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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Acidic SlimeMagic 2012Creature Uncommon
Act of TreasonMagic 2012Sorcery Common
Adaptive AutomatonMagic 2012Artifact Creature Rare
Aegis AngelMagic 2012Creature Rare
Æther AdeptMagic 2012Creature Common
Alabaster MageMagic 2012Creature Uncommon
Alluring SirenMagic 2012Creature Uncommon
Amphin CutthroatMagic 2012Creature Common
Angel's FeatherMagic 2012Artifact Uncommon
Angel's MercyMagic 2012Instant Common
Angelic DestinyMagic 2012Enchantment Mythic Rare
Arachnus SpinnerMagic 2012Creature Rare
Arachnus WebMagic 2012Enchantment Common
Arbalest EliteMagic 2012Creature Uncommon
Archon of JusticeMagic 2012Creature Rare
Armored WarhorseMagic 2012Creature Common
Assault GriffinMagic 2012Creature Common
AuramancerMagic 2012Creature Common
Autumn's VeilMagic 2012Instant Uncommon
Aven FleetwingMagic 2012Creature Common
Azure MageMagic 2012Creature Uncommon
Belltower SphinxMagic 2012Creature Uncommon
Benalish VeteranMagic 2012Creature Common
Birds of ParadiseMagic 2012Creature Rare
Blood OgreMagic 2012Creature Common
Blood SeekerMagic 2012Creature Common
Bloodlord of VaasgothMagic 2012Creature Mythic Rare
Bloodrage VampireMagic 2012Creature Common
Bonebreaker GiantMagic 2012Creature Common
Bountiful HarvestMagic 2012Sorcery Common
Brindle BoarMagic 2012Creature Common
Brink of DisasterMagic 2012Enchantment Common
Buried RuinMagic 2012Land Uncommon
Call to the GraveMagic 2012Enchantment Rare
CancelMagic 2012Instant Common
Carnage WurmMagic 2012Creature Uncommon
Celestial PurgeMagic 2012Instant Uncommon
Cemetery ReaperMagic 2012Creature Rare
Chandra's OutrageMagic 2012Instant Common
Chandra's PhoenixMagic 2012Creature Rare
Chandra, the FirebrandMagic 2012Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Chasm DrakeMagic 2012Creature Common
Child of NightMagic 2012Creature Common
Circle of FlameMagic 2012Enchantment Uncommon
CombustMagic 2012Instant Uncommon
Consume SpiritMagic 2012Sorcery Uncommon
Coral MerfolkMagic 2012Creature Common
Crimson MageMagic 2012Creature Uncommon
Crown of EmpiresMagic 2012Artifact Uncommon
Crumbling ColossusMagic 2012Artifact Creature Uncommon
Cudgel TrollMagic 2012Creature Uncommon
Dark FavorMagic 2012Enchantment Common
Day of JudgmentMagic 2012Sorcery Rare
DeathmarkMagic 2012Sorcery Uncommon
Demon's HornMagic 2012Artifact Uncommon
DemystifyMagic 2012Instant Common
Devouring SwarmMagic 2012Creature Common
Diabolic TutorMagic 2012Sorcery Uncommon
DisentombMagic 2012Sorcery Common
DistressMagic 2012Sorcery Common
DivinationMagic 2012Sorcery Common
Divine FavorMagic 2012Enchantment Common
Djinn of WishesMagic 2012Creature Rare
Doom BladeMagic 2012Instant Common
Doubling ChantMagic 2012Sorcery Rare
Dragon's ClawMagic 2012Artifact Uncommon
Dragonskull SummitMagic 2012Land Rare
Drifting ShadeMagic 2012Creature Common
Drowned CatacombMagic 2012Land Rare
Druidic SatchelMagic 2012Artifact Rare
Dungrove ElderMagic 2012Creature Rare
Duskhunter BatMagic 2012Creature Common
Elite VanguardMagic 2012Creature Uncommon
Elixir of ImmortalityMagic 2012Artifact Uncommon
Elvish ArchdruidMagic 2012Creature Rare
Fiery HellhoundMagic 2012Creature Common
FireballMagic 2012Sorcery Uncommon
FirebreathingMagic 2012Enchantment Common
Flameblast DragonMagic 2012Creature Rare
FlashfreezeMagic 2012Instant Uncommon
FlightMagic 2012Enchantment Common
FlingMagic 2012Instant Common
FogMagic 2012Instant Common
ForestMagic 2012Basic Land Basic Land
Frost BreathMagic 2012Instant Common
Frost TitanMagic 2012Creature Mythic Rare
Furyborn HellkiteMagic 2012Creature Mythic Rare
Garruk's CompanionMagic 2012Creature Common
Garruk's HordeMagic 2012Creature Rare
Garruk, Primal HunterMagic 2012Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Giant SpiderMagic 2012Creature Common
Gideon JuraMagic 2012Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Gideon's AvengerMagic 2012Creature Rare
Gideon's LawkeeperMagic 2012Creature Common
Glacial FortressMagic 2012Land Rare
Gladecover ScoutMagic 2012Creature Common
Goblin ArsonistMagic 2012Creature Common
Goblin BangchuckersMagic 2012Creature Uncommon
Goblin ChieftainMagic 2012Creature Rare
Goblin FireslingerMagic 2012Creature Common
Goblin GrenadeMagic 2012Sorcery Uncommon
Goblin PikerMagic 2012Creature Common
Goblin TunnelerMagic 2012Creature Common
Goblin War PaintMagic 2012Enchantment Common
Gorehorn MinotaursMagic 2012Creature Common
Grand AbolisherMagic 2012Creature Rare
Grave TitanMagic 2012Creature Mythic Rare
GravediggerMagic 2012Creature Common
Greater BasiliskMagic 2012Creature Common
GreatswordMagic 2012Artifact Uncommon
Griffin RiderMagic 2012Creature Common
Griffin SentinelMagic 2012Creature Common
Grim LavamancerMagic 2012Creature Rare
Guardians' PledgeMagic 2012Instant Common
Harbor SerpentMagic 2012Creature Common
Hideous VisageMagic 2012Sorcery Common
Honor of the PureMagic 2012Enchantment Rare
Hunter's InsightMagic 2012Instant Uncommon
Ice CageMagic 2012Enchantment Common
IncinerateMagic 2012Instant Common
Inferno TitanMagic 2012Creature Mythic Rare
IslandMagic 2012Basic Land Basic Land
Jace's ArchivistMagic 2012Creature Rare
Jace's ErasureMagic 2012Enchantment Common
Jace, Memory AdeptMagic 2012Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Jade MageMagic 2012Creature Uncommon
Kite ShieldMagic 2012Artifact Uncommon
Kraken's EyeMagic 2012Artifact Uncommon
Lava AxeMagic 2012Sorcery Common
LevitationMagic 2012Enchantment Uncommon
LifelinkMagic 2012Enchantment Common
Lightning ElementalMagic 2012Creature Common
Llanowar ElvesMagic 2012Creature Common
Lord of the UnrealMagic 2012Creature Rare
LureMagic 2012Enchantment Uncommon
Lurking CrocodileMagic 2012Creature Common
Mana LeakMagic 2012Instant Common
ManabarbsMagic 2012Enchantment Rare
ManalithMagic 2012Artifact Common
Manic VandalMagic 2012Creature Common
Master ThiefMagic 2012Creature Uncommon
Merfolk LooterMagic 2012Creature Common
Merfolk MesmeristMagic 2012Creature Common
Mesa EnchantressMagic 2012Creature Rare
Mighty LeapMagic 2012Instant Common
Mind ControlMagic 2012Enchantment Uncommon
Mind RotMagic 2012Sorcery Common
Mind UnboundMagic 2012Enchantment Rare
MonomaniaMagic 2012Sorcery Rare
MountainMagic 2012Basic Land Basic Land
NaturalizeMagic 2012Instant Common
NegateMagic 2012Instant Common
Oblivion RingMagic 2012Enchantment Uncommon
Onyx MageMagic 2012Creature Uncommon
OverrunMagic 2012Sorcery Uncommon
PacifismMagic 2012Enchantment Common
PentavusMagic 2012Artifact Creature Rare
Peregrine GriffinMagic 2012Creature Common
Personal SanctuaryMagic 2012Enchantment Rare
Phantasmal BearMagic 2012Creature Common
Phantasmal DragonMagic 2012Creature Uncommon
Phantasmal ImageMagic 2012Creature Rare
PlainsMagic 2012Basic Land Basic Land
PlummetMagic 2012Instant Common
PonderMagic 2012Sorcery Common
Pride GuardianMagic 2012Creature Common
Primeval TitanMagic 2012Creature Mythic Rare
Primordial HydraMagic 2012Creature Mythic Rare
Quicksilver AmuletMagic 2012Artifact Rare
Rampant GrowthMagic 2012Sorcery Common
Reassembling SkeletonMagic 2012Creature Uncommon
ReclaimMagic 2012Instant Common
RedirectMagic 2012Instant Rare
ReverberateMagic 2012Instant Rare
Rites of FlourishingMagic 2012Enchantment Rare
Roc EggMagic 2012Creature Uncommon
Rootbound CragMagic 2012Land Rare
Royal AssassinMagic 2012Creature Rare
Rune-Scarred DemonMagic 2012Creature Rare
Runeclaw BearMagic 2012Creature Common
Rusted SentinelMagic 2012Artifact Creature Uncommon
Sacred WolfMagic 2012Creature Common
Scepter of EmpiresMagic 2012Artifact Uncommon
ScrambleverseMagic 2012Sorcery Rare
Sengir VampireMagic 2012Creature Uncommon
Serra AngelMagic 2012Creature Uncommon
ShockMagic 2012Instant Common
Siege MastodonMagic 2012Creature Common
SkinshifterMagic 2012Creature Rare
Skywinder DrakeMagic 2012Creature Common
Slaughter CryMagic 2012Instant Common
SmallpoxMagic 2012Sorcery Uncommon
Solemn SimulacrumMagic 2012Artifact Creature Rare
Sorin MarkovMagic 2012Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Sorin's ThirstMagic 2012Instant Common
Sorin's VengeanceMagic 2012Sorcery Rare
Sphinx of UthuunMagic 2012Creature Rare
Spirit MantleMagic 2012Enchantment Uncommon
Stampeding RhinoMagic 2012Creature Common
Stave OffMagic 2012Instant Common
Stingerfling SpiderMagic 2012Creature Uncommon
Stonehorn DignitaryMagic 2012Creature Common
Stormblood BerserkerMagic 2012Creature Uncommon
Stormfront PegasusMagic 2012Creature Common
Sun TitanMagic 2012Creature Mythic Rare
Sundial of the InfiniteMagic 2012Artifact Rare
Sunpetal GroveMagic 2012Land Rare
Sutured GhoulMagic 2012Creature Rare
SwampMagic 2012Basic Land Basic Land
Swiftfoot BootsMagic 2012Artifact Uncommon
Taste of BloodMagic 2012Sorcery Common
Tectonic RiftMagic 2012Sorcery Uncommon
Thran GolemMagic 2012Artifact Creature Uncommon
Throne of EmpiresMagic 2012Artifact Rare
Time ReversalMagic 2012Sorcery Mythic Rare
Timely ReinforcementsMagic 2012Sorcery Uncommon
Titanic GrowthMagic 2012Instant Common
Tormented SoulMagic 2012Creature Common
TrollhideMagic 2012Enchantment Common
Turn to FrogMagic 2012Instant Uncommon
UnsummonMagic 2012Instant Common
Vampire OutcastsMagic 2012Creature Uncommon
Vastwood GorgerMagic 2012Creature Common
Vengeful PharaohMagic 2012Creature Rare
Visions of BeyondMagic 2012Instant Rare
Volcanic DragonMagic 2012Creature Uncommon
Wall of TorchesMagic 2012Creature Common
Warpath GhoulMagic 2012Creature Common
Warstorm SurgeMagic 2012Enchantment Rare
WorldslayerMagic 2012Artifact Rare
Wring FleshMagic 2012Instant Common
Wurm's ToothMagic 2012Artifact Uncommon
Zombie GoliathMagic 2012Creature Common
Zombie InfestationMagic 2012Enchantment Uncommon