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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
"Ach! Hans, Run!"UnhingedEnchantment Rare
_____UnhingedCreature Uncommon
Aesthetic ConsultationUnhingedInstant Rare
AmbiguityUnhingedEnchantment Rare
Artful LooterUnhingedCreature Common
Ass Whuppin'UnhingedSorcery Rare
AssquatchUnhingedCreature Rare
Atinlay IgpayUnhingedEaturecray Uncommon
Avatar of MeUnhingedCreature Rare
AWOLUnhingedInstant Common
B I N G OUnhingedCreature Rare
Bad AssUnhingedCreature Common
Blast from the PastUnhingedInstant Rare
BloodletterUnhingedCreature Common
Booster TutorUnhingedInstant Uncommon
Bosom BuddyUnhingedCreature Uncommon
Brushstroke PaintermageUnhingedCreature Common
Bursting BeeblesUnhingedCreature Common
CardpeckerUnhingedCreature Common
Carnivorous Death ParrotUnhingedCreature Common
Cheap AssUnhingedCreature Common
CheatyfaceUnhingedCreature Uncommon
Circle of Protection ArtUnhingedEnchantment Common
City of AssUnhingedLand Rare
Collector ProtectorUnhingedCreature Rare
Creature GuyUnhingedCreature Uncommon
Curse of the Fire PenguinUnhingedEnchant Creature Rare
Deal DamageUnhingedInstant Uncommon
Double HeaderUnhingedCreature Common
Drawn TogetherUnhingedEnchantment Rare
DuhUnhingedInstant Common
Dumb AssUnhingedCreature Common
Elvish House PartyUnhingedCreature Uncommon
EmceeUnhingedCreature Uncommon
Enter the DungeonUnhingedSorcery Rare
Erase (Not the Urza's Legacy One)UnhingedInstant Common
Eye to EyeUnhingedInstant Uncommon
Face to FaceUnhingedSorcery Uncommon
Farewell to ArmsUnhingedEnchantment Common
Fascist Art DirectorUnhingedCreature Common
Fat AssUnhingedCreature Common
First Come, First ServedUnhingedEnchantment Uncommon
FlaccifyUnhingedInstant Common
ForestUnhingedBasic Land Common
Form of the SquirrelUnhingedEnchantment Rare
Fraction JacksonUnhingedCreature Rare
Framed!UnhingedInstant Common
Frankie PeanutsUnhingedLegendary Creature Rare
Frazzled EditorUnhingedCreature Common
GleemaxUnhingedLengendary Artifact Rare
Gluetius MaximusUnhingedCreature Uncommon
Goblin MimeUnhingedCreature Common
Goblin S.W.A.T. TeamUnhingedCreature Common
Goblin Secret AgentUnhingedCreature Common
Granny's PaybackUnhingedSorcery Uncommon
Graphic ViolenceUnhingedInstant Common
Greater MorphlingUnhingedCreature Rare
Head to HeadUnhingedInstant Uncommon
Infernal Spawn of Infernal Spawn of EvilUnhingedCreature Rare
IslandUnhingedBasic Land Common
Johnny, Combo PlayerUnhingedLegendary Creature Rare
Keeper of the Sacred WordUnhingedCreature Common
Kill! Destroy!UnhingedInstant Uncommon
Ladies' KnightUnhingedCreature Uncommon
Land Aid '04UnhingedSorcery Common
Laughing HyenaUnhingedCreature Common
Letter BombUnhingedArtifact Rare
Little GirlUnhingedCreature Common
Look at Me, I'm R&DUnhingedEnchantment Rare
Loose LipsUnhingedEnchant Creature Common
Magical HackerUnhingedCreature Uncommon
Man of MeasureUnhingedCreature Common
Mana FlairUnhingedInstant Common
Mana ScrewUnhingedArtifact Uncommon
Meddling KidsUnhingedCreature Rare
MiseUnhingedInstant Uncommon
Moniker MageUnhingedCreature Common
Monkey Monkey MonkeyUnhingedCreature Common
Mons's Goblin WaitersUnhingedCreature Common
Mother of GoonsUnhingedCreature Common
MountainUnhingedBasic Land Common
Mouth to MouthUnhingedSorcery Uncommon
Mox LotusUnhingedArtifact Rare
My First TomeUnhingedArtifact Uncommon
Name DroppingUnhingedEnchantment Uncommon
Necro ImpotenceUnhingedEnchantment Rare
Now I Know My ABC'sUnhingedEnchantment Rare
Number CrunchUnhingedInstant Common
Old FogeyUnhingedCreature Rare
Orcish ParatroopersUnhingedCreature Common
Our Market Research Shows That…UnhingedCreature Common
Persecute ArtistUnhingedSorcery Uncommon
Phyrexian LibrarianUnhingedCreature Uncommon
PlainsUnhingedBasic Land Common
Pointy Finger of DoomUnhingedArtifact Rare
PunctuateUnhingedInstant Common
Pygmy GiantUnhingedCreature Uncommon
Question Elemental?UnhingedCreature Uncommon
R&D's Secret LairUnhingedLegendary Land Rare
Rare B GoneUnhingedSorcery Rare
Red Hot HottieUnhingedCreature Common
RemodelUnhingedInstant Common
Richard Garfield, Ph.D.UnhingedLegendary Creature Rare
Rocket Powered Turbo SlugUnhingedCreature Uncommon
Rod of SpankingUnhingedArtifact Uncommon
S.N.O.T.UnhingedCreature Common
SauteUnhingedInstant Common
Save LifeUnhingedInstant Uncommon
Shoe TreeUnhingedCreature Common
Side to SideUnhingedInstant Uncommon
Six y BeastUnhingedCreature Uncommon
Smart AssUnhingedCreature Common
Spell CounterUnhingedInstant Uncommon
Standing ArmyUnhingedCreature Common
Staying PowerUnhingedEnchantment Rare
Stone Cold BasiliskUnhingedCreature Uncommon
Stop ThatUnhingedInstant Common
Super Secret TechUnhingedArtifact Rare
SupersizeUnhingedInstant Common
SwampUnhingedBasic Land Common
Symbol StatusUnhingedSorcery Uncommon
Tainted MonkeyUnhingedCreature Common
The Fallen ApartUnhingedCreature Common
Time MachineUnhingedArtifact Rare
TogglodyteUnhingedArtifact Creature Uncommon
Topsy TurvyUnhingedEnchantment Rare
Touch and GoUnhingedSorcery Common
Toy BoatUnhingedArtifact Creature Uncommon
Uktabi KongUnhingedCreature Rare
Urza's Hot TubUnhingedArtifact Uncommon
Vile BileUnhingedCreature Common
Water Gun Balloon GameUnhingedArtifact Rare
Wet Willie of the DamnedUnhingedSorcery Common
When Fluffy Bunnies AttackUnhingedInstant Common
Who What When Where WhyUnhingedInstant Rare
WordmailUnhingedEnchant Creature Common
Working StiffUnhingedCreature Uncommon
World Bottling KitUnhingedArtifact Rare
Yet Another Æther VortexUnhingedEnchantment Rare
Zombie FanboyUnhingedCreature Uncommon
Zzzyxas's AbyssUnhingedEnchantment Rare