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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Absolute GraceUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Absolute LawUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
AbundanceUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Abyssal HorrorUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Academy ResearchersUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Acidic SoilUrza's SagaSorcery Uncommon
AcridianUrza's SagaCreature Common
Albino TrollUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
AnacondaUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Angelic ChorusUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Angelic PageUrza's SagaCreature Common
AnnulUrza's SagaInstant Common
AntagonismUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Arc LightningUrza's SagaSorcery Common
Arcane LaboratoryUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Argothian ElderUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Argothian EnchantressUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Argothian SwineUrza's SagaCreature Common
Argothian WurmUrza's SagaCreature Rare
AttunementUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Back to BasicsUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Barrin's CodexUrza's SagaArtifact Rare
Barrin, Master WizardUrza's SagaCreature Rare
BedlamUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
BefoulUrza's SagaSorcery Common
BereavementUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Blanchwood ArmorUrza's SagaEnchant Creature Uncommon
Blanchwood TreefolkUrza's SagaCreature Common
Blasted LandscapeUrza's SagaLand Uncommon
Blood VassalUrza's SagaCreature Common
Bog RaidersUrza's SagaCreature Common
BrandUrza's SagaInstant Rare
BravadoUrza's SagaEnchant Creature Common
BreachUrza's SagaInstant Common
Brilliant HaloUrza's SagaEnchant Creature Common
Bull HippoUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
BulwarkUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Cackling FiendUrza's SagaCreature Common
Carpet of FlowersUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Carrion BeetlesUrza's SagaCreature Common
CatalogUrza's SagaInstant Common
CatastropheUrza's SagaSorcery Rare
CathodionUrza's SagaArtifact Creature Uncommon
Cave TigerUrza's SagaCreature Common
Child of GaeaUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Chimeric StaffUrza's SagaArtifact Rare
Citanul CentaursUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Citanul FluteUrza's SagaArtifact Rare
Citanul HierophantsUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Claws of GixUrza's SagaArtifact Uncommon
ClearUrza's SagaInstant Uncommon
Cloak of MistsUrza's SagaEnchant Creature Common
ConfiscateUrza's SagaEnchant Permanent Uncommon
CongregateUrza's SagaInstant Common
ContaminationUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Copper GnomesUrza's SagaArtifact Creature Rare
Coral MerfolkUrza's SagaCreature Common
CorruptUrza's SagaSorcery Common
Cradle GuardUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Crater HellionUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Crazed SkirgeUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
CrosswindsUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Crystal ChimesUrza's SagaArtifact Uncommon
CurfewUrza's SagaInstant Common
Dark HatchlingUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Dark RitualUrza's SagaMana Source Common
Darkest HourUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Defensive FormationUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
DespondencyUrza's SagaEnchant Creature Common
Destructive UrgeUrza's SagaEnchant Creature Uncommon
Diabolic ServitudeUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Disciple of GraceUrza's SagaCreature Common
Disciple of LawUrza's SagaCreature Common
Discordant DirgeUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
DisenchantUrza's SagaInstant Common
DisorderUrza's SagaSorcery Uncommon
Disruptive StudentUrza's SagaCreature Common
DouseUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Dragon BloodUrza's SagaArtifact Uncommon
Drifting DjinnUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Drifting MeadowUrza's SagaLand Common
DromosaurUrza's SagaCreature Common
DuressUrza's SagaSorcery Common
Eastern PaladinUrza's SagaCreature Rare
ElectryteUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Elite ArchersUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Elvish HerderUrza's SagaCreature Common
Elvish LyristUrza's SagaCreature Common
Enchantment AlterationUrza's SagaInstant Uncommon
Endless WurmUrza's SagaCreature Rare
EndoskeletonUrza's SagaArtifact Uncommon
Energy FieldUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
ExhaustionUrza's SagaSorcery Uncommon
ExhumeUrza's SagaSorcery Common
ExplorationUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
ExpungeUrza's SagaInstant Common
Faith HealerUrza's SagaCreature Rare
FalterUrza's SagaInstant Common
Fault LineUrza's SagaInstant Rare
FecundityUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Fertile GroundUrza's SagaEnchant Land Common
Fiery MantleUrza's SagaEnchant Creature Common
Fire AntsUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Flesh ReaverUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
FluctuatorUrza's SagaArtifact Rare
Fog BankUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Forest (Version 1)Urza's SagaLand Common
Forest (Version 2)Urza's SagaLand Common
Forest (Version 3)Urza's SagaLand Common
Forest (Version 4)Urza's SagaLand Common
FortitudeUrza's SagaEnchant Creature Common
Gaea's BountyUrza's SagaSorcery Common
Gaea's CradleUrza's SagaLegendary Land Rare
Gaea's EmbraceUrza's SagaEnchant Creature Uncommon
GambleUrza's SagaSorcery Rare
Gilded DrakeUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Glorious AnthemUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Goblin CadetsUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Goblin LackeyUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Goblin MatronUrza's SagaCreature Common
Goblin OffensiveUrza's SagaSorcery Uncommon
Goblin PatrolUrza's SagaCreature Common
Goblin RaiderUrza's SagaCreature Common
Goblin SpelunkersUrza's SagaCreature Common
Goblin War BuggyUrza's SagaCreature Common
Gorilla WarriorUrza's SagaCreature Common
Grafted SkullcapUrza's SagaArtifact Rare
Great WhaleUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Greater GoodUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Greener PasturesUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
GumaUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Hawkeater MothUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Headlong RushUrza's SagaInstant Common
Healing SalveUrza's SagaInstant Common
Heat RayUrza's SagaInstant Common
Herald of SerraUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Hermetic StudyUrza's SagaEnchant Creature Common
HibernationUrza's SagaInstant Uncommon
Hidden AncientsUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Hidden GuerrillasUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Hidden HerdUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Hidden PredatorsUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Hidden SpiderUrza's SagaEnchantment Common
Hidden StagUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Hollow DogsUrza's SagaCreature Common
Hopping AutomatonUrza's SagaArtifact Creature Uncommon
Horseshoe CrabUrza's SagaCreature Common
HumbleUrza's SagaInstant Uncommon
HushUrza's SagaSorcery Common
Ill Gotten GainsUrza's SagaSorcery Rare
Imaginary PetUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Intrepid HeroUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Island (Version 1)Urza's SagaLand Common
Island (Version 2)Urza's SagaLand Common
Island (Version 3)Urza's SagaLand Common
Island (Version 4)Urza's SagaLand Common
Jagged LightningUrza's SagaSorcery Uncommon
Karn, Silver GolemUrza's SagaLegendary Artifact Creature Rare
LaunchUrza's SagaEnchant Creature Common
Lay WasteUrza's SagaSorcery Common
LifelineUrza's SagaArtifact Rare
Lightning DragonUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Lilting RefrainUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Lingering MirageUrza's SagaEnchant Land Uncommon
Looming ShadeUrza's SagaCreature Common
Lotus BlossomUrza's SagaArtifact Rare
LullUrza's SagaInstant Common
Lurking EvilUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Mana LeechUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
MeltdownUrza's SagaSorcery Uncommon
MetrognomeUrza's SagaArtifact Rare
Midsummer RevelUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Mishra's HelixUrza's SagaArtifact Rare
Mobile FortUrza's SagaArtifact Creature Uncommon
Monk IdealistUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Monk RealistUrza's SagaCreature Common
MorphlingUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Mountain (Version 1)Urza's SagaLand Common
Mountain (Version 2)Urza's SagaLand Common
Mountain (Version 3)Urza's SagaLand Common
Mountain (Version 4)Urza's SagaLand Common
No Rest for the WickedUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Noetic ScalesUrza's SagaArtifact Rare
OkkUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Opal AcrolithUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Opal ArchangelUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Opal CaryatidUrza's SagaEnchantment Common
Opal GargoyleUrza's SagaEnchantment Common
Opal TitanUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
OppressionUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Order of YawgmothUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
OutmaneuverUrza's SagaInstant Uncommon
PacifismUrza's SagaEnchant Creature Common
Parasitic BondUrza's SagaEnchant Creature Uncommon
PariahUrza's SagaEnchant Creature Rare
Path of PeaceUrza's SagaSorcery Common
Pegasus ChargerUrza's SagaCreature Common
Pendrell DrakeUrza's SagaCreature Common
Pendrell FluxUrza's SagaEnchant Creature Common
Peregrine DrakeUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
PersecuteUrza's SagaSorcery Rare
PestilenceUrza's SagaEnchantment Common
Phyrexian ColossusUrza's SagaArtifact Creature Rare
Phyrexian GhoulUrza's SagaCreature Common
Phyrexian ProcessorUrza's SagaArtifact Rare
Phyrexian TowerUrza's SagaLegendary Land Rare
Pit TrapUrza's SagaArtifact Uncommon
Plains (Version 1)Urza's SagaLand Common
Plains (Version 2)Urza's SagaLand Common
Plains (Version 3)Urza's SagaLand Common
Plains (Version 4)Urza's SagaLand Common
Planar BirthUrza's SagaSorcery Rare
Planar VoidUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Polluted MireUrza's SagaLand Common
Pouncing JaguarUrza's SagaCreature Common
Power SinkUrza's SagaInstant Common
Power TaintUrza's SagaEnchant Enchantment Common
Presence of the MasterUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Priest of GixUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Priest of TitaniaUrza's SagaCreature Common
Purging ScytheUrza's SagaArtifact Rare
Rain of FilthUrza's SagaInstant Uncommon
Rain of SaltUrza's SagaSorcery Uncommon
Ravenous SkirgeUrza's SagaCreature Common
RazeUrza's SagaSorcery Common
RecantationUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Reclusive WightUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
RedeemUrza's SagaInstant Uncommon
ReflexesUrza's SagaEnchant Creature Common
RejuvenateUrza's SagaSorcery Common
RemembranceUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Remote IsleUrza's SagaLand Common
ReprocessUrza's SagaSorcery Rare
RescindUrza's SagaInstant Common
RetaliationUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
RetromancerUrza's SagaCreature Common
RewindUrza's SagaInstant Common
Rumbling CrescendoUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Rune of Protection ArtifactsUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Rune of Protection BlackUrza's SagaEnchantment Common
Rune of Protection BlueUrza's SagaEnchantment Common
Rune of Protection GreenUrza's SagaEnchantment Common
Rune of Protection LandsUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Rune of Protection RedUrza's SagaEnchantment Common
Rune of Protection WhiteUrza's SagaEnchantment Common
Sanctum CustodianUrza's SagaCreature Common
Sanctum GuardianUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Sandbar MerfolkUrza's SagaCreature Common
Sandbar SerpentUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Sanguine GuardUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
ScaldUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Scoria WurmUrza's SagaCreature Rare
ScrapUrza's SagaInstant Common
Seasoned MarshalUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Serra AvatarUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Serra ZealotUrza's SagaCreature Common
Serra's EmbraceUrza's SagaEnchant Creature Uncommon
Serra's HymnUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Serra's LiturgyUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Serra's SanctumUrza's SagaLegendary Land Rare
Shimmering BarrierUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Shiv's EmbraceUrza's SagaEnchant Creature Uncommon
Shivan GorgeUrza's SagaLegendary Land Rare
Shivan HellkiteUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Shivan RaptorUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Show and TellUrza's SagaSorcery Rare
Shower of SparksUrza's SagaInstant Common
SickenUrza's SagaEnchant Creature Common
Silent AttendantUrza's SagaCreature Common
Skirge FamiliarUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Skittering SkirgeUrza's SagaCreature Common
Sleeper AgentUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Slippery KarstUrza's SagaLand Common
SmokestackUrza's SagaArtifact Rare
Smoldering CraterUrza's SagaLand Common
Sneak AttackUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
SomnophoreUrza's SagaCreature Rare
SongstitcherUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Soul SculptorUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Spined FlukeUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Spire OwlUrza's SagaCreature Common
SporogenesisUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Spreading AlgaeUrza's SagaEnchant Land Uncommon
Steam BlastUrza's SagaSorcery Uncommon
Stern ProctorUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Stroke of GeniusUrza's SagaInstant Rare
Sulfuric VaporsUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
SunderUrza's SagaInstant Rare
Swamp (Version 1)Urza's SagaLand Common
Swamp (Version 2)Urza's SagaLand Common
Swamp (Version 3)Urza's SagaLand Common
Swamp (Version 4)Urza's SagaLand Common
SymbiosisUrza's SagaInstant Common
Tainted ÆtherUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
TelepathyUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Temporal ApertureUrza's SagaArtifact Rare
Thran QuarryUrza's SagaLand Rare
Thran TurbineUrza's SagaArtifact Uncommon
Thundering GiantUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Time SpiralUrza's SagaSorcery Rare
Titania's BoonUrza's SagaSorcery Uncommon
Titania's ChosenUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Tolarian AcademyUrza's SagaLegendary Land Rare
Tolarian WindsUrza's SagaInstant Common
Torch SongUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Treefolk SeedlingsUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Treetop RangersUrza's SagaCreature Common
TurnaboutUrza's SagaInstant Uncommon
UmbilicusUrza's SagaArtifact Rare
UnnerveUrza's SagaSorcery Common
Unworthy DeadUrza's SagaCreature Common
Urza's ArmorUrza's SagaArtifact Uncommon
Vampiric EmbraceUrza's SagaEnchant Creature Uncommon
VebulidUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Veil of BirdsUrza's SagaEnchantment Common
Veiled ApparitionUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Veiled CrocodileUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Veiled SentryUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Veiled SerpentUrza's SagaEnchantment Common
Venomous FangsUrza's SagaEnchant Creature Common
Vernal BloomUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Viashino OutriderUrza's SagaCreature Common
Viashino RunnerUrza's SagaCreature Common
Viashino SandswimmerUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Viashino WeaponsmithUrza's SagaCreature Common
VictimizeUrza's SagaSorcery Uncommon
Vile RequiemUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Voice of GraceUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Voice of LawUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Voltaic KeyUrza's SagaArtifact Uncommon
Vug LizardUrza's SagaCreature Uncommon
Wall of JunkUrza's SagaArtifact Creature Uncommon
War DanceUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
WaylayUrza's SagaInstant Uncommon
Western PaladinUrza's SagaCreature Rare
WhetstoneUrza's SagaArtifact Rare
WhirlwindUrza's SagaSorcery Rare
Wild DogsUrza's SagaCreature Common
WildfireUrza's SagaSorcery Rare
WindfallUrza's SagaSorcery Uncommon
Winding WurmUrza's SagaCreature Common
WirecatUrza's SagaArtifact Creature Uncommon
Witch EngineUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Wizard MentorUrza's SagaCreature Common
Worn PowerstoneUrza's SagaArtifact Uncommon
WorshipUrza's SagaEnchantment Rare
Yawgmoth's EdictUrza's SagaEnchantment Uncommon
Yawgmoth's WillUrza's SagaSorcery Rare
ZephidUrza's SagaCreature Rare
Zephid's EmbraceUrza's SagaEnchant Creature Uncommon