Since 2001 CardShark has been providing a better way to Buy and Sell Magic the Gathering cards between other like-minded players. Here's what a few of them have to say.

I've been using CardShark for over 7 years, and I am continually impressed by the way the site helps its users out in small ways. As a seller, I never have to pay a fortune for shipping out cards, since the shipping allowances they provide take away much of the risk of sending only a handful of cards through the mail. The fact that you can keep cards on the site for as long as you want without any fees is great for allowing players to have a fantastic range of cards to choose from with no downside. Not to mention that their customer support is phenomenal; the few times I had issues, they were resolved quickly and fairly for all parties thanks to their dedicated staff. What's not to love about that?

TCG Hero - Member since 2006

Picking only one thing from CardShark is difficult, but if I had to choose only one, it would be how easy it is to sell in this website. I been a seller since 2003 and throughout the years, it has gotten easier! I like the bulk sell option and the recent add on of the Moderately Played condition option. It was difficult to pick between Lightly Play and Heavy Played just because of 1 or 2 scratches.

shortyguy1 - Member since 2003

The thing I like best about CardShark is the ease I have of browsing for cards I need. If I want to browse by set/rarity, I can pull that up very quickly. The site is very easy to navigate and I can filter quite quickly. I also like browsing by seller and by set, which also can be done very quickly. Perhaps the most useful tool for me, though, is that when I browse by seller and then want to search by set, the only sets that show up in the dropdown list are set that the seller has in stock. If they have 0 cards in stock from a set, that set doesn 't show up as an option. That makes it SO much easier and faster to browse for cards I want from a single seller.

I also love that it 's a site with smaller sellers instead of major retailers. I find that sometimes all other stores are sold out of a card, but it 's still available from a seller on CardShark!

sigfig8 - Member since 2006

The best thing I like about Cardshark is the cart optimizer. This is an incredibly useful tool for making sure I'm getting the best deal, I use it on just about every single order. In general, the site is an excellent alternative to ordering cards from any other site. The selection is excellent, and the prices are really good. Over the 10+ years I've been using the site, I've had so many excellent customer service experiences with reliable, repeat sellers that I've bought from countless times.

therealpjd - Member since 2005

Things I love about card shark:
* Prices and ability to buy a bunch of cards from 1 vendor and combine shipping. Much easier than ebay.
* Ability to see a vendor's entire card inventory and search it by set, sort by various parameters like price or rarity.
* Both simple and advanced search are easy to use with lots of options to sort.

gelazela - Member since 2009

As a buyer I love hunting for deals from other players or filling out my collection of commons and uncommons fast.

As a long time seller my favorite thing is to be able to list all of my cards in one place with easy bulk listing tools and everything else is taken care of. Nothing else to worry about. It's exciting to get an email saying I made a sale.

macro - Member since 2001

I have been a member of CardShark since 2001 and I have always been impressed by the way the staff at CardShark helps out when needed. They are so responsive and it makes buying and selling on CardShark much easier and more fun! I feel like they are waiting for a message from me, even though I know they are not, as they get back to me almost immediately. Keep up the great job!

trebor749 - Member since 2001

Cardshark has always been my goto tool for finding the cards I want to buy in a pinch and feeling good about what I buy.

synthetic - Member since 2001

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