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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
Acquisitions ExpertZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Adventure AwaitsZendikar RisingSorcery Common
Agadeem's AwakeningZendikar RisingSorcery Mythic Rare
Agadeem's Awakening (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingSorcery Mythic Rare
Agadeem, the UndercryptZendikar RisingLand Mythic Rare
Agadeem, the Undercrypt (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLand Mythic Rare
Akiri, Fearless VoyagerZendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Akiri, Fearless Voyager (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Akoum HellhoundZendikar RisingCreature Common
Akoum Hellhound (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Common
Akoum TeethZendikar RisingLand Uncommon
Akoum WarriorZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Allied AssaultZendikar RisingInstant Uncommon
Ancient GreenwardenZendikar RisingCreature Mythic Rare
Ancient Greenwarden (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Mythic Rare
Angel of DestinyZendikar RisingCreature Mythic Rare
Angel of Destiny (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Mythic Rare
Angelheart ProtectorZendikar RisingCreature Common
AnticognitionZendikar RisingInstant Common
Archon of EmeriaZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Archon of Emeria (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Archpriest of IonaZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Archpriest of Iona (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Ardent ElectromancerZendikar RisingCreature Common
Ashaya, Soul of the WildZendikar RisingLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Ashaya, Soul of the Wild (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Attended HealerZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Bala Ged RecoveryZendikar RisingSorcery Uncommon
Bala Ged SanctuaryZendikar RisingLand Uncommon
Base CampZendikar RisingLand Uncommon
Beyeen CoastZendikar RisingLand Uncommon
Beyeen VeilZendikar RisingInstant Uncommon
Blackbloom BogZendikar RisingLand Uncommon
Blackbloom RogueZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Blood BeckoningZendikar RisingSorcery Common
Blood PriceZendikar RisingSorcery Common
Bloodchief's ThirstZendikar RisingSorcery Uncommon
Boulderloft PathwayZendikar RisingLand Rare
Boulderloft Pathway (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingLand Rare
Branchloft PathwayZendikar RisingLand Rare
Branchloft Pathway (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingLand Rare
Brightclimb PathwayZendikar RisingLand Rare
Brightclimb Pathway (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingLand Rare
Broken WingsZendikar RisingInstant Common
Brushfire ElementalZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Brushfire Elemental (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Bubble SnareZendikar RisingEnchantment Common
Canopy BalothZendikar RisingCreature Common
Canopy Baloth (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Common
Canyon JerboaZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Canyon Jerboa (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Cascade SeerZendikar RisingCreature Common
Charix, the Raging IsleZendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Charix, the Raging Isle (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Chilling TrapZendikar RisingInstant Common
CinderclasmZendikar RisingInstant Uncommon
Cleansing WildfireZendikar RisingSorcery Common
Clearwater PathwayZendikar RisingLand Rare
Clearwater Pathway (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingLand Rare
Cleric of Chill DepthsZendikar RisingCreature Common
Cleric of Life's BondZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Cliffhaven KitesailZendikar RisingArtifact Common
Cliffhaven Sell-SwordZendikar RisingCreature Common
Concerted DefenseZendikar RisingInstant Uncommon
Confounding ConundrumZendikar RisingEnchantment Rare
Confounding Conundrum (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingEnchantment Rare
Coralhelm ChroniclerZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Coralhelm Chronicler (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Coveted PrizeZendikar RisingSorcery Rare
Coveted Prize (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingSorcery Rare
Cragcrown PathwayZendikar RisingLand Rare
Cragcrown Pathway (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingLand Rare
Cragplate BalothZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Cragplate Baloth (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Crawling BarrensZendikar RisingLand Rare
Crawling Barrens (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLand Rare
Cunning GeysermageZendikar RisingCreature Common
Dauntless SurvivorZendikar RisingCreature Common
Dauntless UnityZendikar RisingInstant Common
Deadly AllianceZendikar RisingInstant Common
DeliberateZendikar RisingInstant Common
Demon's DiscipleZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
DisenchantZendikar RisingInstant Common
Drana's SilencerZendikar RisingCreature Common
Drana, the Last BloodchiefZendikar RisingLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Drana, the Last Bloodchief (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
DreadwurmZendikar RisingCreature Common
Dreadwurm (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Common
Emeria CaptainZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Emeria's CallZendikar RisingSorcery Mythic Rare
Emeria's Call (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingSorcery Mythic Rare
Emeria, Shattered SkyclaveZendikar RisingLand Mythic Rare
Emeria, Shattered Skyclave (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLand Mythic Rare
Expedition ChampionZendikar RisingCreature Common
Expedition DivinerZendikar RisingCreature Common
Expedition HealerZendikar RisingCreature Common
Expedition SkulkerZendikar RisingCreature Common
Farsight AdeptZendikar RisingCreature Common
Fearless FledglingZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Fearless Fledgling (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Feed the SwarmZendikar RisingSorcery Common
Felidar RetreatZendikar RisingEnchantment Rare
Felidar Retreat (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingEnchantment Rare
Field ResearchZendikar RisingSorcery Common
Fireblade ChargerZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Fissure WizardZendikar RisingCreature Common
ForestZendikar RisingBasic Land Basic Land
ForestZendikar RisingBasic Land Basic Land
ForestZendikar RisingBasic Land Basic Land
ForestZendikar RisingBasic Land Basic Land
Forsaken MonumentZendikar RisingLegendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Forsaken Monument (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLegendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Ghastly GloomhunterZendikar RisingCreature Common
Glacial GraspZendikar RisingInstant Common
Glasspool MimicZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Glasspool Mimic (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Glasspool ShoreZendikar RisingLand Rare
Glasspool Shore (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLand Rare
Gnarlid ColonyZendikar RisingCreature Common
Goma Fada VanguardZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Grakmaw, Skyclave RavagerZendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Grakmaw, Skyclave Ravager (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Grimclimb PathwayZendikar RisingLand Rare
Grimclimb Pathway (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingLand Rare
Grotag Bug-CatcherZendikar RisingCreature Common
Grotag Night-RunnerZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Guul Draz MucklordZendikar RisingCreature Common
Hagra BroodpitZendikar RisingLand Rare
Hagra Broodpit (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLand Rare
Hagra ConstrictorZendikar RisingCreature Common
Hagra MaulingZendikar RisingInstant Rare
Hagra Mauling (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingInstant Rare
Highborn VampireZendikar RisingCreature Common
Inordinate RageZendikar RisingInstant Common
Inscription of AbundanceZendikar RisingInstant Rare
Inscription of Abundance (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingInstant Rare
Inscription of InsightZendikar RisingSorcery Rare
Inscription of Insight (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingSorcery Rare
Inscription of RuinZendikar RisingSorcery Rare
Inscription of Ruin (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingSorcery Rare
Into the RoilZendikar RisingInstant Common
Iridescent HornbeetleZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
IslandZendikar RisingBasic Land Basic Land
IslandZendikar RisingBasic Land Basic Land
IslandZendikar RisingBasic Land Basic Land
IslandZendikar RisingBasic Land Basic Land
Jace, Mirror MageZendikar RisingLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Jace, Mirror Mage (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Joraga VisionaryZendikar RisingCreature Common
Journey to OblivionZendikar RisingEnchantment Uncommon
Jwari DisruptionZendikar RisingInstant Uncommon
Jwari RuinsZendikar RisingLand Uncommon
Kabira OutriderZendikar RisingCreature Common
Kabira PlateauZendikar RisingLand Uncommon
Kabira TakedownZendikar RisingInstant Uncommon
Kargan IntimidatorZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Kargan Intimidator (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Kargan WarleaderZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Kaza, Roil ChaserZendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Kaza, Roil Chaser (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Kazandu MammothZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Kazandu Mammoth (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Kazandu NectarpotZendikar RisingCreature Common
Kazandu Nectarpot (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Common
Kazandu StomperZendikar RisingCreature Common
Kazandu ValleyZendikar RisingLand Rare
Kazandu Valley (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingLand Rare
Kazuul's CliffsZendikar RisingLand Uncommon
Kazuul's FuryZendikar RisingInstant Uncommon
Khalni AmbushZendikar RisingInstant Uncommon
Khalni TerritoryZendikar RisingLand Uncommon
Kitesail ClericZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Kor BlademasterZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Kor CelebrantZendikar RisingCreature Common
Lavaglide PathwayZendikar RisingLand Rare
Lavaglide Pathway (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingLand Rare
Legion AngelZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Legion Angel (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Leyline TyrantZendikar RisingCreature Mythic Rare
Leyline Tyrant (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Mythic Rare
Linvala, Shield of Sea GateZendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Linvala, Shield of Sea Gate (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Lithoform BlightZendikar RisingEnchantment Uncommon
Lithoform EngineZendikar RisingLegendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Lithoform Engine (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLegendary Artifact Mythic Rare
Living TempestZendikar RisingCreature Common
Lotus CobraZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Lotus Cobra (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Lullmage's DominationZendikar RisingSorcery Uncommon
Lullmage's FamiliarZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Luminarch AspirantZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Luminarch Aspirant (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Maddening CacophonyZendikar RisingSorcery Rare
Maddening Cacophony (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingSorcery Rare
Magmatic ChannelerZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Magmatic Channeler (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Makindi MesasZendikar RisingLand Uncommon
Makindi OxZendikar RisingCreature Common
Makindi Ox (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Common
Makindi StampedeZendikar RisingSorcery Uncommon
Malakir Blood-PriestZendikar RisingCreature Common
Malakir MireZendikar RisingLand Uncommon
Malakir RebirthZendikar RisingInstant Uncommon
Marauding Blight-PriestZendikar RisingCreature Common
Master of WindsZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Master of Winds (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Maul of the SkyclavesZendikar RisingArtifact Rare
Maul of the Skyclaves (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingArtifact Rare
Merfolk FalconerZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Merfolk WindrobberZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Mesa LynxZendikar RisingCreature Common
Might of MurasaZendikar RisingInstant Common
Mind CarverZendikar RisingArtifact Uncommon
Mind DrainZendikar RisingSorcery Common
Molten BlastZendikar RisingInstant Common
Moraug, Fury of AkoumZendikar RisingLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Moraug, Fury of Akoum (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Moss-Pit SkeletonZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
MountainZendikar RisingBasic Land Basic Land
MountainZendikar RisingBasic Land Basic Land
MountainZendikar RisingBasic Land Basic Land
MountainZendikar RisingBasic Land Basic Land
Murasa BruteZendikar RisingCreature Common
Murasa RootgrazerZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Murasa SproutlingZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Murkwater PathwayZendikar RisingLand Rare
Murkwater Pathway (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingLand Rare
Myriad ConstructZendikar RisingArtifact Creature Rare
Myriad Construct (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingArtifact Creature Rare
Nahiri's BindingZendikar RisingEnchantment Common
Nahiri's LithoformingZendikar RisingSorcery Rare
Nahiri's Lithoforming (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingSorcery Rare
Nahiri, Heir of the AncientsZendikar RisingLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Nahiri, Heir of the Ancients (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Needleverge PathwayZendikar RisingLand Rare
Needleverge Pathway (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingLand Rare
NegateZendikar RisingInstant Common
Nighthawk ScavengerZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Nighthawk Scavenger (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Nimana Skitter-SneakZendikar RisingCreature Common
Nimana SkydancerZendikar RisingCreature Common
Nimble TrapfinderZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Nimble Trapfinder (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Nissa of Shadowed BoughsZendikar RisingLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Nissa of Shadowed Boughs (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingLegendary Planeswalker Mythic Rare
Nissa's ZendikonZendikar RisingEnchantment Common
Nullpriest of OblivionZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Nullpriest of Oblivion (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Oblivion's HungerZendikar RisingInstant Common
Omnath, Locus of CreationZendikar RisingLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Omnath, Locus of Creation (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Ondu InversionZendikar RisingSorcery Rare
Ondu Inversion (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingSorcery Rare
Ondu SkyruinsZendikar RisingLand Rare
Ondu Skyruins (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLand Rare
Orah, Skyclave HierophantZendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Orah, Skyclave Hierophant (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Oran-Rief OozeZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Oran-Rief Ooze (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Paired TacticianZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Pelakka CavernsZendikar RisingLand Uncommon
Pelakka PredationZendikar RisingSorcery Uncommon
Phylath, World SculptorZendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Phylath, World Sculptor (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Pillarverge PathwayZendikar RisingLand Rare
Pillarverge Pathway (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingLand Rare
PlainsZendikar RisingBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsZendikar RisingBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsZendikar RisingBasic Land Basic Land
PlainsZendikar RisingBasic Land Basic Land
Practiced TacticsZendikar RisingInstant Common
Pressure PointZendikar RisingInstant Common
Prowling FelidarZendikar RisingCreature Common
Prowling Felidar (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Common
Pyroclastic HellionZendikar RisingCreature Common
Rabid BiteZendikar RisingSorcery Common
Ravager's MaceZendikar RisingArtifact Uncommon
Reclaim the WastesZendikar RisingSorcery Common
Relic AmuletZendikar RisingArtifact Uncommon
Relic AxeZendikar RisingArtifact Uncommon
Relic GolemZendikar RisingArtifact Creature Uncommon
Relic RobberZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Relic Robber (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Relic VialZendikar RisingArtifact Uncommon
Resolute StrikeZendikar RisingInstant Common
Risen RiptideZendikar RisingCreature Common
Riverglide PathwayZendikar RisingLand Rare
Riverglide Pathway (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingLand Rare
Rockslide SorcererZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Roil EruptionZendikar RisingSorcery Common
Roiling RegrowthZendikar RisingInstant Uncommon
Roiling VortexZendikar RisingEnchantment Rare
Roiling Vortex (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingEnchantment Rare
Roost of DrakesZendikar RisingEnchantment Uncommon
Ruin CrabZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Ruin Crab (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Scale the HeightsZendikar RisingSorcery Common
Scavenged BladeZendikar RisingArtifact Common
Scion of the SwarmZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Scorch RiderZendikar RisingCreature Common
Scourge of the SkyclavesZendikar RisingCreature Mythic Rare
Scourge of the Skyclaves (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Mythic Rare
Scute SwarmZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Scute Swarm (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Sea Gate BanneretZendikar RisingCreature Common
Sea Gate ColossusZendikar RisingArtifact Creature Common
Sea Gate RestorationZendikar RisingSorcery Mythic Rare
Sea Gate Restoration (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingSorcery Mythic Rare
Sea Gate StormcallerZendikar RisingCreature Mythic Rare
Sea Gate Stormcaller (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Mythic Rare
Sea Gate, RebornZendikar RisingLand Mythic Rare
Sea Gate, Reborn (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLand Mythic Rare
Seafloor StalkerZendikar RisingCreature Common
Sejiri GlacierZendikar RisingLand Uncommon
Sejiri ShelterZendikar RisingInstant Uncommon
Shadow StingerZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Shadows' VerdictZendikar RisingSorcery Rare
Shadows' Verdict (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingSorcery Rare
Shatterskull ChargerZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Shatterskull Charger (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Shatterskull MinotaurZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Shatterskull SmashingZendikar RisingSorcery Mythic Rare
Shatterskull Smashing (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingSorcery Mythic Rare
Shatterskull, the Hammer PassZendikar RisingLand Mythic Rare
Shatterskull, the Hammer Pass (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLand Mythic Rare
Shell ShieldZendikar RisingInstant Common
Shepherd of HeroesZendikar RisingCreature Common
Silundi IsleZendikar RisingLand Uncommon
Silundi VisionZendikar RisingInstant Uncommon
Sizzling BarrageZendikar RisingInstant Common
Skyclave ApparitionZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Skyclave Apparition (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Skyclave BasilicaZendikar RisingLand Uncommon
Skyclave ClericZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Skyclave GeopedeZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Skyclave Geopede (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Skyclave Pick-AxeZendikar RisingArtifact Uncommon
Skyclave Pick-Axe (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingArtifact Uncommon
Skyclave PlunderZendikar RisingSorcery Uncommon
Skyclave RelicZendikar RisingArtifact Rare
Skyclave Relic (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingArtifact Rare
Skyclave SentinelZendikar RisingArtifact Creature Common
Skyclave ShadeZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Skyclave Shade (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Skyclave ShadowcatZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Skyclave SquidZendikar RisingCreature Common
Skyclave Squid (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Common
Smite the MonstrousZendikar RisingInstant Common
Sneaking GuideZendikar RisingCreature Common
Soaring Thought-ThiefZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Song-Mad RuinsZendikar RisingLand Uncommon
Song-Mad TreacheryZendikar RisingSorcery Uncommon
Soul ShatterZendikar RisingInstant Rare
Soul Shatter (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingInstant Rare
Spare SuppliesZendikar RisingArtifact Common
Spikefield CaveZendikar RisingLand Uncommon
Spikefield HazardZendikar RisingInstant Uncommon
Spitfire LagacZendikar RisingCreature Common
Spitfire Lagac (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Common
Spoils of AdventureZendikar RisingInstant Uncommon
Springmantle ClericZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Squad CommanderZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Squad Commander (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Stonework PackbeastZendikar RisingArtifact Creature Common
Strength of SolidarityZendikar RisingSorcery Common
Subtle StrikeZendikar RisingInstant Common
Sure-Footed InfiltratorZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
SwampZendikar RisingBasic Land Basic Land
SwampZendikar RisingBasic Land Basic Land
SwampZendikar RisingBasic Land Basic Land
SwampZendikar RisingBasic Land Basic Land
Swarm ShamblerZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Swarm Shambler (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Synchronized SpellcraftZendikar RisingInstant Common
Taborax, Hope's DemiseZendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Taborax, Hope's Demise (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Tajuru BlightbladeZendikar RisingCreature Common
Tajuru ParagonZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Tajuru Paragon (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Tajuru SnarecasterZendikar RisingCreature Common
Tangled FlorahedronZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Tangled ValeZendikar RisingLand Uncommon
Taunting ArbormageZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Tazeem RaptorZendikar RisingCreature Common
Tazeem RoilmageZendikar RisingCreature Common
Tazri, Beacon of UnityZendikar RisingLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Tazri, Beacon of Unity (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Teeterpeak AmbusherZendikar RisingCreature Common
Territorial ScythecatZendikar RisingCreature Common
Territorial Scythecat (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Common
Thieving SkydiverZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Thieving Skydiver (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Throne of MakindiZendikar RisingLand Rare
Throne of Makindi (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLand Rare
Thundering RebukeZendikar RisingSorcery Uncommon
Thundering SparkmageZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Thwart the GraveZendikar RisingSorcery Uncommon
Timbercrown PathwayZendikar RisingLand Rare
Timbercrown Pathway (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingLand Rare
Tormenting VoiceZendikar RisingSorcery Common
Tuktuk RubblefortZendikar RisingCreature Common
Turntimber AsceticZendikar RisingCreature Common
Turntimber SymbiosisZendikar RisingSorcery Mythic Rare
Turntimber Symbiosis (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingSorcery Mythic Rare
Turntimber, Serpentine WoodZendikar RisingLand Mythic Rare
Turntimber, Serpentine Wood (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLand Mythic Rare
Umara MysticZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Umara SkyfallsZendikar RisingLand Uncommon
Umara WizardZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Utility KnifeZendikar RisingArtifact Common
Valakut AwakeningZendikar RisingInstant Rare
Valakut Awakening (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingInstant Rare
Valakut ExplorationZendikar RisingEnchantment Rare
Valakut Exploration (Alternate Art)Zendikar RisingEnchantment Rare
Valakut StoneforgeZendikar RisingLand Rare
Valakut Stoneforge (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLand Rare
Vanquish the WeakZendikar RisingInstant Common
Vastwood FortificationZendikar RisingInstant Uncommon
Vastwood SurgeZendikar RisingSorcery Uncommon
Vastwood ThicketZendikar RisingLand Uncommon
Verazol, the Split CurrentZendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Verazol, the Split Current (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Veteran AdventurerZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Vine GeckoZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Wayward Guide-BeastZendikar RisingCreature Rare
Wayward Guide-Beast (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingCreature Rare
Windrider WizardZendikar RisingCreature Uncommon
Yasharn, Implacable EarthZendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Yasharn, Implacable Earth (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Zagras, Thief of HeartbeatsZendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Zagras, Thief of Heartbeats (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Zareth San, the TricksterZendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Zareth San, the Trickster (Extended Art)Zendikar RisingLegendary Creature Rare
Zof BloodbogZendikar RisingLand Uncommon
Zof ConsumptionZendikar RisingSorcery Uncommon
Zulaport DuelistZendikar RisingCreature Common