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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Animate DeadPremium Deck Series GravebornEnchantment Uncommon
Avatar of WoePremium Deck Series GravebornCreature Rare
Blazing ArchonPremium Deck Series GravebornCreature Rare
Buried AlivePremium Deck Series GravebornSorcery Uncommon
Cabal TherapyPremium Deck Series GravebornSorcery Uncommon
Crosis, the PurgerPremium Deck Series GravebornLegendary Creature Rare
Crystal VeinPremium Deck Series GravebornLand Uncommon
Diabolic ServitudePremium Deck Series GravebornEnchantment Uncommon
Dread ReturnPremium Deck Series GravebornSorcery Uncommon
DuressPremium Deck Series GravebornSorcery Common
Ebon StrongholdPremium Deck Series GravebornLand Uncommon
EntombPremium Deck Series GravebornInstant Rare
ExhumePremium Deck Series GravebornSorcery Common
Faceless ButcherPremium Deck Series GravebornCreature Common
Hidden HorrorPremium Deck Series GravebornCreature Uncommon
Inkwell LeviathanPremium Deck Series GravebornArtifact Creature Rare
Last RitesPremium Deck Series GravebornSorcery Common
Polluted MirePremium Deck Series GravebornLand Common
Putrid ImpPremium Deck Series GravebornCreature Common
ReanimatePremium Deck Series GravebornSorcery Uncommon
Sickening DreamsPremium Deck Series GravebornSorcery Uncommon
Sphinx of the Steel WindPremium Deck Series GravebornArtifact Creature Mythic Rare
SwampPremium Deck Series GravebornBasic Land Basic Land
TerastodonPremium Deck Series GravebornCreature Rare
Twisted AbominationPremium Deck Series GravebornCreature Common
Verdant ForcePremium Deck Series GravebornCreature Rare
Zombie InfestationPremium Deck Series GravebornEnchantment Uncommon