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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Air ElementalRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Aladdin's LampRevised EditionArtifact Rare
Aladdin's RingRevised EditionArtifact Rare
Animate ArtifactRevised EditionEnchant Artifact Uncommon
Animate DeadRevised EditionEnchant Dead Creature Uncommon
Animate WallRevised EditionEnchant Wall Rare
Ankh of MishraRevised EditionArtifact Rare
ArmageddonRevised EditionSorcery Rare
Armageddon ClockRevised EditionArtifact Rare
Aspect of WolfRevised EditionEnchant Creature Rare
AtogRevised EditionCreature Common
Bad MoonRevised EditionEnchantment Rare
BadlandsRevised EditionLand Rare
BalanceRevised EditionSorcery Rare
Basalt MonolithRevised EditionArtifact Uncommon
BayouRevised EditionLand Rare
Benalish HeroRevised EditionCreature Common
Birds of ParadiseRevised EditionCreature Rare
Black KnightRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Black ViseRevised EditionArtifact Uncommon
Black WardRevised EditionEnchant Creature Uncommon
BlessingRevised EditionEnchant Creature Rare
Blue Elemental BlastRevised EditionInstant Common
Blue WardRevised EditionEnchant Creature Uncommon
Bog WraithRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Bottle of SuleimanRevised EditionArtifact Rare
BraingeyserRevised EditionSorcery Rare
Brass ManRevised EditionArtifact Creature Uncommon
BurrowingRevised EditionEnchant Creature Uncommon
CastleRevised EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Celestial PrismRevised EditionArtifact Uncommon
ChannelRevised EditionSorcery Uncommon
ChaoslaceRevised EditionInstant Rare
Circle of Protection BlackRevised EditionEnchantment Common
Circle of Protection BlueRevised EditionEnchantment Common
Circle of Protection GreenRevised EditionEnchantment Common
Circle of Protection RedRevised EditionEnchantment Common
Circle of Protection WhiteRevised EditionEnchantment Common
Clockwork BeastRevised EditionArtifact Creature Rare
CloneRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
CockatriceRevised EditionCreature Rare
ConservatorRevised EditionArtifact Uncommon
Contract from BelowRevised EditionSorcery Rare
Control MagicRevised EditionEnchant Creature Uncommon
ConversionRevised EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Copy ArtifactRevised EditionEnchantment Rare
CounterspellRevised EditionInstant Uncommon
Craw WurmRevised EditionCreature Common
Creature BondRevised EditionEnchant Creature Common
CrumbleRevised EditionInstant Uncommon
CrusadeRevised EditionEnchantment Rare
Crystal RodRevised EditionArtifact Uncommon
Cursed LandRevised EditionEnchant Land Uncommon
Dancing ScimitarRevised EditionArtifact Creature Rare
Dark RitualRevised EditionInstant Common
DarkpactRevised EditionSorcery Rare
Death WardRevised EditionInstant Common
DeathgripRevised EditionEnchantment Uncommon
DeathlaceRevised EditionInstant Rare
Demonic AttorneyRevised EditionSorcery Rare
Demonic HordesRevised EditionCreature Rare
Demonic TutorRevised EditionSorcery Uncommon
Desert TwisterRevised EditionSorcery Uncommon
Dingus EggRevised EditionArtifact Rare
DisenchantRevised EditionInstant Common
DisintegrateRevised EditionSorcery Common
Disrupting ScepterRevised EditionArtifact Rare
Dragon EngineRevised EditionArtifact Creature Rare
Dragon WhelpRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Drain LifeRevised EditionSorcery Common
Drain PowerRevised EditionSorcery Rare
Drudge SkeletonsRevised EditionCreature Common
Dwarven WarriorsRevised EditionCreature Common
Dwarven WeaponsmithRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Earth ElementalRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
EarthbindRevised EditionEnchant Creature Common
EarthquakeRevised EditionSorcery Rare
Ebony HorseRevised EditionArtifact Rare
El HajjajRevised EditionCreature Rare
Elvish ArchersRevised EditionCreature Rare
Energy FluxRevised EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Erg RaidersRevised EditionCreature Common
Evil PresenceRevised EditionEnchant Land Uncommon
Eye for an EyeRevised EditionInstant Rare
FarmsteadRevised EditionEnchant Land Rare
FastbondRevised EditionEnchantment Rare
FearRevised EditionEnchant Creature Common
FeedbackRevised EditionEnchant Enchantment Uncommon
Fire ElementalRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
FireballRevised EditionSorcery Common
FirebreathingRevised EditionEnchant Creature Common
FlashfiresRevised EditionSorcery Uncommon
FlightRevised EditionEnchant Creature Common
Flying CarpetRevised EditionArtifact Rare
FogRevised EditionInstant Common
Force of NatureRevised EditionCreature Rare
Forest (Version 1)Revised EditionLand Common
Forest (Version 2)Revised EditionLand Common
Forest (Version 3)Revised EditionLand Common
ForkRevised EditionInstant Rare
Frozen ShadeRevised EditionCreature Common
FungusaurRevised EditionCreature Rare
Gaea's LiegeRevised EditionCreature Rare
Giant GrowthRevised EditionInstant Common
Giant SpiderRevised EditionCreature Common
Glasses of UrzaRevised EditionArtifact Uncommon
GloomRevised EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Goblin Balloon BrigadeRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Goblin KingRevised EditionCreature Rare
Granite GargoyleRevised EditionCreature Rare
Gray OgreRevised EditionCreature Common
Green WardRevised EditionEnchant Creature Uncommon
Grizzly BearsRevised EditionCreature Common
Guardian AngelRevised EditionInstant Common
Healing SalveRevised EditionInstant Common
Helm of ChatzukRevised EditionArtifact Rare
Hill GiantRevised EditionCreature Common
Holy ArmorRevised EditionEnchant Creature Common
Holy StrengthRevised EditionEnchant Creature Common
Howl from BeyondRevised EditionInstant Common
Howling MineRevised EditionArtifact Rare
Hurkyl's RecallRevised EditionInstant Rare
Hurloon MinotaurRevised EditionCreature Common
HurricaneRevised EditionSorcery Uncommon
Hypnotic SpecterRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Instill EnergyRevised EditionEnchant Creature Uncommon
Iron StarRevised EditionArtifact Uncommon
Ironroot TreefolkRevised EditionCreature Common
Island (Version 1)Revised EditionLand Common
Island (Version 2)Revised EditionLand Common
Island (Version 3)Revised EditionLand Common
Island Fish JasconiusRevised EditionCreature Rare
Island SanctuaryRevised EditionEnchantment Rare
Ivory CupRevised EditionArtifact Uncommon
Ivory TowerRevised EditionArtifact Rare
Jade MonolithRevised EditionArtifact Rare
Jandor's RingRevised EditionArtifact Rare
Jandor's SaddlebagsRevised EditionArtifact Rare
Jayemdae TomeRevised EditionArtifact Rare
JuggernautRevised EditionArtifact Creature Uncommon
JumpRevised EditionInstant Common
KarmaRevised EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Keldon WarlordRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Kird ApeRevised EditionCreature Common
Kormus BellRevised EditionArtifact Rare
KudzuRevised EditionEnchant Land Rare
LanceRevised EditionEnchant Creature Uncommon
Ley DruidRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Library of LengRevised EditionArtifact Uncommon
LifeforceRevised EditionEnchantment Uncommon
LifelaceRevised EditionInstant Rare
LifetapRevised EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Lightning BoltRevised EditionInstant Common
Living ArtifactRevised EditionEnchant Artifact Rare
Living LandsRevised EditionEnchantment Rare
Living WallRevised EditionArtifact Creature Uncommon
Llanowar ElvesRevised EditionCreature Common
Lord of AtlantisRevised EditionCreature Rare
Lord of the PitRevised EditionCreature Rare
LureRevised EditionEnchant Creature Uncommon
Magical HackRevised EditionInstant Rare
Magnetic MountainRevised EditionEnchantment Rare
Mahamoti DjinnRevised EditionCreature Rare
Mana FlareRevised EditionEnchantment Rare
Mana ShortRevised EditionInstant Rare
Mana VaultRevised EditionArtifact Rare
ManabarbsRevised EditionEnchantment Rare
MeekstoneRevised EditionArtifact Rare
Merfolk of the Pearl TridentRevised EditionCreature Common
Mesa PegasusRevised EditionCreature Common
Mijae DjinnRevised EditionCreature Rare
MillstoneRevised EditionArtifact Rare
Mind TwistRevised EditionSorcery Rare
Mishra's War MachineRevised EditionArtifact Creature Rare
Mons's Goblin RaidersRevised EditionCreature Common
Mountain (Version 1)Revised EditionLand Common
Mountain (Version 2)Revised EditionLand Common
Mountain (Version 3)Revised EditionLand Common
Nether ShadowRevised EditionCreature Rare
Nettling ImpRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Nevinyrral's DiskRevised EditionArtifact Rare
NightmareRevised EditionCreature Rare
Northern PaladinRevised EditionCreature Rare
Obsianus GolemRevised EditionArtifact Creature Uncommon
OnuletRevised EditionArtifact Creature Rare
Orcish ArtilleryRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Orcish OriflammeRevised EditionEnchantment Uncommon
OrnithopterRevised EditionArtifact Creature Uncommon
ParalyzeRevised EditionEnchant Creature Common
Pearled UnicornRevised EditionCreature Common
Personal IncarnationRevised EditionCreature Rare
PestilenceRevised EditionEnchantment Common
Phantasmal ForcesRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Phantasmal TerrainRevised EditionEnchant Land Common
Phantom MonsterRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Pirate ShipRevised EditionCreature Rare
Plague RatsRevised EditionCreature Common
Plains (Version 1)Revised EditionLand Common
Plains (Version 2)Revised EditionLand Common
Plains (Version 3)Revised EditionLand Common
PlateauRevised EditionLand Rare
Power LeakRevised EditionEnchant Enchantment Common
Power SinkRevised EditionInstant Common
Power SurgeRevised EditionEnchantment Rare
Primal ClayRevised EditionArtifact Creature Rare
Prodigal SorcererRevised EditionCreature Common
Psychic VenomRevised EditionEnchant Land Common
PurelaceRevised EditionInstant Rare
Raise DeadRevised EditionSorcery Common
ReconstructionRevised EditionSorcery Common
Red Elemental BlastRevised EditionInstant Common
Red WardRevised EditionEnchant Creature Uncommon
RegenerationRevised EditionEnchant Creature Common
RegrowthRevised EditionSorcery Uncommon
ResurrectionRevised EditionSorcery Uncommon
Reverse DamageRevised EditionInstant Rare
Reverse PolarityRevised EditionInstant Uncommon
RighteousnessRevised EditionInstant Rare
Roc of Kher RidgesRevised EditionCreature Rare
Rock HydraRevised EditionCreature Rare
Rocket LauncherRevised EditionArtifact Rare
Rod of RuinRevised EditionArtifact Uncommon
Royal AssassinRevised EditionCreature Rare
SacrificeRevised EditionInstant Uncommon
Samite HealerRevised EditionCreature Common
SavannahRevised EditionLand Rare
Savannah LionsRevised EditionCreature Rare
Scathe ZombiesRevised EditionCreature Common
Scavenging GhoulRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
ScrublandRevised EditionLand Rare
Scryb SpritesRevised EditionCreature Common
Sea SerpentRevised EditionCreature Common
Sedge TrollRevised EditionCreature Rare
Sengir VampireRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Serendib EfreetRevised EditionCreature Rare
Serra AngelRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Shanodin DryadsRevised EditionCreature Common
ShatterRevised EditionInstant Common
ShatterstormRevised EditionSorcery Uncommon
Shivan DragonRevised EditionCreature Rare
SimulacrumRevised EditionInstant Uncommon
Siren's CallRevised EditionInstant Uncommon
Sleight of MindRevised EditionInstant Rare
SmokeRevised EditionEnchantment Rare
Sol RingRevised EditionArtifact Uncommon
Sorceress QueenRevised EditionCreature Rare
Soul NetRevised EditionArtifact Uncommon
Spell BlastRevised EditionInstant Common
StasisRevised EditionEnchantment Rare
Steal ArtifactRevised EditionEnchant Artifact Uncommon
Stone GiantRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Stone RainRevised EditionSorcery Common
Stream of LifeRevised EditionSorcery Common
Sunglasses of UrzaRevised EditionArtifact Rare
Swamp (Version 1)Revised EditionLand Common
Swamp (Version 2)Revised EditionLand Common
Swamp (Version 3)Revised EditionLand Common
Swords to PlowsharesRevised EditionInstant Uncommon
TaigaRevised EditionLand Rare
TerrorRevised EditionInstant Common
The HiveRevised EditionArtifact Rare
The RackRevised EditionArtifact Uncommon
Thicket BasiliskRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
ThoughtlaceRevised EditionInstant Rare
Throne of BoneRevised EditionArtifact Uncommon
Timber WolvesRevised EditionCreature Rare
Titania's SongRevised EditionEnchantment Rare
TranquilityRevised EditionSorcery Common
Tropical IslandRevised EditionLand Rare
TsunamiRevised EditionSorcery Uncommon
TundraRevised EditionLand Rare
TunnelRevised EditionInstant Uncommon
Underground SeaRevised EditionLand Rare
Unholy StrengthRevised EditionEnchant Creature Common
Unstable MutationRevised EditionEnchant Creature Common
UnsummonRevised EditionInstant Common
Uthden TrollRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Verduran EnchantressRevised EditionCreature Rare
Vesuvan DoppelgangerRevised EditionCreature Rare
Veteran BodyguardRevised EditionCreature Rare
Volcanic EruptionRevised EditionSorcery Rare
Volcanic IslandRevised EditionLand Rare
Wall of AirRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Wall of BoneRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Wall of BramblesRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Wall of FireRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Wall of IceRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Wall of StoneRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Wall of SwordsRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Wall of WaterRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
Wall of WoodRevised EditionCreature Common
WanderlustRevised EditionEnchant Creature Uncommon
War MammothRevised EditionCreature Common
Warp ArtifactRevised EditionEnchant Artifact Rare
Water ElementalRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
WeaknessRevised EditionEnchant Creature Common
WebRevised EditionEnchant Creature Rare
Wheel of FortuneRevised EditionSorcery Rare
White KnightRevised EditionCreature Uncommon
White WardRevised EditionEnchant Creature Uncommon
Wild GrowthRevised EditionEnchant Land Common
Will O' The WispRevised EditionCreature Rare
Winter OrbRevised EditionArtifact Rare
Wooden SphereRevised EditionArtifact Uncommon
Wrath of GodRevised EditionSorcery Rare
Zombie MasterRevised EditionCreature Rare