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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Act of AggressionNew PhyrexiaInstant Uncommon
Alloy MyrNew PhyrexiaArtifact Creature Uncommon
Apostle's BlessingNew PhyrexiaInstant Common
Argent MutationNew PhyrexiaInstant Uncommon
Arm with ÆtherNew PhyrexiaSorcery Uncommon
ArtillerizeNew PhyrexiaInstant Common
Auriok SurvivorsNew PhyrexiaCreature Uncommon
BatterskullNew PhyrexiaArtifact Mythic Rare
Beast WithinNew PhyrexiaInstant Uncommon
Birthing PodNew PhyrexiaArtifact Rare
Blade SplicerNew PhyrexiaCreature Rare
Blighted AgentNew PhyrexiaCreature Common
Blind ZealotNew PhyrexiaCreature Common
Blinding SouleaterNew PhyrexiaArtifact Creature Common
Bludgeon BrawlNew PhyrexiaEnchantment Rare
Brutalizer ExarchNew PhyrexiaCreature Uncommon
Caged SunNew PhyrexiaArtifact Rare
Caress of PhyrexiaNew PhyrexiaSorcery Uncommon
Cathedral MembraneNew PhyrexiaArtifact Creature Uncommon
Chained ThroatseekerNew PhyrexiaCreature Common
Chancellor of the AnnexNew PhyrexiaCreature Rare
Chancellor of the DrossNew PhyrexiaCreature Rare
Chancellor of the ForgeNew PhyrexiaCreature Rare
Chancellor of the SpiresNew PhyrexiaCreature Rare
Chancellor of the TangleNew PhyrexiaCreature Rare
Conversion ChamberNew PhyrexiaArtifact Uncommon
Corrosive GaleNew PhyrexiaSorcery Uncommon
Corrupted ResolveNew PhyrexiaInstant Uncommon
Darksteel RelicNew PhyrexiaArtifact Uncommon
Death-Hood CobraNew PhyrexiaCreature Common
Deceiver ExarchNew PhyrexiaCreature Uncommon
Defensive StanceNew PhyrexiaEnchantment Common
Dementia BatNew PhyrexiaCreature Common
DespiseNew PhyrexiaSorcery Uncommon
DismemberNew PhyrexiaInstant Uncommon
DispatchNew PhyrexiaInstant Uncommon
Due RespectNew PhyrexiaInstant Uncommon
Elesh Norn, Grand CenobiteNew PhyrexiaLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
EnslaveNew PhyrexiaEnchantment Uncommon
Entomber ExarchNew PhyrexiaCreature Uncommon
Etched MonstrosityNew PhyrexiaArtifact Creature Mythic Rare
Evil PresenceNew PhyrexiaEnchantment Common
Exclusion RitualNew PhyrexiaEnchantment Uncommon
Fallen FerromancerNew PhyrexiaCreature Uncommon
Flameborn VironNew PhyrexiaCreature Common
Forced WorshipNew PhyrexiaEnchantment Common
ForestNew PhyrexiaBasic Land Basic Land
Fresh MeatNew PhyrexiaInstant Rare
Furnace ScampNew PhyrexiaCreature Common
GeosurgeNew PhyrexiaSorcery Uncommon
Geth's VerdictNew PhyrexiaInstant Common
Gitaxian ProbeNew PhyrexiaSorcery Common
Glissa's ScornNew PhyrexiaInstant Common
Glistener ElfNew PhyrexiaCreature Common
Glistening OilNew PhyrexiaEnchantment Rare
Greenhilt TraineeNew PhyrexiaCreature Uncommon
Gremlin MineNew PhyrexiaArtifact Common
Grim AfflictionNew PhyrexiaInstant Common
Gut ShotNew PhyrexiaInstant Uncommon
Hex ParasiteNew PhyrexiaArtifact Creature Rare
HovermyrNew PhyrexiaArtifact Creature Common
Ichor ExplosionNew PhyrexiaSorcery Uncommon
Immolating SouleaterNew PhyrexiaArtifact Creature Common
Impaler ShrikeNew PhyrexiaCreature Common
Inquisitor ExarchNew PhyrexiaCreature Uncommon
Insatiable SouleaterNew PhyrexiaArtifact Creature Common
Invader ParasiteNew PhyrexiaCreature Rare
IslandNew PhyrexiaBasic Land Basic Land
Isolation CellNew PhyrexiaArtifact Uncommon
Jin-Gitaxias, Core AugurNew PhyrexiaLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Jor Kadeen, the PrevailerNew PhyrexiaLegendary Creature Rare
Karn LiberatedNew PhyrexiaPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Kiln WalkerNew PhyrexiaArtifact Creature Uncommon
LashwritheNew PhyrexiaArtifact Rare
Leeching BiteNew PhyrexiaInstant Common
Life's FinaleNew PhyrexiaSorcery Rare
Lost LeoninNew PhyrexiaCreature Common
Loxodon ConvertNew PhyrexiaCreature Common
Marrow ShardsNew PhyrexiaInstant Uncommon
Master SplicerNew PhyrexiaCreature Uncommon
Maul SplicerNew PhyrexiaCreature Common
Melira, Sylvok OutcastNew PhyrexiaLegendary Creature Rare
Mental MisstepNew PhyrexiaInstant Uncommon
MindcrankNew PhyrexiaArtifact Uncommon
MindcullingNew PhyrexiaSorcery Uncommon
Moltensteel DragonNew PhyrexiaArtifact Creature Rare
Mortis DogsNew PhyrexiaCreature Common
MountainNew PhyrexiaBasic Land Basic Land
Mutagenic GrowthNew PhyrexiaInstant Common
Mycosynth FiendNew PhyrexiaCreature Uncommon
Mycosynth WellspringNew PhyrexiaArtifact Common
Myr SuperionNew PhyrexiaArtifact Creature Rare
NecropouncerNew PhyrexiaArtifact Uncommon
Norn's AnnexNew PhyrexiaArtifact Rare
Noxious RevivalNew PhyrexiaInstant Uncommon
Numbing DoseNew PhyrexiaEnchantment Common
Ogre MenialNew PhyrexiaCreature Common
Omen MachineNew PhyrexiaArtifact Rare
Parasitic ImplantNew PhyrexiaEnchantment Common
Pestilent SouleaterNew PhyrexiaArtifact Creature Common
Phyrexia's CoreNew PhyrexiaLand Uncommon
Phyrexian HulkNew PhyrexiaArtifact Creature Common
Phyrexian IngesterNew PhyrexiaCreature Rare
Phyrexian MetamorphNew PhyrexiaArtifact Creature Rare
Phyrexian ObliteratorNew PhyrexiaCreature Mythic Rare
Phyrexian SwarmlordNew PhyrexiaCreature Rare
Phyrexian UnlifeNew PhyrexiaEnchantment Rare
Pith DrillerNew PhyrexiaArtifact Creature Common
PlainsNew PhyrexiaBasic Land Basic Land
Porcelain LegionnaireNew PhyrexiaArtifact Creature Common
Postmortem LungeNew PhyrexiaSorcery Uncommon
Praetor's GraspNew PhyrexiaSorcery Rare
Priest of UrabraskNew PhyrexiaCreature Uncommon
Pristine TalismanNew PhyrexiaArtifact Common
Psychic BarrierNew PhyrexiaInstant Common
Psychic SurgeryNew PhyrexiaEnchantment Rare
Puresteel PaladinNew PhyrexiaCreature Rare
Rage ExtractorNew PhyrexiaArtifact Uncommon
Razor SwineNew PhyrexiaCreature Common
Reaper of SheoldredNew PhyrexiaCreature Uncommon
Remember the FallenNew PhyrexiaSorcery Common
Rotted HystrixNew PhyrexiaCreature Common
Ruthless InvasionNew PhyrexiaSorcery Common
Scrapyard SalvoNew PhyrexiaSorcery Common
Sensor SplicerNew PhyrexiaCreature Common
Shattered AngelNew PhyrexiaCreature Uncommon
Sheoldred, Whispering OneNew PhyrexiaLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Shriek RaptorNew PhyrexiaCreature Common
Shrine of Boundless GrowthNew PhyrexiaArtifact Uncommon
Shrine of Burning RageNew PhyrexiaArtifact Uncommon
Shrine of Limitless PowerNew PhyrexiaArtifact Uncommon
Shrine of Loyal LegionsNew PhyrexiaArtifact Uncommon
Shrine of Piercing VisionNew PhyrexiaArtifact Uncommon
SickleslicerNew PhyrexiaArtifact Uncommon
Slag FiendNew PhyrexiaCreature Rare
Slash PantherNew PhyrexiaArtifact Creature Common
Soul ConduitNew PhyrexiaArtifact Rare
SpellskiteNew PhyrexiaArtifact Creature Rare
SpinebiterNew PhyrexiaCreature Uncommon
Spined ThopterNew PhyrexiaArtifact Creature Common
Spire MonitorNew PhyrexiaCreature Common
Surge NodeNew PhyrexiaArtifact Uncommon
Surgical ExtractionNew PhyrexiaInstant Rare
Suture PriestNew PhyrexiaCreature Common
SwampNew PhyrexiaBasic Land Basic Land
Sword of War and PeaceNew PhyrexiaArtifact Mythic Rare
Tezzeret's GambitNew PhyrexiaSorcery Uncommon
Thundering TanadonNew PhyrexiaArtifact Creature Common
Tormentor ExarchNew PhyrexiaCreature Uncommon
Torpor OrbNew PhyrexiaArtifact Rare
Toxic NimNew PhyrexiaCreature Common
Trespassing SouleaterNew PhyrexiaArtifact Creature Common
Triumph of the HordesNew PhyrexiaSorcery Uncommon
Unwinding ClockNew PhyrexiaArtifact Rare
Urabrask the HiddenNew PhyrexiaLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Vapor SnagNew PhyrexiaInstant Common
Vault SkirgeNew PhyrexiaArtifact Creature Common
Victorious DestructionNew PhyrexiaSorcery Common
Viral DrakeNew PhyrexiaCreature Uncommon
Viridian BetrayersNew PhyrexiaCreature Common
Viridian HarvestNew PhyrexiaEnchantment Common
Vital SplicerNew PhyrexiaCreature Uncommon
Volt ChargeNew PhyrexiaInstant Common
Vorinclex, Voice of HungerNew PhyrexiaLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Vulshok RefugeeNew PhyrexiaCreature Uncommon
War ReportNew PhyrexiaInstant Common
WhipflareNew PhyrexiaSorcery Uncommon
Whispering SpecterNew PhyrexiaCreature Uncommon
Wing SplicerNew PhyrexiaCreature Uncommon
XenograftNew PhyrexiaEnchantment Rare