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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Abyssal HorrorStarter 1999Creature Rare
Air ElementalStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Alluring ScentStarter 1999Sorcery Rare
Ancient CravingStarter 1999Sorcery Rare
Angel of LightStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Angel of MercyStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Angelic BlessingStarter 1999Sorcery Common
ArchangelStarter 1999Creature Rare
Ardent MilitiaStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
ArmageddonStarter 1999Sorcery Rare
Barbtooth WurmStarter 1999Creature Common
BargainStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
Blinding LightStarter 1999Sorcery Rare
Bog ImpStarter 1999Creature Common
Bog RaidersStarter 1999Creature Common
Bog WraithStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Border GuardStarter 1999Creature Common
Breath of LifeStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
Bull HippoStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Champion LancerStarter 1999Creature Rare
Charging PaladinStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Chorus of WoeStarter 1999Sorcery Common
Cinder StormStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
CoercionStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
Coral EelStarter 1999Creature Common
CounterspellStarter 1999Instant Uncommon
Dakmor GhoulStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Dakmor LancerStarter 1999Creature Rare
Dakmor PlagueStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
Dakmor ScorpionStarter 1999Creature Common
Dakmor SorceressStarter 1999Creature Rare
Dark OfferingStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
Denizen of the DeepStarter 1999Creature Rare
DevastationStarter 1999Sorcery Rare
Devoted HeroStarter 1999Creature Common
Devout MonkStarter 1999Creature Common
Dread ReaperStarter 1999Creature Rare
Durkwood BoarsStarter 1999Creature Common
Eager CadetStarter 1999Creature S
Earth ElementalStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
ExhaustionStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
ExtinguishStarter 1999Instant Common
Eye SpyStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
False PeaceStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
Feral ShadowStarter 1999Creature Common
Fire ElementalStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Fire TempestStarter 1999Sorcery Rare
Foot SoldiersStarter 1999Creature Common
Forest (Version 1)Starter 1999Land Common
Forest (Version 2)Starter 1999Land Common
Forest (Version 3)Starter 1999Land Common
Forest (Version 4)Starter 1999Land Common
Gerrard's WisdomStarter 1999Sorcery Rare
Giant OctopusStarter 1999Creature Common
Goblin CavaliersStarter 1999Creature Common
Goblin ChariotStarter 1999Creature Common
Goblin CommandoStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Goblin GeneralStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Goblin GliderStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Goblin HeroStarter 1999Creature S
Goblin LoreStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
Goblin MountaineerStarter 1999Creature Common
Goblin SettlerStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Gorilla WarriorStarter 1999Creature Common
GravediggerStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Grim TutorStarter 1999Sorcery Rare
Grizzly BearsStarter 1999Creature Common
Hand of DeathStarter 1999Sorcery Common
Hollow DogsStarter 1999Creature Common
Howling FuryStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
Hulking GoblinStarter 1999Creature Common
Hulking OgreStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Ingenious ThiefStarter 1999Creature Common
Island (Version 1)Starter 1999Land Common
Island (Version 2)Starter 1999Land Common
Island (Version 3)Starter 1999Land Common
Island (Version 4)Starter 1999Land Common
Jagged LightningStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
Knight ErrantStarter 1999Creature Common
Last ChanceStarter 1999Sorcery Rare
Lava AxeStarter 1999Sorcery Common
Lone WolfStarter 1999Creature Common
Loyal SentryStarter 1999Creature Rare
LynxStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Man o' WarStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Merfolk of the Pearl TridentStarter 1999Creature S
Mind RotStarter 1999Sorcery Common
Mons's Goblin RaidersStarter 1999Creature S
Monstrous GrowthStarter 1999Sorcery Common
Moon SpriteStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Mountain (Version 1)Starter 1999Land Common
Mountain (Version 2)Starter 1999Land Common
Mountain (Version 3)Starter 1999Land Common
Mountain (Version 4)Starter 1999Land Common
Muck RatsStarter 1999Creature Common
Natural SpringStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
Nature's CloakStarter 1999Sorcery Rare
Nature's LoreStarter 1999Sorcery Common
Norwood ArchersStarter 1999Creature Common
Norwood RangerStarter 1999Creature Common
Ogre WarriorStarter 1999Creature Common
Owl FamiliarStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Path of PeaceStarter 1999Sorcery Common
Phantom WarriorStarter 1999Creature Rare
PiracyStarter 1999Sorcery Rare
Plains (Version 1)Starter 1999Land Common
Plains (Version 2)Starter 1999Land Common
Plains (Version 3)Starter 1999Land Common
Plains (Version 4)Starter 1999Land Common
Pride of LionsStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Psychic TransferStarter 1999Sorcery Rare
Raging GoblinStarter 1999Creature Common
Raise DeadStarter 1999Sorcery Common
RansackStarter 1999Sorcery Rare
Ravenous RatsStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
RelearnStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
Relentless AssaultStarter 1999Sorcery Rare
Remove SoulStarter 1999Instant Common
Renewing TouchStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
Righteous ChargeStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
Righteous FuryStarter 1999Sorcery Rare
Royal FalconStarter 1999Creature S
Royal TrooperStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Sacred NectarStarter 1999Sorcery Common
Scathe ZombiesStarter 1999Creature S
Scorching SpearStarter 1999Sorcery Common
Sea EagleStarter 1999Creature S
Serpent WarriorStarter 1999Creature Common
Shrieking SpecterStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Silverback ApeStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Sleight of HandStarter 1999Sorcery Common
Snapping DrakeStarter 1999Creature Common
Soul FeastStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
Southern ElephantStarter 1999Creature Common
Spitting EarthStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
SquallStarter 1999Sorcery Common
SteadfastnessStarter 1999Sorcery Common
Stone RainStarter 1999Sorcery Common
Storm CrowStarter 1999Creature Common
Stream of AcidStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
Summer BloomStarter 1999Sorcery Rare
Swamp (Version 1)Starter 1999Land Common
Swamp (Version 2)Starter 1999Land Common
Swamp (Version 3)Starter 1999Land Common
Swamp (Version 4)Starter 1999Land Common
Sylvan BasiliskStarter 1999Creature Rare
Sylvan YetiStarter 1999Creature Rare
Thorn ElementalStarter 1999Creature Rare
Thunder DragonStarter 1999Creature Rare
TidingsStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
Time EbbStarter 1999Sorcery Common
Time WarpStarter 1999Sorcery Rare
Touch of BrillianceStarter 1999Sorcery Common
Trained OrggStarter 1999Creature Rare
TremorStarter 1999Sorcery Common
UndoStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
Untamed WildsStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
Venerable MonkStarter 1999Creature Common
VengeanceStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
Veteran CavalierStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
VizzerdrixStarter 1999Creature Rare
Volcanic DragonStarter 1999Creature Rare
Volcanic HammerStarter 1999Sorcery Common
Water ElementalStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Whiptail WurmStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
WhirlwindStarter 1999Sorcery Rare
Wicked PactStarter 1999Sorcery Rare
Wild GriffinStarter 1999Creature Common
Wild OxStarter 1999Creature Uncommon
Willow ElfStarter 1999Creature S
Wind DrakeStarter 1999Creature Common
Wind SailStarter 1999Sorcery Uncommon
Wood ElvesStarter 1999Creature Uncommon