NyxSorcery Rare
Leonin IconoclastJourney into NyxCreature Uncommon
Lightning DiademJourney into NyxEnchantment Common
Magma SprayJourney into NyxInstant Common
Mana ConfluenceJourney into NyxLand Rare
Market FestivalJourney into NyxEnchantment Common
Master of the FeastJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Rare
Mogis's WarhoundJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Uncommon
Mortal ObstinacyJourney into NyxEnchantment Common
Nature's PanoplyJourney into NyxInstant Common
Nessian Game WardenJourney into NyxCreature Uncommon
Nightmarish EndJourney into NyxInstant Uncommon
Nyx InfusionJourney into NyxEnchantment Common
Nyx WeaverJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Uncommon
Nyx-Fleece RamJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Uncommon
Oakheart DryadsJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Common
Oppressive RaysJourney into NyxEnchantment Common
Oreskos SwiftclawJourney into NyxCreature Common
Pensive MinotaurJourney into NyxCreature Common
Phalanx FormationJourney into NyxInstant Uncommon
Pharika's ChosenJourney into NyxCreature Common
Pharika, God of AfflictionJourney into NyxLegendary Enchantment Creature Mythic Rare
Pheres-Band ThunderhoofJourney into NyxCreature Common
Pheres-Band WarchiefJourney into NyxCreature Rare
Pin to the EarthJourney into NyxEnchantment Common
Polymorphous RushJourney into NyxInstant Rare
Prophetic FlamespeakerJourney into NyxCreature Mythic Rare
Pull from the DeepJourney into NyxSorcery Uncommon
Quarry ColossusJourney into NyxCreature Uncommon
Ravenous LeucrocotaJourney into NyxCreature Common
Renowned WeaverJourney into NyxCreature Common
ReprisalJourney into NyxInstant Uncommon
Returned RevelerJourney into NyxCreature Common
Revel of the Fallen GodJourney into NyxSorcery Rare
Reviving MelodyJourney into NyxSorcery Uncommon
Riddle of LightningJourney into NyxInstant Uncommon
Riptide ChimeraJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Uncommon
Rise of EaglesJourney into NyxSorcery Common
Ritual of the ReturnedJourney into NyxInstant Uncommon
Rollick of AbandonJourney into NyxSorcery Uncommon
Rotted HulkJourney into NyxCreature Common
Rouse the MobJourney into NyxInstant Common
Sage of HoursJourney into NyxCreature Mythic Rare
Satyr GrovedancerJourney into NyxCreature Common
Satyr HopliteJourney into NyxCreature Common
Scourge of FleetsJourney into NyxCreature Rare
Setessan TacticsJourney into NyxInstant Rare
Sightless BrawlerJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Uncommon
Sigiled SkinkJourney into NyxCreature Common
Sigiled StarfishJourney into NyxCreature Common
Silence the BelieversJourney into NyxInstant Rare
SkybindJourney into NyxEnchantment Rare
Skyspear CavalryJourney into NyxCreature Uncommon
Solidarity of HeroesJourney into NyxInstant Uncommon
Spawn of ThraxesJourney into NyxCreature Rare
SpirespineJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Uncommon
Spite of MogisJourney into NyxSorcery Uncommon
Spiteful BlowJourney into NyxSorcery Uncommon
Squelching LeechesJourney into NyxCreature Uncommon
StarfallJourney into NyxInstant Common
Stonewise FortifierJourney into NyxCreature Common
Stormchaser ChimeraJourney into NyxCreature Uncommon
Strength from the FallenJourney into NyxEnchantment Uncommon
Supply-Line CranesJourney into NyxCreature Common
Swarmborn GiantJourney into NyxCreature Uncommon
Temple of EpiphanyJourney into NyxLand Rare
Temple of MaladyJourney into NyxLand Rare
Tethmos High PriestJourney into NyxCreature Uncommon
Thassa's DevourerJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Common
Thassa's IreJourney into NyxEnchantment Uncommon
Thoughtrender LamiaJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Uncommon
Tormented ThoughtsJourney into NyxSorcery Uncommon
Triton CavalryJourney into NyxCreature Uncommon
Triton ShorestalkerJourney into NyxCreature Common
TwinflameJourney into NyxSorcery Rare
Underworld CoinsmithJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Uncommon
War-Wing SirenJourney into NyxCreature Common
Whitewater NaiadsJourney into NyxEnchantment Creature Uncommon
Wildfire CerberusJourney into NyxCreature Uncommon
Worst FearsJourney into NyxSorcery Mythic Rare