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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
AbundanceTenth EditionEnchantment Rare
Academy ResearchersTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Adarkar WastesTenth EditionLand Rare
AfflictTenth EditionInstant Common
Aggressive UrgeTenth EditionInstant Common
Agonizing MemoriesTenth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Air ElementalTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Ambassador LaquatusTenth EditionLegendary Creature Rare
Anaba BodyguardTenth EditionCreature Common
Ancestor's ChosenTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Angel of MercyTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Angel's FeatherTenth EditionArtifact Uncommon
Angelic BlessingTenth EditionSorcery Common
Angelic ChorusTenth EditionEnchantment Rare
Angelic WallTenth EditionCreature Common
Arcane TeachingsTenth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Arcanis the OmnipotentTenth EditionLegendary Creature Rare
Ascendant EvincarTenth EditionLegendary Creature Rare
AssassinateTenth EditionSorcery Common
Aura GraftTenth EditionInstant Uncommon
Aura of SilenceTenth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Avatar of MightTenth EditionCreature Rare
Aven CloudchaserTenth EditionCreature Common
Aven FisherTenth EditionCreature Common
Aven WindreaderTenth EditionCreature Common
Ballista SquadTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
BandageTenth EditionInstant Common
Battlefield ForgeTenth EditionLand Rare
Beacon of DestructionTenth EditionInstant Rare
Beacon of ImmortalityTenth EditionInstant Rare
Beacon of UnrestTenth EditionSorcery Rare
Benalish KnightTenth EditionCreature Common
Birds of ParadiseTenth EditionCreature Rare
Blanchwood ArmorTenth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
BlazeTenth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Bloodfire ColossusTenth EditionCreature Rare
Bloodrock CyclopsTenth EditionCreature Common
Bog WraithTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Bogardan FirefiendTenth EditionCreature Common
BoomerangTenth EditionInstant Common
Bottle GnomesTenth EditionArtifact Creature Uncommon
BrushlandTenth EditionLand Rare
CancelTenth EditionInstant Common
Canopy SpiderTenth EditionCreature Common
Caves of KoilosTenth EditionLand Rare
Cephalid ConstableTenth EditionCreature Rare
Chimeric StaffTenth EditionArtifact Rare
Cho Manno, RevolutionaryTenth EditionLegendary Creature Rare
Chromatic StarTenth EditionArtifact Uncommon
Citanul FluteTenth EditionArtifact Rare
Civic WayfinderTenth EditionCreature Common
CloneTenth EditionCreature Rare
Cloud ElementalTenth EditionCreature Common
Cloud SpriteTenth EditionCreature Common
Coat of ArmsTenth EditionArtifact Rare
Colossus of SardiaTenth EditionArtifact Creature Rare
Commune with NatureTenth EditionSorcery Common
Composite GolemTenth EditionArtifact Creature Uncommon
CondemnTenth EditionInstant Uncommon
Cone of FlameTenth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Consume SpiritTenth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Contaminated BondTenth EditionEnchantment Common
Counsel of the SoratamiTenth EditionSorcery Common
Crafty PathmageTenth EditionCreature Common
Craw WurmTenth EditionCreature Common
Creeping MoldTenth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Crucible of WorldsTenth EditionArtifact Rare
Cruel EdictTenth EditionSorcery Uncommon
CryoclasmTenth EditionSorcery Uncommon
DeathmarkTenth EditionSorcery Uncommon
DehydrationTenth EditionEnchantment Common
DelugeTenth EditionInstant Uncommon
DemolishTenth EditionSorcery Common
Demon's HornTenth EditionArtifact Uncommon
DemystifyTenth EditionInstant Common
Denizen of the DeepTenth EditionCreature Rare
Diabolic TutorTenth EditionSorcery Uncommon
DiscombobulateTenth EditionInstant Uncommon
DistressTenth EditionSorcery Common
Doomed NecromancerTenth EditionCreature Rare
Doubling CubeTenth EditionArtifact Rare
Dragon RoostTenth EditionEnchantment Rare
Dragon's ClawTenth EditionArtifact Uncommon
Dreamborn MuseTenth EditionCreature Rare
Dross CrocodileTenth EditionCreature Common
Drudge SkeletonsTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Duct CrawlerTenth EditionCreature Common
Dusk ImpTenth EditionCreature Common
Earth ElementalTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Elven RidersTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Elvish BerserkerTenth EditionCreature Common
Elvish ChampionTenth EditionCreature Rare
Elvish PiperTenth EditionCreature Rare
Enormous BalothTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Essence DrainTenth EditionSorcery Common
EvacuationTenth EditionInstant Rare
Faerie ConclaveTenth EditionLand Uncommon
FearTenth EditionEnchantment Common
Femeref ArchersTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Festering GoblinTenth EditionCreature Common
Field MarshalTenth EditionCreature Rare
FirebreathingTenth EditionEnchantment Common
Fists of the AnvilTenth EditionInstant Common
Flamewave InvokerTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
FlashfreezeTenth EditionInstant Uncommon
Flowstone SlideTenth EditionSorcery Rare
Fog ElementalTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Forbidding WatchtowerTenth EditionLand Uncommon
Forest (Version 1)Tenth EditionBasic Land - Forest Common
Forest (Version 2)Tenth EditionBasic Land - Forest Common
Forest (Version 3)Tenth EditionBasic Land - Forest Common
Forest (Version 4)Tenth EditionBasic Land - Forest Common
Fountain of YouthTenth EditionArtifact Uncommon
Fugitive WizardTenth EditionCreature Common
Furnace of RathTenth EditionEnchantment Rare
Furnace WhelpTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Gaea's HeraldTenth EditionCreature Rare
Ghitu EncampmentTenth EditionLand Uncommon
Ghost WardenTenth EditionCreature Common
Giant GrowthTenth EditionInstant Common
Giant SpiderTenth EditionCreature Common
Glorious AnthemTenth EditionEnchantment Rare
Goblin Elite InfantryTenth EditionCreature Common
Goblin KingTenth EditionCreature Rare
Goblin LoreTenth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Goblin PikerTenth EditionCreature Common
Goblin Sky RaiderTenth EditionCreature Common
Grave PactTenth EditionEnchantment Rare
Graveborn MuseTenth EditionCreature Rare
GravediggerTenth EditionCreature Common
Grizzly BearsTenth EditionCreature Common
Guerrilla TacticsTenth EditionInstant Uncommon
Hail of ArrowsTenth EditionInstant Uncommon
Hate WeaverTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Head GamesTenth EditionSorcery Rare
Heart of LightTenth EditionEnchantment Common
Hidden HorrorTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
High GroundTenth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Highway RobberTenth EditionCreature Common
Hill GiantTenth EditionCreature Common
Holy DayTenth EditionInstant Common
Holy StrengthTenth EditionEnchantment Common
Honor GuardTenth EditionCreature Common
Horseshoe CrabTenth EditionCreature Common
Howling MineTenth EditionArtifact Rare
Hunted WumpusTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Hurkyl's RecallTenth EditionInstant Rare
HurricaneTenth EditionSorcery Rare
Hypnotic SpecterTenth EditionCreature Rare
Icatian PriestTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Icy ManipulatorTenth EditionArtifact Uncommon
IncinerateTenth EditionInstant Common
Island (Version 1)Tenth EditionBasic Land - Island Common
Island (Version 2)Tenth EditionBasic Land - Island Common
Island (Version 3)Tenth EditionBasic Land - Island Common
Island (Version 4)Tenth EditionBasic Land - Island Common
Jayemdae TomeTenth EditionArtifact Rare
Joiner AdeptTenth EditionCreature Rare
JuggernautTenth EditionArtifact Creature Uncommon
Kamahl, Pit FighterTenth EditionLegendary Creature Rare
Karplusan ForestTenth EditionLand Rare
Karplusan StriderTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Kavu ClimberTenth EditionCreature Common
Kjeldoran Royal GuardTenth EditionCreature Rare
Knight of DuskTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Kraken's EyeTenth EditionArtifact Uncommon
Lava AxeTenth EditionSorcery Common
Lavaborn MuseTenth EditionCreature Rare
Legacy WeaponTenth EditionLegendary Artifact Rare
Leonin ScimitarTenth EditionArtifact - Equipment Uncommon
Lightning ElementalTenth EditionCreature Common
Llanowar ElvesTenth EditionCreature Common
Llanowar SentinelTenth EditionCreature Common
Llanowar WastesTenth EditionLand Rare
Looming ShadeTenth EditionCreature Common
Lord of the PitTenth EditionCreature Rare
Lord of the UndeadTenth EditionCreature Rare
Loxodon MysticTenth EditionCreature Common
Loxodon WarhammerTenth EditionArtifact - Equipment Rare
Loyal SentryTenth EditionCreature Rare
Lumengrid WardenTenth EditionCreature Common
LuminesceTenth EditionInstant Uncommon
LureTenth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Mahamoti DjinnTenth EditionCreature Rare
ManabarbsTenth EditionEnchantment Rare
Mantis EngineTenth EditionArtifact Creature Uncommon
March of the MachinesTenth EditionEnchantment Rare
Mass of GhoulsTenth EditionCreature Common
MegrimTenth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Merfolk LooterTenth EditionCreature Common
Midnight RitualTenth EditionSorcery Rare
Might of OaksTenth EditionInstant Rare
Might WeaverTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
MillstoneTenth EditionArtifact Rare
Mind BendTenth EditionInstant Rare
Mind RotTenth EditionSorcery Common
Mind StoneTenth EditionArtifact Uncommon
Mirri, Cat WarriorTenth EditionLegendary Creature Rare
MobilizationTenth EditionEnchantment Rare
Mogg FanaticTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Molimo, Maro SorcererTenth EditionLegendary Creature Rare
Mortal CombatTenth EditionEnchantment Rare
MortivoreTenth EditionCreature Rare
Mountain (Version 1)Tenth EditionBasic Land - Mountain Common
Mountain (Version 2)Tenth EditionBasic Land - Mountain Common
Mountain (Version 3)Tenth EditionBasic Land - Mountain Common
Mountain (Version 4)Tenth EditionBasic Land - Mountain Common
Nantuko HuskTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Natural SpringTenth EditionSorcery Common
NaturalizeTenth EditionInstant Common
NekrataalTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
NightmareTenth EditionCreature Rare
No Rest for the WickedTenth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Nomad MythmakerTenth EditionCreature Rare
Orcish ArtilleryTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
OrnithopterTenth EditionArtifact Creature Uncommon
OvergrowthTenth EditionEnchantment Common
OverrunTenth EditionSorcery Uncommon
PacifismTenth EditionEnchantment Common
Paladin en VecTenth EditionCreature Rare
PariahTenth EditionEnchantment Rare
PeekTenth EditionInstant Common
PersuasionTenth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Phage the UntouchableTenth EditionLegendary Creature Rare
Phantom WarriorTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Phyrexian RagerTenth EditionCreature Common
Phyrexian VaultTenth EditionArtifact Uncommon
Pincher BeetlesTenth EditionCreature Common
Pithing NeedleTenth EditionArtifact Rare
PlagiarizeTenth EditionInstant Rare
Plague BeetleTenth EditionCreature Common
Plague WindTenth EditionSorcery Rare
Plains (Version 1)Tenth EditionBasic Land - Plains Common
Plains (Version 2)Tenth EditionBasic Land - Plains Common
Plains (Version 3)Tenth EditionBasic Land - Plains Common
Plains (Version 4)Tenth EditionBasic Land - Plains Common
Platinum AngelTenth EditionArtifact Creature Rare
Primal RageTenth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Prodigal PyromancerTenth EditionCreature Common
PuppeteerTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
PyroclasmTenth EditionSorcery Uncommon
QuicksandTenth EditionLand Uncommon
Quirion DryadTenth EditionCreature Rare
Rage WeaverTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Raging GoblinTenth EditionCreature Common
Rain of TearsTenth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Rampant GrowthTenth EditionSorcery Common
Ravenous RatsTenth EditionCreature Common
Razormane MasticoreTenth EditionArtifact Creature Rare
RecollectTenth EditionSorcery Uncommon
RecoverTenth EditionSorcery Common
RegenerationTenth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Relentless AssaultTenth EditionSorcery Rare
Relentless RatsTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
ReminisceTenth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Remove SoulTenth EditionInstant Common
Reviving DoseTenth EditionInstant Common
Reya DawnbringerTenth EditionLegendary Creature Rare
RhoxTenth EditionCreature Rare
RighteousnessTenth EditionInstant Rare
Robe of MirrorsTenth EditionEnchantment Common
Rock BadgerTenth EditionCreature Common
Rod of RuinTenth EditionArtifact Uncommon
Root MazeTenth EditionEnchantment Rare
RootwallaTenth EditionCreature Common
Rootwater CommandoTenth EditionCreature Common
Rootwater MatriarchTenth EditionCreature Rare
Royal AssassinTenth EditionCreature Rare
Rule of LawTenth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Rushwood DryadTenth EditionCreature Common
Sage OwlTenth EditionCreature Common
Samite HealerTenth EditionCreature Common
ScalpelexisTenth EditionCreature Rare
Scathe ZombiesTenth EditionCreature Common
Scion of the WildTenth EditionCreature Rare
Scoria WurmTenth EditionCreature Rare
Sculpting SteelTenth EditionArtifact Rare
Sea MonsterTenth EditionCreature Common
Seedborn MuseTenth EditionCreature Rare
Seismic AssaultTenth EditionEnchantment Rare
Sengir VampireTenth EditionCreature Rare
Serra AngelTenth EditionCreature Rare
Serra's EmbraceTenth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Severed LegionTenth EditionCreature Common
ShatterstormTenth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Shimmering WingsTenth EditionEnchantment Common
Shivan DragonTenth EditionCreature Rare
Shivan HellkiteTenth EditionCreature Rare
Shivan ReefTenth EditionLand Rare
ShockTenth EditionInstant Common
ShuntTenth EditionInstant Rare
Siege-Gang CommanderTenth EditionCreature Rare
SiftTenth EditionSorcery Common
Sky WeaverTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Skyhunter PatrolTenth EditionCreature Common
Skyhunter ProwlerTenth EditionCreature Common
Skyhunter SkirmisherTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Skyshroud RangerTenth EditionCreature Common
Sleeper AgentTenth EditionCreature Rare
SmashTenth EditionInstant Common
Snapping DrakeTenth EditionCreature Common
Soul FeastTenth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Soul WardenTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
SoulblastTenth EditionInstant Rare
Spark ElementalTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Spawning PoolTenth EditionLand Uncommon
SpellbookTenth EditionArtifact Uncommon
Spiketail HatchlingTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Spined WurmTenth EditionCreature Common
Spineless ThugTenth EditionCreature Common
Spirit LinkTenth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Spirit WeaverTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Spitting EarthTenth EditionSorcery Common
Squee, Goblin NabobTenth EditionLegendary Creature Rare
Stalking TigerTenth EditionCreature Common
Stampeding WildebeestsTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Starlight InvokerTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Steadfast GuardTenth EditionCreature Common
Steel GolemTenth EditionArtifact Creature Uncommon
Story CircleTenth EditionEnchantment Rare
Stronghold DisciplineTenth EditionSorcery Uncommon
StunTenth EditionInstant Common
Sudden ImpactTenth EditionInstant Uncommon
Sulfurous SpringsTenth EditionLand Rare
Sunken HopeTenth EditionEnchantment Rare
Suntail HawkTenth EditionCreature Common
Swamp (Version 1)Tenth EditionBasic Land - Swamp Common
Swamp (Version 2)Tenth EditionBasic Land - Swamp Common
Swamp (Version 3)Tenth EditionBasic Land - Swamp Common
Swamp (Version 4)Tenth EditionBasic Land - Swamp Common
Sylvan BasiliskTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Sylvan ScryingTenth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Tangle SpiderTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
TelepathyTenth EditionEnchantment Uncommon
Telling TimeTenth EditionInstant Uncommon
Tempest of LightTenth EditionInstant Uncommon
Terramorphic ExpanseTenth EditionLand Common
TerrorTenth EditionInstant Common
The HiveTenth EditionArtifact Rare
Thieving MagpieTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
ThreatenTenth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Thrull SurgeonTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Thundering GiantTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
TidingsTenth EditionSorcery Uncommon
Time StopTenth EditionInstant Rare
Time StretchTenth EditionSorcery Rare
TraumatizeTenth EditionSorcery Rare
Treasure HunterTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Treetop BracersTenth EditionEnchantment Common
Treetop VillageTenth EditionLand Uncommon
Troll AsceticTenth EditionCreature Rare
True BelieverTenth EditionCreature Rare
Tundra WolvesTenth EditionCreature Common
TwincastTenth EditionInstant Rare
TwitchTenth EditionInstant Common
Uncontrollable AngerTenth EditionEnchantment Common
Underground RiverTenth EditionLand Rare
Underworld DreamsTenth EditionEnchantment Rare
Unholy StrengthTenth EditionEnchantment Common
UnsummonTenth EditionInstant Common
UpwellingTenth EditionEnchantment Rare
Vampire BatsTenth EditionCreature Common
Vedalken MastermindTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Venerable MonkTenth EditionCreature Common
Verdant ForceTenth EditionCreature Rare
Viashino RunnerTenth EditionCreature Common
Viashino SandscoutTenth EditionCreature Common
Viridian ShamanTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Voice of AllTenth EditionCreature Rare
Wall of AirTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Wall of FireTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Wall of SwordsTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Wall of WoodTenth EditionCreature Common
Warp WorldTenth EditionSorcery Rare
Warrior's HonorTenth EditionInstant Common
Whispersilk CloakTenth EditionArtifact - Equipment Uncommon
Wild GriffinTenth EditionCreature Common
Windborn MuseTenth EditionCreature Rare
Wrath of GodTenth EditionSorcery Rare
Wurm's ToothTenth EditionArtifact Uncommon
Yavimaya CoastTenth EditionLand Rare
Yavimaya EnchantressTenth EditionCreature Uncommon
Youthful KnightTenth EditionCreature Common