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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Ashnod's CouponUngluedArtifact Rare
B.F.M. 1UngluedCreature Rare
B.F.M. 2UngluedScariest Creature You'll Ever See Rare
Blacker LotusUngluedArtifact Rare
Bronze CalendarUngluedArtifact Uncommon
BureaucracyUngluedEnchantment Rare
Burning Cinder Fury of Crimson Chaos FireUngluedEnchantment Rare
Cardboard CarapaceUngluedEnchant Creature Rare
CensorshipUngluedEnchantment Uncommon
Chaos ConfettiUngluedArtifact Common
Charm SchoolUngluedEnchant Player Uncommon
Checks and BalancesUngluedEnchantment Uncommon
Chicken à la KingUngluedCreature Rare
Chicken EggUngluedCreature Common
Clam I AmUngluedCreature Common
Clam SessionUngluedCreature Common
ClambassadorsUngluedCreature Common
Clay PigeonUngluedArtifact Creature Uncommon
Common CourtesyUngluedEnchantment Uncommon
DeadheadUngluedCreature Common
Denied!UngluedInstant Common
Double CrossUngluedSorcery Common
Double DealUngluedSorcery Common
Double DipUngluedInstant Common
Double PlayUngluedSorcery Common
Double TakeUngluedInstant Common
Elvish ImpersonatorsUngluedCreature Common
Flock of Rabid SheepUngluedSorcery Uncommon
ForestUngluedLand Common
Fowl PlayUngluedEnchant Creature Common
Free for AllUngluedEnchantment Rare
Free Range ChickenUngluedCreature Common
GerrymanderingUngluedSorcery Uncommon
Get a LifeUngluedInstant Uncommon
Ghazbán OgressUngluedCreature Common
Giant FanUngluedArtifact Rare
Goblin BookieUngluedCreature Common
Goblin Bowling TeamUngluedCreature Common
Goblin TutorUngluedInstant Uncommon
Growth SpurtUngluedInstant Common
GusUngluedCreature Common
HandcuffsUngluedEnchantment Uncommon
Hungry Hungry HeiferUngluedCreature Uncommon
Hurloon WranglerUngluedCreature Common
I'm Rubber, You're GlueUngluedEnchantment Rare
Incoming!UngluedSorcery Rare
Infernal Spawn of EvilUngluedCreature Rare
IslandUngluedLand Common
Jack in the MoxUngluedArtifact Rare
Jalum GrifterUngluedCreature Rare
Jester's SombreroUngluedArtifact Rare
Jumbo ImpUngluedCreature Uncommon
Knight of the Hokey PokeyUngluedCreature Common
Krazy KowUngluedCreature Common
LandfillUngluedSorcery Rare
LexivoreUngluedCreature Uncommon
Look at Me, I'm the DCIUngluedSorcery Rare
Mesa ChickenUngluedCreature Common
Mine, Mine, Mine!UngluedEnchantment Rare
Mirror MirrorUngluedArtifact Rare
Miss DemeanorUngluedCreature Uncommon
MountainUngluedLand Common
Once More with FeelingUngluedSorcery Rare
Organ HarvestUngluedSorcery Common
OwUngluedEnchantment Rare
Paper TigerUngluedArtifact Creature Common
PlainsUngluedLand Common
PoultrygeistUngluedCreature Common
Prismatic WardrobeUngluedSorcery Common
Psychic NetworkUngluedEnchantment Rare
RicochetUngluedEnchantment Uncommon
Rock LobsterUngluedArtifact Creature Common
Scissors LizardUngluedArtifact Creature Common
Sex AppealUngluedInstant Common
SorryUngluedEnchantment Uncommon
Spark FiendUngluedCreature Rare
Spatula of the AgesUngluedArtifact Uncommon
Squirrel FarmUngluedEnchantment Rare
Strategy, SchmategyUngluedSorcery Rare
SwampUngluedLand Common
Team SpiritUngluedInstant Common
Temp of the DamnedUngluedCreature Common
The Cheese Stands AloneUngluedEnchantment Rare
The Ultimate Nightmare of Wizards of the Coast® CuUngluedSorcery Uncommon
Timmy, Power GamerUngluedCreature Rare
Urza's Contact LensesUngluedArtifact Uncommon
Urza's Science Fair ProjectUngluedArtifact Creature Uncommon
Volrath's Motion SensorUngluedEnchant Player Uncommon