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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Acidic SlimeMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
Act of TreasonMagic 2011Sorcery Common
Æther AdeptMagic 2011Creature Common
Air ServantMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
Ajani GoldmaneMagic 2011Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Ajani's MantraMagic 2011Enchantment Common
Ajani's PridemateMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
Alluring SirenMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
Ancient HellkiteMagic 2011Creature Rare
Angel's FeatherMagic 2011Artifact Uncommon
Angelic ArbiterMagic 2011Creature Rare
Arc RunnerMagic 2011Creature Common
Armored AscensionMagic 2011Enchantment Uncommon
Armored CancrixMagic 2011Creature Common
AssassinateMagic 2011Sorcery Common
Assault GriffinMagic 2011Creature Common
Augury OwlMagic 2011Creature Common
Autumn's VeilMagic 2011Instant Uncommon
Awakener DruidMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
Azure DrakeMagic 2011Creature Common
Back to NatureMagic 2011Instant Uncommon
Baneslayer AngelMagic 2011Creature Mythic Rare
Barony VampireMagic 2011Creature Common
Berserkers of Blood RidgeMagic 2011Creature Common
Birds of ParadiseMagic 2011Creature Rare
Black KnightMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
Blinding MageMagic 2011Creature Common
Blood TitheMagic 2011Sorcery Common
Bloodcrazed GoblinMagic 2011Creature Common
Bloodthrone VampireMagic 2011Creature Common
Bog RaidersMagic 2011Creature Common
Brindle BoarMagic 2011Creature Common
Brittle EffigyMagic 2011Artifact Rare
Call to MindMagic 2011Sorcery Uncommon
CancelMagic 2011Instant Common
Canyon MinotaurMagic 2011Creature Common
Captivating VampireMagic 2011Creature Rare
Celestial PurgeMagic 2011Instant Uncommon
Chandra NalaarMagic 2011Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Chandra's OutrageMagic 2011Instant Common
Chandra's SpitfireMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
Child of NightMagic 2011Creature Common
CloneMagic 2011Creature Rare
Cloud CrusaderMagic 2011Creature Common
Cloud ElementalMagic 2011Creature Common
CombustMagic 2011Instant Uncommon
CondemnMagic 2011Instant Uncommon
Conundrum SphinxMagic 2011Creature Rare
CorruptMagic 2011Sorcery Uncommon
Crystal BallMagic 2011Artifact Uncommon
Cudgel TrollMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
CultivateMagic 2011Sorcery Common
Cyclops GladiatorMagic 2011Creature Rare
Dark TutelageMagic 2011Enchantment Rare
Day of JudgmentMagic 2011Sorcery Rare
DeathmarkMagic 2011Sorcery Uncommon
DemolishMagic 2011Sorcery Common
Demon of Death's GateMagic 2011Creature Mythic Rare
Demon's HornMagic 2011Artifact Uncommon
Destructive ForceMagic 2011Sorcery Rare
Diabolic TutorMagic 2011Sorcery Uncommon
DiminishMagic 2011Instant Common
DisentombMagic 2011Sorcery Common
Doom BladeMagic 2011Instant Common
Dragon's ClawMagic 2011Artifact Uncommon
Dragonskull SummitMagic 2011Land Rare
Drowned CatacombMagic 2011Land Rare
Dryad's FavorMagic 2011Enchantment Common
DuressMagic 2011Sorcery Common
Duskdale WurmMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
Earth ServantMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
Elite VanguardMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
Elixir of ImmortalityMagic 2011Artifact Uncommon
Elvish ArchdruidMagic 2011Creature Rare
Ember HaulerMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
ExcommunicateMagic 2011Sorcery Common
Fauna ShamanMagic 2011Creature Rare
Fiery HellhoundMagic 2011Creature Common
Fire ServantMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
FireballMagic 2011Sorcery Uncommon
FlashfreezeMagic 2011Instant Uncommon
FlingMagic 2011Instant Common
FogMagic 2011Instant Common
ForeseeMagic 2011Sorcery Common
ForestMagic 2011Basic Land Basic Land
Frost TitanMagic 2011Creature Mythic Rare
Gaea's RevengeMagic 2011Creature Mythic Rare
Gargoyle SentinelMagic 2011Artifact Creature Uncommon
Garruk WildspeakerMagic 2011Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Garruk's CompanionMagic 2011Creature Common
Garruk's PackleaderMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
Giant GrowthMagic 2011Instant Common
Giant SpiderMagic 2011Creature Common
Glacial FortressMagic 2011Land Rare
Goblin Balloon BrigadeMagic 2011Creature Common
Goblin ChieftainMagic 2011Creature Rare
Goblin PikerMagic 2011Creature Common
Goblin TunnelerMagic 2011Creature Common
Goldenglow MothMagic 2011Creature Common
Grave TitanMagic 2011Creature Mythic Rare
GravediggerMagic 2011Creature Common
Greater BasiliskMagic 2011Creature Common
Harbor SerpentMagic 2011Creature Common
Haunting EchoesMagic 2011Sorcery Rare
Hoarding DragonMagic 2011Creature Rare
Holy StrengthMagic 2011Enchantment Common
Honor of the PureMagic 2011Enchantment Rare
Hornet StingMagic 2011Instant Common
Howling BansheeMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
Hunters' FeastMagic 2011Sorcery Common
Ice CageMagic 2011Enchantment Common
InciteMagic 2011Instant Common
Infantry VeteranMagic 2011Creature Common
Inferno TitanMagic 2011Creature Mythic Rare
Inspired ChargeMagic 2011Instant Common
IslandMagic 2011Basic Land Basic Land
Jace BelerenMagic 2011Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Jace's ErasureMagic 2011Enchantment Common
Jace's IngenuityMagic 2011Instant Uncommon
Jinxed IdolMagic 2011Artifact Rare
JuggernautMagic 2011Artifact Creature Uncommon
Knight ExemplarMagic 2011Creature Rare
Kraken's EyeMagic 2011Artifact Uncommon
Lava AxeMagic 2011Sorcery Common
Leyline of AnticipationMagic 2011Enchantment Rare
Leyline of PunishmentMagic 2011Enchantment Rare
Leyline of SanctityMagic 2011Enchantment Rare
Leyline of the VoidMagic 2011Enchantment Rare
Leyline of VitalityMagic 2011Enchantment Rare
Lightning BoltMagic 2011Instant Common
Liliana VessMagic 2011Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Liliana's CaressMagic 2011Enchantment Uncommon
Liliana's SpecterMagic 2011Creature Common
Llanowar ElvesMagic 2011Creature Common
Magma PhoenixMagic 2011Creature Rare
Mana LeakMagic 2011Instant Common
Manic VandalMagic 2011Creature Common
Maritime GuardMagic 2011Creature Common
Mass PolymorphMagic 2011Sorcery Rare
Merfolk SovereignMagic 2011Creature Rare
Merfolk SpyMagic 2011Creature Common
Mighty LeapMagic 2011Instant Common
Mind ControlMagic 2011Enchantment Uncommon
Mind RotMagic 2011Sorcery Common
Mitotic SlimeMagic 2011Creature Rare
MountainMagic 2011Basic Land Basic Land
Mystifying MazeMagic 2011Land Rare
Nantuko ShadeMagic 2011Creature Rare
NaturalizeMagic 2011Instant Common
Nature's SpiralMagic 2011Sorcery Uncommon
Necrotic PlagueMagic 2011Enchantment Rare
NegateMagic 2011Instant Common
Nether HorrorMagic 2011Creature Common
Nightwing ShadeMagic 2011Creature Common
Obstinate BalothMagic 2011Creature Rare
OrnithopterMagic 2011Artifact Creature Uncommon
Overwhelming StampedeMagic 2011Sorcery Rare
PacifismMagic 2011Enchantment Common
Palace GuardMagic 2011Creature Common
Phantom BeastMagic 2011Creature Common
Phylactery LichMagic 2011Creature Rare
PlainsMagic 2011Basic Land Basic Land
Platinum AngelMagic 2011Artifact Creature Mythic Rare
PlummetMagic 2011Instant Common
PreordainMagic 2011Sorcery Common
Primal CocoonMagic 2011Enchantment Common
Primeval TitanMagic 2011Creature Mythic Rare
Prized UnicornMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
Prodigal PyromancerMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
Protean HydraMagic 2011Creature Rare
Pyretic RitualMagic 2011Instant Common
PyroclasmMagic 2011Sorcery Uncommon
Quag SicknessMagic 2011Enchantment Common
Reassembling SkeletonMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
RedirectMagic 2011Instant Rare
Relentless RatsMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
ReverberateMagic 2011Instant Rare
Rise from the GraveMagic 2011Sorcery Uncommon
Roc EggMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
Rootbound CragMagic 2011Land Rare
Rotting LegionMagic 2011Creature Common
Royal AssassinMagic 2011Creature Rare
Runeclaw BearMagic 2011Creature Common
Sacred WolfMagic 2011Creature Common
Safe PassageMagic 2011Instant Common
Scroll ThiefMagic 2011Creature Common
Serra AngelMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
Serra AscendantMagic 2011Creature Rare
Shiv's EmbraceMagic 2011Enchantment Uncommon
Siege MastodonMagic 2011Creature Common
Sign in BloodMagic 2011Sorcery Common
SilenceMagic 2011Instant Rare
Silvercoat LionMagic 2011Creature Common
SleepMagic 2011Sorcery Uncommon
Solemn OfferingMagic 2011Sorcery Common
Sorcerer's StrongboxMagic 2011Artifact Uncommon
Spined WurmMagic 2011Creature Common
Squadron HawkMagic 2011Creature Common
Stabbing PainMagic 2011Instant Common
Steel OverseerMagic 2011Artifact Creature Rare
Stone GolemMagic 2011Artifact Creature Uncommon
Stormfront PegasusMagic 2011Creature Common
Stormtide LeviathanMagic 2011Creature Rare
Sun TitanMagic 2011Creature Mythic Rare
Sunpetal GroveMagic 2011Land Rare
SwampMagic 2011Basic Land Basic Land
Sword of VengeanceMagic 2011Artifact Rare
Sylvan RangerMagic 2011Creature Common
Temple BellMagic 2011Artifact Rare
Terramorphic ExpanseMagic 2011Land Common
Thunder StrikeMagic 2011Instant Common
Time ReversalMagic 2011Sorcery Mythic Rare
Tireless MissionariesMagic 2011Creature Common
Tome ScourMagic 2011Sorcery Common
TraumatizeMagic 2011Sorcery Rare
TriskelionMagic 2011Artifact Creature Rare
Unholy StrengthMagic 2011Enchantment Common
UnsummonMagic 2011Instant Common
Vengeful ArchonMagic 2011Creature Rare
Viscera SeerMagic 2011Creature Common
Volcanic StrengthMagic 2011Enchantment Common
Voltaic KeyMagic 2011Artifact Uncommon
Vulshok BerserkerMagic 2011Creature Common
Wall of FrostMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
Wall of VinesMagic 2011Creature Common
War Priest of ThuneMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
Warlord's AxeMagic 2011Artifact Uncommon
Water ServantMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
Whispersilk CloakMagic 2011Artifact Uncommon
White KnightMagic 2011Creature Uncommon
Wild EvocationMagic 2011Enchantment Rare
Wild GriffinMagic 2011Creature Common
Wurm's ToothMagic 2011Artifact Uncommon
Yavimaya WurmMagic 2011Creature Common