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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Abaddon the DespoilerWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Abaddon the Despoiler (variant 1)Warhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
AberrantWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Uncommon
AbundanceWarhammer 40,000 CommanderEnchantment Rare
Acolyte HybridWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Uncommon
Adaptive AutomatonWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Rare
AetherizeWarhammer 40,000 CommanderInstant Uncommon
And They Shall Know No FearWarhammer 40,000 CommanderInstant Uncommon
Anrakyr the TravellerWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Artifact Creature Rare
Arcane SanctumWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Uncommon
Arcane SignetWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Common
Arcane Signet (variant 1)Warhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Common
Arcane Signet (variant 2)Warhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Common
Arco-FlagellantWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Ash BarrensWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Uncommon
Aspiring ChampionWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Assault IntercessorWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Assault SuitWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Uncommon
Atalan JackalWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Barren MoorWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Uncommon
Bastion ProtectorWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Be'lakor, the Dark MasterWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Beacon of UnrestWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Rare
Belisarius CawlWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Artifact Creature Rare
Bile BlightWarhammer 40,000 CommanderInstant Uncommon
BiophagusWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
BiotransferenceWarhammer 40,000 CommanderEnchantment Rare
Birth of the ImperiumWarhammer 40,000 CommanderEnchantment Rare
Bituminous BlastWarhammer 40,000 CommanderInstant Uncommon
Blasphemous ActWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Rare
Blight GrenadeWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Rare
Blood for the Blood God!Warhammer 40,000 CommanderInstant Rare
Bloodcrusher of KhorneWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Uncommon
BloodthirsterWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Bone SabresWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Rare
BrainstormWarhammer 40,000 CommanderInstant Common
Bred for the HuntWarhammer 40,000 CommanderEnchantment Uncommon
BroodlordWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Caged SunWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Rare
Callidus AssassinWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Canoptek Scarab SwarmWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Rare
Canoptek SpyderWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Rare
Canoptek Tomb SentinelWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Rare
Canoptek WraithWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Rare
Cave of TemptationWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Common
Celestine, the Living SaintWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Creature Rare
Chaos DefilerWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Rare
Chaos MutationWarhammer 40,000 CommanderInstant Rare
Chaos Terminator LordWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Uncommon
Chaos WarpWarhammer 40,000 CommanderInstant Rare
Choked EstuaryWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Rare
Chromatic LanternWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Rare
ChronomancerWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Rare
Cinder GladeWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Rare
ClamavusWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Collective EffortWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Rare
Command TowerWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Common
Command Tower (variant 1)Warhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Common
Command Tower (variant 2)Warhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Common
Commander's SphereWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Common
Commander's Sphere (variant 1)Warhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Common
Commander's Sphere (variant 2)Warhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Common
Commissar Severina RaineWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Creature Rare
Company CommanderWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Convergence of DominionWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Rare
Cranial PlatingWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Uncommon
Crumbling NecropolisWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Uncommon
CryptekWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Rare
CryptothrallWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Rare
CultivateWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Common
Cybernetica DatasmithWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Rare
Dark ApostleWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Dark RitualWarhammer 40,000 CommanderInstant Common
DarknessWarhammer 40,000 CommanderInstant Common
Darkwater CatacombsWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Rare
Death's PresenceWarhammer 40,000 CommanderEnchantment Rare
Deathleaper, Terror WeaponWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Creature Rare
Decree of PainWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Rare
Defenders of HumanityWarhammer 40,000 CommanderEnchantment Rare
DefileWarhammer 40,000 CommanderInstant Uncommon
Deny RealityWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Common
Deny the WitchWarhammer 40,000 CommanderInstant Uncommon
Deploy to the FrontWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Rare
Desert of the GlorifiedWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Common
Dismal BackwaterWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Common
Drach'NyenWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Artifact Rare
Dread ReturnWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Uncommon
Endless AtlasWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Rare
Entrapment ManeuverWarhammer 40,000 CommanderInstant Rare
Epistolary LibrarianWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Everflowing ChaliceWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Rare
Evolving WildsWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Common
Exalted Flamer of TzeentchWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
ExocrineWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Exotic OrchardWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Rare
ExploreWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Common
ExterminatusWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Rare
FabricateWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Promo
FarseekWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Common
Fell the MightyWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Rare
Flayed OneWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Uncommon
For the Emperor!Warhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Rare
Foreboding RuinsWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Rare
ForestWarhammer 40,000 CommanderBasic Land Basic Land
Forgotten CaveWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Common
Frontier BivouacWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Uncommon
Game TrailWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Rare
Gargoyle FlockWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Genestealer LocusWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Uncommon
Genestealer PatriarchWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Ghost ArkWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Rare
Ghyrson Starn, KelermorphWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Creature Rare
Gilded LotusWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Rare
Go for the ThroatWarhammer 40,000 CommanderInstant Common
Goliath TruckWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Uncommon
Great Unclean OneWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Grey Knight ParagonWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Uncommon
Hardened ScalesWarhammer 40,000 CommanderEnchantment Rare
HarrowWarhammer 40,000 CommanderInstant Common
HaruspexWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Hedron ArchiveWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Uncommon
HelbruteWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Rare
Herald of SlaaneshWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Uncommon
Herald's HornWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Uncommon
Heralds of TzeentchWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Uncommon
Hexmark DestroyerWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Uncommon
Hierophant Bio-TitanWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Hormagaunt HordeWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Hour of ReckoningWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Rare
Hull BreachWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Uncommon
Icon of AncestryWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Rare
Illuminor SzerasWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Artifact Creature Rare
Imotekh the StormlordWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Artifact Creature Mythic Rare
Inquisitor EisenhornWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Creature Rare
Inquisitor GreyfaxWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Inquisitor Greyfax (variant 1)Warhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Inquisitorial RosetteWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Rare
Inspiring CallWarhammer 40,000 CommanderInstant Uncommon
IslandWarhammer 40,000 CommanderBasic Land Basic Land
Island (variant 1)Warhammer 40,000 CommanderBasic Land Basic Land
Island (variant 2)Warhammer 40,000 CommanderBasic Land Basic Land
Keeper of SecretsWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Khârn the BetrayerWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Creature Rare
Kill! Maim! Burn!Warhammer 40,000 CommanderInstant Rare
Knight PaladinWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Rare
Knight RampagerWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Rare
Launch the FleetWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Rare
Let the Galaxy BurnWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Rare
LictorWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Living DeathWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Rare
Lokhust Heavy DestroyerWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Rare
Lord of ChangeWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Lucius the EternalWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Creature Rare
LychguardWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Rare
Magnus the RedWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Creature Rare
Magus Lucea KaneWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
MalanthropeWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Mandate of AbaddonWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Rare
Marneus CalgarWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Martial CoupWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Rare
Mask of MemoryWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Uncommon
MawlocWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Memorial to GloryWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Uncommon
Mind StoneWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Uncommon
Mind Stone (variant 1)Warhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Common
Molten SlagheapWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Uncommon
Mortarion, Daemon PrimarchWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Creature Rare
MortifyWarhammer 40,000 CommanderInstant Uncommon
MountainWarhammer 40,000 CommanderBasic Land Basic Land
Mountain (variant 1)Warhammer 40,000 CommanderBasic Land Basic Land
Mutalith Vortex BeastWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
MutilateWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Rare
Myriad LandscapeWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Uncommon
Mystic ForgeWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Rare
Necron DeathmarkWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Rare
Necron MonolithWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Rare
Necron OverlordWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Rare
New HorizonsWarhammer 40,000 CommanderEnchantment Common
NexosWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Neyam Shai MuradWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Creature Rare
Night ScytheWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Uncommon
Noise MarineWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Uncommon
Nurgle's ConscriptionWarhammer 40,000 CommanderInstant Rare
Nurgle's RotWarhammer 40,000 CommanderEnchantment Uncommon
Old One EyeWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Creature Rare
Opal PalaceWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Common
Out of the TombsWarhammer 40,000 CommanderEnchantment Rare
OvergrowthWarhammer 40,000 CommanderEnchantment Common
Past in FlamesWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Mythic Rare
Path of AncestryWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Common
Pink HorrorWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Plague DroneWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
PlainsWarhammer 40,000 CommanderBasic Land Basic Land
PlasmancerWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Uncommon
Polluted MireWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Common
Port TownWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Rare
PoxwalkersWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Prairie StreamWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Rare
Primaris ChaplainWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Uncommon
Primaris EliminatorWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
PsychomancerWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Uncommon
Purestrain GenestealerWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Uncommon
Rampant GrowthWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Common
RavenerWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Reaver TitanWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Rare
Reconnaissance MissionWarhammer 40,000 CommanderEnchantment Uncommon
Redemptor DreadnoughtWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Rare
Reliquary TowerWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Uncommon
Resurrection OrbWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Rare
ReverberateWarhammer 40,000 CommanderInstant Rare
Royal WardenWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Rare
Rugged HighlandsWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Common
Sanguinary PriestWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Uncommon
Sautekh ImmortalWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Uncommon
Sceptre of Eternal GloryWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Artifact Rare
Scoured BarrensWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Common
Screamer-KillerWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Sculpting SteelWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Rare
Seeker of SlaaneshWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Uncommon
Shadow in the WarpWarhammer 40,000 CommanderEnchantment Rare
Shard of the NightbringerWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Shard of the Void DragonWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Sicarian InfiltratorWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Uncommon
Sister HospitallerWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Sister of SilenceWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Sister RepentiaWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Skorpekh DestroyerWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Uncommon
Skorpekh LordWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Rare
SkullclampWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Uncommon
Skycloud ExpanseWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Rare
Sloppity BilepiperWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Sol RingWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Uncommon
Sol Ring (variant 1)Warhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Uncommon
Sol Ring (variant 2)Warhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Uncommon
Sol Ring (variant 3)Warhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Uncommon
Space Marine DevastatorWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Space Marine ScoutWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Uncommon
SporocystWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
StarstormWarhammer 40,000 CommanderInstant Rare
Sunken HollowWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Rare
SwampWarhammer 40,000 CommanderBasic Land Basic Land
Swamp (variant 1)Warhammer 40,000 CommanderBasic Land Basic Land
Swamp (variant 2)Warhammer 40,000 CommanderBasic Land Basic Land
Swamp (variant 3)Warhammer 40,000 CommanderBasic Land Basic Land
Swamp (variant 4)Warhammer 40,000 CommanderBasic Land Basic Land
Swiftwater CliffsWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Common
Swords to PlowsharesWarhammer 40,000 CommanderInstant Uncommon
Szarekh, the Silent KingWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Artifact Creature Mythic Rare
Szarekh, the Silent King (variant 1)Warhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Artifact Creature Mythic Rare
Talisman of CreativityWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Uncommon
Talisman of DominanceWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Uncommon
Talisman of Dominance (variant 1)Warhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Uncommon
Talisman of HierarchyWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Uncommon
Talisman of IndulgenceWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Uncommon
Talisman of ProgressWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Uncommon
Tallyman of NurgleWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
TechnomancerWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Rare
Temple of AbandonWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Rare
Temple of EpiphanyWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Rare
Temple of MysteryWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Rare
Temple of the False GodWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Uncommon
Termagant SwarmWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Terramorphic ExpanseWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Common
TervigonWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
The First Tyrannic WarWarhammer 40,000 CommanderEnchantment Rare
The Flesh Is WeakWarhammer 40,000 CommanderEnchantment Rare
The Golden ThroneWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Artifact Rare
The Horus HeresyWarhammer 40,000 CommanderEnchantment Rare
The Lost and the DamnedWarhammer 40,000 CommanderEnchantment Uncommon
The Red TerrorWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Creature Rare
The Ruinous PowersWarhammer 40,000 CommanderEnchantment Rare
The SwarmlordWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
The Swarmlord (variant 1)Warhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
The War in HeavenWarhammer 40,000 CommanderEnchantment Rare
Their Name Is DeathWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Rare
Their Number Is LegionWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Rare
Thornwood FallsWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Common
Thought VesselWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Common
Thunderhawk GunshipWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Rare
Thunderwolf CavalryWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Uncommon
Tomb BladeWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Rare
Tomb FortressWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Rare
ToxicreneWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Tranquil CoveWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Common
Trazyn the InfiniteWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLegendary Artifact Creature Rare
Triarch PraetorianWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Uncommon
Triarch StalkerWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Rare
Triumph of Saint KatherineWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Trygon PrimeWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Uncommon
Tyranid HarridanWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Tyranid InvasionWarhammer 40,000 CommanderSorcery Uncommon
Tyranid PrimeWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Tyrant GuardWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Tzaangor ShamanWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Ultramarines Honour GuardWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Unclaimed TerritoryWarhammer 40,000 CommanderLand Uncommon
Unstable ObeliskWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Common
Utter EndWarhammer 40,000 CommanderInstant Rare
Vanguard SuppressorWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Vault of WhispersWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Land Common
VenomcrawlerWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Creature Rare
VenomthropeWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Uncommon
Vexilus PraetorWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Warstorm SurgeWarhammer 40,000 CommanderEnchantment Rare
Wayfarer's BaubleWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Common
Wayfarer's Bauble (variant 1)Warhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Common
Winged Hive TyrantWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
Worn PowerstoneWarhammer 40,000 CommanderArtifact Uncommon
ZephyrimWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare
ZoanthropeWarhammer 40,000 CommanderCreature Rare