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Card NameCard SetCard TypeRarity
AbundanceZendikar Rising CommanderEnchantment Rare
Abzan FalconerZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Uncommon
Acidic SlimeZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Uncommon
Admonition AngelZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Mythic Rare
AetherizeZendikar Rising CommanderInstant Uncommon
Anowon, the Ruin ThiefZendikar Rising CommanderLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Anowon, the Ruin ThiefZendikar Rising CommanderLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Arcane SignetZendikar Rising CommanderArtifact Common
Armorcraft JudgeZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Uncommon
Banishing LightZendikar Rising CommanderEnchantment Uncommon
Beanstalk GiantZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Uncommon
Blackblade ReforgedZendikar Rising CommanderLegendary Artifact Rare
Blighted WoodlandZendikar Rising CommanderLand Uncommon
BonehoardZendikar Rising CommanderArtifact Rare
Boros GarrisonZendikar Rising CommanderLand Uncommon
Boros GuildgateZendikar Rising CommanderLand Common
Changeling OutcastZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Common
Circuitous RouteZendikar Rising CommanderSorcery Uncommon
Command TowerZendikar Rising CommanderLand Common
Commander's SphereZendikar Rising CommanderArtifact Common
CondemnZendikar Rising CommanderInstant Uncommon
Consuming AberrationZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Rare
Crush ContrabandZendikar Rising CommanderInstant Uncommon
Cryptic CavesZendikar Rising CommanderLand Uncommon
Dimir AqueductZendikar Rising CommanderLand Uncommon
Dimir GuildgateZendikar Rising CommanderLand Common
Dimir KeyruneZendikar Rising CommanderArtifact Uncommon
Dimir LocketZendikar Rising CommanderArtifact Common
Dimir SignetZendikar Rising CommanderArtifact Common
Dismal BackwaterZendikar Rising CommanderLand Common
Distant MelodyZendikar Rising CommanderSorcery Common
Elite ScaleguardZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Uncommon
Elvish RejuvenatorZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Common
Embodiment of InsightZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Uncommon
Emeria AngelZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Rare
Emeria ShepherdZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Rare
Endless ObedienceZendikar Rising CommanderSorcery Uncommon
Enigma ThiefZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Rare
Evolution SageZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Uncommon
Evolving WildsZendikar Rising CommanderLand Common
Extract from DarknessZendikar Rising CommanderSorcery Uncommon
Fact or FictionZendikar Rising CommanderInstant Uncommon
Faerie VandalZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Uncommon
Far WanderingsZendikar Rising CommanderSorcery Common
Fated ReturnZendikar Rising CommanderInstant Rare
Fertile FootstepsZendikar Rising Commander  Uncommon
FertilidZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Common
Frogtosser BanneretZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Common
Geode RagerZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Rare
Gonti, Lord of LuxuryZendikar Rising CommanderLegendary Creature Rare
Ground AssaultZendikar Rising CommanderSorcery Uncommon
Gruul GuildgateZendikar Rising CommanderLand Common
Gruul TurfZendikar Rising CommanderLand Uncommon
HarmonizeZendikar Rising CommanderSorcery Uncommon
HarrowZendikar Rising CommanderInstant Common
Heirloom BladeZendikar Rising CommanderArtifact Uncommon
Hour of RevelationZendikar Rising CommanderSorcery Rare
In Garruk's WakeZendikar Rising CommanderSorcery Rare
Inspiring CallZendikar Rising CommanderInstant Uncommon
Invisible StalkerZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Uncommon
Jungle ShrineZendikar Rising CommanderLand Uncommon
Jwar Isle RefugeZendikar Rising CommanderLand Uncommon
Keeper of FablesZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Uncommon
Khalni Heart ExpeditionZendikar Rising CommanderEnchantment Common
Kodama's ReachZendikar Rising CommanderSorcery Common
Kor CartographerZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Common
Krosan VergeZendikar Rising CommanderLand Uncommon
Latchkey FaerieZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Common
Lazav, Dimir MastermindZendikar Rising CommanderLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Living TwisterZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Rare
Marang River ProwlerZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Uncommon
Marsh FlitterZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Uncommon
Master ThiefZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Uncommon
Military IntelligenceZendikar Rising CommanderEnchantment Uncommon
Mina and Denn, WildbornZendikar Rising CommanderLegendary Creature Rare
Mind StoneZendikar Rising CommanderArtifact Uncommon
Multani, Yavimaya's AvatarZendikar Rising CommanderLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
MurderZendikar Rising CommanderInstant Common
Myriad LandscapeZendikar Rising CommanderLand Uncommon
Naya CharmZendikar Rising CommanderInstant Uncommon
Naya PanoramaZendikar Rising CommanderLand Common
Necromantic SelectionZendikar Rising CommanderSorcery Rare
Needle SpiresZendikar Rising CommanderLand Rare
NighthowlerZendikar Rising CommanderEnchantment Creature Rare
Nightveil SpriteZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Uncommon
Nissa's RenewalZendikar Rising CommanderSorcery Rare
Notion ThiefZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Rare
Notorious ThrongZendikar Rising CommanderTribal Sorcery Rare
Obelisk of UrdZendikar Rising CommanderArtifact Rare
Obuun, Mul Daya AncestorZendikar Rising CommanderLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Obuun, Mul Daya AncestorZendikar Rising CommanderLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Ogre SlumlordZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Rare
Omnath, Locus of RageZendikar Rising CommanderLegendary Creature Mythic Rare
Oona's BlackguardZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Uncommon
Oona, Queen of the FaeZendikar Rising CommanderLegendary Creature Rare
Open into WonderZendikar Rising CommanderSorcery Uncommon
Planar OutburstZendikar Rising CommanderSorcery Rare
Price of FameZendikar Rising CommanderInstant Uncommon
Rampaging BalothsZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Rare
Retreat to EmeriaZendikar Rising CommanderEnchantment Uncommon
Retreat to KazanduZendikar Rising CommanderEnchantment Uncommon
Return of the WildspeakerZendikar Rising CommanderInstant Rare
Rise from the GraveZendikar Rising CommanderSorcery Uncommon
Rites of FlourishingZendikar Rising CommanderEnchantment Rare
Rogue's PassageZendikar Rising CommanderLand Uncommon
Sandstone OracleZendikar Rising CommanderArtifact Creature Uncommon
Satyr WayfinderZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Common
ScaretillerZendikar Rising CommanderArtifact Creature Common
Scourge of FleetsZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Rare
ScytheclawZendikar Rising CommanderArtifact Rare
Seer's SundialZendikar Rising CommanderArtifact Rare
Selesnya GuildgateZendikar Rising CommanderLand Common
Selesnya SanctuaryZendikar Rising CommanderLand Uncommon
Sepulchral PrimordialZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Rare
Silumgar's CommandZendikar Rising CommanderInstant Rare
Slither BladeZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Common
Sol RingZendikar Rising CommanderArtifact Uncommon
Soul ManipulationZendikar Rising CommanderInstant Uncommon
Spinal EmbraceZendikar Rising CommanderInstant Rare
SporemoundZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Common
Springbloom DruidZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Common
Stinkdrinker BanditZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Uncommon
Stolen IdentityZendikar Rising CommanderSorcery Rare
StruggleZendikar Rising Commander  Uncommon
Submerged BoneyardZendikar Rising CommanderLand Uncommon
Sun TitanZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Mythic Rare
SurviveZendikar Rising Commander  Uncommon
Sygg, River CutthroatZendikar Rising CommanderLegendary Creature Rare
Sylvan AdvocateZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Rare
Sylvan ReclamationZendikar Rising CommanderInstant Uncommon
Syr Konrad, the GrimZendikar Rising CommanderLegendary Creature Uncommon
Terramorphic ExpanseZendikar Rising CommanderLand Common
The Mending of DominariaZendikar Rising CommanderEnchantment Rare
Together ForeverZendikar Rising CommanderEnchantment Rare
Treacherous TerrainZendikar Rising CommanderSorcery Uncommon
Triton ShorestalkerZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Common
Trove WardenZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Rare
Tuskguard CaptainZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Uncommon
Waker of the WildsZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Rare
Whirler RogueZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Uncommon
Whispersteel DaggerZendikar Rising CommanderArtifact Rare
Yavimaya ElderZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Common
Zendikar's RoilZendikar Rising CommanderEnchantment Uncommon
Zulaport CutthroatZendikar Rising CommanderCreature Uncommon