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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Alabaster DragonPortalCreature Rare
Alluring ScentPortalSorcery Rare
AnacondaPortalCreature Uncommon
Anaconda (Version 2)PortalCreature Uncommon
Ancestral MemoriesPortalSorcery Rare
Angelic BlessingPortalSorcery Common
ArchangelPortalCreature Rare
Ardent MilitiaPortalCreature Uncommon
ArmageddonPortalSorcery Rare
Armored PegasusPortalCreature Common
Arrogant VampirePortalCreature Uncommon
Assassin's BladePortalSorcery Uncommon
Balance of PowerPortalSorcery Rare
Baleful StarePortalSorcery Uncommon
Bee StingPortalSorcery Uncommon
BlazePortalSorcery Uncommon
Blaze (Version 2)PortalSorcery Uncommon
Blessed ReversalPortalSorcery Rare
Blinding LightPortalSorcery Rare
Bog ImpPortalCreature Common
Bog RaidersPortalCreature Common
Bog WraithPortalCreature Uncommon
Boiling SeasPortalSorcery Uncommon
Border GuardPortalCreature Common
Breath of LifePortalSorcery Common
Bull HippoPortalCreature Uncommon
Burning CloakPortalSorcery Common
Capricious SorcererPortalCreature Rare
Charging BanditsPortalCreature Uncommon
Charging PaladinPortalCreature Uncommon
Charging RhinoPortalCreature Rare
Cloak of FeathersPortalSorcery Common
Cloud DragonPortalCreature Rare
Cloud PiratesPortalCreature Common
Cloud SpiritPortalCreature Uncommon
Command of UnsummoningPortalSorcery Uncommon
Coral EelPortalCreature Common
Craven GiantPortalCreature Common
Craven KnightPortalCreature Common
Cruel BargainPortalSorcery Rare
Cruel FatePortalSorcery Rare
Cruel TutorPortalSorcery Rare
Deep Sea SerpentPortalCreature Uncommon
Deep WoodPortalSorcery Uncommon
Defiant StandPortalSorcery Uncommon
Déjà VuPortalSorcery Common
Desert DrakePortalCreature Uncommon
DevastationPortalSorcery Rare
Devoted HeroPortalCreature Common
Djinn of the LampPortalCreature Rare
Dread ChargePortalSorcery Rare
Dread ReaperPortalCreature Rare
Dry SpellPortalSorcery Uncommon
EarthquakePortalSorcery Rare
Ebon DragonPortalCreature Rare
Elite Cat WarriorPortalCreature Common
Elite Cat Warrior (Version 2)PortalCreature Common
Elven CachePortalSorcery Common
Elvish RangerPortalCreature Common
Endless CockroachesPortalCreature Rare
ExhaustionPortalSorcery Rare
False PeacePortalSorcery Common
Feral ShadowPortalCreature Common
Final StrikePortalSorcery Rare
Fire DragonPortalCreature Rare
Fire ImpPortalCreature Uncommon
Fire SnakePortalCreature Common
Fire TempestPortalSorcery Rare
FlashfiresPortalSorcery Uncommon
Fleet Footed MonkPortalCreature Common
FluxPortalSorcery Uncommon
Foot SoldiersPortalCreature Common
Forest (Version 1)PortalLand Common
Forest (Version 2)PortalLand Common
Forest (Version 3)PortalLand Common
Forest (Version 4)PortalLand Common
Forked LightningPortalSorcery Rare
FruitionPortalSorcery Common
Giant OctopusPortalCreature Common
Giant SpiderPortalCreature Common
Gift of EstatesPortalSorcery Rare
Goblin BullyPortalCreature Common
Gorilla WarriorPortalCreature Common
GravediggerPortalCreature Uncommon
Grizzly BearsPortalCreature Common
Hand of DeathPortalSorcery Common
Hand of Death (Version 2)PortalSorcery Common
Harsh JusticePortalSorcery Rare
Highland GiantPortalCreature Common
Hill GiantPortalCreature Common
Horned TurtlePortalCreature Common
Howling FuryPortalSorcery Common
Hulking CyclopsPortalCreature Uncommon
Hulking GoblinPortalCreature Common
HurricanePortalSorcery Rare
Ingenious ThiefPortalCreature Uncommon
Island (Version 1)PortalLand Common
Island (Version 2)PortalLand Common
Island (Version 3)PortalLand Common
Island (Version 4)PortalLand Common
Jungle LionPortalCreature Common
Keen Eyed ArchersPortalCreature Common
King's AssassinPortalCreature Rare
Knight ErrantPortalCreature Common
Last ChancePortalSorcery Rare
Lava AxePortalSorcery Common
Lava FlowPortalSorcery Uncommon
Lizard WarriorPortalCreature Common
Man o' WarPortalCreature Uncommon
Mercenary KnightPortalCreature Rare
Merfolk of the Pearl TridentPortalCreature Common
Mind KnivesPortalSorcery Common
Mind RotPortalSorcery Common
Minotaur WarriorPortalCreature Common
MobilizePortalSorcery Common
Monstrous GrowthPortalSorcery Common
Monstrous Growth (Version 2)PortalSorcery Common
Moon SpritePortalCreature Uncommon
Mountain (Version 1)PortalLand Common
Mountain (Version 2)PortalLand Common
Mountain (Version 3)PortalLand Common
Mountain (Version 4)PortalLand Common
Mountain GoatPortalCreature Uncommon
Muck RatsPortalCreature Common
Mystic DenialPortalSorcery Uncommon
Natural OrderPortalSorcery Rare
Natural SpringPortalSorcery Uncommon
Nature's CloakPortalSorcery Rare
Nature's LorePortalSorcery Common
Nature's RuinPortalSorcery Uncommon
Needle StormPortalSorcery Uncommon
Noxious ToadPortalCreature Uncommon
OmenPortalSorcery Common
Owl FamiliarPortalCreature Common
Panther WarriorsPortalCreature Common
Path of PeacePortalSorcery Common
Personal TutorPortalSorcery Uncommon
Phantom WarriorPortalCreature Rare
Pillaging HordePortalCreature Rare
Plains (Version 1)PortalLand Common
Plains (Version 2)PortalLand Common
Plains (Version 3)PortalLand Common
Plains (Version 4)PortalLand Common
Plant ElementalPortalCreature Uncommon
Primeval ForcePortalCreature Rare
ProsperityPortalSorcery Rare
PyroclasmPortalSorcery Rare
PythonPortalCreature Common
Raging CougarPortalCreature Common
Raging GoblinPortalCreature Common
Raging Goblin (Version 2)PortalCreature Common
Raging MinotaurPortalCreature Common
Rain of SaltPortalSorcery Uncommon
Rain of TearsPortalSorcery Uncommon
Raise DeadPortalSorcery Common
Redwood TreefolkPortalCreature Common
Regal UnicornPortalCreature Common
Renewing DawnPortalSorcery Uncommon
Rowan TreefolkPortalCreature Common
Sacred KnightPortalCreature Common
Sacred NectarPortalSorcery Common
Scorching SpearPortalSorcery Common
Scorching WindsPortalSorcery Uncommon
Seasoned MarshalPortalCreature Uncommon
Serpent AssassinPortalCreature Rare
Serpent WarriorPortalCreature Common
Skeletal CrocodilePortalCreature Common
Skeletal SnakePortalCreature Common
Snapping DrakePortalCreature Common
Sorcerous SightPortalSorcery Common
Soul ShredPortalSorcery Common
Spined WurmPortalCreature Common
Spiritual GuardianPortalCreature Rare
Spitting EarthPortalSorcery Common
Spotted GriffinPortalCreature Common
Stalking TigerPortalCreature Common
StarlightPortalSorcery Uncommon
Starlit AngelPortalCreature Uncommon
SteadfastnessPortalSorcery Common
Stern MarshalPortalCreature Rare
Stone RainPortalSorcery Common
Storm CrowPortalCreature Common
Summer BloomPortalSorcery Rare
Swamp (Version 1)PortalLand Common
Swamp (Version 2)PortalLand Common
Swamp (Version 3)PortalLand Common
Swamp (Version 4)PortalLand Common
Sylvan TutorPortalSorcery Rare
Symbol of UnsummoningPortalSorcery Common
TauntPortalSorcery Rare
Temporary TrucePortalSorcery Rare
Theft of DreamsPortalSorcery Uncommon
Thing from the DeepPortalCreature Rare
Thundering WurmPortalCreature Rare
ThundermarePortalCreature Rare
Tidal SurgePortalSorcery Common
Time EbbPortalSorcery Common
Touch of BrilliancePortalSorcery Common
Treetop DefensePortalSorcery Rare
Undying BeastPortalCreature Common
Untamed WildsPortalSorcery Uncommon
Valorous ChargePortalSorcery Uncommon
Vampiric FeastPortalSorcery Uncommon
Vampiric TouchPortalSorcery Common
Venerable MonkPortalCreature Uncommon
VengeancePortalSorcery Uncommon
Virtue's RuinPortalSorcery Uncommon
Volcanic DragonPortalCreature Rare
Volcanic HammerPortalSorcery Common
Wall of GranitePortalCreature Uncommon
Wall of SwordsPortalCreature Uncommon
Warrior's ChargePortalSorcery Common
Warrior's Charge (Version 2)PortalSorcery Common
Whiptail WurmPortalCreature Uncommon
Wicked PactPortalSorcery Rare
Willow DryadPortalCreature Common
Wind DrakePortalCreature Common
Winds of ChangePortalSorcery Rare
Winter's GraspPortalSorcery Uncommon
Withering GazePortalSorcery Uncommon
Wood ElvesPortalCreature Rare
Wrath of GodPortalSorcery Rare