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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Burrenton Forge-TenderModern Event Deck 2014Creature Uncommon
Caves of KoilosModern Event Deck 2014Land Rare
City of BrassModern Event Deck 2014Land Rare
DismemberModern Event Deck 2014Instant Uncommon
DuressModern Event Deck 2014Sorcery Common
Elspeth, Knight-ErrantModern Event Deck 2014Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Ghost QuarterModern Event Deck 2014Land Uncommon
Honor of the PureModern Event Deck 2014Enchantment Rare
Inquisition of KozilekModern Event Deck 2014Sorcery Uncommon
Intangible VirtueModern Event Deck 2014Enchantment Uncommon
Isolated ChapelModern Event Deck 2014Land Rare
Kataki, War's WageModern Event Deck 2014Legendary Creature Rare
Lingering SoulsModern Event Deck 2014Sorcery Uncommon
Path to ExileModern Event Deck 2014Instant Uncommon
PlainsModern Event Deck 2014Basic Land Basic Land
Raise the AlarmModern Event Deck 2014Instant Common
Relic of ProgenitusModern Event Deck 2014Artifact Uncommon
Shrine of Loyal LegionsModern Event Deck 2014Artifact Uncommon
Soul WardenModern Event Deck 2014Creature Common
Spectral ProcessionModern Event Deck 2014Sorcery Uncommon
SwampModern Event Deck 2014Basic Land Basic Land
Sword of Feast and FamineModern Event Deck 2014Artifact Mythic Rare
Tidehollow ScullerModern Event Deck 2014Artifact Creature Uncommon
Vault of the ArchangelModern Event Deck 2014Land Rare
Windbrisk HeightsModern Event Deck 2014Land Rare
Zealous PersecutionModern Event Deck 2014Instant Uncommon