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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
About FaceUrza's LegacyInstant Common
Angel's TrumpetUrza's LegacyArtifact Uncommon
Angelic CuratorUrza's LegacyCreature Common
AnthroplasmUrza's LegacyCreature Rare
ArchivistUrza's LegacyCreature Rare
Aura FluxUrza's LegacyEnchantment Common
Avalanche RidersUrza's LegacyCreature Uncommon
Beast of BurdenUrza's LegacyArtifact Creature Rare
Blessed ReversalUrza's LegacyInstant Rare
Bloated ToadUrza's LegacyCreature Uncommon
Bone ShredderUrza's LegacyCreature Uncommon
Bouncing BeeblesUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Brink of MadnessUrza's LegacyEnchantment Rare
Burst of EnergyUrza's LegacyInstant Common
CessationUrza's LegacyEnchant Creature Common
Cloud of FaeriesUrza's LegacyCreature Common
CrawlspaceUrza's LegacyArtifact Rare
Crop RotationUrza's LegacyInstant Common
Damping EngineUrza's LegacyArtifact Rare
Darkwatch ElvesUrza's LegacyCreature Uncommon
Defender of ChaosUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Defender of LawUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Defense GridUrza's LegacyArtifact Rare
Defense of the HeartUrza's LegacyEnchantment Rare
Delusions of MediocrityUrza's LegacyEnchantment Rare
Deranged HermitUrza's LegacyCreature Rare
Devout HarpistUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Engineered PlagueUrza's LegacyEnchantment Uncommon
EraseUrza's LegacyInstant Common
EvisceratorUrza's LegacyCreature Rare
Expendable TroopsUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Faerie ConclaveUrza's LegacyLand Uncommon
Fleeting ImageUrza's LegacyCreature Rare
Fog of GnatsUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Forbidding WatchtowerUrza's LegacyLand Uncommon
Frantic SearchUrza's LegacyInstant Common
Gang of ElkUrza's LegacyCreature Uncommon
Ghitu EncampmentUrza's LegacyLand Uncommon
Ghitu Fire EaterUrza's LegacyCreature Uncommon
Ghitu SlingerUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Ghitu War CryUrza's LegacyEnchantment Uncommon
Giant CockroachUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Goblin MedicsUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Goblin WelderUrza's LegacyCreature Rare
Granite GripUrza's LegacyEnchant Creature Common
Grim MonolithUrza's LegacyArtifact Rare
Harmonic ConvergenceUrza's LegacyInstant Uncommon
Hidden GibbonsUrza's LegacyEnchantment Rare
Hope and GloryUrza's LegacyInstant Uncommon
Impending DisasterUrza's LegacyEnchantment Rare
InterveneUrza's LegacyInstant Common
Iron MaidenUrza's LegacyArtifact Rare
Iron WillUrza's LegacyInstant Common
Jhoira's ToolboxUrza's LegacyArtifact Creature Uncommon
Karmic GuideUrza's LegacyCreature Rare
King CrabUrza's LegacyCreature Uncommon
KnighthoodUrza's LegacyEnchantment Uncommon
Last Ditch EffortUrza's LegacyInstant Uncommon
Lava AxeUrza's LegacySorcery Common
LevitationUrza's LegacyEnchantment Uncommon
Lone WolfUrza's LegacyCreature Uncommon
Lurking SkirgeUrza's LegacyEnchantment Rare
Martyr's CauseUrza's LegacyEnchantment Uncommon
Memory JarUrza's LegacyArtifact Rare
Might of OaksUrza's LegacyInstant Rare
MiscalculationUrza's LegacyInstant Common
Molten HydraUrza's LegacyCreature Rare
Mother of RunesUrza's LegacyCreature Uncommon
Multani's AcolyteUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Multani's PresenceUrza's LegacyEnchantment Uncommon
Multani, Maro SorcererUrza's LegacyCreature Rare
No MercyUrza's LegacyEnchantment Rare
Opal AvengerUrza's LegacyEnchantment Rare
Opal ChampionUrza's LegacyEnchantment Common
OpportunityUrza's LegacyInstant Uncommon
OstracizeUrza's LegacySorcery Common
PalinchronUrza's LegacyCreature Rare
ParchUrza's LegacyInstant Common
Peace and QuietUrza's LegacyInstant Uncommon
Phyrexian BroodlingsUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Phyrexian DebaserUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Phyrexian DefilerUrza's LegacyCreature Uncommon
Phyrexian DenouncerUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Phyrexian PlaguelordUrza's LegacyCreature Rare
Phyrexian ReclamationUrza's LegacyEnchantment Uncommon
Plague BeetleUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Planar CollapseUrza's LegacyEnchantment Rare
PurifyUrza's LegacySorcery Rare
Pygmy PyrosaurUrza's LegacyCreature Common
PyromancyUrza's LegacyEnchantment Rare
Quicksilver AmuletUrza's LegacyArtifact Rare
Rack and RuinUrza's LegacyInstant Uncommon
Radiant's DragoonsUrza's LegacyCreature Uncommon
Radiant's JudgmentUrza's LegacyInstant Common
Radiant, ArchangelUrza's LegacyCreature Rare
RancorUrza's LegacyEnchant Creature Common
Rank and FileUrza's LegacyCreature Uncommon
Raven FamiliarUrza's LegacyCreature Uncommon
RebuildUrza's LegacyInstant Uncommon
RepopulateUrza's LegacyInstant Common
Ring of GixUrza's LegacyArtifact Rare
RivalryUrza's LegacyEnchantment Rare
ScrapheapUrza's LegacyArtifact Rare
Second ChanceUrza's LegacyEnchantment Rare
Shivan PhoenixUrza's LegacyCreature Rare
Sick and TiredUrza's LegacyInstant Common
Silk NetUrza's LegacyInstant Common
Simian GruntsUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Sleeper's GuileUrza's LegacyEnchant Creature Common
Slow MotionUrza's LegacyEnchant Creature Common
SluggishnessUrza's LegacyEnchant Creature Common
SnapUrza's LegacyInstant Common
Spawning PoolUrza's LegacyLand Uncommon
SubversionUrza's LegacyEnchantment Rare
Sustainer of the RealmUrza's LegacyCreature Uncommon
SwatUrza's LegacyInstant Common
Tethered SkirgeUrza's LegacyCreature Uncommon
Thornwind FaeriesUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Thran LensUrza's LegacyArtifact Rare
Thran War MachineUrza's LegacyArtifact Creature Uncommon
Thran WeaponryUrza's LegacyArtifact Rare
Ticking GnomesUrza's LegacyArtifact Creature Uncommon
TinkerUrza's LegacySorcery Uncommon
Tragic PoetUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Treacherous LinkUrza's LegacyEnchant Creature Uncommon
Treefolk MysticUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Treetop VillageUrza's LegacyLand Uncommon
UnearthUrza's LegacySorcery Common
Urza's BlueprintsUrza's LegacyArtifact Rare
Viashino BeyUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Viashino CutthroatUrza's LegacyCreature Uncommon
Viashino HereticUrza's LegacyCreature Uncommon
Viashino SandscoutUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Vigilant DrakeUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Walking SpongeUrza's LegacyCreature Uncommon
Weatherseed ElfUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Weatherseed FaeriesUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Weatherseed TreefolkUrza's LegacyCreature Rare
Wheel of TortureUrza's LegacyArtifact Rare
Wing SnareUrza's LegacySorcery Uncommon
Yavimaya GrangerUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Yavimaya ScionUrza's LegacyCreature Common
Yavimaya WurmUrza's LegacyCreature Common