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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
A Good ThingMystery BoosterEnchantment Common
Abian, Luvion UsurperMystery BoosterLegendary Planeswalker Common
Aggressive CragMystery BoosterLand Common
Animate SpellMystery BoosterEnchantment Common
Banding SliverMystery BoosterCreature Common
Baneslayer AspirantMystery BoosterCreature Common
Barry's LandMystery BoosterBasic Land Common
Bear with Set's MechanicMystery BoosterCreature Common
Bind//LiberateMystery BoosterInstant Common
Biting RemarkMystery BoosterCreature Common
Blood PoetMystery BoosterCreature Common
BombardmentMystery BoosterSorcery Common
Bone RattlerMystery BoosterCreature Common
Bucket ListMystery BoosterEnchantment Common
Buried OgreMystery BoosterCreature Common
Celestine Cave WitchMystery BoosterCreature Common
Chimney GoyfMystery BoosterCreature Common
ChronobotMystery BoosterArtifact Creature Common
Command the ChaffMystery BoosterInstant Common
Control Win ConditionMystery BoosterCreature Common
Corrupted KeyMystery BoosterArtifact Common
Cyclopean TitanMystery BoosterCreature Common
Do-OverMystery BoosterInstant Common
Domesticated MammothMystery BoosterSnow Creature Common
Domesticated WatercourseMystery BoosterLand Common
Enchanted PrairieMystery BoosterEnchantment Land Common
EnchantmentizeMystery BoosterEnchantment Common
Enroll in the CoalitionMystery BoosterEnchantment Common
Everlasting LichMystery BoosterCreature Common
Evil Boros CharmMystery BoosterInstant Common
Experiment FiveMystery BoosterCreature Common
Five Kids in a TrenchcoatMystery BoosterCreature Common
Form of the MulldrifterMystery BoosterTribal Enchantment Common
Frenemy of the GuildpactMystery BoosterCreature Common
Frogkin KidnapperMystery BoosterCreature Common
Frontier ExplorerMystery BoosterCreature Common
Generated HorizonsMystery BoosterEnchantment Common
Geometric WeirdMystery BoosterCreature Common
Gold MineMystery BoosterLand Common
Golgari Death SwarmMystery BoosterCreature Common
Gorilla TacticsMystery BoosterInstant Common
Graveyard DigMystery BoosterSorcery Common
Growth CharmMystery BoosterInstant Common
Gunk SlugMystery BoosterCreature Common
High TrollerMystery BoosterCreature Common
How to Keep an Izzet Mage BusyMystery BoosterSorcery Common
Imaginary FriendsMystery BoosterSorcery Common
Impatient IguanaMystery BoosterCreature Common
Innocuous InsectMystery BoosterCreature Common
Inspirational AntelopeMystery BoosterCreature Common
Interplanar BrushwaggMystery BoosterCreature Common
Jasconian IsleMystery BoosterLand Creature Common
Kaya, Ghost HaunterMystery BoosterLegendary Planeswalker Common
Khod, Etlan Shiis EnvoyMystery BoosterLegendary Creature Common
Krosan AdaptationMystery BoosterEnchantment Common
Lantern of UndersightMystery BoosterArtifact Common
LargepoxMystery BoosterSorcery Common
Lazier GoblinMystery BoosterCreature Common
Learned LearnerMystery BoosterCreature Common
Lightning ColtMystery BoosterInstant Creature Common
Loopy LobsterMystery BoosterCreature Common
Louvaq, the AberrantMystery BoosterLegendary Creature Common
Mana AbundanceMystery BoosterWorld Enchantment Common
Maro's Gone NutsMystery BoosterEnchantment Common
Memory BankMystery BoosterSorcery Common
MetagamerMystery BoosterCreature Common
Mirrored LotusMystery BoosterArtifact Common
Noxious BayouMystery BoosterLand Common
One with DeathMystery BoosterInstant Common
Patient TurtleMystery BoosterCreature Common
Personal DecoyMystery BoosterPlaneswalker Common
Pick Your PoisonMystery BoosterSorcery Common
Pithing SpyglassMystery BoosterArtifact Common
Plane-Merge ElfMystery BoosterCreature Common
PlanequakeMystery BoosterSorcery Common
Priority AvengerMystery BoosterCreature Common
Problematic VolcanoMystery BoosterWorld Enchantment Common
Puresteel AngelMystery BoosterArtifact Creature Common
Queue of BeetlesMystery BoosterCreature Common
Recycla-birdMystery BoosterCreature Common
Red HerringMystery BoosterCreature Common
RiftMystery BoosterLegendary Land Common
Ruff, Underdog ChampMystery BoosterLegendary Creature Common
Sarah's WingsMystery BoosterTribal Instant Common
Scaled DestructionMystery BoosterSorcery Common
Seasoned WeaponsmithMystery BoosterCreature Common
Seek Bolas's CounselMystery BoosterSorcery Common
Siege ElementalMystery BoosterCreature Common
Sliv-Mizzet, HivemindMystery BoosterLegendary Creature Common
Slivdrazi MonstrosityMystery BoosterLegendary Creature Common
Smelt//Herd//SawMystery BoosterInstant Common
SoulmatesMystery BoosterEnchantment Common
Spellmorph Raise DeadMystery BoosterInstant Common
SquidnapperMystery BoosterCreature Common
Stack of PaperworkMystery BoosterEnchantment Common
Start//FireMystery BoosterInstant Common
SunimretMystery BoosterSorcery Common
Swarm of LocusMystery BoosterCreature Common
Taiga StadiumMystery BoosterLand Common
The Grand TourMystery BoosterInstant Common
Throat WolfMystery BoosterSummon Common
Tibalt the ChaoticMystery BoosterLegendary Planeswalker Common
Time SidewalkMystery BoosterSorcery Common
TranscantationMystery BoosterInstant Common
Trial and ErrorMystery BoosterElemental Instant Common
Truth or DareMystery BoosterSorcery Common
Underdark BeholderMystery BoosterCreature Common
UnicycleMystery BoosterArtifact Common
Vazal, the CompleatMystery BoosterLegendary Artifact Creature Common
Visitor from Planet QMystery BoosterInstant Creature Common
Waste LandMystery BoosterLand Common
Weaponized ScrapMystery BoosterArtifact Creature Common
Whammy BurnMystery BoosterInstant Common
Witty DemonMystery BoosterCreature Common
Wizened ArbiterMystery BoosterCreature Common
Wrath of SodMystery BoosterSorcery Common
Xyru SpecterMystery BoosterSummon Common
Yawgmoth's TestamentMystery BoosterSorcery Common
You're in CommandMystery BoosterSorcery Common
Zyym, Mesmeric LordMystery BoosterLegendary Creature Common