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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Admiral's OrderRivals of IxalanInstant Rare
Aggressive UrgeRivals of IxalanInstant Common
Angrath's AmbusherRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Angrath's FuryRivals of IxalanSorcery Rare
Angrath, Minotaur PirateRivals of IxalanLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Angrath, the Flame-ChainedRivals of IxalanLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Aquatic IncursionRivals of IxalanEnchantment Uncommon
Arch of OrazcaRivals of IxalanLand Rare
Arterial FlowRivals of IxalanSorcery Uncommon
Atzal, Cave of EternityRivals of IxalanLegendary Land Rare
Atzocan SeerRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Awakened AmalgamRivals of IxalanArtifact Creature Rare
Azor's GatewayRivals of IxalanLegendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Azor, the LawbringerRivals of IxalanLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Baffling EndRivals of IxalanEnchantment Uncommon
Bishop of BindingRivals of IxalanCreature Rare
Blazing HopeRivals of IxalanInstant Uncommon
Blood SunRivals of IxalanEnchantment Rare
BombardRivals of IxalanInstant Common
Brass's BountyRivals of IxalanSorcery Rare
Brazen FreebooterRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Buccaneer's BravadoRivals of IxalanInstant Common
CacophodonRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Canal MonitorRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Captain's HookRivals of IxalanArtifact Rare
Champion of DuskRivals of IxalanCreature Rare
Charging TuskodonRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Cherished HatchlingRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Cinder BarrensRivals of IxalanLand Common
Cleansing RayRivals of IxalanSorcery Common
Colossal DreadmawRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Crafty CutpurseRivals of IxalanCreature Rare
Crashing TideRivals of IxalanSorcery Common
Crested HerdcallerRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Curious ObsessionRivals of IxalanEnchantment Uncommon
Daring BuccaneerRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Dark InquiryRivals of IxalanSorcery Common
Dead Man's ChestRivals of IxalanEnchantment Rare
Deadeye BrawlerRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Deadeye Rig-HaulerRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Deeproot EliteRivals of IxalanCreature Rare
Dinosaur HunterRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Dire Fleet DaredevilRivals of IxalanCreature Rare
Dire Fleet NeckbreakerRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Dire Fleet PoisonerRivals of IxalanCreature Rare
Divine VerdictRivals of IxalanInstant Common
Dusk ChargerRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Dusk Legion ZealotRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Elenda, the Dusk RoseRivals of IxalanLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Enter the UnknownRivals of IxalanSorcery Uncommon
Etali, Primal StormRivals of IxalanLegendary Creature Rare
Everdawn ChampionRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Evolving WildsRivals of IxalanLand Common
Expel from OrazcaRivals of IxalanInstant Uncommon
Exultant SkymarcherRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Famished PaladinRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Fanatical FirebrandRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Fathom Fleet BoarderRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Flood of RecollectionRivals of IxalanSorcery Uncommon
Forerunner of the CoalitionRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Forerunner of the EmpireRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Forerunner of the HeraldsRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Forerunner of the LegionRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
ForestRivals of IxalanBasic Land Basic Land
Form of the DinosaurRivals of IxalanEnchantment Rare
Forsaken SanctuaryRivals of IxalanLand Uncommon
Foul OrchardRivals of IxalanLand Uncommon
Frilled DeathspitterRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Ghalta, Primal HungerRivals of IxalanLegendary Creature Rare
Giltgrove StalkerRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Gleaming BarrierRivals of IxalanArtifact Creature Common
Goblin TrailblazerRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Gold-Forge GarrisonRivals of IxalanLand Rare
Golden DemiseRivals of IxalanSorcery Uncommon
Golden GuardianRivals of IxalanArtifact Creature Rare
Grasping ScoundrelRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Gruesome FateRivals of IxalanSorcery Common
Hadana's ClimbRivals of IxalanLegendary Enchantment Rare
Hardy VeteranRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Highland LakeRivals of IxalanLand Uncommon
HornswoggleRivals of IxalanInstant Uncommon
Huatli, Radiant ChampionRivals of IxalanLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Hunt the WeakRivals of IxalanSorcery Common
ImpaleRivals of IxalanSorcery Common
Imperial CeratopsRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Induced AmnesiaRivals of IxalanEnchantment Rare
IslandRivals of IxalanBasic Land Basic Land
Jade BearerRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Jadecraft ArtisanRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Jadelight RangerRivals of IxalanCreature Rare
Journey to EternityRivals of IxalanLegendary Enchantment Rare
Jungle CreeperRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Jungleborn PioneerRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Kitesail CorsairRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Knight of the StampedeRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Kumena's AwakeningRivals of IxalanEnchantment Rare
Kumena, Tyrant of OrazcaRivals of IxalanLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Legion ConquistadorRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Legion LieutenantRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Luminous BondsRivals of IxalanEnchantment Common
Majestic HeliopterusRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Martyr of DuskRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Mastermind's AcquisitionRivals of IxalanSorcery Rare
Mausoleum HarpyRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Merfolk MistbinderRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Metzali, Tower of TriumphRivals of IxalanLegendary Land Rare
Mist-Cloaked HeraldRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Moment of CravingRivals of IxalanInstant Common
Moment of TriumphRivals of IxalanInstant Common
MountainRivals of IxalanBasic Land Basic Land
MutinyRivals of IxalanSorcery Common
NaturalizeRivals of IxalanInstant Common
Needletooth RaptorRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
NegateRivals of IxalanInstant Common
Nezahal, Primal TideRivals of IxalanLegendary Creature Rare
Oathsworn VampireRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Orazca FrillbackRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Orazca RaptorRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Orazca RelicRivals of IxalanArtifact Common
Overgrown ArmasaurRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Paladin of AtonementRivals of IxalanCreature Rare
Path of DiscoveryRivals of IxalanEnchantment Rare
Path of MettleRivals of IxalanLegendary Enchantment Rare
Pirate's PillageRivals of IxalanSorcery Uncommon
Pitiless PlundererRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
PlainsRivals of IxalanBasic Land Basic Land
PlummetRivals of IxalanInstant Common
PolyraptorRivals of IxalanCreature Mythic Rare
Pride of ConquerorsRivals of IxalanInstant Uncommon
Profane ProcessionRivals of IxalanLegendary Enchantment Rare
Protean RaiderRivals of IxalanCreature Rare
Radiant DestinyRivals of IxalanEnchantment Rare
Raging RegisaurRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Raptor CompanionRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Ravenous ChupacabraRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Reaver AmbushRivals of IxalanInstant Uncommon
Reckless RageRivals of IxalanInstant Uncommon
RecoverRivals of IxalanSorcery Common
Rekindling PhoenixRivals of IxalanCreature Mythic Rare
Release to the WindRivals of IxalanInstant Rare
Relentless RaptorRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Resplendent GriffinRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
River DarterRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Riverwise AugurRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Sadistic SkymarcherRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Sailor of MeansRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Sanctum of the SunRivals of IxalanLegendary Land Mythic Rare
Sanguine GlorifierRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Sea LegsRivals of IxalanEnchantment Common
Seafloor OracleRivals of IxalanCreature Rare
Secrets of the Golden CityRivals of IxalanSorcery Common
See RedRivals of IxalanEnchantment Uncommon
Shake the FoundationsRivals of IxalanInstant Uncommon
ShatterRivals of IxalanInstant Common
Siegehorn CeratopsRivals of IxalanCreature Rare
Silent GravestoneRivals of IxalanArtifact Rare
Silverclad FerocidonsRivals of IxalanCreature Rare
Silvergill AdeptRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Siren ReaverRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Skymarcher AspirantRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Slaughter the StrongRivals of IxalanSorcery Rare
Slippery ScoundrelRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Snubhorn SentryRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Soul of the RapidsRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Sphinx's DecreeRivals of IxalanSorcery Rare
Spire WinderRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Squire's DevotionRivals of IxalanEnchantment Common
Stampeding HorncrestRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Stone QuarryRivals of IxalanLand Uncommon
Storm Fleet SprinterRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Storm Fleet SwashbucklerRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Storm the VaultRivals of IxalanLegendary Enchantment Rare
Strength of the PackRivals of IxalanSorcery Uncommon
Strider HarnessRivals of IxalanArtifact Common
Sun SentinelRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Sun-Collared RaptorRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Sun-Crested PterodonRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Swab GoblinRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Swaggering CorsairRivals of IxalanCreature Common
SwampRivals of IxalanBasic Land Basic Land
Swift WardenRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Sworn GuardianRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Temple AltisaurRivals of IxalanCreature Rare
Tendershoot DryadRivals of IxalanCreature Rare
Tetzimoc, Primal DeathRivals of IxalanLegendary Creature Rare
The Immortal SunRivals of IxalanLegendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Thrashing BrontodonRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Thunderherd MigrationRivals of IxalanSorcery Uncommon
Tilonalli's CrownRivals of IxalanEnchantment Common
Tilonalli's SummonerRivals of IxalanCreature Rare
Timestream NavigatorRivals of IxalanCreature Mythic Rare
Tomb of the Dusk RoseRivals of IxalanLegendary Land Rare
Tomb RobberRivals of IxalanCreature Rare
Trapjaw TyrantRivals of IxalanCreature Mythic Rare
Traveler's AmuletRivals of IxalanArtifact Common
Twilight ProphetRivals of IxalanCreature Mythic Rare
Vampire ChampionRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Vampire RevenantRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Vault of CatlacanRivals of IxalanLegendary Land Rare
Vona's HungerRivals of IxalanInstant Rare
Voracious VampireRivals of IxalanCreature Common
Vraska's ConquistadorRivals of IxalanCreature Uncommon
Vraska's ScornRivals of IxalanSorcery Rare
Vraska, Scheming GorgonRivals of IxalanLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Warkite MarauderRivals of IxalanCreature Rare
WaterknotRivals of IxalanEnchantment Common
Wayward SwordtoothRivals of IxalanCreature Rare
Winged Temple of OrazcaRivals of IxalanLegendary Land Rare
Woodland StreamRivals of IxalanLand Uncommon
World ShaperRivals of IxalanCreature Rare
Zacama, Primal CalamityRivals of IxalanLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Zetalpa, Primal DawnRivals of IxalanLegendary Creature Rare