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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Adamaro, First to DesireSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Aether ShockwaveSaviors of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
Akki DrillmasterSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Akki UnderlingSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Akuta, Born of AshSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Araba MothriderSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Arashi, the Sky AsunderSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Ashes of the FallenSaviors of KamigawaArtifact Rare
Ayumi, the Last VisitorSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Barrel Down SokenzanSaviors of KamigawaInstant Common
Blood ClockSaviors of KamigawaArtifact Rare
Bounteous KirinSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Briarknit KamiSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Burning-Eye ZuberaSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Captive FlameSaviors of KamigawaEnchantment Uncommon
Celestial KirinSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Charge Across the ArabaSaviors of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
Choice of DamnationsSaviors of KamigawaSorcery Rare
Cloudhoof KirinSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Cowed by WisdomSaviors of KamigawaEnchantment Common
Curtain of LightSaviors of KamigawaInstant Common
Cut the Earthly BondSaviors of KamigawaInstant Common
Death DeniedSaviors of KamigawaInstant Common
Death of a Thousand StingsSaviors of KamigawaInstant Common
Deathknell KamiSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Deathmask NezumiSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Dense CanopySaviors of KamigawaEnchantment Uncommon
Descendant of KiyomaroSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Descendant of MasumaroSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Descendant of SoramaroSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Dosan's Oldest ChantSaviors of KamigawaSorcery Common
DreamcatcherSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Ebony Owl NetsukeSaviors of KamigawaArtifact Uncommon
Eiganjo Free-RidersSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Elder Pine of JukaiSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Endless SwarmSaviors of KamigawaSorcery Rare
Enduring IdealSaviors of KamigawaSorcery Rare
Erayo, Soratami AscendantSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Eternal DominionSaviors of KamigawaSorcery Rare
EvermindSaviors of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
Exile into DarknessSaviors of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
Feral LightningSaviors of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
Fiddlehead KamiSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Footsteps of the GoryoSaviors of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
Freed from the RealSaviors of KamigawaEnchantment Common
Gaze of AdamaroSaviors of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
Ghost-Lit NourisherSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Ghost-Lit RaiderSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Ghost-Lit RedeemerSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Ghost-Lit StalkerSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Ghost-Lit WarderSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
GlitterfangSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Gnat MiserSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Godo's IrregularsSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Hail of ArrowsSaviors of Kamigawa  Uncommon
Hand of CrueltySaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Hand of HonorSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Haru-OnnaSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Hidetsugu's Second RiteSaviors of KamigawaInstant Rare
Homura, Human AscendantSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Ideas UnboundSaviors of KamigawaSorcery Common
Iizuka the RuthlessSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Iname as OneSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Infernal KirinSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Inner Calm, Outer StrengthSaviors of KamigawaInstant Common
Inner FireSaviors of KamigawaSorcery Common
Inner-Chamber GuardSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Into the FraySaviors of KamigawaInstant Common
Ivory Crane NetsukeSaviors of KamigawaArtifact Uncommon
Jiwari, the Earth AflameSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Kagemaro's ClutchSaviors of KamigawaEnchantment Common
Kagemaro, First to SufferSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Kaho, Minamo HistorianSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Kami of Empty GravesSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Kami of the Crescent MoonSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Kami of the Tended GardenSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Kashi-Tribe EliteSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Kataki, War's WageSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Kemuri-OnnaSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Kiku's ShadowSaviors of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
Kiri-OnnaSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Kitsune BonesetterSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Kitsune DawnbladeSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Kitsune LoreweaverSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Kiyomaro, First to StandSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Kuon, Ogre AscendantSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Kuro's TakenSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Locust MiserSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Maga, Traitor to MortalsSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Manriki-GusariSaviors of KamigawaArtifact Uncommon
Masumaro, First to LiveSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Matsu-Tribe BirdstalkerSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Measure of WickednessSaviors of KamigawaEnchantment Uncommon
Meishin, the Mind CageSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Enchantment Rare
Michiko Konda, Truth SeekerSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Mikokoro, Center of the SeaSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Land Rare
Minamo ScrollkeeperSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Miren, the Moaning WellSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Land Rare
Molting SkinSaviors of KamigawaEnchantment Uncommon
Moonbow IllusionistSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Moonwing MothSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Murmurs from BeyondSaviors of KamigawaInstant Common
Neverending TormentSaviors of KamigawaSorcery Rare
Nightsoil KamiSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Nikko-OnnaSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
O-NaginataSaviors of KamigawaArtifact Uncommon
Oboro BreezecallerSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Oboro EnvoySaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Oboro, Palace in the CloudsSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Land Rare
Okina NightwatchSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
One with NothingSaviors of KamigawaInstant Rare
Oni of Wild PlacesSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Oppressive WillSaviors of KamigawaInstant Common
Overwhelming IntellectSaviors of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
Pain's RewardSaviors of KamigawaSorcery Rare
Path of Anger's FlameSaviors of KamigawaInstant Common
Pithing NeedleSaviors of Kamigawa  Rare
Plow Through ReitoSaviors of KamigawaInstant Common
Presence of the WiseSaviors of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
Promise of BunreiSaviors of KamigawaEnchantment Rare
Promised KannushiSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Pure IntentionsSaviors of KamigawaInstant Rare
Rally the HordeSaviors of KamigawaSorcery Rare
Raving Oni-SlaveSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Razorjaw OniSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Reki, the History of KamigawaSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Rending VinesSaviors of KamigawaInstant Common
ReverenceSaviors of KamigawaEnchantment Rare
Ronin CavekeeperSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Rune-Tail, Kitsune AscendantSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Rushing-Tide ZuberaSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Sakashima the ImpostorSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Sakura-Tribe ScoutSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Sasaya, Orochi AscendantSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Scroll of OriginsSaviors of KamigawaArtifact Rare
SecretkeeperSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Seed the LandSaviors of KamigawaEnchantment Rare
Seek the HorizonSaviors of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
Sekki, Seasons' GuideSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Shape StealerSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Shifting BordersSaviors of KamigawaInstant Uncommon
Shinen of Fear's ChillSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Shinen of Flight's WingsSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Shinen of Fury's FireSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Shinen of Life's RoarSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Shinen of Stars' LightSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Sink into TakenumaSaviors of KamigawaSorcery Common
Skull CollectorSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Skyfire KirinSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Sokenzan RenegadeSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Sokenzan SpellbladeSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Soramaro, First to DreamSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Creature Rare
Soratami Cloud ChariotSaviors of KamigawaArtifact Uncommon
Spiraling EmbersSaviors of KamigawaSorcery Common
Spiritual VisitSaviors of KamigawaInstant Common
Stampeding SerowSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
Sunder from WithinSaviors of KamigawaSorcery Uncommon
Thoughts of RuinSaviors of KamigawaSorcery Rare
Tomb of UramiSaviors of KamigawaLegendary Land Rare
Torii WatchwardSaviors of KamigawaCreature Common
Trusted AdvisorSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon
TwincastSaviors of Kamigawa  Rare
Undying FlamesSaviors of KamigawaSorcery Rare
Wine of Blood and IronSaviors of KamigawaArtifact Rare
Yuki-OnnaSaviors of KamigawaCreature Uncommon