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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
AkoumPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Arc TrailPlanechase 2012 EditionSorcery Uncommon
AretopolisPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Armillary SpherePlanechase 2012 EditionArtifact Common
Armored GriffinPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
AssassinatePlanechase 2012 EditionSorcery Common
Astral ArenaPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Augury OwlPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Common
Aura GnarlidPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Common
AuramancerPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Common
Auratouched MagePlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
Awakening ZonePlanechase 2012 EditionEnchantment Rare
Baleful StrixPlanechase 2012 EditionArtifact Creature Uncommon
Beast WithinPlanechase 2012 EditionInstant Uncommon
Beetleback ChiefPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
Bituminous BlastPlanechase 2012 EditionInstant Uncommon
Bloodbraid ElfPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
Bloodhill BastionPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Boar UmbraPlanechase 2012 EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Bramble ElementalPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Common
Brindle ShoatPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
Brutalizer ExarchPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
Cadaver ImpPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Common
Cage of HandsPlanechase 2012 EditionEnchantment Common
CancelPlanechase 2012 EditionInstant Common
Celestial AncientPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Rare
Chaotic ÆtherPlanechase 2012 EditionPhenomenon Common
ConcentratePlanechase 2012 EditionSorcery Uncommon
CultivatePlanechase 2012 EditionSorcery Common
Dark HatchlingPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Rare
Deny RealityPlanechase 2012 EditionSorcery Common
Dimir AqueductPlanechase 2012 EditionLand Common
Dimir InfiltratorPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Common
Dowsing ShamanPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
Dragonlair SpiderPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Rare
Dreampod DruidPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
Edge of MalacolPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Elderwood ScionPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Rare
Enigma SphinxPlanechase 2012 EditionArtifact Creature Rare
Enlisted WurmPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
Erratic ExplosionPlanechase 2012 EditionSorcery Common
Etherium-Horn SorcererPlanechase 2012 EditionArtifact Creature Rare
Exotic OrchardPlanechase 2012 EditionLand Rare
Farsight MaskPlanechase 2012 EditionArtifact Uncommon
Felidar UmbraPlanechase 2012 EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Fiery ConclusionPlanechase 2012 EditionInstant Common
Fiery FallPlanechase 2012 EditionInstant Common
Fires of YavimayaPlanechase 2012 EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Flayer HuskPlanechase 2012 EditionArtifact Common
FlingPlanechase 2012 EditionInstant Common
ForestPlanechase 2012 EditionBasic Land Basic Land
Fractured PowerstonePlanechase 2012 EditionArtifact Common
Furnace LayerPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Fusion ElementalPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
GavonyPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Ghostly PrisonPlanechase 2012 EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Glen ElendraPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Glen Elendra LiegePlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Rare
Gluttonous SlimePlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
Grand OssuaryPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Graypelt RefugePlanechase 2012 EditionLand Uncommon
Grove of the DreampodsPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Gruul TurfPlanechase 2012 EditionLand Common
Guard GomazoaPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
Hedron Fields of AgadeemPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Hellion EruptionPlanechase 2012 EditionSorcery Rare
Hellkite HatchlingPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
Higure, the Still WindPlanechase 2012 EditionLegendary Creature Rare
Hissing IguanarPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Common
Hyena UmbraPlanechase 2012 EditionEnchantment Common
Illusory AngelPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
Indrik UmbraPlanechase 2012 EditionEnchantment Rare
Ink-Eyes, Servant of OniPlanechase 2012 EditionLegendary Creature Rare
Inkfathom WitchPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
Interplanar TunnelPlanechase 2012 EditionPhenomenon Common
IslandPlanechase 2012 EditionBasic Land Basic Land
JundPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Jwar Isle RefugePlanechase 2012 EditionLand Uncommon
Kathari RemnantPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
Kazandu RefugePlanechase 2012 EditionLand Uncommon
KessigPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Khalni GardenPlanechase 2012 EditionLand Common
Kharasha FoothillsPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Kilnspire DistrictPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Kor SpiritdancerPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Rare
Krond the Dawn-CladPlanechase 2012 EditionLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Krosan VergePlanechase 2012 EditionLand Uncommon
Lair of the Ashen IdolPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Last StandPlanechase 2012 EditionSorcery Rare
Liliana's SpecterPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Common
LumberknotPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
Maelstrom WandererPlanechase 2012 EditionLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Mammoth UmbraPlanechase 2012 EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Mark of MutinyPlanechase 2012 EditionSorcery Uncommon
Mass MutinyPlanechase 2012 EditionSorcery Rare
Mistblade ShinobiPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Common
Mitotic SlimePlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Rare
Morphic TidePlanechase 2012 EditionPhenomenon Common
Mount KeraliaPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
MountainPlanechase 2012 EditionBasic Land Basic Land
Mudbutton TorchrunnerPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Common
Mutual EpiphanyPlanechase 2012 EditionPhenomenon Common
MycolothPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Rare
NephaliaPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Nest InvaderPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Common
Ninja of the Deep HoursPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Common
Noggle RansackerPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
Norn's DominionPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Nullmage AdvocatePlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Common
Okiba-Gang ShinobiPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Common
Onakke CatacombPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Ondu GiantPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Common
Orochi ColonyPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
OrzhovaPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
OverrunPlanechase 2012 EditionSorcery Uncommon
Penumbra SpiderPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Common
Peregrine DrakePlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
PlainsPlanechase 2012 EditionBasic Land Basic Land
Planewide DisasterPlanechase 2012 EditionPhenomenon Common
Pollenbright WingsPlanechase 2012 EditionEnchantment Uncommon
PrahvPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Predatory UrgePlanechase 2012 EditionEnchantment Rare
Preyseizer DragonPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Rare
Primal PlasmaPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Common
Quicksilver SeaPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Quiet DisrepairPlanechase 2012 EditionEnchantment Common
Quietus SpikePlanechase 2012 EditionArtifact Rare
RancorPlanechase 2012 EditionEnchantment Common
Reality ShapingPlanechase 2012 EditionPhenomenon Common
Rivals' DuelPlanechase 2012 EditionSorcery Uncommon
Rupture SpirePlanechase 2012 EditionLand Common
Sai of the ShinobiPlanechase 2012 EditionArtifact Uncommon
Sakashima's StudentPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Rare
See BeyondPlanechase 2012 EditionSorcery Common
Selesnya Loft GardensPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Selesnya SanctuaryPlanechase 2012 EditionLand Common
Shardless AgentPlanechase 2012 EditionArtifact Creature Uncommon
Shimmering GrottoPlanechase 2012 EditionLand Common
Sigil of the Empty ThronePlanechase 2012 EditionEnchantment Rare
Silent-Blade OniPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Rare
Silhana LedgewalkerPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Common
Skarrg, the Rage PitsPlanechase 2012 EditionLand Uncommon
SkullsnatcherPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Common
Snake UmbraPlanechase 2012 EditionEnchantment Common
Spatial MergingPlanechase 2012 EditionPhenomenon Common
Spirit MantlePlanechase 2012 EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Stairs to InfinityPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Rare
StensiaPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Sunken HopePlanechase 2012 EditionEnchantment Rare
SwampPlanechase 2012 EditionBasic Land Basic Land
Tainted IslePlanechase 2012 EditionLand Uncommon
TakenumaPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Talon GatesPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Terramorphic ExpansePlanechase 2012 EditionLand Common
The Zephyr MazePlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Thorn-Thrash ViashinoPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Common
Thran GolemPlanechase 2012 EditionArtifact Creature Uncommon
Three DreamsPlanechase 2012 EditionSorcery Rare
Throat SlitterPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
Thromok the InsatiablePlanechase 2012 EditionLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Thunder-Thrash ElderPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
Time DistortionPlanechase 2012 EditionPhenomenon Common
Tormented SoulPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Common
Trail of the Mage-RingsPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Truga JunglePlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common
Tukatongue ThallidPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Common
Vela the Night-CladPlanechase 2012 EditionLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Viridian EmissaryPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Common
Vitu-Ghazi, the City-TreePlanechase 2012 EditionLand Uncommon
Vivid CreekPlanechase 2012 EditionLand Uncommon
Walker of Secret WaysPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
Wall of BlossomsPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
Wall of FrostPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Uncommon
Warstorm SurgePlanechase 2012 EditionEnchantment Rare
Whirlpool WarriorPlanechase 2012 EditionCreature Rare
Whispersilk CloakPlanechase 2012 EditionArtifact Uncommon
Windriddle PalacesPlanechase 2012 EditionPlane Common