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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Ad NauseamShards Of AlaraInstant Rare
Agony WarpShards Of AlaraInstant Common
Ajani VengeantShards Of AlaraPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Akrasan SquireShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Algae GharialShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Angel's HeraldShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Angelic BenedictionShards Of AlaraEnchantment Uncommon
AngelsongShards Of AlaraInstant Common
Arcane SanctumShards Of AlaraLand Uncommon
Archdemon of UnxShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
Banewasp AfflictionShards Of AlaraEnchantment Common
Bant BattlemageShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Bant CharmShards Of AlaraInstant Uncommon
Bant PanoramaShards Of AlaraLand Common
Battlegrace AngelShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
Behemoth's HeraldShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
BlightningShards Of AlaraSorcery Common
Blister BeetleShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Blood CultistShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Bloodpyre ElementalShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Bloodthorn TaunterShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Bone SplintersShards Of AlaraSorcery Common
Branching BoltShards Of AlaraInstant Common
Brilliant UltimatumShards Of AlaraSorcery Rare
Broodmate DragonShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
Bull CerodonShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Caldera HellionShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
Call to HeelShards Of AlaraInstant Common
CancelShards Of AlaraInstant Common
Carrion ThrashShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Cathartic AdeptShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Cavern ThoctarShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Clarion UltimatumShards Of AlaraSorcery Rare
Cloudheath DrakeShards Of AlaraArtifact Creature Common
Coma VeilShards Of AlaraEnchantment Common
Corpse ConnoisseurShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Courier's CapsuleShards Of AlaraArtifact Common
Court ArchersShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Covenant of MindsShards Of AlaraSorcery Rare
Cradle of VitalityShards Of AlaraEnchantment Rare
Crucible of FireShards Of AlaraEnchantment Rare
Cruel UltimatumShards Of AlaraSorcery Rare
Crumbling NecropolisShards Of AlaraLand Uncommon
Cunning LethemancerShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
Cylian ElfShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Dawnray ArcherShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Death BaronShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
DeathgreeterShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Deft DuelistShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Demon's HeraldShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Dispeller's CapsuleShards Of AlaraArtifact Common
Dragon FodderShards Of AlaraSorcery Common
Dragon's HeraldShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Dreg ReaverShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Dregscape ZombieShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Druid of the AnimaShards Of AlaraCreature Common
DrumhunterShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Elspeth, Knight-ErrantShards Of AlaraPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Elvish VisionaryShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Empyrial ArchangelShards Of AlaraCreature Mythic Rare
Esper BattlemageShards Of AlaraArtifact Creature Uncommon
Esper CharmShards Of AlaraInstant Uncommon
Esper PanoramaShards Of AlaraLand Common
Etherium AstrolabeShards Of AlaraArtifact Uncommon
Etherium SculptorShards Of AlaraArtifact Creature Common
Ethersworn CanonistShards Of AlaraArtifact Creature Rare
ExcommunicateShards Of AlaraSorcery Common
Executioner's CapsuleShards Of AlaraArtifact Common
Exuberant FirestokerShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
FatestitcherShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Feral HydraShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
Filigree SagesShards Of AlaraArtifact Creature Uncommon
Fire Field OgreShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Flameblast DragonShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
Fleshbag MarauderShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
ForestShards Of AlaraBasic Land Common
ForestShards Of AlaraBasic Land Common
ForestShards Of AlaraBasic Land Common
ForestShards Of AlaraBasic Land Common
Gather SpecimensShards Of AlaraInstant Rare
Gift of the GargantuanShards Of AlaraSorcery Common
Glaze FiendShards Of AlaraArtifact Creature Common
Goblin AssaultShards Of AlaraEnchantment Rare
Goblin DeathraidersShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Goblin MountaineerShards Of AlaraCreature Common
GodsireShards Of AlaraCreature Mythic Rare
GodtoucherShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Grixis BattlemageShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Grixis CharmShards Of AlaraInstant Uncommon
Grixis PanoramaShards Of AlaraLand Common
Guardians of AkrasaShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Gustrider ExuberantShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Hell's ThunderShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
Hellkite OverlordShards Of AlaraCreature Mythic Rare
Hindering LightShards Of AlaraInstant Common
Hissing IguanarShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Immortal CoilShards Of AlaraArtifact Rare
Incurable OgreShards Of AlaraCreature Common
InfestShards Of AlaraSorcery Uncommon
Invincible HymnShards Of AlaraSorcery Rare
IslandShards Of AlaraBasic Land Common
IslandShards Of AlaraBasic Land Common
IslandShards Of AlaraBasic Land Common
IslandShards Of AlaraBasic Land Common
Jhessian InfiltratorShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Jhessian LookoutShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Jund BattlemageShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Jund CharmShards Of AlaraInstant Uncommon
Jund PanoramaShards Of AlaraLand Common
Jungle ShrineShards Of AlaraLand Uncommon
Jungle WeaverShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Kathari ScreecherShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Kederekt CreeperShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Kederekt LeviathanShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
Keeper of ProgenitusShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
Kiss of the AmeshaShards Of AlaraSorcery Uncommon
Knight Captain of EosShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
Knight of the Skyward EyeShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Knight of the White OrchidShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
Kresh the BloodbraidedShards Of AlaraLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Lich's MirrorShards Of AlaraArtifact Mythic Rare
Lightning TalonsShards Of AlaraEnchantment Common
Lush GrowthShards Of AlaraEnchantment Common
Magma SprayShards Of AlaraInstant Common
ManaplasmShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
Marble ChaliceShards Of AlaraArtifact Common
Master of EtheriumShards Of AlaraArtifact Creature Rare
Mayael the AnimaShards Of AlaraLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Memory ErosionShards Of AlaraEnchantment Rare
MetallurgeonShards Of AlaraArtifact Creature Uncommon
Mighty EmergenceShards Of AlaraEnchantment Uncommon
Mindlock OrbShards Of AlaraArtifact Rare
Minion ReflectorShards Of AlaraArtifact Rare
MosstodonShards Of AlaraCreature Common
MountainShards Of AlaraBasic Land Common
MountainShards Of AlaraBasic Land Common
MountainShards Of AlaraBasic Land Common
MountainShards Of AlaraBasic Land Common
MycolothShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
NaturalizeShards Of AlaraInstant Common
Naya BattlemageShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Naya CharmShards Of AlaraInstant Uncommon
Naya PanoramaShards Of AlaraLand Common
NecrogenesisShards Of AlaraEnchantment Uncommon
Obelisk of BantShards Of AlaraArtifact Common
Obelisk of EsperShards Of AlaraArtifact Common
Obelisk of GrixisShards Of AlaraArtifact Common
Obelisk of JundShards Of AlaraArtifact Common
Obelisk of NayaShards Of AlaraArtifact Common
Oblivion RingShards Of AlaraEnchantment Common
Onyx GobletShards Of AlaraArtifact Common
Ooze GardenShards Of AlaraEnchantment Rare
Outrider of JhessShards Of AlaraCreature Common
PlainsShards Of AlaraBasic Land Common
PlainsShards Of AlaraBasic Land Common
PlainsShards Of AlaraBasic Land Common
PlainsShards Of AlaraBasic Land Common
Predator DragonShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
Prince of ThrallsShards Of AlaraCreature Mythic Rare
Protomatter PowderShards Of AlaraArtifact Uncommon
Punish IgnoranceShards Of AlaraInstant Rare
Puppet ConjurerShards Of AlaraArtifact Creature Uncommon
Qasali AmbusherShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Quietus SpikeShards Of AlaraArtifact Rare
Rafiq of the ManyShards Of AlaraLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Rakeclaw GargantuanShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Ranger of EosShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
Realm RazerShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
Relic of ProgenitusShards Of AlaraArtifact Common
Resounding RoarShards Of AlaraInstant Common
Resounding ScreamShards Of AlaraSorcery Common
Resounding SilenceShards Of AlaraInstant Common
Resounding ThunderShards Of AlaraInstant Common
Resounding WaveShards Of AlaraInstant Common
Rhox ChargerShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Rhox War MonkShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Ridge RannetShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Rip Clan CrasherShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Rockcaster PlatoonShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Rockslide ElementalShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Sacellum GodspeakerShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
Salvage TitanShards Of AlaraArtifact Creature Rare
Sanctum GargoyleShards Of AlaraArtifact Creature Common
Sangrite SurgeShards Of AlaraSorcery Uncommon
Sarkhan VolShards Of AlaraPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Savage HungerShards Of AlaraEnchantment Common
Savage LandsShards Of AlaraLand Uncommon
Scavenger DrakeShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Scourge DevilShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
ScourglassShards Of AlaraArtifact Rare
Seaside CitadelShards Of AlaraLand Uncommon
Sedraxis SpecterShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
Sedris, the Traitor KingShards Of AlaraLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
ShadowfeedShards Of AlaraInstant Common
Sharding SphinxShards Of AlaraArtifact Creature Rare
Sharuum the HegemonShards Of AlaraLegendary Artifact Creature Mythic Rare
Shore SnapperShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Sighted Caste SorcererShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Sigil BlessingShards Of AlaraInstant Common
Sigil of DistinctionShards Of AlaraArtifact Rare
Sigiled PaladinShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Skeletal KathariShards Of AlaraCreature Common
SkeletonizeShards Of AlaraInstant Uncommon
Skill BorrowerShards Of AlaraArtifact Creature Rare
SkullmulcherShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
Soul's FireShards Of AlaraInstant Common
Soul's GraceShards Of AlaraInstant Common
Soul's MightShards Of AlaraSorcery Common
Spearbreaker BehemothShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
Spell SnipShards Of AlaraInstant Common
Sphinx SovereignShards Of AlaraArtifact Creature Mythic Rare
Sphinx's HeraldShards Of AlaraArtifact Creature Uncommon
Sprouting ThrinaxShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Steelclad SerpentShards Of AlaraArtifact Creature Common
Steward of ValeronShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Stoic AngelShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
Sunseed NurturerShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
SwampShards Of AlaraBasic Land Common
SwampShards Of AlaraBasic Land Common
SwampShards Of AlaraBasic Land Common
SwampShards Of AlaraBasic Land Common
SwerveShards Of AlaraInstant Uncommon
Tar FiendShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
Tezzeret the SeekerShards Of AlaraPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Thorn Thrash ViashinoShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Thoughtcutter AgentShards Of AlaraArtifact Creature Uncommon
Thunder Thrash ElderShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Tidehollow ScullerShards Of AlaraArtifact Creature Uncommon
Tidehollow StrixShards Of AlaraArtifact Creature Common
Titanic UltimatumShards Of AlaraSorcery Rare
Topan AsceticShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Tortoise FormationShards Of AlaraInstant Common
Tower GargoyleShards Of AlaraArtifact Creature Uncommon
Undead LeotauShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Vectis SilencersShards Of AlaraArtifact Creature Common
Vein DrinkerShards Of AlaraCreature Rare
Viashino SkeletonShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Vicious ShadowsShards Of AlaraEnchantment Rare
Violent UltimatumShards Of AlaraSorcery Rare
Viscera DraggerShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Vithian StingerShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Volcanic SubmersionShards Of AlaraSorcery Common
Waveskimmer AvenShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Welkin GuideShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Where Ancients TreadShards Of AlaraEnchantment Rare
Wild NacatlShards Of AlaraCreature Common
Windwright MageShards Of AlaraArtifact Creature Common
Woolly ThoctarShards Of AlaraCreature Uncommon
Yoked PlowbeastShards Of AlaraCreature Common