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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Academy JourneymageJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Acrobatic ManeuverJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Act on ImpulseJumpstart 2022Sorcery Uncommon
Adventuring GearJumpstart 2022Artifact Common
Adventurous ImpulseJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Aerial ModificationJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Aeronaut TinkererJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Aether SpellbombJumpstart 2022Artifact Common
Aethershield ArtificerJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
AftershockJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Agrus Kos, Eternal SoldierJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Ajani's PridemateJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Ajani, Strength of the PrideJumpstart 2022Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Alandra, Sky DreamerJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Alchemist's VialJumpstart 2022Artifact Common
Alley StranglerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Alseid of Life's BountyJumpstart 2022Enchantment Creature Uncommon
Amoeboid ChangelingJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Anchor to the AetherJumpstart 2022Sorcery Uncommon
Ancient CravingJumpstart 2022Sorcery Uncommon
Ancient StirringsJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Angel of Flight AlabasterJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Angelic CubJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Angelic EdictJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Angelic PageJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Angelic ProtectorJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Anointer of ValorJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Apothecary GeistJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Aquatic IncursionJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Aradara ExpressJumpstart 2022Artifact Common
Archon of JusticeJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Archon of Sun's GraceJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Ardoz, Cobbler of WarJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Arlinn, Voice of the PackJumpstart 2022Legendary Planeswalker Uncommon
Arms DealerJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
ArrestJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Artificer's EpiphanyJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Ash BarrensJumpstart 2022Land Common
Ashcoat of the Shadow SwarmJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Assembly-WorkerJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Common
Attended HealerJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Augury OwlJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Auntie Blyte, Bad InfluenceJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
AuramancerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Avalanche CallerJumpstart 2022Snow Creature Uncommon
Avenger of ZendikarJumpstart 2022Creature Mythic Rare
Aviation PioneerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Axgard CavalryJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Bag of HoldingJumpstart 2022Artifact Rare
Balan, Wandering KnightJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Baloth WoodcrasherJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Band TogetherJumpstart 2022Instant Common
BanefireJumpstart 2022Sorcery Rare
Barrage OgreJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Barrin, Tolarian ArchmageJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Basri's AcolyteJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Battle SquadronJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Benalish Honor GuardJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Benevolent HydraJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Berg StriderJumpstart 2022Snow Creature Common
Biblioplex KrakenJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Big ScoreJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Black CatJumpstart 2022Creature Common
BlazeJumpstart 2022Sorcery Uncommon
Blessed DefianceJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Blessed SanctuaryJumpstart 2022Enchantment Rare
Blessed SpiritsJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Blight KeeperJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Blighted FenJumpstart 2022Land Uncommon
BlisterpodJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Blisterspit GremlinJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Blood ArtistJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Blood AspirantJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Blood PriceJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Bloodbond VampireJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Bloodhaze WolverineJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Bloodline PretenderJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Uncommon
Bloodthirsty AerialistJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
BloodtrackerJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Bogardan DragonheartJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Bolt HoundJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Bonders' EnclaveJumpstart 2022Land Rare
Bone PickerJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Borderland MarauderJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Bounding WolfJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Brazen CannonadeJumpstart 2022Enchantment Rare
Brazen FreebooterJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Brazen WolvesJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Briarpack AlphaJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
BrightmareJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Brineborn CutthroatJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Bring to TrialJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Bristling BoarJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Broken BondJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Brood MonitorJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Built to LastJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Burglar RatJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Burn BrightJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Bury in BooksJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Cage of HandsJumpstart 2022Enchantment Common
Campus GuideJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Common
Canopy BalothJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Captain Lannery StormJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Captivating UnicornJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Catalyst ElementalJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Caught in the BrightsJumpstart 2022Enchantment Common
Caustic CaterpillarJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Cavalry DrillmasterJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Cellar DoorJumpstart 2022Artifact Uncommon
Cemetery RecruitmentJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Certain DeathJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Chains of CustodyJumpstart 2022Enchantment Common
Challenger TrollJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Chandra's MagmuttJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Chandra's PyrelingJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Chandra's PyrohelixJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Chandra's SpitfireJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Chandra, Flame's FuryJumpstart 2022Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
ChillerpillarJumpstart 2022Snow Creature Common
Chilling TrapJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Chittering RatsJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Circuit MenderJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Uncommon
Clockwork HydraJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Uncommon
Coalborn EntityJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Coalhauler SwineJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Cogwork AssemblerJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Uncommon
Coldsteel HeartJumpstart 2022Snow Artifact Uncommon
Colossal DreadmawJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Colossal MajestyJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Combat ProfessorJumpstart 2022Creature Common
CondescendJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Conductor of CacophonyJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Cone of FlameJumpstart 2022Sorcery Uncommon
Consign to the PitJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Corpse ChurnJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Courser of KruphixJumpstart 2022Enchantment Creature Rare
Crashing TideJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Crawling SensationJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
CreeperhulkJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Creeping BloodsuckerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Crippling ChillJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Crow of Dark TidingsJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Cruel SadistJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Crypt RatsJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Cryptic SerpentJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
CultivateJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Cyclops ElectromancerJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Dance with DevilsJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Danitha Capashen, ParagonJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Uncommon
Daring PiracyJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Dawn of HopeJumpstart 2022Enchantment Rare
Dawning AngelJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Daybreak ChaplainJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Daybreak ChargerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Dead WeightJumpstart 2022Enchantment Common
Deadbridge GoliathJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Deadly PlotJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Death WindJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Deathbloom ThallidJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Deathbringer RegentJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Declare DominanceJumpstart 2022Sorcery Uncommon
Decree of JusticeJumpstart 2022Sorcery Rare
Deem WorthyJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Defy DeathJumpstart 2022Sorcery Uncommon
Demon of CatastrophesJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Demon's DiscipleJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Demon's GraspJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Demonic GiftsJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Desert of the MindfulJumpstart 2022Land Common
Destructive TamperingJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Devouring LightJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Devouring SwarmJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Diabolic EdictJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Disciple of PerditionJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
DismissJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Distinguished ConjurerJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Divine ArrowJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Divine VerdictJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Djinn of WishesJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Domesticated HydraJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Doomed DissenterJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Doomed TravelerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Drag UnderJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Dragon BloodJumpstart 2022Artifact Uncommon
Dragon EggJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Dragon FodderJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Dragon FodderJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Dragon MageJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Dragon's HoardJumpstart 2022Artifact Rare
Dragonlord's ServantJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Dragonspeaker ShamanJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Drannith StingerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Dread PresenceJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Dread RiderJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Dread SlaverJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Dreadful ApathyJumpstart 2022Enchantment Common
DreadhoundJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Drownyard ExplorersJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Drowsing TyrannodonJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Drudge BeetleJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Dune BeetleJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Durable CoilbugJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Duskshell CrawlerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Dutiful ReplicatorJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Common
Dwynen's EliteJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Eaten AliveJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Edifice of AuthorityJumpstart 2022Artifact Uncommon
Eidolon of RhetoricJumpstart 2022Enchantment Creature Uncommon
Elderleaf MentorJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Electric RevelationJumpstart 2022Instant Common
ElectrifyJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Elite InstructorJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Elven BowJumpstart 2022Artifact Uncommon
Elvish RejuvenatorJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Elvish WarmasterJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Emancipation AngelJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Emiel the BlessedJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
EndbringerJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Endless Ranks of the DeadJumpstart 2022Enchantment Rare
Engulfing SlagwurmJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
EnlargeJumpstart 2022Sorcery Uncommon
Epicure of BloodJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Erdwal IlluminatorJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Eternity SnareJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
EviscerateJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Evolving WildsJumpstart 2022Land Common
Expedition MapJumpstart 2022Artifact Common
Explorer's ScopeJumpstart 2022Artifact Common
ExsanguinateJumpstart 2022Sorcery Uncommon
EyekiteJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Faerie FormationJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Faerie SeerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Faerie VandalJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Faith's FettersJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Falkenrath NobleJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
FallowsageJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Fanatical FirebrandJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Favored of IroasJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Feast of BloodJumpstart 2022Sorcery Uncommon
Feast on the FallenJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Feed the PackJumpstart 2022Enchantment Rare
Felidar CubJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Felidar RetreatJumpstart 2022Enchantment Rare
Feral HydraJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Ferocious PupJumpstart 2022Creature Common
FertilidJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Fervent StrikeJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Festering EvilJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Fetid ImpJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Fierce WitchstalkerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Fiery ConclusionJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Fiery InterventionJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Filigree AttendantJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Uncommon
FireboltJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Firecannon BlastJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
FireslingerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Flame LashJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Flameblade AdeptJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Flames of the FirebrandJumpstart 2022Sorcery Uncommon
Fleeting DistractionJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Flicker of FateJumpstart 2022Instant Common
FloodhoundJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Flourishing HunterJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Forced WorshipJumpstart 2022Enchantment Common
ForestJumpstart 2022Basic Land Basic Land
Forest (variant 1)Jumpstart 2022Basic Land Basic Land
Forest (variant 2)Jumpstart 2022Basic Land Basic Land
Forgotten CaveJumpstart 2022Land Common
Frenzied GoblinJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Frontier MastodonJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Frostpeak YetiJumpstart 2022Snow Creature Common
Fungal InfectionJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Furnace WhelpJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Gadrak, the Crown-ScourgeJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Gaea's ProtectorJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Gallant CavalryJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Gallows WardenJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Gavony UnhallowedJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Gearseeker SerpentJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Gearsmith GuardianJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Common
Gearsmith ProdigyJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Ghirapur GuideJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Ghoul's FeastJumpstart 2022Instant Common
GhoulraiserJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Giant CaterpillarJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Giant LadybugJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Giant OxJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Gideon's LawkeeperJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Gideon, Champion of JusticeJumpstart 2022Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Gift of the GargantuanJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
GigantoplasmJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Gleaming BarrierJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Common
Glen Elendra PrankstersJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Glint-Horn BuccaneerJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Glory BearersJumpstart 2022Enchantment Creature Common
Gnawing ZombieJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Go for BloodJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Goblin ArtilleryJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Goblin GrenadeJumpstart 2022Sorcery Uncommon
Goblin OriflammeJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Goblin PsychopathJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Goblin RabblemasterJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Goblin RallyJumpstart 2022Sorcery Uncommon
Goblin ResearcherJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Goblin TrailblazerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Goblin WarchiefJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
GoldhoundJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Common
Goldnight CommanderJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Goldspan DragonJumpstart 2022Creature Mythic Rare
Goldvein PickJumpstart 2022Artifact Common
Golem ArtisanJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Uncommon
Goreclaw, Terror of Qal SismaJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Gorging VultureJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Graf HarvestJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Graveblade MarauderJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
GravecrawlerJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
GravediggerJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Grotag Night-RunnerJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Grotesque MutationJumpstart 2022Instant Common
GroundswellJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Hammer of RuinJumpstart 2022Artifact Uncommon
Hangarback WalkerJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Rare
Harbinger of the TidesJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Havenwood WurmJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Heart-Piercer BowJumpstart 2022Artifact Common
Hedron ArchiveJumpstart 2022Artifact Uncommon
Heirloom BladeJumpstart 2022Artifact Uncommon
Hero's BladeJumpstart 2022Artifact Uncommon
Hieroglyphic IlluminationJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Hold for QuestioningJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Hooded AssassinJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Hooting MandrillsJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Hordeling OutburstJumpstart 2022Sorcery Uncommon
Hotshot MechanicJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Uncommon
Hour of ReckoningJumpstart 2022Sorcery Rare
Howl of the HuntJumpstart 2022Enchantment Common
HowlgeistJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Hunger of the HowlpackJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Hungry FlamesJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Hunter's EdgeJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Hydra's GrowthJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Ib Halfheart, Goblin TacticianJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Icebind PillarJumpstart 2022Snow Artifact Uncommon
Ignite the FutureJumpstart 2022Sorcery Rare
Ill-Gotten InheritanceJumpstart 2022Enchantment Common
Ilysian CaryatidJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Immersturm RaiderJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Impeccable TimingJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Impending DoomJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Imperial AerosaurJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Imperial Recovery UnitJumpstart 2022Artifact Uncommon
Imperious PerfectJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Improvised WeaponryJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Infantry VeteranJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Infernal IdolJumpstart 2022Artifact Common
Infiltration LensJumpstart 2022Artifact Uncommon
Ingenious LeoninJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Inner DemonJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Inspiring ClericJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Inspiring OverseerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Instruments of WarJumpstart 2022Artifact Uncommon
Interpret the SignsJumpstart 2022Sorcery Uncommon
Irencrag PyromancerJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Iridescent HornbeetleJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Iron BullyJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Common
Ironshell BeetleJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Irreverent RevelersJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Isamaru, Hound of KondaJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
IslandJumpstart 2022Basic Land Basic Land
Island (variant 1)Jumpstart 2022Basic Land Basic Land
Island (variant 2)Jumpstart 2022Basic Land Basic Land
Isu the AbominableJumpstart 2022Legendary Snow Creature Mythic Rare
Ivy Lane DenizenJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Jace's ScrutinyJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Jace, Arcane StrategistJumpstart 2022Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Jousting LanceJumpstart 2022Artifact Common
JuggernautJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Uncommon
Justiciar's PortalJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Kalastria NightwatchJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Kami of Ancient LawJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Karfell Kennel-MasterJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Kargan DragonriderJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Kari Zev, Skyship RaiderJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Karn LiberatedJumpstart 2022Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Kasmina, Enigmatic MentorJumpstart 2022Legendary Planeswalker Uncommon
Keldon RaiderJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Kenessos, Priest of ThassaJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Kessig CagebreakersJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Khalni Heart ExpeditionJumpstart 2022Enchantment Common
Kibo, Uktabi PrinceJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Kibo, Uktabi PrinceJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror BreakerJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
King of the PrideJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
KitesailJumpstart 2022Artifact Common
Kitsune AceJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Kothophed, Soul HoarderJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Kraul ForagersJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Kraul HarpoonerJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Kraul SwarmJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Kraul WarriorJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Krenko, Mob BossJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Kujar SeedsculptorJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Kuldotha FlamefiendJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Kwende, Pride of FemerefJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Uncommon
Lathliss, Dragon QueenJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Launch MishapJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Lava SerpentJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Lavastep RaiderJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Law-Rune EnforcerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Lay ClaimJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Leave in the DustJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Leechridden SwampJumpstart 2022Land Uncommon
Leonin ScimitarJumpstart 2022Artifact Common
Leonin SnarecasterJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Leonin WarleaderJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Library LarcenistJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Light of HopeJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Lightning AxeJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Liliana's EliteJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Liliana's MasteryJumpstart 2022Enchantment Rare
Liliana's StewardJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Liliana, Death's MajestyJumpstart 2022Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Lita, Mechanical EngineerJumpstart 2022Legendary Artifact Creature Mythic Rare
Littjara KinseekersJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Locthwain GargoyleJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Common
Lookout's DispersalJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Lord of the AccursedJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Loxodon WarhammerJumpstart 2022Artifact Rare
Lumengrid SentinelJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Lurking DeadeyeJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Lyra DawnbringerJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Lys Alana HuntmasterJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Maalfeld TwinsJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Mad RatterJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Magmatic ChannelerJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Magnanimous MagistrateJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Magnifying GlassJumpstart 2022Artifact Uncommon
Make a StandJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Mammoth SpiderJumpstart 2022Creature Common
ManakinJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Common
Mantle of TidesJumpstart 2022Artifact Common
Marauding Blight-PriestJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Marauding BoneslasherJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Mardu Heart-PiercerJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Marit Lage's SlumberJumpstart 2022Legendary Snow Enchantment Rare
Markov WarlordJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Martyr's SoulJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Massacre WurmJumpstart 2022Creature Mythic Rare
Master of the Wild HuntJumpstart 2022Creature Mythic Rare
Master's RebukeJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Mausoleum GuardJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Mechanized ProductionJumpstart 2022Enchantment Mythic Rare
Memorial to GeniusJumpstart 2022Land Uncommon
Merfolk PupilJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Merfolk SovereignJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Merrow ReejereyJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Mesa LynxJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Meteor GolemJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Uncommon
Michiko Konda, Truth SeekerJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Midnight GuardJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Might of the MassesJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Mild-Mannered LibrarianJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Military IntelligenceJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Miraculous RecoveryJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Mire BlightJumpstart 2022Enchantment Common
Mire TritonJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Mirror ImageJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Mishra's FactoryJumpstart 2022Land Uncommon
MistwalkerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Mizzix, Replica RiderJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Moldgraf MillipedeJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Moment of CravingJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Moment of TriumphJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Monkey CageJumpstart 2022Artifact Rare
Moodmark PainterJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Moonfolk PuzzlemakerJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Common
Moonlight HuntJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Morkrut BansheeJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Mortuary MireJumpstart 2022Land Common
MountainJumpstart 2022Basic Land Basic Land
Mountain (variant 1)Jumpstart 2022Basic Land Basic Land
Mountain (variant 2)Jumpstart 2022Basic Land Basic Land
Mudbutton TorchrunnerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Multiple ChoiceJumpstart 2022Sorcery Rare
Murder InvestigationJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Muxus, Goblin GrandeeJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Mystic SkyfishJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Naga VitalistJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Nantuko CultivatorJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Necromancer's StockpileJumpstart 2022Enchantment Rare
Necrotic WoundJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Nessian HornbeetleJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Nest RobberJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Nested GhoulJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
NeutralizeJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Nezumi Bone-ReaderJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Nightguard PatrolJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Nightpack AmbusherJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Ninth Bridge PatrolJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Nirkana AssassinJumpstart 2022Creature Common
No EscapeJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Not ForgottenJumpstart 2022Sorcery Uncommon
Oashra CultivatorJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Oathsworn VampireJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Ob Nixilis's CrueltyJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Ob Nixilis, the Hate-TwistedJumpstart 2022Legendary Planeswalker Uncommon
OctoprophetJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Ogre BattlecasterJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Ogre SlumlordJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Ondu GiantJumpstart 2022Creature Common
One With the WindJumpstart 2022Enchantment Common
OneirophageJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
OphiomancerJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
OptJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Ordeal of NyleaJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Ordeal of PurphorosJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Order of the Golden CricketJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Ornery DilophosaurJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Ossuary RatsJumpstart 2022Creature Common
OutnumberJumpstart 2022Instant Common
OvercomeJumpstart 2022Sorcery Uncommon
OvergrowthJumpstart 2022Enchantment Common
Oversold CemeteryJumpstart 2022Enchantment Rare
Overwhelmed ApprenticeJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Packsong PupJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
PanharmoniconJumpstart 2022Artifact Rare
Paradise DruidJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Peacewalker ColossusJumpstart 2022Artifact Rare
Perilous VoyageJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
PestermiteJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Pestilent WolfJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Phalanx TacticsJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Phantom NantukoJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Phyrexian DebaserJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Phyrexian IronfootJumpstart 2022Snow Artifact Creature Uncommon
Phyrexian PlaguelordJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Phyrexian ReclamationJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Pierce StriderJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Uncommon
Pilfering HawkJumpstart 2022Snow Creature Common
Pilgrim of the AgesJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Pilgrim's EyeJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Common
Pillar of FlameJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Pillardrop RescuerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Pious WayfarerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Piranha MarshJumpstart 2022Land Common
Pirated CopyJumpstart 2022Creature Mythic Rare
Pit KeeperJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Plague SpitterJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
PlaguecrafterJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
PlainsJumpstart 2022Basic Land Basic Land
Plains (variant 1)Jumpstart 2022Basic Land Basic Land
Plains (variant 1)Jumpstart 2022Basic Land Basic Land
Planar AtlasJumpstart 2022Artifact Uncommon
Plundering PredatorJumpstart 2022Creature Common
PounceJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Pouncing LynxJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Predator's HowlJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
PreordainJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Presence of GondJumpstart 2022Enchantment Common
Press for AnswersJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Preston, the VanisherJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Prey UponJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Prickly MarmosetJumpstart 2022Creature Common
PridemalkinJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Priest of the Blood RiteJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Primeval HeraldJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Primordial HydraJumpstart 2022Creature Mythic Rare
Professional Face-BreakerJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Prowling FelidarJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Prowling SerpopardJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Psychosis CrawlerJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Rare
Pyre-Sledge ArsonistJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Quakefoot CyclopsJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Quarry BeetleJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Radiant's JudgmentJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Raiders' KarveJumpstart 2022Artifact Common
Raking ClawsJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Ram ThroughJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Rambunctious MuttJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Rampaging BalothsJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Rampaging GrowthJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Rapacious DragonJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Ravenous GiantJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Raze the EffigyJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Reaper from the AbyssJumpstart 2022Creature Mythic Rare
Reassembling SkeletonJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Reave SoulJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Reckless AmplimancerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Reckless FireweaverJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Reclamation SageJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Regal CaracalJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Relentless PursuitJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Renegade DemonJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Renowned WeaponsmithJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Reptilian ReflectionJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Restoration AngelJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Returned RevelerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
RevenantJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Rhonas the IndomitableJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Rhystic StudyJumpstart 2022Enchantment Rare
Rigging RunnerJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Righteous ValkyrieJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
RighteousnessJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Ripscale PredatorJumpstart 2022Creature Common
River SneakJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Roar of ChallengeJumpstart 2022Sorcery Uncommon
Rodolf DuskbringerJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Rooting MolochJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Roots of WisdomJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Rosethorn HalberdJumpstart 2022Artifact Common
Ruin in Their WakeJumpstart 2022Sorcery Uncommon
Rummaging GoblinJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Runadi, Behemoth CallerJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Runed ServitorJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Common
Rush of AdrenalineJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Ruthless DisposalJumpstart 2022Sorcery Uncommon
Sage of the FallsJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Sage's ReverieJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Sage's Row SavantJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Saltwater StalwartJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Sanctum GargoyleJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Common
Sandstone BridgeJumpstart 2022Land Common
Sarkhan's RageJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Sarkhan's WhelpJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Sarkhan, the DragonspeakerJumpstart 2022Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Savage PunchJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Savannah LionsJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Savannah SageJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Scale the HeightsJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Scion SummonerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Scorching DragonfireJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Scrounging BandarJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Seafloor OracleJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Searing SpearJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Seat of the SynodJumpstart 2022Artifact Land Common
Seizan, Perverter of TruthJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Seize the StormJumpstart 2022Sorcery Uncommon
Self-AssemblerJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Common
Selfless SpiritJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Seller of SongbirdsJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Sentinels of Glen ElendraJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Serene StewardJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Serum VisionsJumpstart 2022Sorcery Uncommon
Servant of the ScaleJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Settle Beyond RealityJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Shadowborn DemonJumpstart 2022Creature Mythic Rare
Shambling GhoulJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Shambling SuitJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Uncommon
Shaper ApprenticeJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Shimmer DragonJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Shimmerdrift ValeJumpstart 2022Snow Land Common
Shining ArmorJumpstart 2022Artifact Common
Shredded SailsJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Sigil of the Empty ThroneJumpstart 2022Enchantment Rare
Silverback ShamanJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Simian BrawlerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Sinuous VerminJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Skilled AnimatorJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Skirsdag High PriestJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Skirsdag SupplicantJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Skullslither WormJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Skyhunter PatrolJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Skyhunter ProwlerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Sling-Gang LieutenantJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Smoldering EfreetJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Snapping GnarlidJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Snow-Covered IslandJumpstart 2022Basic Snow Land Common
So TinyJumpstart 2022Enchantment Common
Sokenzan SmelterJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Solemn SimulacrumJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Rare
Soul ReadJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Soul's MightJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Soulcage FiendJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Spark of CreativityJumpstart 2022Sorcery Uncommon
Spark ReaperJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Sparkmage ApprenticeJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Sparktongue DragonJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Spawning PitJumpstart 2022Artifact Uncommon
Spear SpewerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Spectral Hunt-CallerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Spectral SailorJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Spectral SteelJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Spellgorger WeirdJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Spellstutter SpriteJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Spirited CompanionJumpstart 2022Enchantment Creature Common
Spiteful PranksterJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Sporeback WolfJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Stalking DroneJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Stalwart ValkyrieJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Starnheim AspirantJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
StarstormJumpstart 2022Instant Rare
Startling DevelopmentJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Steel OverseerJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Rare
Steelgaze GriffinJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Steppe LynxJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Stinging LionfishJumpstart 2022Enchantment Creature Uncommon
Stitcher's SupplierJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Stitcher's Supplier (variant 1)Jumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Stolen by the FaeJumpstart 2022Sorcery Rare
Stonybrook AnglerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Storm Fleet PyromancerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Storm SculptorJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Strangling SporesJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Subterranean ScoutJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Sudden BreakthroughJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Suspicious ShamblerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Svyelun of Sea and SkyJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Swaggering CorsairJumpstart 2022Creature Common
SwampJumpstart 2022Basic Land Basic Land
Swamp (variant 1)Jumpstart 2022Basic Land Basic Land
Swamp (variant 2)Jumpstart 2022Basic Land Basic Land
Swarm of BloodfliesJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Swarm ShamblerJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Swift KickJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Synchronized EvictionJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Syr Alin, the Lion's ClawJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Uncommon
Syr Elenora, the DiscerningJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Uncommon
Syr Konrad, the GrimJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Uncommon
Takenuma BleederJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Talon of PainJumpstart 2022Artifact Uncommon
Tamiyo's JournalJumpstart 2022Legendary Artifact Rare
Tamiyo, the Moon SageJumpstart 2022Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Taranika, Akroan VeteranJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Task ForceJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Teferi's ProtegeJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Teferi's Puzzle BoxJumpstart 2022Artifact Rare
Tempered VeteranJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Termination FacilitatorJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Tezzeret, Artifice MasterJumpstart 2022Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Thaumaturge's FamiliarJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Common
The Circle of LoyaltyJumpstart 2022Legendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Thermo-AlchemistJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Thermo-AlchemistJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Thopter Spy NetworkJumpstart 2022Enchantment Rare
Thraben InspectorJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Thrashing BrontodonJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Thrill of PossibilityJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Thriving BluffJumpstart 2022Land Common
Thriving GroveJumpstart 2022Land Common
Thriving HeathJumpstart 2022Land Common
Thriving IsleJumpstart 2022Land Common
Thriving MoorJumpstart 2022Land Common
Titan's PresenceJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Titanic BrawlJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Tivash, Gloom SummonerJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Tolarian KrakenJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Tolarian SentinelJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Tome AnimaJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Torch CourierJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Tormented SoulJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Tormenting VoiceJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Towering GibbonJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Tragic LessonJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Tragic SlipJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Tragic Slip (variant 1)Jumpstart 2022Instant Common
Trained CaracalJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Transcendent EnvoyJumpstart 2022Enchantment Creature Common
Tree of PerditionJumpstart 2022Creature Mythic Rare
Treetop VillageJumpstart 2022Land Uncommon
Triplicate SpiritsJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
TriskaidekaphobiaJumpstart 2022Enchantment Rare
Triton ShorestalkerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Trove of TemptationJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Trove WardenJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Turntimber BasiliskJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Typhoid RatsJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Uktabi OrangutanJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
UlcerateJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Undead AugurJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Undersea InvaderJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Universal AutomatonJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Common
Universal SolventJumpstart 2022Artifact Common
Unnatural AggressionJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Unquestioned AuthorityJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Urza's FactoryJumpstart 2022Land Uncommon
Urza's MineJumpstart 2022Land Common
Urza's Power PlantJumpstart 2022Land Common
Urza's TowerJumpstart 2022Land Common
Valkyrie HarbingerJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Valor in AkrosJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Valorous StanceJumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Valorous Stance (variant 1)Jumpstart 2022Instant Uncommon
Valorous SteedJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Vampire EnvoyJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Vampiric RitesJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Vault RobberJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Vedalken EngineerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Vendilion CliqueJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Vermin GorgerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Vial of DragonfireJumpstart 2022Artifact Common
Viashino PyromancerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Village RitesJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Vito, Thorn of the Dusk RoseJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Volley VeteranJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Wailing GhoulJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Wake ThrasherJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
WakedancerJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Walking BallistaJumpstart 2022Artifact Creature Rare
War-Name AspirantJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Warcry PhoenixJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Warden of GeometriesJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Warped LandscapeJumpstart 2022Land Common
WastesJumpstart 2022Basic Land Common
Watertrap WeaverJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Wavebreak HippocampJumpstart 2022Enchantment Creature Rare
Weapon RackJumpstart 2022Artifact Common
Weaselback RedcapJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Weight of ConscienceJumpstart 2022Enchantment Common
Weldfast WingsmithJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Welding SparksJumpstart 2022Instant Common
Whirler RogueJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
WhirlermakerJumpstart 2022Artifact Uncommon
Wicked GuardianJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Wicked WolfJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Wildborn PreserverJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Wildfire ElementalJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Wily BandarJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Windrider PatrolJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Winter's RestJumpstart 2022Snow Enchantment Common
Wispweaver AngelJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Witch's CauldronJumpstart 2022Artifact Uncommon
Wizard MentorJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Wolf's QuarryJumpstart 2022Sorcery Common
Wolfkin BondJumpstart 2022Enchantment Common
Wolfwillow HavenJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon
Wolverine RidersJumpstart 2022Creature Rare
Woodborn BehemothJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Woodland ChampionJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
World BreakerJumpstart 2022Creature Mythic Rare
Yargle, Glutton of UrborgJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Uncommon
Yidaro, Wandering MonsterJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Young PyromancerJumpstart 2022Creature Uncommon
Young WolfJumpstart 2022Creature Common
Zask, Skittering SwarmlordJumpstart 2022Legendary Creature Rare
Zendikar's RoilJumpstart 2022Enchantment Uncommon