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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Accumulated KnowledgeMasters 25Instant Common
Act of HeroismMasters 25Instant Common
Act of TreasonMasters 25Sorcery Common
Ainok SurvivalistMasters 25Creature Common
Akroma's VengeanceMasters 25Sorcery Rare
Akroma, Angel of FuryMasters 25Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Akroma, Angel of WrathMasters 25Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Ambassador OakMasters 25Creature Common
Ancient CravingMasters 25Sorcery Uncommon
Ancient StirringsMasters 25Sorcery Uncommon
Angelic PageMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Animar, Soul of ElementsMasters 25Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Arbor ElfMasters 25Creature Common
Arcane DenialMasters 25Instant Common
ArmageddonMasters 25Sorcery Mythic Rare
Ash BarrensMasters 25Land Uncommon
Assembly-WorkerMasters 25Artifact Creature Common
AuramancerMasters 25Creature Common
Azusa, Lost but SeekingMasters 25Legendary Creature Rare
Balduvian HordeMasters 25Creature Common
Ball LightningMasters 25Creature Rare
Baloth NullMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Bident of ThassaMasters 25Legendary Enchantment Artifact Rare
BlightningMasters 25Sorcery Uncommon
Blood MoonMasters 25Enchantment Rare
Bloodhunter BatMasters 25Creature Common
Blue Elemental BlastMasters 25Instant Uncommon
Blue Sun's ZenithMasters 25Instant Rare
Boros CharmMasters 25Instant Uncommon
Borrowing 100,000 ArrowsMasters 25Sorcery Common
BrainstormMasters 25Instant Common
Brine ElementalMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Brion StoutarmMasters 25Legendary Creature Rare
Broodhatch NantukoMasters 25Creature Uncommon
BrowbeatMasters 25Sorcery Uncommon
Cascade BluffsMasters 25Land Rare
Caustic TarMasters 25Enchantment Uncommon
Chalice of the VoidMasters 25Artifact Mythic Rare
Chandra's OutrageMasters 25Instant Common
Chartooth CougarMasters 25Creature Common
Choking TethersMasters 25Instant Common
Cinder StormMasters 25Sorcery Common
CloudblazerMasters 25Creature Uncommon
CloudshiftMasters 25Instant Common
Coalition RelicMasters 25Artifact Rare
Colossal DreadmawMasters 25Creature Common
ConfluxMasters 25Sorcery Rare
CongregateMasters 25Instant Uncommon
Coralhelm GuideMasters 25Creature Common
CounterspellMasters 25Instant Common
Courser of KruphixMasters 25Enchantment Creature Rare
Court HussarMasters 25Creature Common
Crimson MageMasters 25Creature Common
CultivateMasters 25Sorcery Common
CuriosityMasters 25Enchantment Uncommon
CursecatcherMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Darien, King of KjeldorMasters 25Legendary Creature Rare
Dark RitualMasters 25Instant Common
Dauntless CatharMasters 25Creature Common
Deadly DesignsMasters 25Enchantment Uncommon
Death's-Head BuzzardMasters 25Creature Common
Decree of JusticeMasters 25Sorcery Rare
Diabolic EdictMasters 25Instant Common
Dirge of DreadMasters 25Sorcery Common
DisenchantMasters 25Instant Common
DisfigureMasters 25Instant Common
DoomsdayMasters 25Sorcery Mythic Rare
Dragon's Eye SavantsMasters 25Creature Common
Dusk Legion ZealotMasters 25Creature Common
Echoing CourageMasters 25Instant Common
Eidolon of the Great RevelMasters 25Enchantment Creature Rare
Eladamri's CallMasters 25Instant Rare
Elvish AberrationMasters 25Creature Common
Elvish PiperMasters 25Creature Rare
Ember WeaverMasters 25Creature Common
Ensnaring BridgeMasters 25Artifact Mythic Rare
Enthralling VictorMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Epic ConfrontationMasters 25Sorcery Common
Erg RaidersMasters 25Creature Common
ExcludeMasters 25Instant Uncommon
Fallen AngelMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Fathom SeerMasters 25Creature Common
Fencing AceMasters 25Creature Common
Fetid HeathMasters 25Land Rare
Fiend HunterMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Fierce EmpathMasters 25Creature Uncommon
FlashMasters 25Instant Rare
Flooded GroveMasters 25Land Rare
Fortune ThiefMasters 25Creature Rare
Freed from the RealMasters 25Enchantment Uncommon
Frenzied GoblinMasters 25Creature Common
Geist of the MoorsMasters 25Creature Common
Genju of the FallsMasters 25Enchantment Uncommon
Genju of the SpiresMasters 25Enchantment Uncommon
Ghost ShipMasters 25Creature Common
Giant GrowthMasters 25Instant Common
Gisela, Blade of GoldnightMasters 25Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Goblin War DrumsMasters 25Enchantment Uncommon
Gods WillingMasters 25Instant Common
Grenzo, Dungeon WardenMasters 25Legendary Creature Rare
Griffin ProtectorMasters 25Creature Common
Hanna, Ship's NavigatorMasters 25Legendary Creature Rare
Haunted FengrafMasters 25Land Common
Heavy ArbalestMasters 25Artifact Uncommon
Hell's CaretakerMasters 25Creature Rare
Hordeling OutburstMasters 25Sorcery Common
Horror of the Broken LandsMasters 25Creature Common
Horseshoe CrabMasters 25Creature Common
Humble DefectorMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Ihsan's ShadeMasters 25Legendary Creature Uncommon
Imperial RecruiterMasters 25Creature Mythic Rare
InvigorateMasters 25Instant Uncommon
Ire ShamanMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Iwamori of the Open FistMasters 25Legendary Creature Uncommon
Izzet ChemisterMasters 25Creature Rare
Jace, the Mind SculptorMasters 25Legendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Jackal PupMasters 25Creature Common
Jalira, Master PolymorphistMasters 25Legendary Creature Uncommon
Karona's ZealotMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Kavu ClimberMasters 25Creature Common
Kavu PredatorMasters 25Creature Uncommon
KindleMasters 25Instant Common
Knight of the Skyward EyeMasters 25Creature Common
Kongming, "Sleeping Dragon"Masters 25Legendary Creature Uncommon
Kor FirewalkerMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Krosan ColossusMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Krosan TuskerMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Laquatus's ChampionMasters 25Creature Rare
Lightning BoltMasters 25Instant Uncommon
Living DeathMasters 25Sorcery Rare
Living WishMasters 25Sorcery Rare
Lorescale CoatlMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Loyal SentryMasters 25Creature Common
LullMasters 25Instant Common
Luminarch AscensionMasters 25Enchantment Rare
Lunarch MantleMasters 25Enchantment Common
Magus of the WheelMasters 25Creature Rare
Man-o'-WarMasters 25Creature Common
Master of the Wild HuntMasters 25Creature Mythic Rare
Merfolk LooterMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Mesmeric FiendMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Mikokoro, Center of the SeaMasters 25Legendary Land Rare
Mishra's FactoryMasters 25Land Uncommon
Mogg FlunkiesMasters 25Creature Common
MurderMasters 25Instant Common
Murder of CrowsMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Myriad LandscapeMasters 25Land Uncommon
Mystic of the Hidden WayMasters 25Creature Common
Mystic SnakeMasters 25Creature Rare
Nettle SentinelMasters 25Creature Common
Nezumi CutthroatMasters 25Creature Common
Nicol BolasMasters 25Legendary Creature Rare
Nihil SpellbombMasters 25Artifact Common
Niv-Mizzet, the FiremindMasters 25Legendary Creature Rare
Noble TemplarMasters 25Creature Common
Notion ThiefMasters 25Creature Rare
Nyx-Fleece RamMasters 25Enchantment Creature Uncommon
Ordeal of HeliodMasters 25Enchantment Uncommon
PacifismMasters 25Enchantment Common
Pact of NegationMasters 25Instant Rare
Path of PeaceMasters 25Sorcery Common
PendelhavenMasters 25Legendary Land Rare
Perilous MyrMasters 25Artifact Creature Uncommon
Pernicious DeedMasters 25Enchantment Rare
Phantasmal BearMasters 25Creature Common
Phyrexian GhoulMasters 25Creature Common
Phyrexian ObliteratorMasters 25Creature Mythic Rare
PillageMasters 25Sorcery Common
Pillory of the SleeplessMasters 25Enchantment Uncommon
Plague WindMasters 25Sorcery Rare
PlummetMasters 25Instant Common
Presence of GondMasters 25Enchantment Common
Primal ClayMasters 25Artifact Creature Common
Promise of BunreiMasters 25Enchantment Uncommon
Prophetic PrismMasters 25Artifact Common
Prossh, Skyraider of KherMasters 25Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Protean HulkMasters 25Creature Rare
Pyre HoundMasters 25Creature Common
PyroclasmMasters 25Sorcery Uncommon
QuicksandMasters 25Land Uncommon
Quicksilver DaggerMasters 25Enchantment Uncommon
RancorMasters 25Enchantment Uncommon
RatcatcherMasters 25Creature Rare
Ravenous ChupacabraMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Red Elemental BlastMasters 25Instant Uncommon
Reef WormMasters 25Creature Rare
RegrowthMasters 25Sorcery Uncommon
Relentless RatsMasters 25Creature Common
Renewed FaithMasters 25Instant Common
Rest in PeaceMasters 25Enchantment Rare
Retraction HelixMasters 25Instant Common
Returned PhalanxMasters 25Creature Common
Rishadan PortMasters 25Land Rare
Rugged PrairieMasters 25Land Rare
Ruric Thar, the UnbowedMasters 25Legendary Creature Rare
Ruthless RipperMasters 25Creature Common
Sai of the ShinobiMasters 25Artifact Uncommon
Savannah LionsMasters 25Creature Common
Self-AssemblerMasters 25Artifact Creature Common
Shadowmage InfiltratorMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Shoreline RangerMasters 25Creature Common
SiftMasters 25Sorcery Common
Simian Spirit GuideMasters 25Creature Uncommon
SkeletonizeMasters 25Instant Common
Skirk CommandoMasters 25Creature Common
Soulbright FlamekinMasters 25Creature Common
Spikeshot GoblinMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Squadron HawkMasters 25Creature Common
Stampede DriverMasters 25Creature Uncommon
StanggMasters 25Legendary Creature Uncommon
Street WraithMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Strionic ResonatorMasters 25Artifact Rare
Summoner's PactMasters 25Instant Rare
Sundering TitanMasters 25Artifact Creature Rare
Supernatural StaminaMasters 25Instant Common
Swiftfoot BootsMasters 25Artifact Uncommon
Swords to PlowsharesMasters 25Instant Uncommon
Thalia, Guardian of ThrabenMasters 25Legendary Creature Rare
Thresher LizardMasters 25Creature Common
Timberpack WolfMasters 25Creature Common
Totally LostMasters 25Instant Common
Treasure KeeperMasters 25Artifact Creature Uncommon
Tree of RedemptionMasters 25Creature Mythic Rare
TriskaidekaphobiaMasters 25Enchantment Rare
Trumpet BlastMasters 25Instant Common
Twilight MireMasters 25Land Rare
Twisted AbominationMasters 25Creature Common
Twisted ImageMasters 25Instant Uncommon
Uncaged FuryMasters 25Instant Common
Undead GladiatorMasters 25Creature Uncommon
UnearthMasters 25Sorcery Common
Urbis ProtectorMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Utopia SprawlMasters 25Enchantment Uncommon
Valor in AkrosMasters 25Enchantment Uncommon
Vampire LaceratorMasters 25Creature Common
Vendilion CliqueMasters 25Legendary Creature Mythic Rare
Vessel of NascencyMasters 25Enchantment Common
Vesuvan ShapeshifterMasters 25Creature Rare
VindicateMasters 25Sorcery Rare
WatchwolfMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Whitemane LionMasters 25Creature Common
Wildheart InvokerMasters 25Creature Common
Will-o'-the-WispMasters 25Creature Uncommon
WillbenderMasters 25Creature Uncommon
Woolly LoxodonMasters 25Creature Common
Zada, Hedron GrinderMasters 25Legendary Creature Uncommon
Zoetic CavernMasters 25Land Uncommon
ZombifyMasters 25Sorcery Uncommon
Zulaport CutthroatMasters 25Creature Uncommon