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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Acclaimed ContenderThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Alela, Artful ProvocateurThrone of EldraineLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
All That GlittersThrone of EldraineEnchantment Uncommon
Alter FateThrone of Eldraine  Uncommon
Animating FaerieThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Arcane SignetThrone of EldraineArtifact Common
Arcanist's OwlThrone of EldraineArtifact Creature Uncommon
Archon of AbsolutionThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Ardenvale PaladinThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Ardenvale TacticianThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Ayara, First of LocthwainThrone of EldraineLegendary Creature Rare
Bake into a PieThrone of EldraineInstant Common
Banish into FableThrone of EldraineInstant Rare
Barge InThrone of EldraineInstant Common
Barrow WitchesThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Bartered CowThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Battle DisplayThrone of Eldraine  Uncommon
Beanstalk GiantThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Belle of the BrawlThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Beloved PrincessThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Blacklance ParagonThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Bloodhaze WolverineThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Blow Your House DownThrone of EldraineSorcery Common
Bog NaughtyThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Bonecrusher GiantThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Boulder RushThrone of Eldraine  Common
Bramblefort FinkThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Brazen BorrowerThrone of EldraineCreature Mythic Rare
Brimstone TrebuchetThrone of EldraineArtifact Creature Common
Bring BackThrone of Eldraine  Uncommon
Bring to LifeThrone of Eldraine  Uncommon
Burning-Yard TrainerThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Cast OffThrone of Eldraine  Mythic Rare
Castle ArdenvaleThrone of EldraineLand Rare
Castle EmberethThrone of EldraineLand Rare
Castle GarenbrigThrone of EldraineLand Rare
Castle LocthwainThrone of EldraineLand Rare
Castle VantressThrone of EldraineLand Rare
Cauldron FamiliarThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Cauldron's GiftThrone of EldraineSorcery Uncommon
Charmed SleepThrone of EldraineEnchantment Common
Charming PrinceThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Chittering WitchThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Chop DownThrone of Eldraine  Rare
Chulane, Teller of TalesThrone of EldraineLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Clackbridge TrollThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Claim the FirstbornThrone of EldraineSorcery Uncommon
Clockwork ServantThrone of EldraineArtifact Creature Uncommon
Command TowerThrone of EldraineLand Common
Corridor MonitorThrone of EldraineArtifact Creature Common
Covetous UrgeThrone of EldraineSorcery Uncommon
Crashing DrawbridgeThrone of EldraineArtifact Creature Common
Crystal SlipperThrone of EldraineArtifact Common
Curious PairThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Curry FavorThrone of Eldraine  Common
Dance of the ManseThrone of EldraineSorcery Rare
Deafening SilenceThrone of EldraineEnchantment Uncommon
Deathless KnightThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Didn't Say PleaseThrone of EldraineInstant Common
Dizzying SwoopThrone of Eldraine  Common
Doom ForetoldThrone of EldraineEnchantment Rare
Drown in the LochThrone of EldraineInstant Uncommon
Dwarven MineThrone of EldraineLand Common
Edgewall InnkeeperThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Elite HeadhunterThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
EmbercleaveThrone of EldraineLegendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Embereth PaladinThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Embereth ShieldbreakerThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Embereth SkyblazerThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Emry, Lurker of the LochThrone of EldraineLegendary Creature Rare
Enchanted CarriageThrone of EldraineArtifact Uncommon
Epic DownfallThrone of EldraineSorcery Uncommon
Escape to the WildsThrone of EldraineSorcery Rare
Eye CollectorThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Fabled PassageThrone of EldraineLand Rare
Fae of WishesThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Faeburrow ElderThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Faerie FormationThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Faerie GuidemotherThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Faerie VandalThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Feasting Troll KingThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Fell the PheasantThrone of EldraineInstant Common
Ferocity of the WildsThrone of EldraineEnchantment Uncommon
Fertile FootstepsThrone of Eldraine  Uncommon
Fervent ChampionThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Festive FuneralThrone of EldraineInstant Common
Fierce WitchstalkerThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Fireborn KnightThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Fires of InventionThrone of EldraineEnchantment Rare
Flaxen IntruderThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
FlingThrone of EldraineInstant Common
FlutterfoxThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Folio of FanciesThrone of EldraineArtifact Rare
Foreboding FruitThrone of EldraineSorcery Common
ForestThrone of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
ForestThrone of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
ForestThrone of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
ForestThrone of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
Forever YoungThrone of EldraineSorcery Common
Fortifying ProvisionsThrone of EldraineEnchantment Common
Foulmire KnightThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
FrogifyThrone of EldraineEnchantment Uncommon
Gadwick, the WizenedThrone of EldraineLegendary Creature Rare
Garenbrig CarverThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Garenbrig PaladinThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Garenbrig SquireThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Garrison GriffinThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Garruk, Cursed HuntsmanThrone of EldraineLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Giant KillerThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Giant OpportunityThrone of EldraineSorcery Uncommon
Giant's SkewerThrone of EldraineArtifact Common
Gift of the FaeThrone of Eldraine  Common
Gilded GooseThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Gingerbread CabinThrone of EldraineLand Common
GingerbruteThrone of EldraineArtifact Creature Common
Glass CasketThrone of EldraineArtifact Uncommon
Gluttonous TrollThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Golden EggThrone of EldraineArtifact Common
GrantedThrone of Eldraine  Rare
Grumgully, the GenerousThrone of EldraineLegendary Creature Uncommon
HaggleThrone of Eldraine  Common
Happily Ever AfterThrone of EldraineEnchantment Rare
Harmonious ArchonThrone of EldraineCreature Mythic Rare
Harvest FearThrone of Eldraine  Common
Heart's DesireThrone of Eldraine  Rare
Henge WalkerThrone of EldraineArtifact Creature Common
Heraldic BannerThrone of EldraineArtifact Uncommon
HushbringerThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Hypnotic SpriteThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Idyllic GrangeThrone of EldraineLand Common
Improbable AllianceThrone of EldraineEnchantment Uncommon
Inquisitive PuppetThrone of EldraineArtifact Creature Uncommon
Insatiable AppetiteThrone of EldraineInstant Common
Inspiring VeteranThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Into the StoryThrone of EldraineInstant Uncommon
Irencrag FeatThrone of EldraineSorcery Rare
Irencrag PyromancerThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
IslandThrone of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
IslandThrone of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
IslandThrone of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
IslandThrone of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
JoustThrone of EldraineSorcery Uncommon
Jousting DummyThrone of EldraineArtifact Creature Common
Keeper of FablesThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Kenrith's TransformationThrone of EldraineEnchantment Uncommon
Kenrith, the Returned KingThrone of EldraineLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Knight of the KeepThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Knights' ChargeThrone of EldraineEnchantment Rare
Korvold, Fae-Cursed KingThrone of EldraineLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Lash of ThornsThrone of EldraineInstant Common
Linden, the Steadfast QueenThrone of EldraineLegendary Creature Rare
Loch DragonThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Lochmere SerpentThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Locthwain GargoyleThrone of EldraineArtifact Creature Common
Locthwain PaladinThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Lonesome UnicornThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Lost LegionThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Lovestruck BeastThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Lucky CloverThrone of EldraineArtifact Uncommon
Mace of the ValiantThrone of EldraineArtifact Rare
Mad RatterThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Malevolent NobleThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Mantle of TidesThrone of EldraineArtifact Common
Maraleaf PixieThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Maraleaf RiderThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Memory TheftThrone of EldraineSorcery Common
Merchant of the ValeThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Merfolk SecretkeeperThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Mesmeric GlareThrone of Eldraine  Uncommon
Midnight ClockThrone of EldraineArtifact Rare
MirrormadeThrone of EldraineEnchantment Rare
Mistford River TurtleThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Moonlit ScavengersThrone of EldraineCreature Common
MountainThrone of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
MountainThrone of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
MountainThrone of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
MountainThrone of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
Murderous RiderThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Mysterious PathlighterThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Mystic SanctuaryThrone of EldraineLand Common
Mystical DisputeThrone of EldraineInstant Uncommon
Oaken BoonThrone of Eldraine  Common
Oakhame AdversaryThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Oakhame RangerThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Oathsworn KnightThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Ogre ErrantThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Oko's AccomplicesThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Oko's HospitalityThrone of EldraineInstant Rare
Oko, the TricksterThrone of EldraineLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Oko, Thief of CrownsThrone of EldraineLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
On AlertThrone of Eldraine  Common
Once and FutureThrone of EldraineInstant Uncommon
Once Upon a TimeThrone of EldraineInstant Rare
Opportunistic DragonThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
OptThrone of EldraineInstant Common
Order of MidnightThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
OutflankThrone of EldraineInstant Common
Outlaws' MerrimentThrone of EldraineEnchantment Mythic Rare
OutmuscleThrone of EldraineSorcery Common
Overwhelmed ApprenticeThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Petty TheftThrone of Eldraine  Mythic Rare
Piper of the SwarmThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
PlainsThrone of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsThrone of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsThrone of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsThrone of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
Prized GriffinThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Profane InsightThrone of Eldraine  Uncommon
Prophet of the PeakThrone of EldraineArtifact Creature Common
Queen of IceThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Questing BeastThrone of EldraineLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Rage of WinterThrone of Eldraine  Common
Raging RedcapThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Rally for the ThroneThrone of EldraineInstant Uncommon
Rampart SmasherThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Rankle, Master of PranksThrone of EldraineLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Realm-Cloaked GiantThrone of EldraineCreature Mythic Rare
Reaper of NightThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Reave SoulThrone of EldraineSorcery Common
Redcap MeleeThrone of EldraineInstant Uncommon
Redcap RaidersThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Resolute RiderThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Return of the WildspeakerThrone of EldraineInstant Rare
Return to NatureThrone of EldraineInstant Common
Revenge of RavensThrone of EldraineEnchantment Uncommon
Rider in NeedThrone of Eldraine  Common
RighteousnessThrone of EldraineInstant Uncommon
Rimrock KnightThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Robber of the RichThrone of EldraineCreature Mythic Rare
Rosethorn AcolyteThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Rosethorn HalberdThrone of EldraineArtifact Common
Roving KeepThrone of EldraineArtifact Creature Common
Rowan's BattleguardThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Rowan's StalwartsThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Rowan, Fearless SparkmageThrone of EldraineLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Run Away TogetherThrone of EldraineInstant Common
Sage of the FallsThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Savvy HunterThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Scalding CauldronThrone of EldraineArtifact Common
Scorching DragonfireThrone of EldraineInstant Common
Searing BarrageThrone of EldraineInstant Common
Seasonal RitualThrone of Eldraine  Common
Seven DwarvesThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Shambling SuitThrone of EldraineArtifact Creature Uncommon
Shepherd of the FlockThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Shield's MightThrone of Eldraine  Common
Shimmer DragonThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
ShinechaserThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Shining ArmorThrone of EldraineArtifact Common
Signpost ScarecrowThrone of EldraineArtifact Creature Common
Silverflame RitualThrone of EldraineSorcery Common
Silverflame SquireThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Silverwing SquadronThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Skullknocker OgreThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Slaying FireThrone of EldraineInstant Uncommon
Smitten SwordmasterThrone of EldraineCreature Common
So TinyThrone of EldraineEnchantment Common
Sorcerer's BroomThrone of EldraineArtifact Creature Uncommon
Sorcerous SpyglassThrone of EldraineArtifact Rare
Specter's ShriekThrone of EldraineSorcery Uncommon
Spinning WheelThrone of EldraineArtifact Uncommon
Sporecap SpiderThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Steelbane HydraThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Steelclaw LanceThrone of EldraineArtifact Uncommon
Steelgaze GriffinThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Stolen by the FaeThrone of EldraineSorcery Rare
StompThrone of Eldraine  Rare
Stonecoil SerpentThrone of EldraineArtifact Creature Rare
Stormfist CrusaderThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Sundering StrokeThrone of EldraineSorcery Rare
SwampThrone of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
SwampThrone of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
SwampThrone of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
SwampThrone of EldraineBasic Land Basic Land
Swift EndThrone of Eldraine  Rare
Syr Alin, the Lion's ClawThrone of EldraineLegendary Creature Uncommon
Syr Carah, the BoldThrone of EldraineLegendary Creature Uncommon
Syr Elenora, the DiscerningThrone of EldraineLegendary Creature Uncommon
Syr Faren, the HengehammerThrone of EldraineLegendary Creature Uncommon
Syr Gwyn, Hero of AshvaleThrone of EldraineLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Syr Konrad, the GrimThrone of EldraineLegendary Creature Uncommon
Tall as a BeanstalkThrone of EldraineEnchantment Common
Taste of DeathThrone of EldraineSorcery Rare
Tempting WitchThrone of EldraineCreature Common
The Cauldron of EternityThrone of EldraineLegendary Artifact Mythic Rare
The Circle of LoyaltyThrone of EldraineLegendary Artifact Mythic Rare
The Great HengeThrone of EldraineLegendary Artifact Mythic Rare
The Magic MirrorThrone of EldraineLegendary Artifact Mythic Rare
The Royal ScionsThrone of EldraineLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Thorn MammothThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Thornwood FallsThrone of EldraineLand Common
Thrill of PossibilityThrone of EldraineInstant Common
Thunderous SnapperThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Tome of LegendsThrone of EldraineArtifact Rare
Tome RaiderThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Torbran, Thane of Red FellThrone of EldraineLegendary Creature Rare
Tournament GroundsThrone of EldraineLand Uncommon
Trail of CrumbsThrone of EldraineEnchantment Uncommon
Trapped in the TowerThrone of EldraineEnchantment Common
Treats to ShareThrone of Eldraine  Common
True Love's KissThrone of EldraineInstant Common
Tuinvale TreefolkThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Turn into a PumpkinThrone of EldraineInstant Uncommon
Unexplained VisionThrone of EldraineSorcery Common
Usher to SafetyThrone of Eldraine  Uncommon
Vantress GargoyleThrone of EldraineArtifact Creature Rare
Vantress PaladinThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Venerable KnightThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Venture DeeperThrone of Eldraine  Common
WandermareThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Weapon RackThrone of EldraineArtifact Common
Weaselback RedcapThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Welcome HomeThrone of Eldraine  Uncommon
Wicked GuardianThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Wicked WolfThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Wildborn PreserverThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Wildwood TrackerThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Wind-Scarred CragThrone of EldraineLand Common
Wintermoor CommanderThrone of EldraineCreature Uncommon
Wishclaw TalismanThrone of EldraineArtifact Rare
Wishful MerfolkThrone of EldraineCreature Common
Witch's CottageThrone of EldraineLand Common
Witch's OvenThrone of EldraineArtifact Uncommon
Witch's VengeanceThrone of EldraineSorcery Rare
Witching WellThrone of EldraineArtifact Common
Wolf's QuarryThrone of EldraineSorcery Common
Workshop EldersThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Worthy KnightThrone of EldraineCreature Rare
Yorvo, Lord of GarenbrigThrone of EldraineLegendary Creature Rare
Youthful KnightThrone of EldraineCreature Common