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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Abuna AcolyteScars of MirrodinCreature Uncommon
Accorder's ShieldScars of MirrodinArtifact Common
Acid Web SpiderScars of MirrodinCreature Uncommon
Alpha TyrranaxScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Arc TrailScars of MirrodinSorcery Uncommon
Argent SphinxScars of MirrodinCreature Rare
Argentum ArmorScars of MirrodinArtifact Rare
ArrestScars of MirrodinEnchantment Common
AsceticismScars of MirrodinEnchantment Rare
Assault StrobeScars of MirrodinSorcery Common
Auriok EdgewrightScars of MirrodinCreature Uncommon
Auriok ReplicaScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Common
Auriok SunchaserScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Barbed BattlegearScars of MirrodinArtifact Uncommon
Barrage OgreScars of MirrodinCreature Uncommon
Bellowing TanglewurmScars of MirrodinCreature Uncommon
Blackcleave CliffsScars of MirrodinLand Rare
Blackcleave GoblinScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Blade Tribe BerserkersScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Bladed PinionsScars of MirrodinArtifact Common
Bleak Coven VampiresScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Blight MambaScars of MirrodinCreature Common
BlistergrubScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Bloodshot TraineeScars of MirrodinCreature Uncommon
Blunt the AssaultScars of MirrodinInstant Common
Bonds of QuicksilverScars of MirrodinEnchantment Common
Carapace ForgerScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Carnifex DemonScars of MirrodinCreature Rare
Carrion CallScars of MirrodinInstant Uncommon
Cerebral EruptionScars of MirrodinSorcery Rare
Chimeric MassScars of MirrodinArtifact Rare
Chrome SteedScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Common
Clone ShellScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Uncommon
Contagion ClaspScars of MirrodinArtifact Uncommon
Contagion EngineScars of MirrodinArtifact Rare
Contagious NimScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Copper MyrScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Common
Copperhorn ScoutScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Copperline GorgeScars of MirrodinLand Rare
Corpse CurScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Common
Corrupted HarvesterScars of MirrodinCreature Uncommon
Culling DaisScars of MirrodinArtifact Uncommon
CystbearerScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Darkslick DrakeScars of MirrodinCreature Uncommon
Darkslick ShoresScars of MirrodinLand Rare
Darksteel AxeScars of MirrodinArtifact Uncommon
Darksteel JuggernautScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Rare
Darksteel MyrScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Uncommon
Darksteel SentinelScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Uncommon
Dispense JusticeScars of MirrodinInstant Uncommon
DisperseScars of MirrodinInstant Common
Dissipation FieldScars of MirrodinEnchantment Rare
Dross HopperScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Echo CircletScars of MirrodinArtifact Common
Elspeth TirelScars of MirrodinPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
EmbersmithScars of MirrodinCreature Uncommon
Engulfing SlagwurmScars of MirrodinCreature Rare
Etched ChampionScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Rare
ExsanguinateScars of MirrodinSorcery Uncommon
Ezuri's ArchersScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Ezuri's BrigadeScars of MirrodinCreature Rare
Ezuri, Renegade LeaderScars of MirrodinLegendary Creature Rare
FerrovoreScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Flameborn HellionScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Flesh AllergyScars of MirrodinSorcery Uncommon
Flight SpellbombScars of MirrodinArtifact Common
ForestScars of MirrodinBasic Land Basic Land
Fulgent DistractionScars of MirrodinInstant Common
Fume SpitterScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Furnace CelebrationScars of MirrodinEnchantment Uncommon
Galvanic BlastScars of MirrodinInstant Common
Genesis WaveScars of MirrodinSorcery Rare
Geth, Lord of the VaultScars of MirrodinLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Ghalma's WardenScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Glimmerpoint StagScars of MirrodinCreature Uncommon
GlimmerpostScars of MirrodinLand Common
Glint HawkScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Glint Hawk IdolScars of MirrodinArtifact Common
Goblin GaveleerScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Gold MyrScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Common
Golden UrnScars of MirrodinArtifact Common
Golem ArtisanScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Uncommon
Golem FoundryScars of MirrodinArtifact Common
Golem's HeartScars of MirrodinArtifact Uncommon
Grafted ExoskeletonScars of MirrodinArtifact Uncommon
Grand ArchitectScars of MirrodinCreature Rare
Grasp of DarknessScars of MirrodinInstant Common
GrindclockScars of MirrodinArtifact Rare
Halt OrderScars of MirrodinInstant Uncommon
Hand of the PraetorsScars of MirrodinCreature Rare
Heavy ArbalestScars of MirrodinArtifact Uncommon
Hoard-Smelter DragonScars of MirrodinCreature Rare
Horizon SpellbombScars of MirrodinArtifact Common
Ichor RatsScars of MirrodinCreature Uncommon
Ichorclaw MyrScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Common
Indomitable ArchangelScars of MirrodinCreature Mythic Rare
Inexorable TideScars of MirrodinEnchantment Rare
Infiltration LensScars of MirrodinArtifact Uncommon
Instill InfectionScars of MirrodinInstant Common
Iron MyrScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Common
IslandScars of MirrodinBasic Land Basic Land
Kemba's SkyguardScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Kemba, Kha RegentScars of MirrodinLegendary Creature Rare
Koth of the HammerScars of MirrodinPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Kuldotha ForgemasterScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Rare
Kuldotha PhoenixScars of MirrodinCreature Rare
Kuldotha RebirthScars of MirrodinSorcery Common
Leaden MyrScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Common
Leonin ArbiterScars of MirrodinCreature Rare
Liege of the TangleScars of MirrodinCreature Mythic Rare
LifesmithScars of MirrodinCreature Uncommon
Liquimetal CoatingScars of MirrodinArtifact Uncommon
Livewire LashScars of MirrodinArtifact Rare
Loxodon WayfarerScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Lumengrid DrakeScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Lux CannonScars of MirrodinArtifact Mythic Rare
Melt TerrainScars of MirrodinSorcery Common
MemniteScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Uncommon
MemoricideScars of MirrodinSorcery Rare
Mimic VatScars of MirrodinArtifact Rare
MindslaverScars of MirrodinLegendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Molder BeastScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Molten PsycheScars of MirrodinSorcery Rare
Molten Tail MasticoreScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Mythic Rare
Moriok ReaverScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Moriok ReplicaScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Common
MountainScars of MirrodinBasic Land Basic Land
Mox OpalScars of MirrodinLegendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Myr BattlesphereScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Rare
Myr GalvanizerScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Uncommon
Myr PropagatorScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Rare
Myr ReservoirScars of MirrodinArtifact Rare
MyrsmithScars of MirrodinCreature Uncommon
Necrogen CenserScars of MirrodinArtifact Common
Necrogen ScudderScars of MirrodinCreature Uncommon
NecropedeScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Uncommon
Necrotic OozeScars of MirrodinCreature Rare
Neurok InvisimancerScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Neurok ReplicaScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Common
Nihil SpellbombScars of MirrodinArtifact Common
Nim DeathmantleScars of MirrodinArtifact Rare
Ogre GeargrabberScars of MirrodinCreature Uncommon
Origin SpellbombScars of MirrodinArtifact Common
Oxidda DaredevilScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Oxidda ScrapmelterScars of MirrodinCreature Uncommon
Painful QuandaryScars of MirrodinEnchantment Rare
PainsmithScars of MirrodinCreature Uncommon
Palladium MyrScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Uncommon
Panic SpellbombScars of MirrodinArtifact Common
Perilous MyrScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Common
Plague StingerScars of MirrodinCreature Common
PlainsScars of MirrodinBasic Land Basic Land
Plated SeastriderScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Platinum EmperionScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Mythic Rare
Precursor GolemScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Rare
Prototype PortalScars of MirrodinArtifact Rare
Psychic MiasmaScars of MirrodinSorcery Common
PutrefaxScars of MirrodinCreature Rare
Quicksilver GargantuanScars of MirrodinCreature Mythic Rare
Ratchet BombScars of MirrodinArtifact Rare
Razor HippogriffScars of MirrodinCreature Uncommon
Razorfield ThresherScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Common
Razorverge ThicketScars of MirrodinLand Rare
Relic PutrescenceScars of MirrodinEnchantment Common
Revoke ExistenceScars of MirrodinSorcery Common
RiddlesmithScars of MirrodinCreature Uncommon
Rust TickScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Uncommon
Rusted RelicScars of MirrodinArtifact Uncommon
Saberclaw GolemScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Common
Salvage ScoutScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Scoria ElementalScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Scrapdiver SerpentScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Screeching SilcawScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Seachrome CoastScars of MirrodinLand Rare
Seize the InitiativeScars of MirrodinInstant Common
Semblance AnvilScars of MirrodinArtifact Rare
Shape AnewScars of MirrodinSorcery Rare
ShatterScars of MirrodinInstant Common
Silver MyrScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Common
SkinrenderScars of MirrodinCreature Uncommon
Skithiryx, the Blight DragonScars of MirrodinLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Sky Eel SchoolScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Slice in TwainScars of MirrodinInstant Uncommon
Snapsail GliderScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Common
SolitonScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Common
Soul ParryScars of MirrodinInstant Common
Spikeshot ElderScars of MirrodinCreature Rare
Steady ProgressScars of MirrodinInstant Common
Steel HellkiteScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Rare
Stoic RebuttalScars of MirrodinInstant Common
Strata ScytheScars of MirrodinArtifact Rare
Strider HarnessScars of MirrodinArtifact Common
Sunblast AngelScars of MirrodinCreature Rare
Sunspear ShikariScars of MirrodinCreature Common
SwampScars of MirrodinBasic Land Basic Land
Sword of Body and MindScars of MirrodinArtifact Mythic Rare
Sylvok LifestaffScars of MirrodinArtifact Common
Sylvok ReplicaScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Common
Tainted StrikeScars of MirrodinInstant Common
Tangle AnglerScars of MirrodinCreature Uncommon
Tel Jilad DefianceScars of MirrodinInstant Common
Tel Jilad FallenScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Tempered SteelScars of MirrodinEnchantment Rare
Throne of GethScars of MirrodinArtifact Uncommon
ThrummingbirdScars of MirrodinCreature Uncommon
Tower of CalamitiesScars of MirrodinArtifact Rare
Trigon of CorruptionScars of MirrodinArtifact Uncommon
Trigon of InfestationScars of MirrodinArtifact Uncommon
Trigon of MendingScars of MirrodinArtifact Uncommon
Trigon of RageScars of MirrodinArtifact Uncommon
Trigon of ThoughtScars of MirrodinArtifact Uncommon
Trinket MageScars of MirrodinCreature Uncommon
True ConvictionScars of MirrodinEnchantment Rare
Tumble MagnetScars of MirrodinArtifact Common
Tunnel IgnusScars of MirrodinCreature Rare
Turn AsideScars of MirrodinInstant Common
Turn to SlagScars of MirrodinSorcery Common
Twisted ImageScars of MirrodinInstant Uncommon
Untamed MightScars of MirrodinInstant Common
Vault SkywardScars of MirrodinInstant Common
Vector AspScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Common
Vedalken CertarchScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Venser's JournalScars of MirrodinArtifact Rare
Venser, the SojournerScars of MirrodinPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Vigil for the LostScars of MirrodinEnchantment Uncommon
Viridian RevelScars of MirrodinEnchantment Uncommon
Volition ReinsScars of MirrodinEnchantment Uncommon
Vulshok HeartstokerScars of MirrodinCreature Common
Vulshok ReplicaScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Common
Wall of TanglecordScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Common
Whitesun's PassageScars of MirrodinInstant Common
Wing PunctureScars of MirrodinInstant Common
Withstand DeathScars of MirrodinInstant Common
Wurmcoil EngineScars of MirrodinArtifact Creature Mythic Rare