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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
AbductionWorld Championship DecksEnchant Creature Uncommon
AbeyanceWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
Absolute LawWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Uncommon
Academy RectorWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Accumulated KnowledgeWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Adarkar WastesWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
AddleWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
Akki AvalanchersWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Akroma's VengeanceWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
Albino TrollWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Ancient DenWorld Championship DecksArtifact Land Common
Ancient TombWorld Championship DecksLand Uncommon
AngerWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
AnnulWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Anurid BrushhopperWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Anurid SwarmsnapperWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
AquamoebaWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Arc LightningWorld Championship DecksSorcery Common
Arcane DenialWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Arcanis the OmnipotentWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Arcbound RavagerWorld Championship DecksArtifact Creature Rare
Arcbound WorkerWorld Championship DecksArtifact Creature Common
Archive TrapWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
ArmageddonWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
Arrogant WurmWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Ashnod's AltarWorld Championship DecksArtifact Uncommon
Astral SlideWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Uncommon
AttunementWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
Aura FractureWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Common
Aura of SilenceWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Uncommon
Avalanche RidersWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
BalanceWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
Ball LightningWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Barren MoorWorld Championship DecksLand Common
Basking RootwallaWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Birds of ParadiseWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Black KnightWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
BlastodermWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
BlazeWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
Blazing SpecterWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Blinking SpiritWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Blinkmoth NexusWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
Blood OathWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
Bloodstained MireWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
BoilWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Boros GarrisonWorld Championship DecksLand Common
Boros SignetWorld Championship DecksArtifact Common
Bottle GnomesWorld Championship DecksArtifact Creature Uncommon
Bounty of the HuntWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
BrainstormWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
BreakthroughWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
Brion StoutarmWorld Championship DecksLegendary Creature Rare
BrushlandWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
Buried AliveWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
Burning WishWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
Cabal TherapyWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
Call of the HerdWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
CapsizeWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Careful StudyWorld Championship DecksSorcery Common
Carrion BeetlesWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
CataclysmWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
Centaur GardenWorld Championship DecksLand Uncommon
Cephalid ColiseumWorld Championship DecksLand Uncommon
Chainer's EdictWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
ChillWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Uncommon
Choking SandsWorld Championship DecksSorcery Common
Chrome MoxWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
Circle of Protection BlackWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Common
Circle of Protection GreenWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Uncommon
Circle of Protection RedWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Uncommon
Circular LogicWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
City of BrassWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
City of SolitudeWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
City of TraitorsWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
Civic WayfinderWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Cloud ElementalWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Cloudchaser EagleWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
CloudpostWorld Championship DecksLand Common
Coffin PurgeWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
CompostWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Uncommon
CompulsionWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Uncommon
CondescendWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
ConfiscateWorld Championship DecksEnchant Permanent Uncommon
ContagionWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Corpse DanceWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
CounterspellWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Covetous DragonWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Cranial PlatingWorld Championship DecksArtifact Common
Creeping MoldWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
Crosis's CharmWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
CrumbleWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Crumbling SanctuaryWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
Crypt AngelWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Crystal VeinWorld Championship DecksLand Uncommon
Cunning WishWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
Cursed ScrollWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
Cursed TotemWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
Dark BanishingWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Dark RitualWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Dark RitualWorld Championship DecksMana Source Common
Darksteel CitadelWorld Championship DecksArtifact Land Common
Darkwater CatacombsWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
Darting MerfolkWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Day of the DragonsWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
DazeWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
DecomposeWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
Decree of JusticeWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
Deep AnalysisWorld Championship DecksSorcery Common
Defense GridWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
DeflectionWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
DemolishWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
Demonic HordesWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Diabolic EdictWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Disciple of the VaultWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
DisenchantWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
DisintegrateWorld Championship DecksSorcery Common
DismissWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
DisruptWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
DissipateWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Divine OfferingWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Djinn IlluminatusWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Doomed NecromancerWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Dread of NightWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Uncommon
DuressWorld Championship DecksSorcery Common
Dust BowlWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
Dwarven MinerWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Dwarven ThaumaturgistWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
DystopiaWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
EarthquakeWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
Ebony CharmWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Eldrazi ConscriptionWorld Championship DecksTribal Enchantment Rare
ElectrolyzeWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Elfhame PalaceWorld Championship DecksLand Uncommon
Elvish Aberration (Arena 2003)World Championship DecksCreature Promo
Elvish ArchersWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Elvish LyristWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Emerald CharmWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Empyrial ArmorWorld Championship DecksEnchant Creature Common
Energy FieldWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
Energy FluxWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Uncommon
Engineered PlagueWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Uncommon
Enlightened TutorWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
EntombWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
EnvelopWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
EraseWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Erhnam DjinnWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Eternal DragonWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Eternal WitnessWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Exalted AngelWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
ExileWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
FabricateWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
Fact or FictionWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Fallen AskariWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
FecundityWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Uncommon
Final FortuneWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
Fire DiamondWorld Championship DecksArtifact Uncommon
Fire IceWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
FireballWorld Championship DecksSorcery Common
FireblastWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Fires of YavimayaWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Uncommon
FireslingerWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
FirestormWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
FlameshotWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
Flametongue KavuWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Flaring PainWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Flooded StrandWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
Flowstone FloodWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
ForbidWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Force of NatureWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Force of WillWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Force SpikeWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Forest (Version 1)World Championship DecksBasic Land - Forest Common
Forest (Version 2)World Championship DecksBasic Land - Forest Common
Forest (Version 3)World Championship DecksBasic Land - Forest Common
Forest (Version 4)World Championship DecksBasic Land - Forest Common
Forsaken WastesWorld Championship DecksEnchant World Rare
Frantic SearchWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Frenetic EfreetWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
FrogmiteWorld Championship DecksArtifact Creature Common
Fungal ShamblerWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Furnace DragonWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Fyndhorn ElvesWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Gaea's CradleWorld Championship DecksLegendary Land Rare
GainsayWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Gempalm IncineratorWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Gemstone MineWorld Championship DecksLand Uncommon
GenesisWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Ghastly DemiseWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Ghazbán OgreWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Ghitu EncampmentWorld Championship DecksLand Uncommon
Giant GrowthWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
GlimmervoidWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
Global RuinWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
GloryWorld Championship Decks  Rare
Goblin CharbelcherWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
Goblin GrapplerWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Goblin PiledriverWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Goblin SharpshooterWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Goblin SledderWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Goblin TaskmasterWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Goblin VandalWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Goblin WarchiefWorld Championship Decks  Uncommon
Great FurnaceWorld Championship DecksArtifact Land Common
Grim MonolithWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
GrindstoneWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
GuiltfeederWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
GushWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Hall of GemstoneWorld Championship DecksEnchant World Rare
Hammer of BogardanWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
Harvest WurmWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
HatredWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
Haunting EchoesWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
Heart of RamosWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
Heart of YavimayaWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
HibernationWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
High MarketWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
Honor the FallenWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
Honorable PassageWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Hunting PackWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
HurricaneWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
HydroblastWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Hypnotic SpecterWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Icy ManipulatorWorld Championship DecksArtifact Uncommon
ImpulseWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
IncinerateWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Innocent BloodWorld Championship DecksSorcery Common
Intrepid HeroWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Ironclaw OrcsWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Island (Version 1)World Championship DecksBasic Land - Island Common
Island (Version 2)World Championship DecksBasic Land - Island Common
Island (Version 3)World Championship DecksBasic Land - Island Common
Island (Version 4)World Championship DecksBasic Land - Island Common
Ivory TowerWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
Jackal PupWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Jayemdae TomeWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
Jester's CapWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
Jolrael's CentaurWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Karn, Silver GolemWorld Championship DecksLegendary Artifact Creature Rare
Karplusan ForestWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
Kavu ChameleonWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Kjeldoran OutpostWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
Knight of MeadowgrainWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Knight of StromgaldWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Knight of the MistsWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Krark Clan IronworksWorld Championship DecksArtifact Uncommon
Krosan ReclamationWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Krosan VergeWorld Championship Decksland Uncommon
Land TaxWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
Last RitesWorld Championship DecksSorcery Common
Lava TubesWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
LhurgoyfWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Light of DayWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Uncommon
Lightning BoltWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Lilting RefrainWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Uncommon
Living PlaneWorld Championship DecksEnchant World Rare
Living WishWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
Llanowar ElvesWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Llanowar WastesWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
LobotomyWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
Lord of AtlantisWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Man o' WarWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Mana LeakWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Mana MazeWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
Mana ShortWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
Marrow GnawerWorld Championship DecksLegendary Creature Rare
MasticoreWorld Championship DecksArtifact Creature Rare
MeekstoneWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
Memory LapseWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Mental NoteWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Merfolk LooterWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Merfolk of the Pearl TridentWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
MetalworkerWorld Championship DecksArtifact Creature Rare
MillstoneWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
Mind StoneWorld Championship DecksArtifact Common
MirariWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
Mirari's WakeWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
MiscalculationWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
MisdirectionWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
Mishra's FactoryWorld Championship DecksLand Uncommon
Mishra's HelixWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
Mogg FanaticWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Mogg FlunkiesWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Mogg War MarshalWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Moment's PeaceWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Mountain (Version 1)World Championship DecksLand Common
Mountain (Version 2)World Championship DecksLand Common
Mountain (Version 3)World Championship DecksLand Common
Mountain (Version 4)World Championship DecksLand Common
Muddle the MixtureWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Myr IncubatorWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
Mystical TutorWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Nantuko VigilanteWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
NecratogWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
NecropotenceWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
NekrataalWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Nether SpiritWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Nevinyrral's DiskWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
NightmareWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Nightscape FamiliarWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Nimble MongooseWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Nomads en KorWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
ObliterateWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
OpalescenceWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
OphidianWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
OppositionWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
OptWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Orcish SettlersWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Order of LeitburWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Order of Leitbur (Version 2)World Championship DecksCreature Common
Order of Leitbur (Version 3)World Championship DecksCreature Common
OrnithopterWorld Championship DecksArtifact Creature Uncommon
OverrunWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
OxidizeWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
PacifismWorld Championship DecksEnchant Creature Common
Paladin en VecWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Parallax TideWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
Parallax WaveWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
Patriarch's BiddingWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
Pattern of RebirthWorld Championship DecksEnchant Creature Rare
Pentad PrismWorld Championship DecksArtifact Common
PerishWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
PerplexWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
PersecuteWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
PersecuteWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
Phantom CentaurWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Phantom NishobaWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Phyrexian ArenaWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
Phyrexian ColossusWorld Championship DecksArtifact Creature Rare
Phyrexian FurnaceWorld Championship DecksArtifact Uncommon
Phyrexian NegatorWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Phyrexian PlaguelordWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Phyrexian ProcessorWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
Phyrexian ScutaWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Phyrexian TowerWorld Championship DecksLegendary Land Rare
PillageWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
Plague SpitterWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Plains (Version 1)World Championship DecksBasic Land - Plains Common
Plains (Version 2)World Championship DecksBasic Land - Plains Common
Plains (Version 3)World Championship DecksBasic Land - Plains Common
Plains (Version 4)World Championship DecksBasic Land - Plains Common
Plow UnderWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
Plow UnderWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
Political TrickeryWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
Pouncing JaguarWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Powder KegWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
Priest of TitaniaWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Prodigal SorcererWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
PsychatogWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
PurgeWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
PyroblastWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
PyroclasmWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
PyrokinesisWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
PyromaticsWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
QuicksandWorld Championship DecksLand Uncommon
Quiet SpeculationWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
Quirion RangerWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Rack and RuinWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Raging KavuWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Rain of BladesWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Rainbow EfreetWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Rampant GrowthWorld Championship DecksSorcery Common
RancorWorld Championship DecksEnchant Creature Common
Rapid DecayWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
Rathi AssassinWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Ravenous RatsWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Ray of DistortionWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Ray of RevelationWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
RecoilWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
RecoupWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
Recurring NightmareWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
Reflecting PoolWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
Relic BarrierWorld Championship DecksArtifact Uncommon
Remove SoulWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Renewed FaithWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
ReplenishWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
ReprisalWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
RepulseWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Reverse DamageWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
RewindWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Reya DawnbringerWorld Championship DecksLegendary Creature Rare
Rishadan PortWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
Rising WatersWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
River BoaWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Roar of the WurmWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
Rogue ElephantWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Rude AwakeningWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
Rushing RiverWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Sakura Tribe ElderWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Salt MarshWorld Championship DecksLand Uncommon
Saprazzan SkerryWorld Championship DecksLand Common
Saproling BurstWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
Saproling ClusterWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
ScaldWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Uncommon
Scoria CatWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Scrabbling ClawsWorld Championship DecksArtifact Uncommon
Scroll RackWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
Sea SpriteWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Seal of CleansingWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Common
Seal of RemovalWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Common
Seat of the SynodWorld Championship DecksArtifact Land Common
Secluded SteppeWorld Championship DecksLand Common
Seething SongWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Serra AvatarWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Serrated ArrowsWorld Championship DecksArtifact Common
Serum VisionsWorld Championship DecksSorcery Common
Seton's ScoutWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Shadow GuildmageWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Shadowblood RidgeWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
Shattering PulseWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Shivan ReefWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
ShockWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Shrapnel BlastWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Sickening DreamsWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
Siege-Gang CommanderWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
SimoonWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Skirk ProspectorWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
SkizzikWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Sky DiamondWorld Championship DecksArtifact Uncommon
Skycloud ExpanseWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
SlayWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
SmotherWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Snake BasketWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
Soltari MonkWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Soltari PriestWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Soltari VisionaryWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Somber HoverguardWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Soul FeastWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
Soul WardenWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
SparksmithWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Spawning PoolWorld Championship DecksLand Uncommon
Spectral BearsWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
SpellshockWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Uncommon
Sphere of ResistanceWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
Spike FeederWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Spike WeaverWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Spirit LinkWorld Championship DecksEnchant Creature Uncommon
Spirit of the NightWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
SpiritmongerWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Spite MaliceWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Squirrel NestWorld Championship DecksEnchant Land Uncommon
Stalking StonesWorld Championship DecksLand Uncommon
StarstormWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
Static OrbWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
Staunch DefendersWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
StifleWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
Stitch TogetherWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
Stone RainWorld Championship DecksSorcery Common
Strip MineWorld Championship DecksLand Uncommon
Stromgald CabalWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Stupefying TouchWorld Championship DecksEnchant Creature Uncommon
StuporWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
SubmergeWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Sulfuric VaporsWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
Sulfuric VortexWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
Sulfurous SpringsWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
Suq'Ata LancerWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Survival of the FittestWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
Swamp (Version 1)World Championship DecksBasic Land - Swamp Common
Swamp (Version 2)World Championship DecksBasic Land - Swamp Common
Swamp (Version 3)World Championship DecksBasic Land - Swamp Common
Swamp (Version 4)World Championship DecksBasic Land - Swamp Common
Sword of KaldraWorld Championship DecksLegendary Artifact Rare
Swords to PlowsharesWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Sylvan LibraryWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
Sylvan SafekeeperWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Symbiotic WurmWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Talisman of DominanceWorld Championship DecksArtifact Uncommon
Talisman of ProgressWorld Championship DecksArtifact Uncommon
TangleWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Tangle WireWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
Teferi's ResponseWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
Temple of the False GodWorld Championship DecksLand Uncommon
Temporal ApertureWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
TerminateWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Thawing GlaciersWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
Thirst for KnowledgeWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Thorn ElementalWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Thornscape BattlemageWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
ThoughtcastWorld Championship DecksSorcery Common
Thran DynamoWorld Championship DecksArtifact Uncommon
Thran FoundryWorld Championship DecksArtifact Uncommon
Thran QuarryWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
Thrull SurgeonWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Thunderscape BattlemageWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
ThwartWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Ticking GnomesWorld Championship DecksArtifact Creature Uncommon
TidingsWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
TinkerWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
TitheWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
Tradewind RiderWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Tranquil ThicketWorld Championship DecksLand Common
Tree of TalesWorld Championship DecksArtifact Land Common
Treetop VillageWorld Championship DecksLand Uncommon
Tsabo's AssassinWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Tsabo's DecreeWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
Tsabo's WebWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
Uktabi OrangutanWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Undead GladiatorWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Underground RiverWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
UndermineWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
Undiscovered ParadiseWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
UnsummonWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
UpheavalWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
Urborg VolcanoWorld Championship DecksLand Uncommon
Urza's RageWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
Vampire NocturnusWorld Championship DecksCreature Mythic Rare
Vampiric TutorWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
Vault of WhispersWorld Championship DecksArtifact Land Common
VendettaWorld Championship DecksInstant Common
Vengeful DreamsWorld Championship DecksInstant Rare
Verdant ForceWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Viashino SandstalkerWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Viridian ShamanWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Visara the DreadfulWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Vodalian MerchantWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Volrath's StrongholdWorld Championship DecksLegendary Land Rare
Voltaic KeyWorld Championship DecksArtifact Uncommon
Wall of BlossomsWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Wall of RootsWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Warrior en KorWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Wash OutWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
WastelandWorld Championship DecksLand Uncommon
Waterfront BouncerWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Watery GraveWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
Wax WaneWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Wayfarer's BaubleWorld Championship DecksArtifact Common
Weatherseed TreefolkWorld Championship DecksCreature Rare
Welding JarWorld Championship DecksArtifact Common
WerebearWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
WhetstoneWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
Whirling DervishWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Whispers of the MuseWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
White KnightWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Wild DogsWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
Wild MongrelWorld Championship DecksCreature Common
WildfireWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
Wildfire EmissaryWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Windswept HeathWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
Wing ShardsWorld Championship DecksInstant Uncommon
Winter OrbWorld Championship DecksArtifact Rare
WonderWorld Championship DecksCreature Uncommon
Worn PowerstoneWorld Championship DecksArtifact Uncommon
WorshipWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
Wrath of GodWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
Yavimaya CoastWorld Championship DecksLand Rare
Yawgmoth's BargainWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare
Yawgmoth's WillWorld Championship DecksSorcery Rare
ZombifyWorld Championship DecksSorcery Uncommon
Zur's WeirdingWorld Championship DecksEnchantment Rare