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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
AmnesiaThe DarkSorcery Uncommon
Angry MobThe DarkCreature Uncommon
Apprentice WizardThe DarkCreature Rare
Ashes to AshesThe DarkSorcery Common
Ball LightningThe DarkCreature Rare
BansheeThe DarkCreature Uncommon
Barl's CageThe DarkArtifact Rare
Blood MoonThe DarkEnchantment Rare
Blood of the MartyrThe DarkInstant Uncommon
Bog ImpThe DarkCreature Common
Bog RatsThe DarkCreature Common
Bone FluteThe DarkArtifact Uncommon
Book of RassThe DarkArtifact Uncommon
BrainwashThe DarkEnchant Creature Common
Brothers of FireThe DarkCreature Uncommon
Carnivorous PlantThe DarkCreature Common
Cave PeopleThe DarkCreature Uncommon
City of ShadowsThe DarkLand Rare
CleansingThe DarkSorcery Rare
Coal GolemThe DarkArtifact Creature Uncommon
Curse ArtifactThe DarkEnchant Artifact Uncommon
Dance of ManyThe DarkEnchantment Rare
Dark Heart of the WoodThe DarkEnchantment Common
Dark SphereThe DarkArtifact Uncommon
Deep WaterThe DarkEnchantment Common
Diabolic MachineThe DarkArtifact Creature Uncommon
DrownedThe DarkCreature Common
Dust to DustThe DarkSorcery Common
Eater of the DeadThe DarkCreature Uncommon
Electric EelThe DarkCreature Uncommon
Elves of Deep ShadowThe DarkCreature Uncommon
ErosionThe DarkEnchant Land Common
Eternal FlameThe DarkSorcery Rare
ExorcistThe DarkCreature Rare
FastingThe DarkEnchantment Uncommon
Fellwar StoneThe DarkArtifact Uncommon
FestivalThe DarkInstant Common
Fire and BrimstoneThe DarkInstant Uncommon
Fire DrakeThe DarkCreature Uncommon
FissureThe DarkInstant Common
FloodThe DarkEnchantment Uncommon
Fountain of YouthThe DarkArtifact Uncommon
Frankenstein's MonsterThe DarkCreature Rare
Gaea's TouchThe DarkEnchantment Common
Ghost ShipThe DarkCreature Common
Giant SharkThe DarkCreature Common
Goblin CavesThe DarkEnchant Land Common
Goblin Digging TeamThe DarkCreature Common
Goblin HeroThe DarkCreature Common
Goblin Rock SledThe DarkCreature Common
Goblin ShrineThe DarkEnchant Land Common
Goblin WizardThe DarkCreature Rare
Goblins of the FlargThe DarkCreature Common
Grave RobbersThe DarkCreature Rare
Hidden PathThe DarkEnchantment Rare
Holy LightThe DarkInstant Common
InfernoThe DarkInstant Rare
InquisitionThe DarkSorcery Common
Knights of ThornThe DarkCreature Rare
Land LeechesThe DarkCreature Common
LeviathanThe DarkCreature Rare
Living ArmorThe DarkArtifact Uncommon
LurkerThe DarkCreature Rare
Mana ClashThe DarkSorcery Rare
Mana VortexThe DarkEnchantment Rare
Marsh GasThe DarkInstant Common
Marsh GoblinsThe DarkCreature Common
Marsh ViperThe DarkCreature Common
Martyr's CryThe DarkSorcery Rare
Maze of IthThe DarkLand Common
Merfolk AssassinThe DarkCreature Uncommon
Mind BombThe DarkSorcery Rare
Miracle WorkerThe DarkCreature Common
MoraleThe DarkInstant Common
Murk DwellersThe DarkCreature Common
Nameless RaceThe DarkCreature Rare
NecropolisThe DarkArtifact Creature Uncommon
Niall SilvainThe DarkCreature Rare
Orc GeneralThe DarkCreature Uncommon
People of the WoodsThe DarkCreature Uncommon
PikemenThe DarkCreature Common
PreacherThe DarkCreature Rare
Psychic AllergyThe DarkEnchantment Rare
Rag ManThe DarkCreature Rare
Reflecting MirrorThe DarkArtifact Uncommon
RiptideThe DarkInstant Common
RuneswordThe DarkArtifact Uncommon
Safe HavenThe DarkLand Rare
Savaen ElvesThe DarkCreature Common
ScarecrowThe DarkArtifact Creature Uncommon
Scarwood BanditsThe DarkCreature Rare
Scarwood GoblinsThe DarkCreature Common
Scarwood HagThe DarkCreature Uncommon
Scavenger FolkThe DarkCreature Common
Season of the WitchThe DarkEnchantment Rare
Sisters of the FlameThe DarkCreature Uncommon
Skull of OrmThe DarkArtifact Uncommon
Sorrow's PathThe DarkLand Rare
Spitting SlugThe DarkCreature Uncommon
SquireThe DarkCreature Common
Standing StonesThe DarkArtifact Uncommon
Stone CalendarThe DarkArtifact Rare
Sunken CityThe DarkEnchantment Common
Tangle KelpThe DarkEnchant Creature Uncommon
The FallenThe DarkCreature Uncommon
Tivadar's CrusadeThe DarkSorcery Uncommon
Tormod's CryptThe DarkArtifact Uncommon
Tower of CoireallThe DarkArtifact Uncommon
TrackerThe DarkCreature Rare
Uncle IstvanThe DarkCreature Uncommon
VenomThe DarkEnchant Creature Common
Wand of IthThe DarkArtifact Uncommon
War BargeThe DarkArtifact Uncommon
Water WurmThe DarkCreature Common
WhippoorwillThe DarkCreature Uncommon
Witch HunterThe DarkCreature Rare
Word of BindingThe DarkSorcery Common
Worms of the EarthThe DarkEnchantment Rare
Wormwood TreefolkThe DarkCreature Rare