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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Abhorrent OverlordTherosCreature Rare
Agent of HorizonsTherosCreature Common
Agent of the FatesTherosCreature Rare
Akroan CrusaderTherosCreature Common
Akroan HopliteTherosCreature Uncommon
Akroan HorseTherosArtifact Creature Rare
Anax and CymedeTherosLegendary Creature Rare
Anger of the GodsTherosSorcery Rare
AnnulTherosInstant Common
Anthousa, Setessan HeroTherosLegendary Creature Rare
Anvilwrought RaptorTherosArtifact Creature Uncommon
Aqueous FormTherosEnchantment Common
Arbor ColossusTherosCreature Rare
Arena AthleteTherosCreature Uncommon
Artisan of FormsTherosCreature Rare
Artisan's SorrowTherosInstant Uncommon
Ashen RiderTherosCreature Mythic Rare
Ashiok, Nightmare WeaverTherosPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Asphodel WandererTherosCreature Common
Baleful EidolonTherosEnchantment Creature Common
Battlewise HopliteTherosCreature Uncommon
Battlewise ValorTherosInstant Common
Benthic GiantTherosCreature Common
Bident of ThassaTherosLegendary Enchantment Artifact Rare
Blood-Toll HarpyTherosCreature Common
Boon of ErebosTherosInstant Common
Boon SatyrTherosEnchantment Creature Rare
Borderland MinotaurTherosCreature Common
BoulderfallTherosInstant Common
Bow of NyleaTherosLegendary Enchantment Artifact Rare
Breaching HippocampTherosCreature Common
Bronze SableTherosArtifact Creature Common
Burnished HartTherosArtifact Creature Uncommon
Cavalry PegasusTherosCreature Common
Cavern LampadTherosEnchantment Creature Common
Celestial ArchonTherosEnchantment Creature Rare
Centaur BattlemasterTherosCreature Uncommon
Chained to the RocksTherosEnchantment Rare
Chosen by HeliodTherosEnchantment Common
Chronicler of HeroesTherosCreature Uncommon
Coastline ChimeraTherosCreature Common
Colossus of AkrosTherosArtifact Creature Rare
Commune with the GodsTherosSorcery Common
Coordinated AssaultTherosInstant Uncommon
Crackling TritonTherosCreature Common
Curse of the SwineTherosSorcery Rare
Cutthroat ManeuverTherosInstant Uncommon
Dark BetrayalTherosInstant Uncommon
Dauntless OnslaughtTherosInstant Uncommon
Daxos of MeletisTherosLegendary Creature Rare
Deathbellow RaiderTherosCreature Common
Decorated GriffinTherosCreature Uncommon
Defend the HearthTherosInstant Common
DemolishTherosSorcery Common
Destructive RevelryTherosInstant Uncommon
Disciple of PhenaxTherosCreature Common
DissolveTherosInstant Uncommon
Divine VerdictTherosInstant Common
Dragon MantleTherosEnchantment Common
Elspeth, Sun's ChampionTherosPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Ember SwallowerTherosCreature Rare
Ephara's WardenTherosCreature Common
Erebos's EmissaryTherosEnchantment Creature Uncommon
Erebos, God of the DeadTherosLegendary Enchantment Creature Mythic Rare
Evangel of HeliodTherosCreature Uncommon
Fabled HeroTherosCreature Rare
Fade into AntiquityTherosSorcery Common
Fanatic of MogisTherosCreature Uncommon
Fate ForetoldTherosEnchantment Common
Favored HopliteTherosCreature Uncommon
Felhide MinotaurTherosCreature Common
Feral InvocationTherosEnchantment Common
Firedrinker SatyrTherosCreature Rare
Flamecast WheelTherosArtifact Uncommon
Flamespeaker AdeptTherosCreature Uncommon
Fleecemane LionTherosCreature Rare
Fleetfeather SandalsTherosArtifact Common
Fleshmad SteedTherosCreature Common
ForestTherosBasic Land Basic Land
GainsayTherosInstant Uncommon
Gift of ImmortalityTherosEnchantment Rare
Glare of HeresyTherosSorcery Uncommon
Gods WillingTherosInstant Common
Gray Merchant of AsphodelTherosCreature Common
GriptideTherosInstant Common
Guardians of MeletisTherosArtifact Creature Common
Hammer of PurphorosTherosLegendary Enchantment Artifact Rare
Heliod's EmissaryTherosEnchantment Creature Uncommon
Heliod, God of the SunTherosLegendary Enchantment Creature Mythic Rare
Hero's DownfallTherosInstant Rare
Hopeful EidolonTherosEnchantment Creature Common
Horizon ChimeraTherosCreature Uncommon
Horizon ScholarTherosCreature Uncommon
Hundred-Handed OneTherosCreature Rare
Hunt the HunterTherosSorcery Uncommon
Hythonia the CruelTherosLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Ill-Tempered CyclopsTherosCreature Common
Insatiable HarpyTherosCreature Uncommon
IslandTherosBasic Land Basic Land
Karametra's AcolyteTherosCreature Uncommon
Keepsake GorgonTherosCreature Uncommon
Kragma WarcallerTherosCreature Uncommon
Labyrinth ChampionTherosCreature Rare
Lagonna-Band ElderTherosCreature Common
Lash of the WhipTherosInstant Common
Last BreathTherosInstant Common
Leafcrown DryadTherosEnchantment Creature Common
Leonin SnarecasterTherosCreature Common
Lightning StrikeTherosInstant Common
Loathsome CatoblepasTherosCreature Common
Lost in a LabyrinthTherosInstant Common
Magma JetTherosInstant Uncommon
March of the ReturnedTherosSorcery Common
Master of WavesTherosCreature Mythic Rare
Medomai the AgelessTherosLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Meletis CharlatanTherosCreature Rare
Messenger's SpeedTherosEnchantment Common
Minotaur SkullcleaverTherosCreature Common
Mistcutter HydraTherosCreature Rare
Mnemonic WallTherosCreature Common
Mogis's MarauderTherosCreature Uncommon
MountainTherosBasic Land Basic Land
Nemesis of MortalsTherosCreature Uncommon
Nessian AspTherosCreature Common
Nessian CourserTherosCreature Common
NighthowlerTherosEnchantment Creature Rare
Nimbus NaiadTherosEnchantment Creature Common
Nykthos, Shrine to NyxTherosLegendary Land Rare
Nylea's DiscipleTherosCreature Common
Nylea's EmissaryTherosEnchantment Creature Uncommon
Nylea's PresenceTherosEnchantment Common
Nylea, God of the HuntTherosLegendary Enchantment Creature Mythic Rare
Observant AlseidTherosEnchantment Creature Common
OmenspeakerTherosCreature Common
Opaline UnicornTherosArtifact Creature Common
Ordeal of ErebosTherosEnchantment Uncommon
Ordeal of HeliodTherosEnchantment Uncommon
Ordeal of NyleaTherosEnchantment Uncommon
Ordeal of PurphorosTherosEnchantment Uncommon
Ordeal of ThassaTherosEnchantment Uncommon
Peak EruptionTherosSorcery Uncommon
Phalanx LeaderTherosCreature Uncommon
Pharika's CureTherosInstant Common
Pharika's MenderTherosCreature Uncommon
Pheres-Band CentaursTherosCreature Common
PlainsTherosBasic Land Basic Land
Polis CrusherTherosCreature Rare
Polukranos, World EaterTherosLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Portent of BetrayalTherosSorcery Common
Prescient ChimeraTherosCreature Common
Priest of IroasTherosCreature Common
Prognostic SphinxTherosCreature Rare
Prophet of KruphixTherosCreature Rare
Prowler's HelmTherosArtifact Uncommon
Psychic IntrusionTherosSorcery Rare
Purphoros's EmissaryTherosEnchantment Creature Uncommon
Purphoros, God of the ForgeTherosLegendary Enchantment Creature Mythic Rare
Pyxis of PandemoniumTherosArtifact Rare
Rage of PurphorosTherosSorcery Common
Rageblood ShamanTherosCreature Rare
Ray of DissolutionTherosInstant Common
Read the BonesTherosSorcery Common
Reaper of the WildsTherosCreature Rare
Rescue from the UnderworldTherosInstant Uncommon
Returned CentaurTherosCreature Common
Returned PhalanxTherosCreature Common
Reverent HunterTherosCreature Rare
Satyr HedonistTherosCreature Common
Satyr PiperTherosCreature Uncommon
Satyr RamblerTherosCreature Common
Savage SurgeTherosInstant Common
Scholar of AthreosTherosCreature Common
ScourgemarkTherosEnchantment Common
Sea God's RevengeTherosSorcery Uncommon
Sealock MonsterTherosCreature Uncommon
Sedge ScorpionTherosCreature Common
Sentry of the UnderworldTherosCreature Uncommon
Setessan Battle PriestTherosCreature Common
Setessan GriffinTherosCreature Common
Shipbreaker KrakenTherosCreature Rare
Shipwreck SingerTherosCreature Uncommon
Shredding WindsTherosInstant Common
Silent ArtisanTherosCreature Common
Sip of HemlockTherosSorcery Common
Soldier of the PantheonTherosCreature Rare
Spark JoltTherosInstant Common
Spear of HeliodTherosLegendary Enchantment Artifact Rare
Spearpoint OreadTherosEnchantment Creature Common
Spellheart ChimeraTherosCreature Uncommon
Staunch-Hearted WarriorTherosCreature Common
Steam AuguryTherosInstant Rare
Stoneshock GiantTherosCreature Uncommon
Stormbreath DragonTherosCreature Mythic Rare
Stymied HopesTherosInstant Common
SwampTherosBasic Land Basic Land
Swan SongTherosInstant Rare
Sylvan CaryatidTherosCreature Rare
Temple of AbandonTherosLand Rare
Temple of DeceitTherosLand Rare
Temple of MysteryTherosLand Rare
Temple of SilenceTherosLand Rare
Temple of TriumphTherosLand Rare
Thassa's BountyTherosSorcery Common
Thassa's EmissaryTherosEnchantment Creature Uncommon
Thassa, God of the SeaTherosLegendary Enchantment Creature Mythic Rare
ThoughtseizeTherosSorcery Rare
Time to FeedTherosSorcery Common
Titan of Eternal FireTherosCreature Rare
Titan's StrengthTherosInstant Common
Tormented HeroTherosCreature Uncommon
Traveler's AmuletTherosArtifact Common
Traveling PhilosopherTherosCreature Common
Triad of FatesTherosLegendary Creature Rare
Triton Fortune HunterTherosCreature Uncommon
Triton ShorethiefTherosCreature Common
Triton TacticsTherosInstant Uncommon
Two-Headed CerberusTherosCreature Common
Tymaret, the Murder KingTherosLegendary Creature Rare
Underworld CerberusTherosCreature Mythic Rare
Unknown ShoresTherosLand Common
Vanquish the FoulTherosSorcery Uncommon
VaporkinTherosCreature Common
Viper's KissTherosEnchantment Common
Voyage's EndTherosInstant Common
Voyaging SatyrTherosCreature Common
Vulpine GoliathTherosCreature Common
Warriors' LessonTherosInstant Uncommon
Wavecrash TritonTherosCreature Common
Whip of ErebosTherosLegendary Enchantment Artifact Rare
Wild CelebrantsTherosCreature Common
Wingsteed RiderTherosCreature Common
Witches' EyeTherosArtifact Uncommon
Xenagos, the RevelerTherosPlaneswalker Mythic Rare
Yoked OxTherosCreature Common